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David Beckham Gets Kicked in the Nuts

David Beckham Gets Kicked in the Nuts

David Beckham‘s family jewels get attacked by C.F. Pachuca’s Christian Gimenez during the first half of the SuperLiga final soccer game at the Home Depot Center on Wednesday in Carson, Calif. He then sprained his right knee when he fell and left the game in the 33rd minute.

“It’s just gone from one thing to another thing,” said Becks, whose nagging left ankle injury has forced him to miss seven games since he joined the team July 13.

“I hate losing,” he added after the Los Angeles Galaxy were beaten 4-3 on penalty kicks by Pachuca. “Maybe it’s time for me to just say, ‘I need the rest,’ and get it right and don’t come back until it’s right. I’m going to have a scan tomorrow and we’ll see the full extent of what it is and how long I’ll be out, but at the moment, it doesn’t feel great. I’m devastated to have been taken out of the game when I was because I was looking forward to this game. I’ve been given the rest to try and get my ankle feeling better and it felt better.”

Becks added, “At this stage, it’s hard to tell [if it's a strain or a sprain], but it doesn’t feel good. With a ligament strain, it’s 4-to-6 weeks. We’ll have to wait and see.”

45+ pictures inside of Becks at the SuperLiga final…

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david beckham injured knee 01
david beckham injured knee 02
david beckham injured knee 03
david beckham injured knee 04
david beckham injured knee 05
david beckham injured knee 06
david beckham injured knee 07
david beckham injured knee 08
david beckham injured knee 09
david beckham injured knee 10
david beckham injured knee 11
david beckham injured knee 12
david beckham injured knee 13
david beckham injured knee 14
david beckham injured knee 15
david beckham injured knee 16
david beckham injured knee 17
david beckham injured knee 18
david beckham injured knee 19
david beckham injured knee 20
david beckham injured knee 21
david beckham injured knee 22
david beckham injured knee 23
david beckham injured knee 24
david beckham injured knee 25
david beckham injured knee 26
david beckham injured knee 27
david beckham injured knee 28
david beckham injured knee 29
david beckham injured knee 30
david beckham injured knee 31
david beckham injured knee 32
david beckham injured knee 33
david beckham injured knee 34
david beckham injured knee 35
david beckham injured knee 36
david beckham injured knee 37
david beckham injured knee 38
david beckham injured knee 39
david beckham injured knee 40
david beckham injured knee 41
david beckham injured knee 42
david beckham injured knee 43
david beckham injured knee 44
david beckham injured knee 45

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Stephen Dunn/Getty, Chris Carlson/AP
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  • Noooo

    Wasted money …

  • Deb

    Damn I bet that hurt!!

  • KrungKrung

    he suk, they really make a big deal of him and his family moving here in america and of course they expect a lot of him, paid him millions of mullahs and really it’s a total flopped, i knew it.

    i never watch it but is poshtitute’s reality show on nbc? still on?

  • xsleekx

    he needs to rest, from the word go they have made him play and he still had an injury from playing the last game in madrid, he needs to stop playing till he is better and that means for lax and his country. i feel for him because i think they are carting him round like some trophy, untill he is fit he needs to stop, then they can get out of him what they keep pushing.

  • Grana

    I hope his injury doesnt keep him out for too long and that he doesnt miss any of the England games. Damn, they should’ve let him fully recover before playing him.

  • Tallchic

    It’s great to see my old neighbor Frank Yallop in your pics. He’s still looking good! He’s got his hands full as Beck’s coach! Hey Frank, Big HI from Tampa, FL

  • Mr Paparazzi

    All the shit american soccer players can do is take him out he’s a massive target! they can’t play as good as him so they’ll just injure him..

  • Mr Paparazzi

    click my name…

    go on! click it!!! go on, go on, go on its fun i promise……

    CLICK MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blech

    That kick in the nuts should have come years ago when he cheated on his wife. hèhè.

  • Sisi

    Ouch that looks painful.I am so happy David is in US,and all the haters can just keep on hating cuz that is all the loosers can do,he and his wife are the best thing that happened to American celebrity in years!

