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'Pushing Daises' is a Ratings Success!

'Pushing Daises' is a Ratings Success!

Daises bloomed during last night’s premiere, pulling in a hefty 12.83 million viewers.

It’s the third strongest premiere of any show this season behind Bionic Woman and Private Practice. According to TV Guide, Deal or No Deal placed second (with 11 mil), followed by Kid Nation (7.5 mil, down another 110 thou) and Fox’s sitcombo of Back to You (6.58 mil, down a mil) and ‘Til Death (holding steady with 6.22 mil). Top Model (4.52 mil) dropped another 330K.

Pushing Daises is fun fun fun with its fanciful storytelling style and whimsical originality. It reminded me a bit of Ugly Betty with the transitions, which is a plus!

The lead actor, Lee Pace, reminds me of Chuck‘s Zachary Levi, who reminds me of The Office‘s John Krasinski. Geek is in, guys! And it all ties together since Ned’s love interest’s name is Chuck too!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the “Pushing Daises” premiere? Will you watch next week?

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  • anon

    I loved it. The narration and the scenes in the beginning for some reason reminded me somewhat of a mini Tim Burton film.

  • mooshki

    When they “held hands” at the end, it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen on tv.

  • ria

    I loved, loved, loved, it! I wasn’t sure if the premiere was going to live up to all of the hype but it ended up being a spectacular show! It was smart, witty, funny, creative, sweet – it was just a really fun show to watch.


    Sorry I didn’t watch it, but maybe I’ll check it out. Just for you JJ :)

  • SkankyHO

    I kept turning back and forth between top model and pushing daises. From what I saw it looks like a good show. I am going to watch it tomorrow online.

  • lola

    Everyone should watch this, especially those of us who are into the more whimsical side of life! It was brilliant, totally brilliant. Reminded me a bit of Lemony Snicket with all the narration and such. And I agree, the part where they were holding hands was so, so sweet.

  • me

    It’s a definite MUST WATCH!!! I looooooooooooved it!!
    There’s nothing on tv like it.. if you guys haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you do =)

  • Regina

    I’m from the UK and haven’t seen no negative comments about it yet. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Taraji

    It was great very lemony snickett/amelie/ tim burtonish ….but the narrator has got to go.

  • moku

    One of the BEST pilots I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

  • Matt

    I enjoyed it but think it will be too quirky for a mass audience & harder to sustain in the long run. The novelty value will quickly wear off as will the viewing figures. Would like to be proved wrong though !

  • jolierocks

    LOVE IT! I think I’m falling in love w/ Ned :)

  • hillary

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  • Village

    I LOVED it. Could not look away. The best new show on television since . . . . . . Could be the most unusual show ever. Beautifully cast. And their holding hands at the end was the most romantic thing I have ever seen on TV. The way they unfolded the premise was outstanding. It could have been very confusing, but it wasn’t. The show started with a boy’s dog being killed. It had me at hello. What a way to start a series. I caught it at the last minute, and didn’t record it. My only regret.

  • Ashley

    LOVE IT!LOVE IT!LOVE IT! Its the best new show that i’ve seen, and yes i’m going to watch next week. Reminds me of a series of unfourtnate events……………and Lee Pace is pretty cute in a different weird kinda way.


    I liked it because I’ve never seen a story/plot line quite like this one. I’ll watch again. Usually pilots suck and the show gets better as it goes on, but this pilot was acutally entertaining…excited to see where it goes from here! Ned is a cutie!!!!

  • Jenna

    The best new show of the seaso! Like a Dr. Seuss tale for adults. Loved the actors, the narration, the premise. Smart, fun and absolutely adorable.

  • S.

    Great show. Lee Pace was also wonderful on the short-lived but terrific Wonderfalls, which was also created by Bryan Fuller. Loved the acting, the chemistry, the writing – definitely lived up to the hype. And how sweet was Ned when he sheepishly says “That’s from me” regarding the hug given to Chuck by his partner?! Love it!

  • hamper

    LOVED pushing daisies! :) best new series this season!

  • Jessie

    I have a new favorite show! I could watch this forever. :)

  • janeway

    Great show. Beautiful visuals and lots of fun. Most of all I thought the all the lead characters, especially Lee Pace, are totally likeable. Very romantic how they can’t touch. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

  • http://justjared sandy

    Best new show!!!Very unusual and entertaining.Will watch!!

  • R

    I love this show…the best of the new season. I’m totally liking the chemistry between Ned/Chuck and Ned/Emerson. Can’t wait to see future episodes now.

  • lene

    so gonna continue watching!!!!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • lovesit

    LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband missed it though, will there be an encore of the pilot? I don’t think he will sit at the computer to watch a tv show. I KNOW he’ll love this show, but the pilot has all of the history, he needs to see it.

    And you all are right, very Tim Burton!

  • kfed

    Heck yes

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i seen it, i doubt it’ll last long.

  • Gia Jolie

    I was disappointed. The voiceover was annoying. After about 30 minutes I couldn’t watch it anymore. The actors had NO chemistry, despite what I’ve heard. The star, whatever his name is, should play a serious serial killer, he has the looks, otherwise he just reminded me of a creepy Michael Jackson type of person. And they look a little too old for their roles really. Anna Friel just didn’t cut it for me either. Sorry, but I won’t be watching this again.

  • Caol

    I’m in Brazil and already in love for the show!
    there’s something “Amelie Poulain”in it that it’s impossible not to like.

    I’ll watch next week for sure!!!

  • jamie

    I could not stay interested in it. It was to cute for me. The narration was creepy.

  • Samantha

    I love Ned! He is so cute. :)

  • From the block

    I hate bionic woman but I like Michelle Ryans.

  • smash

    LOVED IT! Will watch every week for sure.

  • watchfulone

    Awesome! Tim Burtonish whimsical.

  • jude

    Are all but four of these comments written by the same person? Like, the show’s publicist maybe?

    Seriously. Perfect spelling, perfect punctuation, and the phrase “best new show of the season” over and over and over….

    So obvious!

  • jude

    I think “Journeyman” is the best new show of the season. The guy from Rome is sooooo sexy!


    Lee Pace is a hottie! What a cute show!


    Glad to see another hit from Bryan Fuller. I hope it doesn’t end up like Wonderfalls…

  • i loved the pilot… it was so refreshing just watching it…i can’t wait for the next eppy…

  • parakissshow

    love this show, of course i watch next episode

  • adri

    I loved the premiere and I’m so glad it did well ratings-wise. I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here.

  • erin

    Oh my god it was fantastic!!! Definately one of my new favorite shows.

  • Hannah

    LOVED IT!!! My new favorite show with my new crush. Lee Pace is the cutest!!!


    Reminds me of the show Wonderfalls!
    I loved the show – will definitely catch it next week!

  • maribel

    I love it!!!!!! It was great..the couple is soo cute… :)

  • Ryan

    I’m in love with it. Yes, definitely will watch more!

  • Andrew

    I had low expectations and when I saw it I was blown away. It’s a fresh new show, that’s simple and takes you to a different place. I will watch it every week. AND Jim Dale (the voice over guy) makes it light hearted a child like. Very Good Show!

  • Finley

    I loved it. Found it very refreshing. My dog was hit and killed by a car – so the intro was a little tough but the show was real fun to watch!

  • Chad

    I really enjoyed Pushing Daisies. I even watched the repeat tonight (Friday, 10/05/07). The preview for next week looks like even more fun!