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Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford: PDA Alert!

Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford: PDA Alert!

Someone snapped a cute picture of American Idol alum Carrie Underwood and Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford getting their PDA on at the Nashville, Tennesse airport over the weekend.

Here’s how it went down: “Carrie (wearing a Betsey Johnson coat) was waiting for him and as Chace was walking down the stairs, she ran to him. There was major PDA. Making out and cuddling while waiting for his bags.”

And to make things even more official, Chace‘s younger sister, Candice, confirmed that Carrie and Chace are dating!! Check it out here. It’s around the 28-minute mark.

Candice said, “He was on Ellen this past Monday and they asked him about his little sister. Apparently, they got a picture of me winning Miss Missouri USA and flashed it up there. The big story was that me and Carrie Underwood, they’ve been dating, look alike. Poor guy! He is now being told that the girl he’s dating looks like his little sister.”

It’s official! We’re entering into the CHARRIE business.

UPDATE: Apologies, image replaced!

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  • Vicky

    what does PDA mean? (sorry for being dense?)

  • Tracy

    Vicky- It means Public Display of Affection

  • Willis


  • Willis

    I MEAN CHACE!!!!*****

  • Dianne

    They are so cute!

  • Julesey

    ick….boring…lets see some patrick dempsey or ellen pompeo

  • goz

    hahaha cute cute! hot!

  • ohbaby

    god damn is he hott
    they are so cute
    i love it

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    carrie’s not ugly, but… chace could do better. he should keep her around for awhile, she’s type successful, her fame will help his career. lol

  • LOL

    JJ!! make it an official nickname!!
    CHARRIE. LOL. [pronounced cherry] hahahaha.~

  • margie


  • Just Jared

    LOL, done! (;

  • Vicky

    Tracy #2 – thanks!

  • zanessa110

    thanks jared. jared, whos your celebrity crush?

  • FKusa

    I faint~~~
    CU are so lucky
    CC is sob

    they two are both jerk!!!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    why would you pronounce “charrie” – “cherry”? i dont get it. lol

    3, 2, 1! – WOMP, WOMP, WOMMMP

  • Cissy

    Too cute! Mmm…I love Chace Crawford – he’s incredibly yummy!

  • Ariana.s

    i love chace

  • Dee

    aww. such a cute couple!!!!

  • JO

    PLEASE stop renaming couples – it’s so yesterday.

  • Chelsey

    haha I totally emailed this to jared, thanks for posting it! Perez doesnt post shit on his site, unless it has to do with Britney spears…Jared is better! ; )

    They are so cute, I think its cute he would fly from NY to Nashville to spend time with her before her tour starts. I wonder if she ended up cooking for him like she said she would on Ellen?

    And you know whats kinda weird, her ex boyfriends name is Chad and some of her fans called them Charrie too…but I like Chace better, plus, its so a celeb couple name.

  • Mikey

    wonder if gossip girl reported this lol. xoxo hahaha

  • vanessa p*

    arrrgg chacee has to be with leighton. papz spotted them kissing. carrie is just a country singer and what? she is no one:S

  • purple gem

    Chace could do a lot better, but hey hes still way young.

  • ally

    carrie is amazing, she has an amazing voice.
    like you could sing better?

    they are happy together, thats all that matters.

  • Christa

    These two are soo cuute. :)

  • gaby


    very very cute couple

  • SOPhia

    they are so cute together. he looks a lot like zac lol. i can feel them being the new it couple. i love her music and him in gossip girl. LOVE THEM! Thanks Jared!

  • whatevvvvv…

    i think that they are a cute couple
    and better than romo and simpson
    they are so much more down to earth

  • Cynthia

    Chace should date Leighton, now she’s wayyyy better for him than that long face goat Carrie

  • Linda

    Chace needs to dump that country hick and find someone else; he could do so much better than Underwood. He’s far too gorgeous to waste his time with her. Chace + Leighton FTW

  • Candlebox

    yaaaawn, two bores with no personality… NEXT!!

  • eee

    bleehh i cant stand them 2gether. eww. he should b with that other chick from gg, Leighton,

  • d

    idiot! he want to date who he want…duhz

  • Diane

    Chace and Carrie are so cute together I hope it last

  • mail

    what’s up with carie underwear..hate her…

  • Wow

    I heard he’s using her for his career.

  • Jen

    carrie is so pretty!!! they are perfect for each other- both so hott!! My cousin spotted them at the airport as well.. and she said they totally RAN to eachother and they kissed a lot and were excited to see each other. Some fans are just jealous and rude to Carrie because they either want to be with chace or want that leighton chick too but get over it. they are in love.. be happy for them.

  • Shenequa

    Carrie doesn’t need to date a dude that looks 14.

  • WickedWench

    Excuse me

    Chase is so gay. Non-descript public displays of affection that are not testified to by pictures are bogus. Heck, if he did kiss and hug her, it’s to keep up the facade as a straight guy.

    He is a TOTAL HOTTIE though

  • CarrieOn

    Thanks Jen for the extra info. I can totally see them doing that. I love them together.

  • mel

    I like Chace he’s a hot guy and I 1/2 support Carrie and him but I feel they dont suit each other kind of like she looks like she’s 30 and chace could do better!

  • Xanthis2001

    Guess he need a little beard time after having a gay ole New Year.

  • lewis

    eew. carrie looks like a drag queen, or miss america. same thing.
    chace is way too hot for her. if he was so into her they would be hanging out more. they’re probably casual but not an “item”

  • ava

    you guys should not judge them
    you dont even know them and y’all say they’re not for each other???wow…..
    if they’re happy,let’s be happy too.:)
    they both are amazing people

  • linda

    chace you’re way too hot for carrie!! i’m starting to worry about your judgement…

  • shelbee

    Actually, Chace couldn’t do better.
    I think Carrie Underwood is amazingly beautiful, gorgeous. And extremely successful. I agree with her helping his career, but the personality on that girl is better than most. I think it’s completely fucked if you think he should keep her around just for the career and if you don’t think she’s gorgeous.
    Get some taste. ;]