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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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miranda kerr lax airport 01
miranda kerr lax airport 02
miranda kerr lax airport 03
miranda kerr lax airport 04
miranda kerr lax airport 05
miranda kerr lax airport 06
miranda kerr lax airport 07
miranda kerr lax airport 08
miranda kerr lax airport 09
miranda kerr lax airport 10
miranda kerr lax airport 11
miranda kerr lax airport 12
miranda kerr lax airport 13
miranda kerr lax airport 14
miranda kerr lax airport 15
miranda kerr lax airport 16
miranda kerr lax airport 17
miranda kerr lax airport 18
miranda kerr lax airport 19
miranda kerr lax airport 20
miranda kerr lax airport 21
miranda kerr lax airport 22
miranda kerr lax airport 23

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  • bueno

    Come on I dont believe this tell all didnt say anything at this party!

  • mia

    Tantara = Miranda and one of her family members/ minions.

    The kerr family is obsessed with reading what people have to say about her. HEY MIRANDA! She checks this site every few days.

  • mia

    pre: her lack of bookings.

    after her 2nd VS runway appearance at the end of last year, miranda had gained weight and was noticably fuller-faced and curvier, which was quite noticable in promo photos of her. the weight gain was because she was so happy/busy/partying/working all the time.

    she has lost out on a lot of jobs because of it, hence her current less-busy modeling schedule. when she gets stressed out her eating problems come back severely – she is currently fasting/ dieting to lose weight to get more jobs and in these photos it’s obvious she’s near-skeletal again. she is also stressed because this orlando affair has blown up in her face and she has lost a lot of people from her life due to her actions.

    it’s funny because i almost felt sorry for her but then i saw recent photos of her and she has started wearing the $US5000 yellow/orange diamond ring again. i felt sick when i noticed cos that ring *(as she proudly told me mid way through last year) was given to her by the married laywer she was having an affair with last year. yes, when she was still with jay. how can she wear it without feeling guilty?

    i have no respect or sympathy left for her.

  • Jaded

    It’s a pretty sad world if healthier looking women don’t get photographed as much as skeletons. :(

  • For Now

    Hi Mia,
    Nice to see you back. Interesting about that ring. It does seem strange that she would still wear it and not feel embaressed by it – but at least it’s not Orlando’s ring as some were starting to speculate LOL.

    Tantara being MK or someone in her camp, well that’s an idea that’s worth keeping in mind. I found her post (108) a bit ironic – “She’s aware of it all and grateful” Hehe, I doubt she’s that grateful for the JJ gossip crowd – this hasn’t exactly turned into a MK fan board.

    So, after all the recent gossip, are you still of the opinion that OB and MK have split up? Is she still claiming she dumped him? I’d love some more info here (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!)

  • @all

    ROTFLMAO this board is so damn entertaining!!! Airheads full of s**t makes for great comedy. As if you bobbleheads wouldn’t pee your pants if you were at a d-list party or looked as good as Miranda on her worst day. HaHa like any of you would sniff at the money she makes or f***in Orlando boy. Keep dreamin’ ladies and keep posting cuz the laughs are priceless.

  • Jaded

    Like someone who cannot possibly imagine anyone feeling anything but envy of Ms. MK isn’t funny enough. :P

  • lollol

    thanks Jaded! some of you thinking your in a higher moral place on JJ is even funnier!

  • @253 +256


    So that would mean she was indeed doing Jay, the lawyer and Orlando all at the same time?
    Lovely girl. I would love to know if Orlando knows and when he knew about the lawyer, but we probably will never know that.

    @256. Glad you got some laughs. I do think MK reads here and I would even bet has posted before. I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster on the last thread “the truth”(251or so) was her or a minion.
    She sure was defensive and bitter about Rumer willis and didn’t sound like she was in on some joke! LOL
    I think she likes to say that the gossip makes her laugh but I seriously doubt it. The word gets out there and her rep is damaged for it.
    Yea, I bet she tries to brush it off that everyone who talks about what she has done is just bitter and jealous and must evny her or want Orlando. Sorry, but many people here are not Orlando fans either.
    Miranda is not liked on her own merits alone.
    Are you one of the few who will be celebrating her 25th birthday next month with her? Or is she going to celebrate her 23rd? Lying ho!

    Oh, and don’t forget, we know what Miranda looks like without the photoshoping, no one is envious of that girls looks. Dimples are only cute if you are six years old. I’m sure its much easier for her to beleive anyone who post here must be ugly or insecure but it just ani’t the case. Did you not see the pictures of her outside her apartment? THAT is what she looks like withour hours of warpaint. Or even the less harsh ones of her and Brandon Davis here on Jared. Below average if you ask me.
    If what Mia said is true maybe she is also stressed because she is about to turn 25 reaaaallll soooon and doesn’t have much to show for it in her career. VS is not the be all to end all and she hardly works for them.

