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Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Katie Holmes running the ING New York City Marathon in Staten Island, New York earlier Sunday morning.

Katie wore a navy blue FDNY baseball cap, a purple tank top and blank pants. But seriously, no sports bra?

Tom Cruise can be seen carrying baby Suri on the sidelines, cheering mommy on! Be sure to check out all of the pre- and post-marathon details you may have missed on Katie from earlier today.

Katie‘s final time was 5:29:58. Not too shabby!

Let’s play “Find which runner or passerby is one of Katie‘s many bodyguards!”

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katie holmes running nyc marathon 03
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katie holmes running nyc marathon 05
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  • weesie

    She is getting in shape for her Oscar appearance. She wants to look good when she accepts her Oscar for her new movie. Run Katie Run.

  • hs

    EWW!!!! What is wrong with her????

  • Crystal

    yo eww bra????? well besides no bra good time didnt expect her to even finish..

  • MMS

    94 good for you : 11/04/2007 at 7:45 pm
    Instead of criticizing her, why don’t you try and run the marathon yourself.
    Let’s see if Angelina Jolie can run it…
    Good for you, Katie!!!!!!!!

    wtf does angelina jolie have to do with this???
    and no one is criticizing katie holme’s time…in fact we’re just shocked that someone could run a marathon without a fu**king bra…that’s just plain stupid!!!
    agreed most of us here couldn’t run the marathon but then most of us arn’t taking crazy scientology pills!!!

  • dalton

    #94…Why mention Angelina Jolie? As if all the hate here are from Jolie fans. Give me a break. I do not even like Angelina but if nobody likes your pathetic Tom & Katie show we are Jolie fan? Oh my how shallow can you be #94.

    Lastly, is this one of their show before the big showing of Lions for Lamb next week. Coincidence? I think not. Both of them are media who-res most especially that Tom. As ususal, Tom has to bring his Suri. DUH so so obvious.

  • weesie

    What does Angelina Jolie have to do with this – she is spending her time doing charity – Katie. Katie wishes she was half the woman Angelina is. Katie dosn’t compare to Angelina in any way shape or form. Leave Angelina alone.

  • dean

    Sorry but she didn’t really run 26.2 miles wearing HUGE headphones and NO bra. .
    Katie posed in front of the green screen and Tommy had his peeps at his studio photoshop her in to look like she was running. It was the bald guy in all of the pics that was wearing Katie’s timing chip to show that “she” crossed the finish line.

  • Amy

    Boobs fell way down there

  • Ana

    she is a MOTHER people of course her breasts arent going to look like what they used too. This however is no excuse to not wear a bra but w/e…

  • Tomkat suckass

    Funny, before when Tom does not have a movie to promote you barely see them. Now, his movie is coming up Katie & Suri is coming up to the rescue & have to parade his family to garner support for his movie next week. Pathetic bastards!!!

  • weesie

    Tom looks like a midget freak. And she has aged 15 years in this past year. She looks very very old. It must be all the stress.

  • Jen

    NO WAY was she really running in a marathon! Look at the way she is dressed:

    NO BRA?





    You don’t JUST run a marathon. You train and train. A REAL runner does NOT dress like she is dressed and run any kind of a distance at all.


  • jenni

    #94 —-is that you ~Famous~???

  • paola

    i just saw an interview where tom is talking about how he and katie “keep celebrating each other..being friends…and being lovers”….(i threw up in my mouth a little at this point)….and he said all of this with a really strange look on his face like he was about to start laughing at his own comment because it was so rediculous and unbelievable. then he said “you know?” like he wanted the reporter to confirm that what he said made sense and was acceptable. a tad bit odd……and a little freaky deaky.

  • dean

    The “F” in front of her number satnds for FAKE!

    She had a FAKE entry.

