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Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens grab lunch together at Mo’s Fine Food in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve.

After their meal together, the leggings pair went to the Westfield Mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Ashley‘s bag by Chanel, Vanessa‘s bag by Balenciaga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Zanessa and Ashley fans!

UPDATE: 15 pictures were added! Check them out!

55+ pictures inside of Ashnessa‘s Christmas Eve shopping spree…

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ashley vanessa christmas eve 20
ashley vanessa christmas eve 21
ashley vanessa christmas eve 22
ashley vanessa christmas eve 23
ashley vanessa christmas eve 24
ashley vanessa christmas eve 25
ashley vanessa christmas eve 26
ashley vanessa christmas eve 27
ashley vanessa christmas eve 28
ashley vanessa christmas eve 29
ashley vanessa christmas eve 30
ashley vanessa christmas eve 31
ashley vanessa christmas eve 32
ashley vanessa christmas eve 33
ashley vanessa christmas eve 34
ashley vanessa christmas eve 35
ashley vanessa christmas eve 36
ashley vanessa christmas eve 37
ashley vanessa christmas eve 38
ashley vanessa christmas eve 39
ashley vanessa christmas eve 40
ashley vanessa christmas eve 41
ashley vanessa christmas eve 42
ashley vanessa christmas eve 43
ashley vanessa christmas eve 44
ashley vanessa christmas eve 45
ashley vanessa christmas eve 46
ashley vanessa christmas eve 47
ashley vanessa christmas eve 48
ashley vanessa christmas eve 49
ashley vanessa christmas eve 50
ashley vanessa christmas eve 51
ashley vanessa christmas eve 52
ashley vanessa christmas eve 53
ashley vanessa christmas eve 54
ashley vanessa christmas eve 55

Photos: Nathanael Jones/, Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • annaspain

    i L- O -V-E vanessa!!!!!!she so,so beautiful and hot!!!gorgeous!!…ashley is…is…prety….but,vanessa is so,so more!!!.-…zanessa is the best!!i lovE!!!zac…..uffff….is so,so,so hottttt!!!!bye….from spain!!!!

  • Karen

    Hi aiko_ai! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day.

    Merry Christmas to all the ZA’s and supporters of Z, V, & Z&A. You all mean a lot to me. I am really under the weather today, horrible sore throat but was able to be with my family. It’s early but I am going to bed as I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday. I was blessed to have my friends and family for another year and along the way this year I was able to meet some very amazing people who also have become very special friends. So, the sore throat is a minor irritation to all the gifts I’ve been given.

  • genevieve

    so the pics on x17 are from the day before christmas eve right? because they were posted yesterday and they said “last night v went late christmas shopping.” and then her and ash were out in the afternoon yesterday. haha, little slow on that. but she looked nice there too. i saw a purse in that brown bag thing…maybe a gift to ash, or some other gf? and then i saw the other bag had like a blue box in it or something…maybe a shoe box. just guessin idk

  • Gi Kodály

    Merry Christmas everybody!!
    I can’t believe that, such in a great day that is today, Tony the tiger is here to bash V ¬¬.
    aiko-ai, so you are zvkg? Cool!

  • sunshine.

    ohh.vanessa looks gorgeous.
    shes so photogentic.

  • Zanessa lover

    i support them……

  • Kelly

    vanessa looks cute but ash looks gorgeous love her!

  • becky

    wtf tony the tiger.
    u must be on drugs or something to think that vanessa is ugly.
    there is no way in hell that she is ugly.
    god it must suck to be you. u must live a horrible life to come on here and say such horrible things too ppl. i see you in like every thread. i dont think ive seen you say ONE nice thing about anyone.
    its just really really sad. wow.
    anywho..they both look gorgeous. i love their oufits.

  • http://none Lynn

    Yay! Thank JJ you’ve brightened up my day. I’ve got flu and feeling crappy but this post makes me feel happy.

    Happy Holidays to all on JJ. Lose the hate, feel the peace.