  • peekaboo

    It that is a $5000 us dollars ring I am the queen of england and if you know her then Natalie Portman is my buddy buddy then. *snorts*
    You’re pathetic as much as her.

  • wow

    If it is yellow diamonds it is probably very expensive, coloured diamonds dost much more than white ones. It looks like she has the same ring on in the Blackberry pictures. I agree that just believing some anon, poster may be a stretch, but I don’t know what the cost of that ring has to do with why you want to attack her. I think you just don’t have anything better to say Miranda so you are gonna make her seem like she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Maybe you should drink some more juice and purge again. After reading your interviews, and I pretty much do believe you are as shallow and stupid and manupliating as others have said. You are your own worst enemy.

  • orly?


    So none of us would sniff at the money she makes “f***in Orlando boy”?

    Well that confirms another label we can use for her then.

  • @260

    Sorry Peekaboo, but people who know Miranda have posted her many times.
    Lots of what they said was found to be true, even info on her brother.
    Don’t know much about this ring or if it is for sure the one Mia is referring -she didn’t say, the one is these pictures-but either way there isn’t a great look at it to be able to tell.
    I’ve seen cheaper looking s–t go for thousands on shopping channel anyway so who knows.
    Also, I remember seeing a blk ring on KB one time and thinking it was cute but nothing special. Then some tab came out with those who wore what things and had her ring there saying whoes it was and that it was like 50k or something. I was like whatever, it looks cute but not 50k worth of cute. So you never really know .

  • WHOA!

    Just over at Olove and somebody on the “An Education” thread said she knew someone at that Cafe -whatever and this person confirmed that they are shooting there but that Bloom has withdrwan from the production!!

    Yes yes, I know it is just hearsay now, but it comes from a regular poster there. If true, it will be confirmed officially i guess…..

    IF TRUE(disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer) I wonder why?
    I know I have my theory… and it seems to be a long time coming. Here’s hoping for the best.

  • NAH

    Nah #264. I’ve gotta agree with others over there. The club staff are probably just lying to avoid any of that theatre craziness from the summer. Can’t say I blame them. Some of those girls are already talking about taking their savings and going over to stalk him again.Good Lord.
    Besides, as long as he’s working it means less time for getting into karmic trouble, so to speak.

  • peekaboo

    Sorry dude but every jerks can come over here and claim whatever he wants, it’s not just a chance that we are in a place where speculation is running wild. Why on earth I should believe to an insider rather than another one?

  • @264

    I really hope that isn’t true. If it is, then yes, I also have to wonder why and I too have a few theories about things that may have been a long time coming. Here’s hoping for the best indeed.

  • if

    Say it is true, that he pulled ot of Education? why do you think he may have done that. He seems to disappeared entirely. I have heard rumors of rehab, I have rumors that the bad pr since the accident has really taken a toll on him emotionally, maybe he is in a relationship with randy girl and wants to give it a chance, maybe he likes not having to bathe or being anywhere at a certain time. What do others thinK?

  • 6

    maybe that smart ass grin on her face means she has orly boy tucked i her luggage. He looks like the type that thinks with his dick and she may just have the experience and moves to keep him interested. It is not as though he would be with her for conversation, but then I don’t think he wants much conversation, i doubt he is very good at thinking or talking either.

  • ta

    If she does read and post here do you think she tells Orlando what they are saying. He may be getting a big education about what a lot of people think of him.

  • dunno

    dunno whats up with the film but until we get at least a little more confirmation on that one I don’t want to see the rehab rumors going wild again. I know someone started that here last time and it wasn’t true. If he signed up in the first place just so recently I doubt he would pull out for that just as fast. Doubt much has changed in the past few weeks with him.
    If he did pull out maybe its to do another movie with more potential.
    We don’t know so lets at least try to serach around a bit for more info before we start saying he is in rehab.

  • others

    Say it is true, that he pulled ot of Education? why do you think he may have done that. He seems to disappeared entirely. I have heard rumors of rehab, I have rumors that the bad pr since the accident has really taken a toll on him emotionally, maybe he is in a relationship with randy girl and wants to give it a chance, maybe he likes not having to bathe or being anywhere at a certain time. What do others thinK?

    Others think that people shouldn’t believe everything they read. Others think that to take wild jumps based on no facts means your tinhat is on a little too tight.

  • @271

    I agree completely with you on all points.
    Calls for control.

  • @271

    Agreed. Well said. Let’s wait for a litte more info before letting the speculations run wild.

  • @271

    Agreed with everything but since everyone speculates wildly based on even less than this why should this be any different? Leopards don’t change their spots.

  • @272

    You act like the poster made a defnitive statement that it was true. All they said was IF it were true what do others think might be the reason, and I didn’t see any rumors being started there, only repeating what had already been said at other times. Geez this place is all about gossip and speculation, if you want for sure facts this it not the place to come. I think the posters questions were valid and not offered in a manner that indicated that they thought it was for sure true. If you don’t like gossip this is not the place for you. Go over to Olove they don’t gossip there, they just worship.