  • me

    She came in 34,211 out of 38,000….With that finish, she most definitely took a shopping break during the marathon (or a break to breast feed Tom…I mean Suri). She finished in the bottom 10% people…gee, that’s impressive…LMAO

  • Hippo

    There’s no way she ran that marathon. They said her time was five hours and change. No way she could do that (1) without a sports bra; (2) without sweating; (3) without smudging her makeup; (4) without fraying the hem of those extremely long pants.

    Somehow she got into that race for a couple of minutes as a photo-op.

  • melly

    nevermind braless katie….why is tom wearing a turtleneck…since he divorced nicole, he has no sense of style..

  • stacy

    good for her for running and finishing the race but she needs a bra

  • [~Famous~isGMD'S#1FAN]

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    she is so funny looking and so do all the posters’ comments

    ROTFLMAO :lol:

  • talia

    suri looks like demon seed

  • ???????

    good for you : 11/04/2007 at 7:45 pm
    Instead of criticizing her, why don’t you try and run the marathon yourself.
    Let’s see if Angelina Jolie can run it…
    Good for you, Katie!!!!!!!!


    Oh please don’t go there. Angie has more stamina then this brainwashed shop-a-holic twit on her worst day. Why not ask yourself if your prescious Katie could stand 3 weeks in the middle of a refugee camp. Or how about just taking a walk through New Orleans and actually trying to help the people there instead of buying pizza, cupcakes and ice cream for your cast mates who already have a job.

    No don’t bring Angelina here to this thread and try to compare Katie supposedly running a marathon to wether or not Angelina can because I’m willing to bet she could. If you want to talk trivial comparison try this:

    Could Katie succedd in the training that Angelina was given to play the role of Laura Croft? We know that Angie was given weeks of training because the crap was documented. So as for your trivial marathon comparison, I’m gonna go with a H^LL YEAH she could. But again I’d like to see Katie try to stand 3 weeks in the Congo…Darfur…Afghanistan…Pakistan…New Orleans.

    When she does…then feel free to throw it up in Angelina’s face.

  • bob

    you doggers are hilarious…I have to laugh at the fact that you are probably trashing this girl as you reach for another cheeto.

    If it makes you feel better, criticize her, but it’s pretty clear you are all just a tinge jealous because you don’t have the determination to get off the couch to get yourself another ding dong much less run 26 miles.

    Katie – quite an accomplishment! You go girl! :) I think it’s great that Suri got to witness her mommy achieving one of her life goals. Very cool…

  • Poor brainwashed zombie Katie

    ugly as hell and disgusting.

  • Tati

    GOOOO KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solly

    That is impressive…..Im proud of
    Katie and cool to sport the FDNY cap.

  • YAY

    Standing ovation for our Katie! I recalled her dad wanted her to be an athlete or be on the Olympics but Katie
    dreamed of being an actress.

  • sowhat

    Wow. Busted. She looks depressed and/or drugged. GO AWAY.

  • Nancy

    I’ve never done a marathon. But I did do the Nike+ half marathon last month. Of course I did not wear baggy pants and I did sweat my buns off.

    How did Katie run 26.2 miles with NO bra and NOT a drop of sweat??

  • attention wh0re

    Fuuck this bittttch. I cant stand her.

  • dean

    Sweat is a sign of weakness.

  • hollister

    I feel oh so good when some lowlives are so jealous and miserable. They give Katie news lots of hits according to the news and this is all over TV and online.
    How creepy are these lowlives obsession of beloved Katie.

  • Liz

    Not to rain on Katie’s parade, but 5:29 is pretty slow (granted, she only trained for 3 months). I’m an amateur runner and my marathons are in 3:30, two hours faster, and my fifty year old mom ran her marathon in 4:45 (and she’s not a runner by any means.)

    Katie probably walked part of it–that’s the only way you could get such a slow time.

    But still, kudos to her. Most people don’t do this much!

  • Sabrina

    Oh my she only had 3 months of training~~~~~~~~~ SO KEWL.
    I love what People magazine said she can smile and showed no sign she was tired. Many people after running look so awful but not Katie.

