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Rachel Bilson Sniffs Herb

Rachel Bilson Sniffs Herb

Rachel Bilson stays bundled up and braves the rain to do a bit of grocery shopping at her local Gelson’s supermarket in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Bilson, 26, bought some fresh herbs, carrots, a dozen eggs, cheddar cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, Tostitos chips, two loaves of bread, Sugar in the Raw and Horizon organic milk. Peep Rachel‘s grocery list!

Her Jumper costar Hayden Christensen later visited Rachel at her house.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson sniffing herb…

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rachel bilson herb 01
rachel bilson herb 02
rachel bilson herb 03
rachel bilson herb 04
rachel bilson herb 05
rachel bilson herb 06
rachel bilson herb 07
rachel bilson herb 08
rachel bilson herb 09
rachel bilson herb 10

Photos: Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Mary

    it’s cute that she has a shopping list just like everyone else.



  • Mary

    and oh yea I was FIRST!!!!!!!!! yay

  • goz

    OMG i really like rachel but this is ENOUGH!

  • hola

    For an incredibly skinny girl she does a lot of grocery shopping. Who eats all the food that she buys?

  • talula

    Heath Ledger’s story should be constantly at the top of the page, not this important event of a has-been shopping for food that she doesn’t eat.

  • Russian Girl

    hola @ 01/22/2008 at 10:51 pm

    i think…..Hayden=)))

  • Elena

    I can’t believe you guz.

    Whats interesting about this pic???

    I totally agree with talula -talula-
    ”1) Heath Ledger’s story should be constantly at the top of the page,

    2)not this important event of a has-been shopping for food that she doesn’t eat. ”


  • mal1

    Enough about her already!!!

    Like her shopping can compare to poor Heath, stop posting about this girl and give us real news please!!!

  • shane

    You can do it Jared. 100 useless posts a day on Rachel. Set a record.
    Who cares if there’s more important celebrity news. It’s Rachel Bilson we’re talking about.

    Let me suggest that you have separate posts for her loading the groceries into the trunk and then a separate post for her driving away, and another one for her arriving home. You can easily reach a hundred that way.

  • Scorpio

    OMFG!! Where’s Hayden?? Yeah!! Hayden had better sense to be spotted shopping that! LOL!! How did I know she would be spotted next @ Gelson’s! Goddman! I’m better then good!!

    Sniffing herbs! Now that is riot!!

  • Daniela

    The Vanessa/Zanessa posts are just as USELESS and no one complains, in fact they cherish them! So I really don’t see the point of you guys whinnying.

    But I do agree even tho I’m a RACHEL fan I still can’t get over Heath
    R.I.P :(

  • Lana lang

    Awww how cute she has a grocery list ♥ hahah

  • mia

    LoL I love all these random Rachel posts.

  • mal1

    @12 maybe but you have to admit, even they cant top the amount of exposure this Bilson gets on this site, seems the last few days she has been all they’ve been posting about, SO over this girl, give me someone who can actually ACT and doenst have to have the paps following her every move

  • john shinn iii

    To #1 & #13: Click on the link below to see Rachel’s grocery list close-up:

  • the_original_nika

    wtf do I care what she buys lol, is the food for me!? no.

  • Isabella

    Again No Hayden

  • Elena

    Isabella ur nuts.

    Get a b/f for urself enough with hayde/rachel

  • john shinn iii

    When Rachel went to Gelson’s, Hayden and a male friend stayed at Rachel’s Los Feliz home. Earlier in the morning, Hayden was picked up by a limo driver from Rachel’s pad:

  • wow…

    I don’t give a sh*t about her, or all that “zanessa” sh*t, or that plastic nose michal jackson uggo wannabee ashley.

    POST ABOUT REAL NEWS, MY GOD! heath ledger died, and you’re posting sh*t about some OC loser buying food? oh wow, great to know she pretends to eat, that’s a real breaking news story.

  • Cy

    funny how people who don’t give a sh*t, yet spend the time to check her thread and post a long winded pathetic posts about how they do NOT give a sh*t. The why are you visiting and checking her pictures, not to mention spend the time to post about it?

  • ashely

    buying food for oneself or one’s families has nothing wrong. the thing is everyone should be responsible for one’s life, should cherish it.

  • Jughed

    Wheeeeee! Rachel!!! Love this cutie.

  • tessa

    She’s so cute

  • Uh….


    Yeah….if that really was true, than why didn’t those pics sell? That would’ve stopped the are they, aren’t the debate dead in it’s tracks. So, where are those pics? How come the didn’t sell? Maybe because they don’t exist? And, that house wasn’t Rachel’s. And, that wasn’t a limo. The car makers will tell you that. That was a chauffeured car. Get it right. Until the pics at her house with that male friend show up, not buying it. Moving right along. What’s next? Oh, yeah Ledger’s death this gnome is trying to insensitively overshadow. Tsk, tsk.

  • rheis

    @ # 16 & 20

    john shinn iii

    The self-admitted HIRED / PAID paparazzi of this MINI yet ULTRA MEDIA MANIAC Z-LISTER!

