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Rumer Willis: Hot in Hot Pants?

Rumer Willis: Hot in Hot Pants?

Rumer Willis slips into different pairs of short shorts and beanies outside a rented Los Angeles home on the set of I Know What Boys Want on Wednesday. Former Idol contestant and co-star Katharine McPhee sported a baby bump for her role in the film.

The night before, Rumer, 19, dined at West Hollywood eatery Koi (pictured below).

I Know What Boys Like is set for a 2008 release.

IS RUMER WILLIS what boys want — YAY or NAY?

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01 rumer willis hot pants
02 rumer willis hot pants
03 rumer willis hot pants
04 rumer willis hot pants
05 rumer willis hot pants
06 rumer willis hot pants
07 rumer willis hot pants
katharine mcphee i know what boys want 01
katharine mcphee i know what boys want 02
katharine mcphee i know what boys want 03

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  • sd

    Sorry, but she’s ugly!

  • Heather

    She looks like Mr. Potatohead…. yes MR. Potatohead.

  • KJ

    hell NAY!!!!

  • BeBe

    Big Nay!

  • delilah

    I’m glad she’s got her ears covered.

  • Jennifer

    No, she’s not what boys want….looks-wise at least. I do have to give her props, her body isn’t bad.

  • Hot Chicks

    Yes! I love her, she is very sexy. No she doesn’t fit the cookie cutter ideal for “pretty” but there is something real about her that makes her seem more approachable, less a fantasy. More “doable” if you will. She is the kind of girl you could fall in love with and you know she would love you back and not always be looking for someone better or only concerned about how she looks all the time. That all makes her very sexy.


    ha ha, all the money in the world can’t fix this ugly girl

  • Mr Paparazzi

    OMG click my name to see the wierdest Jessica Simpson picture… its just under the Ricky Martin one!

  • thor


    On the other hand, KATHARINE McPHEE — **THAT** IS WHAT BOYS WANT.

  • Dylan

    Girl’s face is SO BUSTED! So, uh, that would be a NAY.

  • ricki

    she has really ugly legs. Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you don’t have to tone up.

  • Regina

    I think she looks like a man.

  • Pandora

    LOL! Nay! Not blessed with good looks, that one.

  • lololol


  • lololol


  • Lina

    I think yay. She has a nice body and I don´t think she is ugly. But maybe it is just me

  • j;li

    why post this chick, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the attention.

  • Rachael

    What happened here? Her mother is pretty and her dad is hot. Nothing to look at.

  • Rachael

    19 j;li : 09/06/2007 at 1:26 pm
    why post this chick, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the attention


  • http://justjared m

    for a someone to have such good looking parents she is one of the ugliest chicks i have ever seen. i mean this girl is ugly…wow.

  • [~Famous~]

    ummm she’s never hot.

  • Starbucks Addict

    I think she’s gorgeous. I love her exotic, original look – very much like her mom, but with a little bit of a dangerous edge like her hot dad!

  • the_original_nika


  • sillyme

    People make fun of her, but I bet Rumer will turn out to be the “breakout” star (if there is one) from this movie. She’s not attractive in the traditional sense, but I’m so tired of the typical looking pretty girls (Jessica, Britney, Lindsay, and, yes even Katharine McPhee). There’s something really cool about the way Rumer carries herself, though.

    Is she what boys like? She’d probably be a good hangout buddy.

  • Nando

    Looks like she went blonde for the role.

  • Biglex

    She has her Dads big head and her moms little face…. she looks pretty creepy IMO

  • SusiQ

    Why is she wearing a beanie all the time???

    Nay, BTW

  • Peach

    She’s actually got the worst parts of her parents. Her figure isn’t bad – but her head’s too big and ugly.

  • Andrea

    She’s not as pretty as her mom. But looks are not everything. Everyone is not going to be gorgeous. Am I not right?!!!

    All my kids got my looks – I am blessed there. But I guess the heart has to be in the right place too.

    Rumer might turn out to be a great actress!!! :-)

  • Melanie

    She is still a teenager and with that comes lack of security. If she lifted her shoulders back and showed more confidence I think she would find the “sexy” quality in her. My husband always says it really doesn’t matter if a girl is “ugly or heavy” if she carries herself right and she knows she’s sexy and who she is it will come across that way and guys are attracted to that. BTW he doesn’t have to worry about how I carry myself…phwoooo

  • hurleygurlie2388

    i really don’t like bashing on people because she can’t help it, but rumer is kinda odd looking. BUT she looks SOOOOOOOO much better w. blonde hair!!!

  • Jake

    *ignores the question*

    Katharine McPhee! She looks gorgeous and happy :)

  • susu

    Hummmm. She lost weight real quick. And obvioulsy not from Excercise (her legs are flabby like a skinny fat girl). Maybe the coke rumors are true. Or she takes adderal like the rest of Hollywood’s skinny gals…Must be adderal.


    RUMER IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Shut up all you haters!
    RUMER has a hot bod and a beautiful face!


    RUMER IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Shut up all you haters!
    RUMER has a hot bod and a beautiful face!

  • Mike boyd

    It is actually on the set of “House Bunny” which also stars Anna Faris.

  • Andrea

    #33 – Melanie. I agree with what your husband said. The way one carries themself really does make a huge difference. It’s all about confidence!

    Check out my site and even see my picture:

  • JO

    She is your average girl. The kind of girl that boys actually ask out. She also has a nice body and nice legs. Think about it. Nice average girl for all those nice average guys, and there are a lot of us average type out there. She has a much better chance of dating someone from the real world. Come to think about it, at 19 JA was just your average girl too. She was able to snag Brad Pitt, for a while anyway.

  • Dan

    She’s got the worst of both parents in her. Ugly, unattractive body, and… most obvious of all… she is getting attention only because of who her parents are. And what’s with the stupid name?

    She does not deserve this attention.

  • V

    She looks normal.

  • truth

    her posture it’s terrible she loocks like like hasn’t have a neck.

  • Sophia

    #41 Wow I never thought about that. If you look at Jen A. in her teen yrs (like Rumer) she was not a knock out – sooooo ture!!

    #33 Your husband is right on. If you show confidence you can walk in a room and own it – no matter what you look like. Bring those shoulders back Rumer!

  • ala

    she is SO ugly.

  • Mike

    Nope, she is not. Katharine Mcphee is what boys want.

  • gena

    Watch out Bruce and Demi! She will be hot!!! Hope she keeps her head on straight!

  • Stephanie

    boooo! NAAAAAY!! ewwww no egg heads please!

  • noone

    she is very beautiful
    i love when she smiles

    her smile is like a summer day
    her eyes are like the sun
    i wish she would look my way
    and say i was the only one