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Jude Law: Three Generations of Law Men

Jude Law: Three Generations of Law Men

Jude Law takes his son Rudy, 5, and three of his friends to the Carling Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday afternoon.

Tottenham won the first major cup to be handed out this season, beating Chelsea 2-1. Rudy looks so cute with his blonde curls and he’s definitely a Tottenham supporter!

The father-son pair was accompanied by Jude‘s father Peter Law. Three generations of Law men!

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  • tenny

    I love Jude Law….he’s super talented, seems kind and grounded and is really one of the best actors of his generation….and he’s beautiful too.

  • elle

    WOW, three of them, so sweet!!!

  • tampham

    what happened to jude’s beautiful curly blond hair????

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared! Jude looks great – those jeans – wow :D
    Rudy has gotten big – it looks like a great family day :)




    oo i love jude law he is so handsome and his little boy is so cute too


  • Kirsty

    Come On You Spurs =]

    Looking oh so cute!

  • mimi prism

    Sometimes Jude makes such peculiar faces, that is almost comical.
    Yet he can get away with it because most of all, he is GORGEOUS!

  • yep

    jude law rubs me the wrong way, not sure why, but that is one cute cute kid. love the hair.
    i think he looks like his mom, she was really beautiful in her day.

  • Bethany

    i love him hes sooo hot!

  • Sandy

    An unexpected treat although I have to say I expected him to have attended the game when i heard they had won. I know what a dyed-in
    the wool fan he is. And Rudy is a real chip off the old block. What a
    wonderful memory for rudy’s memory banks. His older brother usually
    goes but i guess it was a school day or something that he couldn’t go.
    Thanks again Jared you feed our love for this guy who is the perfect
    father. From generation to generation. My heart overflows.


    jude’s hair is naturally brown. he had to chop most of it off for the film he just finished but it’s growing back now.
    can you believe the face on rudy?….this kid is a clone of his gorgeous dad….
    peter law jude’s dad decided to grow a beard. he lives a pretty laid back life with jude’s mum maggie in a small village in the loire valley in france.they are a very close family……jude looks great no matter what. there is after all conventional faces and then there’s jude law…think the holiday, alfie , etc., etc., etc., jared….bless your heart…we struck gold again.

  • bam!

    Glas to see they (well the kid at least) weren’t supporting Chelsea…I despise Chelsea *grr* Anyhoo, Spurs totally deserved to win yesterday :)

  • Arab.Aquarius

    his son is so cute, dads genes

  • sheryl

    Yay, more Jude! And Rudy! Yes, Rudy is definitely Jude’s mini-me.

    Mimi, Jude does make funny faces sometimes…but he’s gorgeous as can be. It kinda reminds me of the movie Closer, where Anna (Julia Roberts) says to Dan (Jude), “Don’t raise your eyebrows, it makes you look smug.” :)

  • sharyllee

    wow, I love , love it. Jude and Rudy are very very beautiful but I wish Pete shows his face… must be beautiful..

  • sharyllee

    I mean Pete must be beautiful like Jude and Rudy…

  • mery

    Oh, yes, Rudy has gotten big.


    jude’s father peter, underneath that hat and beard is an extremely handsome man…jude has his eyes so you can imagine…he was the youngest head master in london’ s comprehensive school system and jude’s mum maggie was an english teacher. she later taught drama in france. any wonder that mr. gorgeous is so intelligent…he had to answer to not one but two teachers.

  • jude’s lady

    I’m in love with Jude. Nice pictures with his dad and son.

  • sheryl

    I also want to say that I’m really liking those jeans on Jude! :D

  • mimi prism

    Hi! Sheryl, always a treat to see you here. You were the first to notice
    my presence in here a few days back ,that was so kind of you!
    Also, My God!, does Ms. Dolores Craeg knows a lot about Jude or what? Does she knows Jude?…. Oh My God , is she really Jude
    pretending to be Ms. Craeg!…I’m getting stupid here, ignore me. Anyway hugs to you all!

    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • Sandy

    Yeah Sheryl, Black jeans are so in this year. Always the fasion plate
    our Jude. He looks a little overdressed for a ball game so I’m sure
    they had some sort of occasion to attend besides the game and
    were dressed for it. I’m sure Jude was thrilled though to be there
    for a big win, he doesn’t always have the chance with his flying all
    over the world. Now he’s expected in Vancoucrer in the next few
    weeks to help finish of the IMAGINARIUM of Dr. Parnassus. After
    Blueberry opens in April, the documentary on Afganistan and Peace
    comes out in May and by the end of the year we’ll be ready for the
    two new ones which are differeent and unique films, REPOSSESSION
    MAMBO and the IMAGINARIUM of DR. PARNASSUS. Interesting and
    good things are happening for Jide culminating in the doing of HAMLET in the Spring and SUmmer of 2009. on stage in London.

  • angie

    Hot…hot…hot….and may I add, hot!


    stick around… go onto imdb jude law and you’ll catch up real good. some of us have been jude fans for quite a while and you do get to know alot about his family and his professional life. welcome aboard and have fun.