  • dan

    they like, wear the same clothes…. :)

  • genevieve

    oh lol aiko_ai is zvkg? oh haha, i didnt know. hey there zvkg or aiko_ai =]

  • wowza!

    now, i can really tell a difference in ashley’s nose.
    is it just me or has she been wearing less makeup?
    but thats not a bad thing..
    ohh well. im not here to pick out her flaws.
    i love them both and they are so gorgeous. ! (:

  • jb

    Hey fellow Vanessa and Ashley supporters..Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought everything you wished for.. It looks like even Christmas can’t keep Tony the tiger away. Great job btw defending V and A..

  • http://deleted Otteresa

    ASH LOOKS EXTREMELY HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted Other Troy

    Hello everyone here at JJ!! How is eveyrone?? I hope everyones Christmas went out great. :- ) Ash and Vanessa look great!! Its nice 2 see them spending time with each other!!!

  • aiko_ai

    genevieve @ 12/25/2007 at 7:41 pm
    Gi Kodály @ 12/25/2007 at 6:29 pm
    ahahaha. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ^^v

    yeah…I had to change because someone keeps using my moniker. lol. oh well…

  • Cheyanne

    i wonder what Zac and Vanessa did with each other for Christmas i mean they had to to at lest one thing together

  • jb

    Jesus Ramirez @ 12/25/2007 at 8:12 pm

    All these filthy s@kanks can think about is shopping on this holy day. Fake nose, fake hair extensions and fake singing. These biyatches are ugly, untalented and horrible human beings.
    Wow you talk about it being a holy day but spew negative..did you not learn that if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all…

  • jb

    aiko_ai… I got it wink wink….That’s sat that it came to that..

    How are you tonight, did you have a great Christmas??

  • ellie

    Hi Jb, hi Other Troy!

    How’s both your Christmas’ been so far?

    To Jesus Ramirez, who’s post has now been deleted, the only horrible human being I can see hanging around these here parts is you. I hope all that repressed self-loathing is only temporary and you regain the spirit which this holiday is all about :)

  • aiko_ai

    jb @ 12/25/2007 at 8:34 pm
    lol. I know right. what a lowlife. with a name like that, and spewing some righteousness here. Can’t believe he didn’t see how hypocrite he is. oh well…

  • aiko_ai

    I’m good jb. the party was celebrated last night. and it was good. now…i’m just recovering and catching up on my z’s.

    hmm…maybe i’ll go movies later and watch the alien vs predator movie that just came out. hehehe…

    how about you guys? what are you all doing today? more party?

  • http://deleted Other Troy

    Hey Ellie!! Haven’t talked in a while! How are you?

  • ellie

    I’m good Other Troy!

    And I guess this answers Aiko’s question too: I’m winding down from Christmas today. Just hanging out inside with the air conditioner on (it’s really heating up over here, it’s going to be about 100 degrees fahrenheit on New Year’s Eve!) and watching the Boxing Day Cricket test match.

  • genevieve

    ohh ok whoops aiko_ai my bad =]

  • jb

    Hey sister Genevieve, sisterI should say, right!!!

    aiko_ai I heard that movie is really scary, you might want to prepare yourself..

    Hey Ellie!!! missed talking with you!!

    Other Troy, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you, but I’m jb holding hand out to shake yours…nice to read you…

  • http://deleted Other Troy

    ^^Um Layla, we’ve moved on….you should too. As hannah montana once said….NOBODYS PERFECT!!!!! lol. Im gonna sleep now guys and before I leave I just wanted to wish all the tisdale/vanessa/jashley/zanessa supporters a very merry christmas!!!!

  • http://deleted Other Troy

    Hello jb, its nice to meet you too. Hope your holiday was a good one….

  • http://deleted taylor

    WOW!!! ash looks effin sexy!!! wow, her nose looks great, but 1 question, why is she wearing flip flops in the winter!?! lol. Vanessa looks amazing too!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • camie

    wow Lalya, where have u been all these days. Were u dozing of in outer space? She said that comment before her pictures were leaked out, and those pictures were taken before hsm, and they were not meant for the whole world to see in the first place, so cut her some slack would you.