  • ryan

    My beautiful Rachel!!!
    Thanks Jared

  • joon

    This is TOTALLY LUDICROUS! Why can’t some people just admit that this pinthead is as boring & useless as dirt! She’s inarticulate, superficial and is super-glued to Hollywood. I mean she can travel anywhere and has so much downtime (since she’s still jobless), but she can’t seem to get her ass out of Los Angeles.
    Go to a fucking retreat – go to some African or Middle East countries or just go somewhere else that isn’t cosmopolitan. Travel those unfortunate places and get some NEW PERSPECTIVE. Just what like Scarlett J. when she visited US troops in Kuwait or David B. in his travel to Sierra Leone as UN Ambassador… yes it could be a hype but then at least its undeniably a SENSIBLE & SUBSTANTIAL one.
    She is soo lame & vapid that’s why NO project/s coming on to her nor even endorsement of anything not even tampons. Time to knock-up your head & make some resolutions tweety-girl!!!

  • mood

    Looks like Rachel is a enthuastic cook. Omg I like her so much, so sweet! i have always a grocery list too :) hmm.. i’m like her we have the same hairstyle

  • ann

    Thanks Jared
    she looks great

  • shadowy

    @ # 20 : john shinn iii

    So why are you coming out in the open huh?! Did RB just told you to do so just to drum up more interest in their lives and hence, their movie? That up until now she & their handlers keep on hearing /
    saying that “well we’ve got about 50 +++ pictures but still NO sexual chemistry & NOT ENOUGH media hype igniting”?!
    Well I just gotta say that quit on trying please the “intellectually cynicals” & just stay put on those “low-minded gullibles”!

  • too much!!!

    I luv rachel but come on! we c posts of her doing normal daily stuff, like every day!! it sure doesn’t surprise me (and I’m betting most other ppl as well) that she’s doing her grocery shopping like every normal person does!! the paps should just leave her alone!

  • marta

    Rachel is a very good girl, I love her

  • jill

    Oh my, that’s a lot of groceries. But Rachel looks cute as always.

    Thanks for posting, Jared.

  • isnt_it

    Does she look so much better POSING at those shopping stores where she could show off her best talent ever… than “delusionally & contemptibly” seeing her on that GQ Edition?!

  • rh

    Yeah, she’s a little firecracker. Beautiful! I could stare at that all day.

  • Sera

    Go shopping for Hayden!

  • Scorpio

    @ John Shinn iii #20,

    That is not Rachel’s house! Sorry!! Look @ Rachel’s house a red entrance door in front and large bay windows in front. The picture you sent us looked like a very modern house with huge blue doors in front and a gate. To me this looked more like Tove’s house. It wasen’t Rachel’s.

    Rachel was out shopping later on like, she is buying all this food and going to be cooking up for her man. LOL! I certainly cannot picture Rachel in the kitchen cooking. I believe Hayden is more of a cook then she is! Maybe, Hayden will be doing the cooking then for you typical gullible believers.

    OH! Maybe there was more unavoidable sex scenes (USS) re-takes to do yet in Jumper! LOL! The reason for the sweet modern looking mystery estate and Hayden leaving into the limo. Also, Hayden was clean shaven again and hair was spiked up like the way it looks in Jumper. That is why Hayden looked so pissy if he had to do more love scenes w/ Rachel. LOL!! I mean some of you people will speculate anything. I might as well poke fun @ it too!

    Okay! If, Hayden was @ Rachel’s why would he be leaving in a limo?? He would have just drove to Rachel’s house by himself then.

  • Irishdreams

    Hell he was shopping with her in the past many months to me this isn’t her house and many tabloids get this shit wrong to try to get people to beieve anything they see or read..if he was soo much a thing with her as in the past while he accompaned her with her mundane life’s work..why not now..I think you will find he isn’t in a romance with her the best they are are co-workers hanging out for the JOB..and she needs to press to sell her as an actress or hell knowone will want to see Jumper..but the fangirls who adore him.

  • Sheldon

    Love her. Go Rachel!

  • !!!

    Well perhaps he’s busy working!Duh!

  • lida

    like me when i wan’t buy something i do a list lol i realy love her kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Irishdreams

    Please more press attention and you can tell she is happy over it..Guess PR man is selling her up the public’s butt…The only other thing we haven’t seen of later is her washing her car but there the list goes on..

  • Irishdreams

    Please more press attention and you can tell she is happy over it..Guess PR man is selling her up the public’s butt…The only other thing we haven’t seen of later is her washing her car but there the list goes on..

  • Sickofrachel

    Make it stop! Make it stop! Who cares? All she does is shop, why should groceries be so @$%$# special? Why is she so @#$# special? Used to like her, now I loathe her. So bloody overexposed. I now hate coming here or to Pop because she is everywhere doing nothing. Isn’t anyone in Hollywood doing anything of note?

  • Irishdreams


    You aren’t the only person that feels this way..She pays her press people to have JJ and people exactly like follow her around because basically she is not well known for this movie..not everyone watched the OC or reads fashion magazines to know who she is..Plus the fact they want to sell her with her co-star as another way to enhance your interest in her..But I agree we see her doing nothing but shopping or basic nothing stuff that has no interest to people so why follow her around..It’s too bad celebs like her have to stoop to this to get themselves known but that is how hollywood world is..

  • Isabella

    Irishdreams I agree with you to that all she does is shop around and Hayden isn’t with her this time maybe he had enough of hanging around with her

  • Karmakey

    Irishdreams, you are so right. Love Hayden, hope Jumper is great, but I can’t take any more of his chick doing absolutely nothing except being seen.

  • Irishdreams

    granted there are many that adore her and that is fine but really what is she doing that is making her food shopping fabulous to the general’s something we do all the time just because she has a press camera follow her around doens’t make this a news worthy event. I perfer the lesser we see of Rachel the better and as much as I like Hayden I perfer him w/o her around him I never see him smile around her he always looks stressed..but thats only an observation not a actual fact.