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Beyonce's Buttcrack... Unexposed!

Beyonce's Buttcrack... Unexposed!

Beyonce flaunts her dangerous curves at the Sony BMG Music 2008 Grammy Awards After Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday night.

The Bootylicious singer showed off a bit more skin than usual with her dress’s plunging back–but she kept things covered up in all the right places. Beyonce‘s body was made for evening gowns!

Also pictured: Beyonce performing during the Grammys. Check out her performance with Tina Turner here.

60+ pictures of Beyonce‘s unexposed buttcrack…

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beyonce buttcrack 01
beyonce buttcrack 02
beyonce buttcrack 03
beyonce buttcrack 04
beyonce buttcrack 05
beyonce buttcrack 06
beyonce buttcrack 07
beyonce buttcrack 08
beyonce buttcrack 09
beyonce buttcrack 10
beyonce buttcrack 11
beyonce buttcrack 12
beyonce buttcrack 13
beyonce buttcrack 14
beyonce buttcrack 15
beyonce buttcrack 16
beyonce buttcrack 17
beyonce buttcrack 18
beyonce buttcrack 19
beyonce buttcrack 20
beyonce buttcrack 21
beyonce buttcrack 22
beyonce buttcrack 23
beyonce buttcrack 24
beyonce buttcrack 25
beyonce buttcrack 26
beyonce buttcrack 27
beyonce buttcrack 28
beyonce buttcrack 29
beyonce buttcrack 30
beyonce buttcrack 31
beyonce buttcrack 32
beyonce buttcrack 33
beyonce buttcrack 34
beyonce buttcrack 35
beyonce buttcrack 36
beyonce buttcrack 37
beyonce buttcrack 38
beyonce buttcrack 39
beyonce buttcrack 40
beyonce buttcrack 41
beyonce buttcrack 42
beyonce buttcrack 43
beyonce buttcrack 44
beyonce buttcrack 45
beyonce buttcrack 46
beyonce buttcrack 47
beyonce buttcrack 48
beyonce buttcrack 49
beyonce buttcrack 50
beyonce buttcrack 51
beyonce buttcrack 52
beyonce buttcrack 53
beyonce buttcrack 54
beyonce buttcrack 55
beyonce buttcrack 56
beyonce buttcrack 57
beyonce buttcrack 58
beyonce buttcrack 59
beyonce buttcrack 60

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Kevin Winter/Getty
Posted to: Beyonce Knowles, Grammys 2008

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101 Responses to “Beyonce's Buttcrack... Unexposed!”

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  1. 51
    andré Says:

    she should’ve worn this dress on the red carpet.

  2. 52
    celebpsychic Says:

    Yellow is not her color.

    Check out my 2008 celeb predictions:

  3. 53
    notme Says:

    shes really not fat shes probably like 150-160 thats not fat maybe if she was like 230-240 you can call her that but omg that is not fat

  4. 54
    anon Says:

    Tina Turner at 68 OWNED Beyonce last night.

  5. 55
    Helena Says:

    Why does she always dress so over the top?

  6. 56
    m Says:

    remember da truth @ 02/11/2008 at 8:01 am
    My what a bunch of jealous hags

    support the sister, she’s got it going on, it’s hard to make it to the top in the music industry and survive more than one hit and have a full career going into doing films, all by the age of 25-26. Beyonce is beautiful, her beauty opened doors, her talent opened doors. I know she must be super HOT because never have I seen my own sister wo jealous of anyone(as her husband’s mouth hangs open looking at the tv watching Beyonce dance,sing oe even talk)..BEYONCE the woman is gorgeous.

  7. 57
    m Says:

    P.S . Forgive typos above

    I agree on one thing, Beyonce’s mom makes ugly clothes, why doesn’t some designer tell her…..that stuff is ugly,
    How did she get someone to carry that line in the stores. Ugh,

  8. 58
    ssshiii_baby Says:

    as much as i love beyonce ..she really shouldnt try to squeeze into 2sizes smaller than what she really wear..I was praying that the shorts wouldnt rip on her ..she takes THUNDER THIGHS to a whole new level ..

  9. 59
    cindy Says:

    Anna…. Beyonce is not always showing her butt crack, what the hell are you on drugs???????? She is way more classier than that ***** Britnet showing her bloody vag while on her period is just plain nasty and dirty. Beyonce has had no nose job and her lips are naturally full like most black women s are. I have never seen a black woman with thin lips, then she would be a white woman , plus i have never seen a black woman say “make my lips thinner” my gosh, who the hell would want thin lips?????

