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Hayden Christensen @ Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen @ Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen pays a visit to gal pal Rachel Bilson‘s home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Hayden and Rachel (both 26) will be heating up silver screens across the country next month when their new movie Jumper opens on Valentine’s Day.

In the meantime, watch out for “Donate It: Jeans for Homeless” ads featuring Hayden and Rachel. Nonprofit teen organization Do Something and Aéropostale stores launched Teens for Jeans, a campaign encouraging people to drop off any brand of used jeans at Aéropostale stores in exchange for 20 percent off a new pair. Jeans will be donated to the City Gospel Mission and Bethany House Services.

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  • Amilia

    1st (maybe 2nd)

    Hayden is hot!!

  • Jessie g


  • Flan

    rachel bilson is my favorite actress :]
    cant wait for the moviee

  • gb

    fuck you ! no 1

  • lotte

    McHottie aka Hayden Christensen :P

  • lotte

    more pictures please

  • jay

    Cute. He is even dressed nicely for his standards. Well done, Rachel.

  • hnnssy25

    Who cares about this! Keith Ledger has just died he was found in his NYC apartment.

  • Dancer

    Heath Ledger #8. Dead, over dosed.

  • pixy

    this website is not up on its game. heath leadger is dead! ya’ll don’t even have it posted yet!

  • meg

    heath ledger…not keith….so sad

  • Just me…

    It’s not Keith… but Heath Ledger!!!
    I’m not his fan but I was really shocked to hear that tragedy
    news on CNN!!
    It was only 28 years old and have a little girl!!!

  • Helena


  • david

    What happened to the Heath story??

  • game-show



  • Isabella

    How would they know if he is going to Rachel’s house i mean his brother lives in LA to

  • Scorpio

    I just found out about Heath. That is soo tragic. Who I really feel bad for is Michelle and their baby!! Awful and soo tragic!! WTF was Heath thinking??? I guess RIP.

  • Isabella

    Hey nobody replied to my post # 16

  • game-show

    @ #16, they can not get that close to rachel’s house. her house dont look like that. its behind a big gate and in private property. SO HES NOT AT HER HOUSE. LOL,THEY WISH

  • game-show


  • Scorpio

    That paparazzi knows where Rachel’s house is! By Hayden’s expression he looks less then thrilled. He looks a hell of a lot better. I liked him scruffy and I kind of wish he kept that beard and kept it closly trimmed. Oh well. I think he gets lazy and will let the scruff come back again. That is a new thing or trend the with guys.

    Hayden is dressed a lot better and Jesus people??!! You don’t think Hayden knows how to dress himself by now??? Hayden could have had a meeting to go to after seeing Rachel. She could have invited him over. I think they are friends and that is all it seems like to me. Working, business friends. It is not b/c Rachel picked out Hayden’s clothes for the day. I’m rolling my eye’s to what some of you people think! Insulting Hayden like that. Yeah!! Like Rachel is a total fashion icon!! I don’t think so! Give me Natalie Portman, Vita Von Tease or Reese Witherspoon to name a few. Hayden has worn the striped sweater and jacket over jeans combo for years now. OMG!! Those long legs of his!! You gals have to admit are mighty fine and devine!!!

    I’m done here for now!

  • tessa

    I love Rachel and I like Hayden

  • Isabella

    It looks like his brothers house because he looks happy

  • ocsethummer

    The house that was gated was the house that Adam and Rachel shared. Rachels house can be seen from the street.

    I miss Adrach, they were a really cute couple.

  • Isabella

    To me it looks like Tove’s house



  • liss

    Is hot

  • Irishdreams

    The comment claims it’s rachel’s but who really knows where is rachel then in the Pics if it was her house..could be he was dropping something off to her..seems to wear the same old same old clothing..If it’s a red porch then it’s Tove’s car..He pretty much said he stays with his brother when he is in LA..I don’t see him living with Rachel if he was her dating her I think he would be there at her place all the me I say they are co-workers promoting a movie..

    Yea ready about Heath Ledger Dark Knight will sell big at the Box Office now that he is gone..

  • there he is !

    o man, he looks so good. his legs look so long . as for them dating, until both of them admit to it, and i dont mean those coy innuendos RB drops in her interviews, then i will believe it.

    but the signs are pointing that way ! so if she can make him happy, life is good. and here’s to JUMPER breaking the box office.

    thanks stefan for the pics, but could u have gotten some more. we had a whole lot more when RB was buying donuts or colouring her hair . please more of hayden

  • Irishdreams

    Again with the PR tipping GOD can’t wait till this movie is done and over with so we don’t have to see all the PR crap all the time..

  • Karmakey

    Luv him! Looks very much like his brother’s house. I give up on are they are aren’t they. I can’t wait for Jumper. It looks awesome.

  • there he is !

    i agree with 31. this movie is gonna rock ! hayden deserves the very best with this movie. and jamie and sam too !

  • Scorpio

    @ Irishdreams!!
    I can’t wait until this PRshit can be over with. This too shall pass girl!! I do MISS HAYDEN”S SCRUFF!!! His beard was getting so cute!!!Strawberry blonde in the beard and different shades of blonde. I hope he grows it back!!!