  • GOP

    Katie Holmes is what girl power is about. Im a runner and I give her a salute.

  • cara

    your inability to communicate in a sensical manner is very entertaining….

  • Lorie R

    I have run three marathons and I consider myself an average runner. My last marthon finish was in 3:58. Please note that I am a 40 plus woman. I don’t know if a proper sports bra would have helped but 5:28 is a slow marathon. She must have walked most of it. Not much of an accompishment if you ask me. Oprah and Diddy ran better then her.

  • Sara

    She looks like shes in her 40s.. jeez

  • Silvis

    Anyone who runs a marathon is a role model to us all. Period. But a sports bra would have ben nice:-) And, not that its bad, but I’m really suprised that she ran will her wedding/engagement rings on! I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable running all on NYC for 5 hours wearing jewelry that expensive!

  • yep

    ummm..ok Katie should have worn a bra with those saggy tatas,
    and she looks really starved from the side on one photo,
    but her legs are still shaped like tree trunks.
    that face of hers is not beautiful,sorry,but NO- HE11 NO AT THAT!

    Ummmmmm Suri really has a flat huge snozz,
    that 3 year old will have a humongous NOSE,NO DOUBT,,

    WHY are her eyes droopy,almost lazy eyed.
    Tom looks like the teeny tiny gay loser atheist alien that he is. Somebody needs to tell him his hair cut says si.ssy fied!!!!!!

  • Tash

    Jared you are full of it. SHE RUNNING! You chose to post the pics that made it look like she wasnt wearing a bra – go to TMZ and other goss sites see what she really looked like. Why your there also check out how they are updated, you could learn a bit. They also show her walking and shes not saggy thats for sure. Also jump on Google and even though her nipples are showing, its clear she wearing a bra – bit jealous there Jared that you arent as well known maybe?

    Geez, and I dont even like this woman! But if your going to report it, back it up at least.

  • bonna

    my question is why did she ran the marathon with no heels! lol

  • tom needs a bra too

    Maybe she took her bra off,and tommie is wearing it.
    Jared doesnt need to go look nowhere, he showed the brain dead robot the way she is, get over it 141.
    Stop lying you are their fan.

    And her breasts are hitting her NAVAL area, bawaaaah.

  • Yoshi banana

    Does Katie have no one to consult with? In Thetan’s name, why is she not wearing a running bra? Blech! Not to mention owwwww.

    By the way, Tom is beginning to look like Elton John.

  • GO Joey

    Great job! Big Fan!

  • stephanie Woods

    Every female runner…EVERY FEMALE RUNNER wears a SPORTS BRA!!!
    Not only is that unattractive, but all the juggling does affect your running. She is always wearing the wrong top too.

    I mean, congrads for her taking the challenge, but next time, dress proper for a marathon.

  • Justin

    Im in love with Katie more than ever.

  • michelle

    #108 you made me laugh so hard! and #142, I know, where are those silver heels she wears to the beach??

    All of these frantic people on here are cracking me up!

    and YES, I agree! She should have worn a different sports bra type running top – my gawd, there are only like a million different ones on the market, you do not wear that thin material, thin speghetti strap style top when you are going to run for over 5 hours! And she must have been HOT in those pants….I am really glad she finished though, in one piece..not carried off by ambulance…like I would have been.

    btw, is this the same person who was 100% stunning in that black off the shoulder gown just 2 days ago??? wow. She does clean up VERY WELL!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Those pic havent been touched..tmz is simply showing different angles..besides they were warend by katie “people” a whil eback so they really do a tongue in cheek on her..they were kind…

    Jared picture didnt go through the approval sire…

    143 that was the most intelligent comment all day…damn but gossip is more fun than reading and writing all this boring stuff…more hours to go………ouch

  • Ella

    KATIE. My mom beat breast cancer and she ran today too.