  • Gwen

    Poor Becks – he’s playing with totally shit players who can’t compete against him to save their lives. So what do the crappy American players do? Take his legs out at every opportunity. There isn’t a footballer in all of America that can compete with Becks. I know Becks is in the U.S. to “promote soccer”, but is it really worth it? Sure he’s getting tons of money but what about his reputation? He should have ended his career playing for a top Football Club, not this mess he’s gotten himself into. I guess Posh really wanted that money and couldn’t care less about David’s actual career: her manager Simon Fuller set up the whole Galaxy thing for David. He needs to sort that wife of his out – she’ll ruin him.

  • KrungKrung

    actually i kinda like that guy that kicked bakedham in the nuts, bout time y’all hah.

  • Grana

    I presume that black arm band is in memory of Antonio Puerta. Awesome gesture.

  • Imogen

    God that Victoria. All this moving to America nonsense was her stupid idea because she had to get out of the U.K./Madrid. She had no friends there. People in Euroope can’t stand her. But she’s classic American. That’s why she love it in L.A. Poor David. Poor kids. They could have grown up to be responsible human being, but now they get to be L.A. garbage. Their goes their brains! Poor David.

  • Terra

    It should be obvious to all that the Doormat Beckham did not come to America to play soccer. His ugly-ass control-freak wife runs the show and now that they’ve got the soccer contract and money regardless of if he plays 1 or 1000 games, their focus is on more attention and money from other sources (their nasty cologne, a reality show, whatever else they’re cooking up, parties, whatever). All this other stuff requires that he is available for meetings, planning, and so on. I can not stand that phony, superficial, pigeon-face thing he is with!!! What the hell was he thinking hooking up with something so pathetic???

  • Cynthia

    He has torn ligaments in his leg, he’ll be on the shelf for a while. As far as his nuts, I’m sure he was wearing a jock strap.

  • Cynthia

    Get well Davey, love you!

  • Fortune

    Mark my words, this move to America will spell the end of that marriage and the end of Victoria’s ‘Reign of Terror’ over David. He’s an adult now, not some silly little kid from a small town in England, which is what he was when he slept with Vicky without a condom all those years ago, got her pregnant, and then had to marry her. She’s a clever snake that one. She has to be. How else could someone so physically hideous and obviously talentless have acquired as much as she has?

  • sonja

    he is beyond overhyped…not even close to the best player in football…if i was a player, i’d kick him in the balls too! i’m sure there isn’t much to kick since posh has taken most of them…

    waste of money, waste of attention…

  • blip

    I’ll bet the Galaxy is already looking into a way to buy him out of his contract early. He can stay but Posh needs to leave quickly. What a hideous sourpuss cow she is!

  • KrungKrung

    all they think about is mullahs mullahs and mullahs, mullah hungry bakedhams hah.

  • Michelle

    I am sure you all realize that even if he NEVER played another second, which I hope he does, he has more than earned his money and WAY more than earned the Galaxy and all the other US soccer and related sports news outlets their money also. He was not brought here to play and win and make the Galaxy some MEGA team, he was brought here to do what he has done, even before he got here. Make news about US soccer and get everyone finally interested in it and buying tickets and talking about it and watching it more. If you think it was all VB that got him here and he had no say your ignorant. He is an adult and it was a brilliant move for him. He has injuries and he knows it and that he is also getting on in his career and that he was offered a crazy contract and with endorsements he would have been stupid to turn it down. He can finish out his career here and have massive money constantly thrown at him and he is aware of this. Wake up people. If you believe it was all VB and say that you are saying she is an incredibly brilliant business woman also.

  • marymi

    david beckham “gets kicked in the crotch” great! now i know how to defend myself from those street attackers!!! ;)

  • ils vont…

    Tough break for Becks. As evidenced by his injuries he is one of the more hard nosed players around contrary to his prettyboy image.

  • KJ

    Victoria is the most hideous skank Hollywood has ever seen!!!!!! Makes Paris look like a beauty queen in comparison. Besides, VB looks old and trashed. Gross!!!!! Viva David.

  • http://- slm

    la galaxy have been complete morons and have had no thought to becks and his health, they just want to show him off like a prized possesion. They knew he wasn’t fit when he started, to make him play all these games has just made him worse and the recovery will be longer. Any of those who whinge about him being a poor buy and overrated should watch xome of his classic goals, you’ll think twice. God help the England team if he can’t play, we haven’t got a hope in getting through the qualifiers.

