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Nicole Kidman: Baby Clothes Shopping!

Nicole Kidman: Baby Clothes Shopping!

Proud parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban shop for baby clothes at Westfield Bondi Junction in New South Wales, Australia on Tuesday morning.

Kidman, 40, was recently asked to serve as chair for the Cinema For Peace gala. (Cinema for Peace is an international charity-gala and a platform for peace and tolerance, taking place annually at the Berlin International Film Festival, to the benefit of UNICEF and others.)

In a video message from Nicole during the gala, she said, “I can’t be there tonight because I’m expecting a baby.”

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures
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  • duda lima

    fist ? *.*

  • http://yahoo Yes

    My message is the same as always… good luck to them. I wish her good health and good things.

  • JoAnne

    What an adorable couple! Best wishes to them for a healthy and beautiful baby.

  • jenn

    awwww, love her :]

  • lily

    Love her. So happy for them. Take it easy Nic. Baby on board.

    I am glad she is having one of her own so stupid Katie and Tom can’t make style on her with their Suri.

  • erika

    Is Nicole going to stay in Australia until her child is born? I cannot help but think about her two adopted children; wonder if they will see her the next nine months?

  • bondy

    i love them! wish the best!

  • carl

    again the stupid conversation about the addopted kids.and who says to you there are not with her at this moment? just because they don’t appear with her? i don’t see them with Cruise for a long time!

  • bella

    i’m loving her style! she looks always so feminine and cute! Keith is better without bear!i hate him with it!

  • betty

    oh that hair is not good!
    she would be even more beautiful if she uses her hair in a different way!
    Loving her style also!

  • vanessa

    I love so much this couple! they are my favorite after Brad and Angelina! I hope the baby is a girl! she would be so beautiful….

  • laura

    not a fan of her hair either, well but no one is perfect and Nicole is maybe one of the most beautiful woman in the world, she is close to perfection, at least to me….

    I can’t believe people continue with the stupid theme about her kids! God grow up boys!

  • Naten

    i was waiting for her here in Berlin, she is my favorite actress ever, so it was a dream to me, but i understand her reason to not come.
    I hope her baby ( i also prefer a girl) born with health and strong!

  • louise

    oh she is lovely in that dress, but i would die to see her sandals, it should be so beautiful!

  • Joana

    i have to admit i never believe in this couple, but now it’s clear to me they really match! I think is doing Nicole very happy, and i’m glad for her! she is and was also very important to him when he was in rehab, i think he is now clean.Hope so!

  • benny

    i think her hair is just the worst part of her beautiful body, as someone already said, there aren’t perfect people.
    She looks really great in that dress, and Keith is casual but elegant!
    Hope the baby is a boy! i prefer boys!:)

  • Botox

    Glad to see you are so concerned about your upcoming tour Keith. Really makes you fans feel special that you’ll probably show up 5 minutes before the show and be all jet lagged. Glad I won’t be at that show.

    And don’t tell me it can’t happen..we waited for him for over 2 hours at a charity gig in Atlanta. Problems at the airport in London. He should be professional enough not to have that even be an issue.

  • Jobi

    Oh, Botox, what a mean person you are. I was at the show you mentioned and his being late took nothing away from his performance at all! Good thing you won’t be at his shows anymore cause who needs fans like you!! You need to get all this bitterness out your heart!

    I’m hoping they have a boy!! I’m very excited for them and hope they have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  • pink dahlia

    I love this couple.I wish them the best always and a healthy baby.

  • really

    Her outfit totally clashes and spray tan on her face and legs only is not classy!

    That is not good that he is still in Oz. There is a bad storm system expected to hit the East Coast, and he may not be able to fly in. Then what Keith?

  • Botox

    I didn’t say it wasn’t a good show, I said it was unprofessional.

    The man puts on a show like no other.

  • lola

    Oh, good luck to them! I’m really crossing my fingers for her baby to come out all right. She’s glowing already!

    –read my blog at

  • http://00000000000000 good 4 her

    How SHORT is this dude?
    Nicole almost looks like Scarjo here.
    Congrats Nick lets hope the kid is normal height for a male.

  • Eva

    Oh my God! They are adorable together.

    This child will be beautiful.

  • LittleNicole

    I always go shopping in a dress, doesn’t everyone else? NOT.

    “She is one of the most beautiful women in the world, close to perfection…”

    Oh please…she’s FAR from it.

  • really

    I find it funny that her fans have issues with people asking about Tom’s kids not being with her – does the truth hurt? How good of a mom lives in another country – on the other side of the world – for almost a year? Aside from our military who don’t have a choice where they are stationed.

  • Miller

    Why cant this woman dress herself? Ugly dress and ugly hair. She looks like hell.

    Why wasnt Keith Urban at the Grammy awards? I think I read that he won something but is he even in music anymore?

    Two losers.

  • melanie

    No, Miller, he isn’t into music anymore. He only won a grammy the other night and has another tour this year with over 40 shows, but no, he isn’t into music. *rolls eyes*


    Anyways, Nic looks gorgeous and Keith looks sexy as usual.

