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Jessica Simpson in Short Shorts

Jessica Simpson in Short Shorts

Jessica Simpson goes for a jog in a pair of short shorts Thursday on the set of Major Movie Star shooting in Beverly Hills, Calif. She looks much more… real that she usually does.

In the film, Ms. Simpson, 27, plays an actress who is forced to join the military. Yesterday, Jessica was seen looking homeless and taking to the bottle as shot a few other scenes.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica wearing cute short shorts…

DO YOU THINK casual clothing is Jessica’s best look — YAY or NAY?

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jessica simpson short shorts 02
jessica simpson short shorts 03
jessica simpson short shorts 04
jessica simpson short shorts 05
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Photos: SS/FlynetOnline
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  • alba pleasssseeeeee

    she’s got a cute face…but her legs are really short and stumpy..reminds me of a pittbull’s legs.

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    alba pleasssseeeeee: I totally agree yuck mine are way longer and i’m only in sixth grade :D

  • freddie

    she look’s fugly those goofy faces she makes she thinks she looks real sexy she can’t act she hasn’t made any music or any movies that are worth anything there is just something weird looking about her lately she is awful

  • turquoise

    I know it’s bad, but this kind of made me feel happy, because I look like this in athletic gear too (and I’m 40) so it’s cool. Go Jess!

  • KittKatt

    Whatever happened to that cute, thin girl from the TV show. The girl totally needs to lay-off the weights room and just be herself.

  • anna

    she is just WAY TOO gorgeous

  • yami

    Yahhhhh that´s our girl
    She looks flowless!!!
    I like her more with this casual and natural look
    she is a natural beauty
    But jealousy sometimes doesnt want you to see that

  • do you care?




    I agre
    she´s looking great lately
    in my opinion she has never looked THIS GOOD

    way to go Jess

  • Heather

    I´m jealous
    look at her!!!!! she is jogging and looks that good!!!!


  • Anne

    She really has short stumpy legs. Along with her thick shoulders/neck, it really is unfortunate, as she tends to look “thick” no matter how much weight she looses. Don’t get me wrong – she’s in great shape and very fit – but with her body type/build, she is always going to be fighting her weight in order to avoid the line-backer look. I would suggest yoga or pilates for her – these keep you lean and fit withour bulking up the muscles.

  • Memee

    Not a fan of her but I have to admit that I like her more these days.
    she is looking fab

  • pete

    she really doesnt care about what you think, jessica just wanna be healthy… SO WHAT? Good for her!
    I preffer jessicas body 498567980276 times better than a woman in bad shape

    I think she is looking really hot

  • Post of the day

    my favorite Jay Leno joke was
    ‘’Hurricane Katrina was so bad it wrecked more homes than Angelina Jolie’’

  • Jill

    She looks so much better without or with very little makeup. She or her makeup artist don’t know how to apply makeup. She looks dog ugly when she is made up, the makeup actually changes the shape of her eyes. She needs to go natural more often.

  • Galia

    She looks good and running is a good and healthy way to keep a good shape.

  • DJ0P

    Anne: she doesnt really care about what you think. Jessica just wanna be healthy and fit – SO WHAT??? good for her.
    As a man I preffer this type of body 4978561861 times better than a woman that is not in good shape.
    She looks good, nobody can deny that

  • DJ0P

    I agree with pete

  • smile’n

    She looks great. She should go with the natural look more often.

  • Cynthia

    I thought she finished shooting this movie. Did she?

  • RK

    she looks really short and stubby…pretty face though..



  • Me

    It never fails no matter where she is or what she is doing she makes faces to look like she is starring in a Debbie Does Dallas movie.

  • Tatum

    I am not calling her fat heavy or over weight i think she is the most healthy looking celeb out the but….
    in these pics she does look kinda short and thicker than normal

  • (‘@’)

    Totally yay! She looks at her best with simple make up and clothes. She looks more like a female that way.

  • angie

    She’s 27??? Why can’t she act her age????

  • Billie

    Jessica sucks! Talentless!

  • MissB

    She looks weird…and fat, I think 8-)

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • b/w miller

    looks ordinary. and everyone is right on those stupid try-to-look-sexy pics. she looks like a dumbass when she does them.

  • liza

    her legs disgust me!

  • yummy


  • Villefan812

    She is so pretty. I’d love to look like her. I wish her the best.

  • T

    Lookin great.

  • Villefan812

    I think anyone who knocks her is just jealous.

  • Cynthia

    She looks like she might have cheated a little on her diet, but hey you got to have a little fun. She looks great.

  • ana

    she looks fatter. lol.

  • mommalooker

    she looks a bit, should I say, PORTLY??? Here piggy, piggy! Her arms AND legs look like they need a rest from that extra weight they are carrying!

  • Chris

    The girl is ugly, looks just like her dad, she should have been a boy. Her sister is much better lookng

  • blake

    I so agree with you Chris she should have been born a boy, but how do we know she wasn’t born a boy? She just look tooooo manly, even before the exersizing.
    Her legs are hideously ugly and stumpy! I think one leg must be longer than the other which makes her walk retarted. It’s so funny how they are spreading her pictures all over the media to everyone who will take them not everyone is.

  • uncrate

    yuck more pics of her please

  • Sharon

    She does look really fat I think she is starting to gain weight again. She will eventually end up fat and chunky. it will come when she have kids because she does not maintain a level weight point. She get fat then hussle to get the weight off, then relax and gain it back. Those are some serious ups and downs.

  • Mary

    funny how her people fake post like they are her fans lol

  • BabiBlue

    Jessica Simpson is soo GORGEOUS YAY

  • http://deleted joanne

    i think it is a similar situation as jessica biel,i dont think either of them are fat, they r prob an english high street size 8, jess an jess are probably closest to normal weight than any ‘possible anorexic’ celebrities, there faces are not haggard, if some underweight celebs had to strip off the war paint they wud prob have haggard faces and that may look good in photographs but i assume most people would not think that ‘haggardness’ looks good in reality!