  • erica

    Thank Jared,
    For the three generations of Law men!


    are you fanning yourself from all that heat?

  • sheryl

    Thanks, Mimi…yes, Dolores is the “numero uno” Jude-fan.

    Sandy, are his jeans black? When I enlarge the first pic as large as it will go to get a closer look (uh…whew!), they seem to be dark blue…? Not that that’s a big deal, I was just thinking they’re blue. :)

  • mimi prism

    How gracious of you Ms. D. Craeg! Thanks for the info…a lot.!
    Also Ms. Sandy is very knowledgeable! This is going to be a lot of fun in deed!
    Godbless & Godspeed

  • rudy

    this girly looking kid is so going to get beat in school

  • sheryl

    ” rudy @ 02/25/2008 at 7:59 pm

    this girly looking kid is so going to get beat in school”

    What’s girly looking? He already goes to school..why the heck would he get beat in school? Are you nuts or something?

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Jude Law!!!!!!!!!!! His son is so cute!

  • Daphne

    Oh wow three generations of Law men. I love it. Jude’s so adorable, funny face and all. His hair is growing out so fast; it was almost all shaved off this time last month.

    Rudy looks exactly like Jude, from the pics I’ve seen of little Jude. Uncanny.

  • dulce mirita

    Isn’t Jude dressed too elegant to go to a futbol match? Well, maybe he had an event afterwards, because it’s not very common to go to an event such a match with suit and tie… Anyway, I love his style and although I’m glad his hair is growing that kind of mohawk haircut crest .altogether with that strange face, I must say is n ot his best pic. But he’s Jude, and is gorgeous.. Lovely to see the three of them together…

  • weiyifan

    Jude Law 我支持妳!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Mimi-prism – Thank you and welcome – Very perceptive of you to notice but Idid teach Delores everything she knows, about Jude! Well,
    almost everything except for the things she taught me ,and that’s how we became friends. Jude is definitely the link and what a pleasureable link he is. I love watching the interactions with that
    family and his children although i sometimes feel very guilty about itt
    because i know he would rather keep the children out of the public
    eye entirely. But when you are that admired and loved and have such
    gorgous kids it ‘s almost an impossibility. I think Rudy’s a spunky kid and will defend himself if he has to – don’t let the blond curls fool you.
    (Although I have to admit it’s time to keep his hair shorter and not worry about the curls.) Wonderful genes in that family tree.

  • yuni jie

    I’m glad to see him back. I miss him a lot. Rudy is cute!
    I like My Blueberry Nights, he and natalie are great in there.
    congratulation to Tottenham Hotspur, it’s really fresh to see them win more than the famous MU-Chelsea-Arsenal-Liverpool.

  • amanda

    goodness, he makes me quiver.

  • to#32

    # Are you nuts or something?#

    I guess irony is lost on psychotic stalkers

  • sheryl

    to#32 @ 02/26/2008 at 2:02 pm

    # Are you nuts or something?#

    I guess irony is lost on psychotic stalkers
    Yes, the irony was definitely lost on this “psychotic stalker”…no argument there…it just sounded plain mean to me. There’s nothing funny or casual about violence among kids in school.

  • mimi prism

    Hey, Sandy! It’s so exciting to hear from you! Thanks for the charming
    wellcome! I do agree with you about what you said about the sweet little angel, Mr.Rudy, he will do just fine! Sheryl was crazy mad about the disturbing comment made several entries above, but she did put him in his place! he he!, Go Sheryl! Anyway, you are funny and very kind Sandy and, again thanks for wellcoming me into to this fun site.
    See ya!

    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • joanie

    Cute little boy. He doesn’t need to cut his hair unless he wants to if he’s the one that gets to decide. Jude’s hair looks so different now; I don’t really like it. But he’s very handsome and has a great build, and looks so good in his clothes. I wish I could see his dad better in these pictures.


    his hair will grow back…he had it shaved for his latest film…..

  • jami

    Oooh! He is so hot!

    I love Jude, what else can I say??? I love seeing him with his family here…he is such the family man. I do hope we get some more pictures of him when he gets to Vancouver for Imaginarium. I am excited that he is going to work with Johnny depp in a tribute to Heath. I think that is a good choice for him.

    well, thanks jared,,and keep ‘em comin’

  • sheryl

    Jami, I’m looking forward to that movie, too, particularly now that Jude is in it. :0

  • Daphne

    It looks like a fun family outing. Jude must be ecstatic over his team’s victory.

    To #40, I suppose hypocrisy is lost on you. Both you and Sheryl (and everyone else here) are looking at the same photos. If she is a psychotic stalker, then you must be the hypocritical psychotic stalker. And you’re mean too.

  • 48

    Please don’t mind me, just passing through, I wouldn’t want to disturb you ladies whilst you’re tearing apart Jude Law’s life and family looking for whatever it is you lack.



    and why were you passing by……nothing better to do….what’s lacking in your life?

  • Daphne

    Please don’t mind me, just glancing through your post, I wouldn’t want to disturb you in your self-absorption and eager judgments on strangers to compensate for whatever it is that you lack.

    Sanctimonious ninny.