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Katie Holmes' Sheer Top

Katie Holmes' Sheer Top

Katie Holmes shows off her sheer beauty in a see-through top while out and about in New York City with hubby Tom Cruise earlier this past weekend.

We all know who she’s taking after–the queen of all sheer tops!

Most of the other former Dawson’s Creek stars seem to be in the spotlight nowadays, too. James Van Der Beek just popped in on Ugly Betty, Joshua Jackson will be on Grey’s Anatomy and Michelle Williams is going through a separation from Heath Ledger.

Come on, Kerr Smith! You can still bounce back after Justice!

Other pictures include Tom getting driven back to his hotel on Sunday after dining at London’s exclusive Ivy restaurant with actor pal Robert Redford.

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Photos: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
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  • Natalie

    Tom let her out of the house wearing a sheer top? Wow, I thought he kept her on a short leash. haha.

  • thats_right

    wow she looks so different here she looks pretty I can’t believe I said it she looks pretty here

  • kira

    Katie’s a beautiful young woman, wife, and mother!

  • janet

    Love Katie and Tom

    I was just listening to Joel Osteen and he was talking abour critizism and i couldn’t help but think about Katie and Tom.

    I have to give them their props, at least they can stay strong in their relationship after all the bull thats been said about them for the past two years.


  • A


  • funny

    she looks beautiful with alittle make up.Thanks God this time they didn`t bring their little girl out in the middle of night and let her sleep. :)

  • Yily

    I’m sick of this trophy wife. She’ll never have a career again and nobody will ever take her seriously. After all, that’s what happen when you’re married to Tom Cruise.

  • shia_fan

    yeah, as she matures shes becoming more prettier… it’s just states that she’s very happy with her life because what you feels reflects in your outside appearance.

  • kfag

    Ah! I just realized that Tom Finally cut his hair! Good thing.

  • lia_e

    kerr smith has been in CSI: NY lately! i read that hes signed on to do a few episodes.

  • Jane

    they quite loving couple~ love them =) very sweet

  • wea

    so sweet

  • deny

    They are reporting in the UK that Victoria Beckham will be a regular on Ugly Betty???? Is this true???

  • angie

    i really do like this mature katie. i also like her style even though it’s kinda like victoria beckham’s. katie still looks good! i still dont like her shoes though.

  • marie

    Actually Kerr Smith is cast member of CSI NY right now!!

  • Diana

    She always looks happier without him or when SUri is with them … is she pretending?

    I like her makeup!

  • well….
  • ?

    Can she do something with her own brain?she does whatever other people say,she is coping what VB is wearing and does what TC is saying,sad in her late 20 she can`t do anything on her own.

  • Diana

    Is he always dragging her like that?

  • ~ katie ~

    there so cute togethere

  • cara

    Just another picture of Tom dragging an unsmiling Katie along by the hand again.

  • Mediterranean

    She looks very beautiful in these photos, very very beautiful.

  • hmmmm
  • sheer aliens

    tom will wearing that top next, he looks soooooooo gayster, that hair,haha.

  • ps

    Very classy,good looking couple!Tom is the biggest movie star in the world .I love them.

  • Starbucks fanatic

    They’re gorgeous – this hairstyle is just perfect for Katie. It took her from a very pretty girl to a drop dead beautiful woman.

  • hmmmm

    why do Tom Cruise fans continuously say Tom is the Best He is the biggest star? It makes you sound insecure, shallow and vapid.

  • Nikki


    is that the same top vanessa hudgens wore to variety’s power of youth. i think it is.

    time for a “who wore it best”? my vote is for vanessa already.