  • Yup

    and off we go!

  • @276

    Yes, exactly, repeating what had been said at other times and were wrong. So the point is -why assume it again so fast.

    go ahead, do what you want.
    I’m sure you will find some takers

  • lol

    you think no one repeats rumors here, oh please tell me what board you are reading, cause it ain’t the same one I am lookin at.

  • teehee

    See ‘randa. It ALWAYS ends up being about Orlando.

    Of course, to occupy our time, you could mosey over to the new KB post where she and her costars talk about her partygirl ways. Some of them at least.

    Hmm. Bozzie, Dunst, Kerr…..seems you could speculate/triangulate a few things there.

  • 6

    Hey, maybe poor Orlando has sunk so low he is gonna show up at this sad little place in Florida. I mean Ashton’s party is kind of a come down for him isn’t it?

  • who is this?

    is this Cher Coulter here with K-boz?

    I think Cher seems like a cool person and seems like a good friends to both KB and OB but for the life of me I can’t see why this woman is a stylist.

  • check it out

    OU got in some trouble cuz of somethin said on there and some people have been trouble for one of Orlando’s friends lookin for info on him and didn’t someone steal pics from family ???? now maybe he is pulling out of the movie……………..what is goin on!

  • @283

    huh what are you talking about. What is OU? what friend say did what. I think you need to stop smokin whatever you have

  • @282

    that is cher, lol she’s giving x17 the finger in last pic.

  • over react much?

    I read the apology at OU( Orlando Uncensored).
    Not a huge deal. Someone said something about one of Orlando’s friends and people starting bugging that guy for info.
    Not a good thing to do but how in the world does poster 283 link that to having anything to do with Orlando POSSIBLY pulling out of a movie I don’t know.

    I won’t repeat the guys name again but I have a hunch it was about the same person who has been mentioned here before as well.
    Not significant news about that person, just that people were trying to contact him for information about Orlando.

  • hmmm

    hhmmm. maybe mr.cryptic is right and bloomies legal eagles are starting to come down hard on everyone and not just paps

  • over react much?


    lol. Relax people! Man, Orlando fans are so freakin’ hasty.

    It’s not about Orlando, but a friend of his.
    The person who posted that ‘apology’ is the same person who posted on the last thread-a two mile long “i will never post here again’ post.
    Needless to say, probably a bit of over reaction.

    I think one of OB’s friends was contacted because some person info was given out, or at least an indirect way to contact him. Of course we all know how Orli fans can be so he probably got a million people wanting ‘insider’ info. Nothing law suit worthy, just annoying to the person.
    Especially if it was from one of those social sites. Its not a crime to try and contact that person unless you harass them. Its probably just that this person got tons of new best friends.

  • ~K

    I’m not here for one day and he is already in rehab…wow!!! LOL

  • LOL

    and he is roomies with Kirsten, coz they have so much to talk about. I hope they let him bring his dog, and I bet they make him take cold baths every morning. Rehab is the chic celebrity thing to do you know and he has always been one to follow the trends.

  • interesting

    I think it is funny that the only reason people are the least bit interested in her is because she is linked with Orlando. If it comes out that they are not a couple and have no intentions of being one then what is she gonna do for attention. I doubt JJ will keep posting on her if her connection with Orlando goes up in smoke. She must be panicked stricken trying to keep that whatever it is going.
    I bet she will do just about anything he wants to make sure her name keeps getting linked with his. Seems desperate to me.

  • lol

    #289- Now now. SHHHHH! We’re not allowed to use the “R” word remember? Euphemisms are apparently ok though. LOL.

    #290-LOL! Oh but don’t you know their careers are resuscitated after?

  • sad

    i am not sure if fame and fotune are worth it. If my private life was discussed to this degree and with this much detail, i would be curled into a fetal position in a closet somewhere playing with my lips and drooling. But maybe all the money and freedom they get with the whole package make it bearable.

  • bointhehouse

    Now you know why no one can find him these days… he’s in the closet!

  • Jaded

    @290, what, rehab? No, that is sooo out nowadays! Pregnancy is in though, and baby is the new accessory! Boy, I’m not so sure if I’m ready for that. :) But I guess no one will ask me. ;)

  • ?

    so you are saying he should come out of the closet, hmm interesting

  • Jaded

    @296 and it’s not the first time we’ve heard that one either. :)

  • Hillary

    imagine it, male pregnancy will be even hotter, why else would he go into hiding and drop out of a movie!

  • funny

    i would like to see him with a baby bump, and swollen ankles and a cute little waddle. I wonder whose it is, or maybe he went the artificial route, or maybe he is adopting that seems to be trendy these days.

  • @299

    I don’t know why. He’s just gonna give birth to a Cabbage Patch Kid. Or a kilo. *runs out of thread*