  • e

    I think people are talking about the Beckhams so much is because the Beckham advertize themselves as King & Queen. If they don’t inform paparazzi when they go to places, I bet they would be nothing.

  • hi5

    there was so much hype about david beckham i think la galaxy wasted there money. he gets injured too quickly he is getting too old for soccer he needs to retire then take his ass back to england . he is a f ing joke

  • nanana

    #23 is his favorite number indeed. oh, that 23 enigma is true!

  • Daniel

    Beckham’s been pushing himself like crazy for over a decade, while He’s probably overall healthier then most men his age, His joints and legiments have suffered more wear and tear then most people’s do in their lives. He’s 30 now that’s when men reach their physical peaks, he’s only going to go downhill.
    Also he’s in America, home of steroid abusing man-monsters who will win at any cost (AND I LOVE IT) and they hate how beckham got handed glory here. every athlete he’ll face resents his celebrity, and want to cement their own legend. Nothing will help their careers better then being the man who put Beckham in the hospital. They would like nothing better than to see him go back to england crying and screw his wife. The Dude’s going to regret he ever came her.

  • Naomi

    i hope it hurts, wait no i don’t :(.
    but it’s a good laugh though :lol:

  • Ellie

    I hope his machinery is still working and there will be more baby Beckhams to come!

  • Javier

    Lie!!!!! It wasn’t Christian Gimenez it was some dude “Pollo” Salazar… and it was a total clean play… and the 2 players that where involved get injured…

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    HAHAHAHA WAT A LOSER!! hahaha im glad pachuca WON!! david beckham is soo weak such a mistake! i hope he gets kicked off the team!!! just like all the chivas fans said [[ well in spanish ]]

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    HAHAHAHA WAT A LOSER!! hahaha im glad pachuca WON!! david beckham is soo weak such a mistake! i hope he gets kicked off the team!!! just like all the chivas fans said [[ well in spanish ]]

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    HAHAHAHA WAT A LOSER!! hahaha im glad pachuca WON!! david beckham is soo weak such a mistake! i hope he gets kicked off the team!!! just like all the chivas fans said [[ well in spanish ]]

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    I hope his jewels are safe and in good hands now!

  • http://n/a simplylovely


  • menna

    hella funny.

  • me

    it’s ok if he’s damaged goods cuz he has enough kids already.

  • Congoqueen

    his eggs are fine, the injury was in tha ankle. It is because the picture angle, and by the way…his team is pure crap.

  • Miapocca

    ouch..posh skeletor is goign to have to massage those golden ball might good…hmmm david seems like he dreads the though tof that..when is he going to hook up with one of the girls from the hills..ahahha..perhaps

  • Karl

    You people that love david beckam are fucking idiots, get over him, hes a shit house player and im sick of hearing about him. his wife looks like a whore, shes a fucking stick, i hate british people!!!! anyway get over him, i hope his injury keeps him from playing for the rest of his life

  • Posh sucks

    I actually feel sorry for the guy. He has been having a lot of bad luck since he came here. I believe in KARMA also. His wife is a
    bitch that has been mistreating their help. She also needs to get
    over the attitude of thinking she is too good. Most of the people
    in America don’t tolerate you so drop the attitude you are not all
    that.It’s payback time from heaven! You cunt!

  • LYB

    picture 08= nice butt

  • sema

    stop calling him names or wasted you really think he did it on purpose?you people are mean.

  • Congoqueen
  • sandy

    Becks f*cking crying again, FAKING AN INJURY. This overrated soccer player is a joke.

    People saying that the Galaxy should have rested him. BULLCRAP, he wanted to play, and he definately was not going to miss playing for England because he is desperate to get to 100 Caps. He was the one that said he could handle all the transatlantic flights and stuff.

    He was made to look like a total pratt during that game, which is why he fell to the floor. You will all realise that as soon as Becks looks bad on the field he will Fake an injury!

  • Brian

    David dump that ugly old lady your married too…and get a real woman not just that messed up over spending robot.Stay in America and make her go back to the U.K..

  • Compassionate Guy

    I heard Beckham sucks cocks in the men’s room for a ham.