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Zac & Nikki Do It Down Under

Zac & Nikki Do It Down Under

Hairspray co-stars Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky get chummy on the 2Day FM Hot 30 Countdown with hosts Biggzy and Tim Lee Thursday Morning in Sydney, Australia.

And you must must must check out the interview below where Nikki doles out the compliments on Zac. I’m surprised they didn’t kiss again on live TV!

Nikki said, “The world is in love for Zac. They see him for his outer beauty. I know him for the inner beauty and it’s four times as beautiful.”

Ah yes, and somehow the talk show host managed to get ahold of Zac‘s hotel room key! Did Vanessa drop it or something?? Watch the video below!!

UPDATE: ZANESSA make-out sighting!!! According to White House journalist Jim Long, “Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens” [were] spotted kissing in Sydney, Australia. Cafe Sydney was the scene; they were talking about their YouTube hits.”

Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky – Australia’s Morning Show, 9/5

25+ pictures inside of Zac and Nikki doin’ it up down under…

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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Credit: Lalo Yasky; Photos:
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  • Belle

    Loved the Vid of them 2! Cant believe he dropd his room key!!

  • mylabs

    That’s awesome. Instead of covering Bush’s stay in Australia, his staff decides Zac and Vanessa are far better. Thanks Jared. Nikki and Zac both look good. Zac looks like he just needs sleep.

  • em

    haha white house jorunalist, that’s unusual. He looks great, a little tired though. Once again i cannot stand this blonsky at all, too bad amanada bynes, brittny snow or elija kelly aren’t promoting with them, they’re far more intersting then her.

  • [~Famous~]

    those are two pretty chicks. the fat one’s no where near as fierce as dudette though.

  • chay

    and just like that the post become a Zanessa entry… good source Jared! ;)

  • katie

    lol! i find it funny that a white house journalist would be interested in zanessa kissing, let alone recognize them!

  • Becky

    he’s soooooooooo genteel =]

  • Ashley Tisdale (no not rly)

    wtf. youtube hits?

  • vsol

    Nikki is great but she needs a stylist! fast!

  • Mandy

    Cute pictures of Zac and Nikki. I’d love to hear the interview. That video is hilarious. What Nikki said about Zac was too sweet. They seem like great friends.

  • Bianca

    Haha! I love the fact that a White House Journalist recognizes Zac && V && is reporting on them as appose to, oh I don’t know – the President?!

    Lmao. I love it though. Bush? Pffft.
    (Bring in Clinton or Obama already!)
    Anyways – Zanessa FTW!

    Thanks Jared =]

    Ps. Tell your source I said merci beaucoup ;]

  • duh

    Actually, Jim Long himself posted a follow-up to clarify what he saw and said exactly apparently based on the “makeout” (incorrect) headline started there or here on that website linked above. He posts:

    “Jim Long comments:
    September 5th, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    Making out??? hardly! LOL try affectionate peck! jeeeeeezzzzz! They both were very well behaved.”

  • xnguyen

    i cant find the video
    can i get the URL?

  • Jennifer

    Any link to a source that has the audio for the radio interview? Love to hear it!!!

  • http://justjared Salin

    Nikki is so lucky to be dating Zac.

  • wtf with this

    What a shocker, the Zanessa fans over-exaggerated and misinterpreted another “source.” Who by the way is a NBC cameramen who follows the president, not really a “white house journalist” exactly but whatever. I guess he found the zanessa freaks running with his “news” as funny and wrong as always because he posted a comment about it.

    “Jim Long comments:

    Making out??? hardly! LOL try affectionate peck! jeeeeeezzzzz! They both were very well behaved.”

    You know, I sorta get why tweens or fans of Vanessa might be Zanessa obsessed/convinced but i just dont get or see it. I see more chemistry between him and the golf club he dances with in high school musical 3 than I do those 2, even in the clearly for show hawaii pictures. the chic has on two different bathing suits in those pictures, meaning it was two different days/times… what couple who really wants to keep their private life private goes back to the exact same spot they were spotted by the paps before? and do you see reese witherspoon blowing off a jimmy kimmel appearance to go get photographed at jake g’s latest premiere?

  • el

    16 u shouldnt even be on here….stop hating..i think the zanessa fans know that they are really together and in love so u cant make anyone change their mind about that.. by the way nikki is annoying me, she is totally into zac but its kinda weird the way she said those things about him

  • YoohAreStoopid

    He seems into nikki, but in all honesty, she lives in NY and they dont see each other everyday, like he sees vanessa. They all have chemistry with zac in their own way. I think Nikki is excited that she knows someone that amazing, it’s zac efron, and she’s said she likes hm OBVIOUS>….the way she talks about him IS sweet, but the hand holding, i don’t dig. But whateva!

    I think they are great friends, who don’t get to see each other very often. So when they get together, they have fun.

    Vanessa went to australia to be with zac, i think they celebrated 2 years when they were in london…so duh! I’d blow off a talk show to go to australia with my boyfriend of 2 years, reguardless of who he is.

    THANKS FOR POSTING JARED!!! Interview was hilarious. Thanks.

  • dabaf

    In some picture, Zac looks like the boy who played the younger version of Cameron Crowe from Almost Famous.
    Where is he now????

  • Lozzielou

    My fave interview so far these two are awesome but im a bit more of a zac fan haha loved it larry ender is creepy thou i wish i had the room key lol, he looked generally concerned. So sweet both of them. Meh Vanessa, she should do some press for HSM 2 since its realed in a week and a far in Aus but no she’s just shopping and eating. She should do something might help HSM 2 out in AUS.