  • Anna

    Doesn’t look like Rachel’s house is this not her house here

    could be Tove’s place who knows

  • Sheri

    Why, just because Hayden’s in LA is he *automatically* at Rachel’s house? And since when in Rachel’s so-so neighborhood does she have a door man to let people into their limos? Please. Probably just another business meeting.

  • Irishdreams


    Well that last photo you posted did say it was Rachel’s house this photo DOES NOT look like that place..I say it’s tove’s house..and if you look at the pictures from last year it certainly would look like it to me..I think Flynet messed up again or maybe Rachel’s PR people were expecting him to go to her place..and he didn’t..I hear too many things on it’s her place with him getting into Tove’s car (why would he be driving Tove’s car) and then I heard he was getting into a limo at Tove’s house then rachel’s house..PLEASE..There is such a thing as OVERKILLING a movie just to sell..I’m sure the fangirls will pound the movie theater but I think men won’t touch the movie..

  • summer

    There are several more pictures of this at …


    The picture Anna posted (#34) is Rachel’s mom’s house. And Hayden is not leaving Tove’s house. Tove’s front door doesn’t have stained glass windows nor do his steps have Spanish tile accents.

  • summer

    There are more of these pictures posted on the main page at

    The link Anna posted (#34) was of Rachel’s mother’s house. And Hayden is not leaving Tove’s place. Tove doesn’t have stained glass windows in his door nor does he have Spanish tile accents on his steps.

  • summer

    sorry for the double post

  • scarlett

    he’s hot!

  • lara

    If his relationship is so great, why does he always look as if his dog died? Someone’s not doing their job, if you know what I mean. He ALWAYS looks like this.

  • lars

    It’s Hollywood folks. These people know that their jobs are to entertain us at all times, there have been plenty of stories about co-stars’ manufactured hooked-up on the set and or stay put on the showmance till their movie comes out just so they could keep their names & their movie mentioning in the news everytime. For all we know…

  • Gina


    I agree with you, someone is definitely not doing their job. And I’ll certainly volunteer to take her place LOL. He always looks like he’s in dire need of some good lovin. He probably hasn’t had it that good since Sienna, well at least it doesn’t look like he has.

  • Scorpio

    @ Summer.
    I’m not trying to impugn what you are saying. I do not believe this is Rachel’s house or, Tove’s. Go into and Rachel house is different. Rachel has a big RED entrance door in front and I did not see those Spanish looking steps @ her house. She has a lot of used brick work @ her house and huge bay windows in front. I will admit. Rachel does have a nice crib and all. Tove has white steps leading to his house. So, it is not Tove’s house either.

    Okay, Rachel’s mom could have had him over for breakfast. Mother’s do try to help w/ the matchmaking process.

    Okay, not to bash Jen or her site but she does always address Hayden’s privacy and respects his private life and not to mention any type of gossip why, is Anna giving out this information then on Jen’s site?? I just don’t understand you know?

    @ Gina and Lara,
    I have to agree with you. Why does Hayden look like when he is leaving like his dog just died? I agree with that. He probably has not had it so good since Sienna. Someone is not clearly not doing thier job here.

  • Z!

    Don’t forget that these pictures were taken right about the time that Heath’s death was announced. Hayden may look miserable because they could have been friends. There’s a lot of shocked and upset people in this town right now.

  • irishdreams

    funny how the press say this was her house and evern the picture before so we are to assume this was correct information from July but we have to trust it now..If this was her mothers home in the July shot this isn’t it now..and who is to say what house it was..I saw a picture of Tove’s from March and this could very easily be his house..And where was Miss. Wonderful she wasn’t in any of the shots..

    I have to agree Jen on her board screams protect his privacy but she is doing her very best to create the same illusion he paparazzi are sell him with Rachel at all cost..she should practice what she preaches if she isn’t allowing gossip on his private life then she shouldn’t post any of it either..I say this wasn’t Rachel’s if it was then he sure looks pissed..I think whatever it is they have working relationship or’s about over with.I think he is getting sick of the press up his ass when he is around her..and she needs this for the pr..

    Don’t think he was close to Heath Ledger but, I’m sure he like the rest of the world is shocked..

  • Scorpio

    @ Irishdreams,
    Good point. I feel very badly and my heart goes out to Heath Ledger’s family and I’m not disputing a tragic death of a major celebrity.

    But, I think these pics were taken earlier and not in the afternoon yet. It does take time to process pictures. Heath Ledger died after 3:30 something P.M or found dead. I don’t think Hayden was aware of the news quite yet? Who’s knows?? I don’t think Hayden was close to Heath that well but was like the whole world SHOCKED when he did find out.

    Hayden just maybe getting sick of the press being up his fine looking ass!

  • joon

    Nice to see Hayden ALONE this time around W/O a midget following/tagging him around but since this is one of her patronized blogs, of course, she’ll still be sickly mentioned… so how awfully nice of you JJ on still POURING SALT IN THE WOUNDS!!!

  • bella

    Jen never posted anything about Rachel in regards to those pictures, she just posted them as regular candids.. where are you guys getting your information? whatever.. lol.. I guess making it up also works for y’all

    and btw that house is not Tove’s and Den’s.. check candids of Hayden from last year and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

  • june

    Would you please stop talking about DH and Jen! Enough is enough. You want to talk about her, email each other. This is not a board for that, it’s a gossip site.