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Ellen Pompeo is a Home Depot Hottie

Ellen Pompeo is a Home Depot Hottie

Newly married couple Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery look to be settling in comfortably with married life, running routine errands together in Los Angeles on Friday.

After a short stop at Home Depot, Chris left carrying a sample of tiled slate. Ellen had her hair tied back in a messy knot and wore jeans and a long billowy top.

In the politics world, Pompeo is committed to Barack Obama. The Grey’s Anatomy actress has given $4,600 to him so far.

And in TV strike news, Ellen was interviewed by TV Guide. You can watch the video here.

You may also check out this video footage of Ellen and Chris out to lunch from this past Thursday.

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  • amanda

    Damn. What’s up with her shirt?

  • tracy


  • Nane


  • Nane

    sorry, 3rd!

  • :)

    hehehe,newly married yeah,but already bored with each other.hehehe


    i don’t think so!!!

  • katie

    love it

  • Violet

    WOW! Thanks Jared!

  • Stefanie

    omg I love her!! she’s so beautiful!! AWWWISH!! thanks alot Jared!!

  • meg

    UGLY WHITE TRASH DRUGGIE! Go to hell with your Felon husband bitch.

  • lindsey

    They are so fugly. She is a ugly bitch.

  • mossy

    #10… so just because she’s married to a black man she’s automatically a white trash druggie? n naturally her husband’s a felon?

    bravo meg. how many white pillowcases worn as head gear do you have in your closet?

  • Ella

    I really love her, she is a beautiful woman!

  • meg

    He is a Felon he is a convicted drug dealer and credit card thief nothing to do with race. She is trash who married her drug dealer.

  • anonymous

    Ellen and McFelon! She is so dumb. I hate this bitch.

  • atheer and jayanah

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    it’s new and i’m sure u’ll love it :D

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    and thank you

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  • Jane

    I wonder when the divorce will happen.

  • Amanda

    Wow…some people are really harsh.

    Personally I love Ellen, I think she is really gorgeous and beautiful.

  • Dani

    Love Ellen.
    amazing lady.
    love ths pics
    thanks jj.

  • Henry

    Ellen truly is down to earth and special. thanks JJ.

  • marcie

    Ellen is so gorgeous because you feel she’e really one of us. I love ow natural normal and down to earth she is. lovely lovely human being. I’m excited for next weeks Grey’s epi. Ellen is doing a great job on the show. amazing star.
    thanks for the pictures.

  • Love Ellen

    Hey Home Depot, my fav spot :) cool.
    lovely couple indeed.
    Go Ellen. Meredith Grey rocks.

  • Marisa

    I love her top. this is the trend these days. really big tshirts. she is a trend setter by the way. everything she wears and does is a hot item. Love her.

  • Sam

    ELLEN POMPEO is sooooo cute and adorable. I watch Grey’s Anatomy because of Ellen. Appreciate all her pictures, thanks Just Jared.
    and I like that she supports someone strongly. :D

  • EP fan

    Ellen rocks! she looks good in everything.

  • Tammi

    Aww i love her, and i love the new pics thanks JJ keep em coming!

  • hafsa

    Thanks jared, Love ellen, she is such a cutie, plus she doesnt look her age. As for her husband, well people make mistakes, so lets not judge this peolpe…

  • jason

    she is so ugly and her husband is a drug dealer what a great match.

  • Brian

    Lovely soul. Ellen is one classy lady. really knows how to stay grounded. love her. thank you JJ

  • Brian

    ELLEN IS GORGEOUS. Amazing actress, wonderful human being. I wish we had more interviews wiht Ellen, or talk shows. would love that.

    Jason, you are sick soul. pathetic.

    Grey;s Anatomy is the best. Meredith Grey is the ONE.

  • Marine

    I think she looks like Jessica Biel Oo

  • RGrey

    Thanks you for the lovely pictures.
    Ellen is a hot item now, and I love that. I adore her.
    :) she always looks gorgeous.