  • el

    so does anyone have the interview with the radio station?? On another website somoene posted that on one of the interviews zac was asked about the vanessa photos but i dont know which one, maybe it was the radio interview? if anyone has it or jj if u have it i think zanessa fans would really appreciate it!

  • Lozzielou

    it was on the kyle and jacki o show and you can get a podcast of it from the website but i dont think its up yet and i think he’ll air another interview but with nikki 2day on hot 30

  • el

    thanks! do u know what he said? I’m just really curious. I assume he defended his girlfriend

  • no one need to know

    i think V and Z needs a break from so much media they acquire in the US. In london they are a bit relax but its still work for them. They probably decided go to Sydney and definitly relax because we Aussie`s are not that gaga over celebreties just in case we saw them in the beach having a time of their life. I think some of our media still have morals to respect their privacy. And Vanessa and Z really needs privacy and rest. We dont want them burnout early before HSM3 aren`t we. Go guys you rox, September and Oktober is always the best time to have a beach time. Its quiet and not so many tourist.Thanks V and Z your no angels but Im sure as hell did a good job being a role model for us teenager. got to go my mum is glaring at me, hehe using her net. I`m ten what do you expect duh!!!!

  • ZoeyAnn

    OMG Zanessa Sighting WHOO!!!

    Zac’s was soo funny when the man wsa talking about the key omg *rolls around the floor laughing*

    Thanks for the update Jared

    Love ZoeyAnn

  • Fouf

    Hate him and her B.I.T.C.H gf!

  • Violette

    That was such a cute interview, loved it – they both come accross as really nice people, and that quote from Nikki is sooo sweet. Nikki totally reminds me of a chubbier version of Eliza Dushku.

  • isabelle

    do u know where to find pics or videos of them kissing in the premiere?

  • Ali

    Theres photos of the couple kissing on search through the posts.

  • Ali

    Zac Erfon is shocked to learn that his neighbour has been taking photos of him, Hollywood Treatment catches up with Zac Efron,

    for the full interview, check out

  • Mmm hmm

    Hehehe I love Larry Emdur…so funny!
    (I’m from Australia. Going to see Zac at the Hairspary premiere in Melbourne tomorrow night! I’m sooo excited!)

  • wtf with this

    Ali, it says that youtube video is private, could you give a recap of what it says please? Poor Zac, he caught his neighbor taking pictures of him??? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Hope they catch who it is! thanks.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • el

    I saw the youtube video and he was just showed apicture of him and vanessa at the pool where he stays and they said his neighbor took the pictures…but on i couldnt find a pic of them kissing..lots of zac photos though.

  • zanessa

    I saw the youtube video and he was just showed apicture of him and vanessa at the pool where he stays and they said his neighbor took the pictures…but on i couldnt find a pic of them kissing..lots of zac photos though.

  • el

    oh i just heard the interview zac had an interesting answer..he said something like “regardless whether its true or not, its s a personal question” and that he doesnt talk about his friends’ personal life…Hmmmmmm….anyways, I think he is right though, its really personal and whether or not any of it is true, none of us should really care I mean they are a couple, what do you expect?

  • Zoob

    Nooooow I seeee.
    After reading Jared’s last post on Zanessa, I was quite confused. Why would Vanessa blow off Jimmy Kimmel to go to yet another Hairspray premiere that is hardly a good career move for her. It’s weird that she would put her career on the back burner just to be with her boyfriend AND THEN IT HIT ME! She didn’t want a repeat of the Much Music Nikki/Zac kissfest. She wanted Zac on his best behavior. Good thinking Vanessa!

    Yay Zac! Keep your hair out of yoru face!

  • kat

    OMG Zac has creepy neighbors! those kids are getting stalked. love you ZAC

  • eira

    zanessa making out,!!!
    woho.!good job JARED.!

  • Mikaela


  • shannan

    nikki flirts to much with zac but it’s cut though and whoever said nikki and zac go ut thats stupid ZANESSA forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shannan

    nikki flirts to much with zac but it’s cut though and whoever said nikki and zac go out thats stupid ZANESSA forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf with this

    For some reason Jared didn’t correct/update the sighting but the source has said himself they were hardly making out but more of a peck just fyi.

    wonder if that neighbor who took the picture of zac the same “neighbor” who e-mails those zac fansite people with wrong info all the time just to feel better about himself and feel important? so sad and pathetic, with neighbors and fans like zac has, you gotta feel bad for the guy sometimes

  • zakforever

    nikki flirts so much with zak. who wouldn’t? he;s so seductive and sexy even kelly ripa flirted with him.

  • lianna

    zak has the cutest face in these pictures…one of the best pics that i’ve seen of him.. so natural looking w/out much stage make up and emphasises his boyish good looks…he looks so happy and inspired here. happy to be with nikki and vanessa, his 2 lady loves…

  • soff


  • bettina

    hey guys this is how cute zak looks without stage make up…such an adorable beautiful boy…he looks most gorgeous au natural and hope he looks this way often…
    i wonder how he and vanessa are dealing with this nude pic intrigue…hope they can handle this with dignity and grace and humility…

  • blah

    16..has it ever occured to you that maybe they were at a different beach? i mean, many of the beaches on maui look the same. when i first saw the hawaii pictures i thought they were at KP.. anyway, the place they were at has a long stretch of beaches..

    meh the interview made me laugh.

  • Taylor


  • question

    can you please tell us why you deleted them?