  10. 60
    cindy Says:

    M… Beyonces mothers clothes are not ugly. why should a designer tell her that idiot , maybe some dont like their clothes, she has her business and she can make what she likes , i damn sure will buy her lines, different strokes for effing different folks. damn….

  11. 61
    cindy Says:

    i agree with the not fat comment, she is not fat and i know a lot of men who love big legs… so get over those skinny bones poking my ass chics…. Roseanne Barr is fat, Rosie O”donnell is fat.

  12. 62
    Marta Says:

    she has worst dress taste ever

  13. 63
    Tiger Says:

    I thought Beyonce’s legs were too heavy for that short skirt when she performed. Tina and Beyonce should of switched clothing on stage. Although, Tina was always too classy to wear skirts that short. But, when she did show off her legs, noone else could compete with her. Maybe that is why they had her wear that, they didn’t want her to outshine Beyonce.

  14. 64
    Lady Says:

    I agree with #11 – I am bored of the same look every time! She needs to change – also she is starting to look like her mom in some of those pics.

  15. 65
    Sarah hallesright Says:

    She is way to healthy to be wearing those short shorts.
    She can be curvy but know how to dress.
    Tina blew her out.
    Beyonce always seems self conscious . I would too prancing around in underwear.

  16. 66
    beautiful Says:

    Beyonce can easily outshine Tina here, but she didn’t DO THAT. Cause she respect Tina, and Tina has always been her inspiration when she’s perform on STAGE.

    So y’all definitely just looking to HATE on Beyonce. She didn’t do anything wrong at all.

    I love the introduction of her performance. My favourite part of the whole performance. Fcukin’ fierce.

    Beyonce look beautiful here. Nice simple dress and not overdone. Good job, Bee.

  17. 67
    eat more green veggies Says:

    she has gotten, f a t,.
    her legs /thighs are enormous..what happen.
    please loose 80 lbs or more. its gross. doesnt look good.
    she is so -f a t.

  18. 68
    cjean Says:

    Get real people. She’s a normal size; camera adds pounds. Guess you better make all of your daughters 20 pounds underweight in case they ever get photographed. She is happy with how she looks and who she is, if YOU don’t like it, don’t watch her. Simple as that. As for the dress, if you look, you’ll see that it’s actually net, not bare. Her stage clothes are made to draw attention; it worked. Her gown was lovely, flattering and not cheap at all.

  19. 69
    cjean Says:

    By the way, Tina Turner is one classy, talented and intelligent lady, on stage and off. In her day, she wore skirts so short it left the guys hoping she’d just take one step closer to the edge of the stage.

  20. 70
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    damn, beyonce really does piss off the poor. lmaoo all these jealous bishes about to spontaneously combust. haha

    honestly, i dont blame fat-ugly-poor-lifeless-hags who live on the internet for hating on beyonce, she lives a life most people couldn’t even dream of. lol

    hate harder thought, hags.

  21. 71
    lelu Says:

    This just looks so tacky. Everything she wears looks classless, I don’t know if it is her, or if it would look that way on anyone, but her fashion sense is horrible.

  22. 72
    Ariel Says:

    LMAO her butt crack wasn’t exposed, I love the back of that gown. She looks beautiful, best performance of the night.

  23. 73
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    @Tiger, I agree Tina wore the pants because she would have definitely showed Beyonce up and Beyonce legs did look heavy in both of those outfits. Tina has nice strong legs and you could tell tthey were still inshape with the pants she had on. I guess she didn’t want to make the baby look bad.

  24. 74
    kiaforb Says:

    b looks fab, she is everyone’s dream girl. she is suppose to be over the top. she sold over 100 million records and sings with tina turner. she is 26 and fabulous keep doing it girl.

  25. 75
    Stephanie p Says:

    Her silver dress she wore when she performed with Tina Turner is by Marc Bouwer. I know because Vanessa Hudgens wore that dress in gold to the American Music Awards. It looked very familiar on stage, but Beyonce flaunts it all for the crowd. She looked amazing and vert original. The dress looks great on all three, Hayden Penatierre, Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce. Very cute, though :]

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