  • aiko_ai

    camie @ 12/25/2007 at 8:57 pm
    IA. ^^

  • jb


    ^^vanessa so needs to think when she says something!! shes calling brit and lindsay stupid and there she goes taking nudilicious pix…..SLUTT!!
    Laylo..Do you personal know her? I guess not, cause if you did you would know that Vanessa is a warm hearted talented young women…Maybe you should take a long hard look in a mirror and figure out who is the sl*t here…

  • jb

    Other Troy..
    My holiday was great..thanks for asking.. How was yours? :D

  • camie

    U know what sucks, the most? IT is when ur boyfriend breaks up with u on Christmas Day, that was my present from my boyfriend. HE told me that he was not ready for a commitment, and that was the reason he broke up with me. What a loser? He was my first boyfriend, and we were going strong for 6 years. So much for relationships, I hope Zanessa won’t break up, but who knows. Anyway how did all of u guys celebrate Christmas?

  • dalia

    Hey bff!
    Camie, that sucks!! I’m sorry!

  • genevieve

    lol hey jb! hows it going?

  • zanessa110

    camie, aww that happened to me a few days ago. youll get over it. hes not worth it.

  • zanessa110 this is my favorite song of vanessa.

  • camie

    Yeah I know he is not worth it, but why did he choose Christmas, because He ruined my Christmas Day, and that is my favorite day of the whole year.

  • genevieve

    camie, im really sorry to hear about that! you dont need him. i hope you had a good christmas otherwise. trust me, you will probably find someone better and he will be crawling back to you.

  • jb

    Camie and Zanessa110 awww you guys needs hugs..Hugs to both of you!!!

  • ellie

    I missed talking to you too Jb!

    Isn’t it kind of sad that some people can not let go of their misguided self-righteous attitudes even during the holiday season? Case in point, Laylo.

    I’m going to stick to what brother-in-law posted a few threads back: We don’t care about the scandal anymore. We are utterly sick of hearing a bunch of uninformed spitful people pass judgement on a wonderful young actress for a youthful indiscretion. We get it, you’re all obviously paragons of virtue who have NEVER made a mistake in your entire lives and that apparently gives you the right to hate someone you don’t know for something that in a perfect world would be viewed by the majority as a betrayal and breach of trust by whoever posted the photos on the net instead of a reason to judge and criticize unfairly.

    Please all look past your self-righteousness and anaylze exactly why you feel so much hatred towards someone who has never personally committed any wrong towards you. If you can’t do that, at least think before you post a hateful comment, you never know when it might come back to bite you in the butt.

    *Whew* Sorry about that little rant Z/V fans, I’m in a debating mood today :)

  • camie

    aww thanx u guys, u guys make me feel better and geneivieve he did ruin my Chritsmas and I tried to put on a happy face for my family, but I’ll get over him eventually.

  • dalia

    Go Ellie!! Rock on babe!!
    Camie don’t let him ruin your day–really that is not fair to you, but you will prevail and find someone who truly does care and is better.
    Hey G!! What’s happenin? Isn’t it after ! hahaha!

  • dalia

    I meant isn’t it after 9 G? hahaha!
    Is there a video for these pics? I wonder. mmmmmmm

  • zanessa110

    camie, it ok. my ex dumped me before christmas. im single now and just hanging out with my friends,and stuff.

  • troy

    I have to say that here we are on Christmas Day and Vanessa STILL is able to able to bring in over 300 posts brings a smile on my face. Not even the fact that were a few negative ones can dampen that.

    And to the individual whose post was removed, judging from the criteria this person apparently goes by shopping malls all over the world must be filled with horrible human beings. If anybody needs to reeducate themselves on the meaning of this most Holy of days is this “person” and not Vanessa and Ashley.

  • audrey

    #295 genevieve- Thank you! I was named after Audrey Hepburn,she was my mother’s favorite actress.

    I’m getting ready to watch those “Planet Earth” dvds- have any of you heard of them?

    ellie- I’m excited to hear about your Christmas and gifts. I’m sorry it’s already Boxing Day there . My how time flies when you’re havng fun :)

  • genevieve

    lol hey dalia! nothing really, but you wanna know somethin? my little sister wayyy wayyy younger than me beat me at guitar hero! i was like woah no! whats going on with you? ohh btw if you have hsm2 you should watch the extras really close. they have some stuff in there im sure you would like ; ]

  • ellie

    I’m sorry to hear your Christmas wasn’t the best Camie, some guys are just clueless idiots! How about I make you a new Zanessa wallpaper to cheer you up? I can use any picture you want :)

    Hi Dalia, how are going this fine holiday day?