  • HellYes

    Go Ellen! Have fun with your vacation strike Ellen! I just hope it will not last coz’ I hate to watch a cliffhanger of episode 11,damn it!

  • Sienna

    I liked her until I saw her on Punk’d. She was just nasty human being on hidden camera. It’s very telling when you see how someone treats a server.

    Definitely trash… and what’s up with the hair?

  • Jake

    I thought she was very funny on Punked. And she wasn’t nasty to the waitress, she was very kind and normal with her, she commented on her hitting on Chris when the waitress left to Chris basically, and she was laughing throughout the whole thing… you guyd didn’t get that. too bad.

    Ellen is Great. I love her pics, She is a wonderful person. I love her on Grey’s. and I love her simplicity and normal way of living.
    thanks JJ for the pictures. Keep them coming. We love Ellen, always.

  • Nicola

    I agree with Sienna. Punked showed what a bitch she really is. And Meredith is the weakest link on Greys & Ellen the weakest actress.

    At least now they have Lexie Grey so can easily kill Meredith off.

    And that is a pregnancy top if ever there was one !!

  • Jake

    Think Jared’s being ironic in his description – ‘hottie’ LOL. That is the most hilarious description I’ve read today.

    EP has to be the most boring, plain actress ever. Sexy she is not. Very plain with a square face, squinty eyes & a whiny voice. Hope she signed a pre-nup before her marriage – her husband is hanging on to his meal ticket.

  • mika


  • Infob.i

    i adore her.
    brilliant actress. liking her husband as well. thanks JJ

  • Adiran

    thanks for the beautiful wonderful amazing Ellen and Chris Photos JJ.
    gorgeous couple.

  • mossy

    haha, i just saw the punk’d clip with ellen and chris in it. WOW, she can be a crazy jealous beeznatch! it was funny, but my opinion of ellen has changed as well. i don’t think she’s wretched or anything, i just don’t admire her as much. i mean c’mon, with the money she makes on grey’s, what’s 200 dollars?!!! she was flippin’ out over that?!!

  • shady

    OMG she’s great! am thinking if she’s white trash what britney spears and the rest of those stupid girls in hollywood.
    pls leave ellen alone

  • Clementines

    Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s fiancé, L.A. music producer Chris Ivery, had spent 14 months in a federal prison in the mid-1990s after pleading guilty to postal theft and credit card fraud. December 2006 Allure magazine interview, Pompeo sniffed, “Yeah, he used a credit card that wasn’t his when he was 18. Show me a teenager from Boston who doesn’t have a record!”

    Chris was 24 at the time — Ivery’s past run-ins with the law involve a lot more than stolen credit cards. Court records show Ivery has at least 13 criminal convictions in Massachusetts — including ones for dealing cocaine and pot — and has had three lengthy jail sentences!

    “When the news first came out that Chris had spent time in prison for fraud, Ellen just shrugged it off,” says a friend. “She said he had told her everything about what happened long ago, and that it didn’t make one bit of difference to her; it’s in the past. But she has never let on that he was convicted of dealing cocaine and pot, too.”

  • Adiran

    She’s a grand classy lady.
    all that info about their past and what they’ve been through only makes her more special to me. She’s been through a lot in her life and she turned it all into great success, she’s truly someone to admire. We’re all human and we all make mistakes, she has a big heart and a wonderful soul Kudos to Ellen for being the person she is, a real role model.

  • frank

    Ellen is magic.
    thanks JJ

  • youknow

    You can all go to hell! You can all go to hell and die!

    Love Ellen!

  • tina

    ellem pompeo is so plain looking, I stoped watching greys because she is so anoying. she seems really mean. HER HUSBAND IS UGLY THEY LOOK GOOD TOGETHER

  • Roney

    Yeah me too.
    I LOVE ELLEN POMPEO more and more every day. :)

  • SAL


  • Niles

    ELLEN POMPEO is gorgeous adorable and a classy lady with a big big heart. she is so down to earth its wonderful.
    thank you JJ

    I love Grey’s Anatomy because of Ellen. thank you Ellen.