  • marn

    She is at HOME!!! She is nesting they want their child to be born in Australia!!!
    She has a right to share this time with her mother, mother in law, sister & her close friends who all live in AUSTRALIA!!!!
    Her Children are controlled by Tom & they live with his sister they are old enough to fly in & visit her If Tom would allow it of course, It is not good to fly in a high risk pregnancy she is being careful & protective of her unborn child, you haters I’m sure would put yourself & unborn first!!
    And Keith wants to be with her, grow up people don’t buy tickets to his shows! you guys are always gonna come second & third after Nicole & their baby!

  • marn

    Why should she abandon her baby plans Tom won’t let her have the kids the stress is not good for her I’m sure she’s in contact with them (Conor & Bella) maybe she’s trying not to make the same mistakes? It’s her life give her a break she wants to stay home!!!
    She’s not a American she’s doing what makes her happy sharing this time with her family!1

  • really

    marn – Tom doesn’t let her have the kids – puhleeze! Oh by the way, Kidman IS an American – she has citizenship in both countries!

  • #1 KU fan

    He wasn’t at the Grammy’s because Nicole wasn’t welcome there. She is a total ice princess. She ruined his night at the Grammy’s years ago and ruined it again by upstaging him with a stupid photo shoot.

    She looks like an old woman. She is supposedly 5 months pregnant? Where is the baby?????

    Keith needs to wise up and get rid of her. She is ruining his life and his career. After the baby comes do you think she is ever going to let him tour again?????

  • Karin

    From some of the comments I’ve read on here, some of you people don’t know what the heck your talking about…..Keith’s award was given to him at a luncheon earlier in the day and never mentioned during the whole show, I wouldn’t have made the trip for that either and don’t you just suppose it’s important for him to be with Nicole as much as possible since this is their first baby and they want to experience every percious moment of it?????? As for his show’s they are the best I’ve ever been too and he’s a wonderful performer. I’m sure she would be touring with him if she could but since she’s pregant and it’s a risky one she probably isn’t suppose to do that much traveling. Give these two a break, they are both adorable and deserve to be happy at this point. Just have a happy healty baby…..

  • really

    The year Kidman attended the Grammys with Keith, he also received his award before the actual awards show. So the presentation of that award was the same as this year, and yet he still managed to make the show. So it was obvious that no matter when the award was presented in the past, he was more than willing to be there.

  • Botox

    It is not good to fly in a high risk pregnancy …..

    Seems she flew to melborne so she could be at the tennis match for 20 minutes. I hear she is a presenter at The Oscars in a couple of weeks. That will require flying unless she has mastered the nose wiggle from Bewitched.

    Seems to me hours of excercise, tennis and running and saying you don’t want to gain any weight would be harder on the unborne child than sitting on a airplane.

  • really

    You are correct Botox – the only time it is not advised to fly is at the end of the pregnancy when you could be risking delivery on a plane!

  • muggy

    If I’m not mistaken, he was also up for album in 2005 (which is awarded during the telecast), and performed at the show in 2006 and 2007. I’m sure he would have come this year if he had been asked to perform, which he should have been, BTW.

    (I’m still being ribbed over lackluster performance of that ridiculous insect song by my “Country and Western” hating friend. Thanks Brad, you just set us back about 5 years.

  • katiee


    she is stunning, keith us awesome. their baby will be sooo cute.

  • daisy

    Yes, he performed in 2006. He didn’t this year. Family is more important then a career. A lot of nominees were not at the awards.

    And he never said that she upstaged him in 2006! Don’t put words into his mouth. They looked awfully happy together in Feb, 2006 just as they did at the ARIAs & the CMAs.

    And no one knows if she will tour with him at all this year. She still might. All the other stuff is media speculation.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  • daisy

    He was not at the show in 2007 because he was not nominated.

  • benny

    stupid people.are you a doctor botox to say if she can fly or not?if it is safe or not to the baby?please! you don’t know what you talking about!
    if you want to critize her, please find more interesting things to say!

  • vampire girl

    it’s really funny sometimes read some comments here, people are so immature!
    Mr or Mrs botox is the worst….but i will not loose time with envy and loser people.

    Whta is importante is that both Nic and Keith are happy, together, rich, ´popular, talented and they will have the baby that’s what matters!

  • candy boy

    lovely Nic! Love you forever!

    and who says she is the “ice princess” in Hollywood you’re wrong! she is now called the “princess” and Meryl Streep is the queen!!!!
    you should get better informed!

  • giselle

    love her style also! and she looks so relaxed and happy!
    I’m thrilled with her pregnacy!

  • kit

    Wow, really and botox, get a grip. So he didn’t make it to the grammys. Alot of people miss those things. So what??? All of a sudden he’s a bad person? Huh?

  • Botox

    Someone else said she couldn’t fly because she was high risk. I was just pointing out that she has flown to melborne and was going to fly to the Oscar

  • marn

    Fact 2 hours in a plane=radiation absorption of 1 full body xray
    Dr’s do not advise you have xrays when pregnant!!!!

  • really

    Dr’s do not advise you have xrays when pregnant!!!!

    Really???? Tell me and my doctor that. I had an x-ray with my first pregnancy to see if my daughter was breached towards the end of my pregnancy!

  • Kat

    She also flew 22 hours to London for her movie premier. She was pregnant then.

  • katiee

    LEAVE HER ALONE PEOPLE. Its NONE of your buisness.

    Poor Nic and Keith, they have never done anything bad to anyone, they give generously to hospitals and mind their own buisness.

    I mean why do you critisise people you dont know!?