  • Miapocca

    She read the thread, foundout she was being bashed for greasy hair and viola, she made some of you all happy…she is still a freaking RoBoHo

    I find her quite pathetic actually, cant seem to walk straight in this life of hers, too many fumbles along the way and she sees quite unnatural..I guess Victoria will be proud of her protege…she seems to wear the clothes just because she just bought them and not necessarily if it appropriate for where she is going. Tom is in a tie and here she comes in a sheer top ans jeans and the most ridiculous shoes…the fact that something is the latest fashion doesnt mean you should wear it if its going to put your worst assets on display. She completely changed or else she was living a lie before she met midget..this child is pathetic and needs to be bitch slapped by her daddy…Can you believe the scientologist practicially put a gag order on her home town and the newspaper the toledo blade…they even run a pro scientologist series in the paper…WOW and Wow

    Brain washing is very similar to being on Drugs.Thats why she looks zoned out all the time .

  • Yellow Rose

    It is apparent in every photo I’ve seen of her in the last several months that she is SAD or DOWN. Either they are fighting like cats and dogs or she is taking drugs for severe depression because the only time I see her smile is when she is alone with Suri.

  • tom is sterile

    KH looks depressed, walking hunch over, Tom the cult hawk nose alien leader is a sisi.fied mess.


    Her face and hair look lovely, the tops quite nice too. Those jeans and shoes she has on look awful.

    Why is she not her own woman, why on earth is she copying Posh Spice of all people. Katie is 100 times better looking and has a better body than Posh.

    Also don’t like the way Tom is almost pulling her.

    Tom looks possessed.

  • georgie

    i hope the financial agreement she and tom made to act as his beard and baby momma is a great one. doesn’t anyone find it odd that she and tom have some very similar features (eyes, lips etc)? it’s like he wanted to create a child with someone who wouldn’t dilute any of his “attributes” too much…it’s like he created a suri with himself. freaking creepy.

  • [~Famous~]

    damn, tom is getting younger looking! he should pass his secrets off to the old haggard looking flop king.

  • TOM IS A


  • Trendini

    I am loving her sheer top!!…she looks great…effortless and classy…very Hollywood you know?

  • daisy

    She is pretty. But wearing high heels when out with her husband don’t seem necessary. She’s already stunning without them.

  • emily santiago

    She looks down, avoids eye contact, walks like a stiff zombie being led while on pass from a psycho. unit, she looks like she can’t stand him. What lovely couple?, body language suggests she can’t stand him but he’s enforcing the contract & dragging her, this is a couple? This is a business contract. Classes pair, he looks pissed BTW, I think he expected more elegance & manners like with gorgeous Nicole. If Katie’s agreed to bondage for his millions, why can’t she “put on a happy face”, just a sour puss.

  • julia

    Katie looks cute, But good god, Tom is the King of the Un-sexy.

  • Tom shoots blanks

    a robot Snow White, out on the town with a fairy dwarf.

    hopefully those uplift supports inside his shoe,

    is giving him at least a 5ft 1 height, next to miserable Katie.

  • eed

    For L Ron’s sake – please cover up. whow wants to look at that.

  • lmAO @ LAINEY

    After too many months away in Berlin, the First Family of Scientology is back with a vengeance and pounding the pavement for publicity, doing their best to ward off whatever smutty secrets are promised to be revealed in Andrew Morton’s long-awaited unauthorised autobiography…which is why the GMD’s two best assets are being trotted out for a MiniVan Majority mobilisation. Only thing to do now is to get back into Oprah’s good books so that she can brainwash her lambs into believing his fraud. Praise Oprah. Praise Xenu.

  • robert

    Katie looks greeeeat.
    And btw Kerr is on CSY:NY!

  • Danny

    I love her to be naked.She is hot and has a great body.

  • Meghan


  • surfer

    Bring on more TomKat and Suri. Loovvve them looooove them.

  • Alysson

    My Katie looks so pretty with light makeup although beautiful with none too.

  • ciara

    Again?? Weirdo looks like a penguin

  • Just okay

    Tom doesn’t embrace the cameras the way he used to. Maybe he’s starting to get it. And, I thought from the start that this young woman was mesmerized by his fame and fortune. She got pregnant before she even got a chance to know him so it was a forced bond, if you will.

  • lora

    34 [~Famous~]

    It’s called botox.