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Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford Broke Up Via Text Message

Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford Broke Up Via Text Message

Carrie Underwood doesn’t need to mend a broken heart–she apparently broke up with Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford via text message.


“It was completely mutual,” the 25-year-old American Idol alum told Extra. “We’re both fine…We broke up over text so…It’s like ‘peace out.’”

Continued Carrie, “It just didn’t work…And we both knew it didn’t work and no hard feelings at all whatsoever… I haven’t talked to him in awhile but, I mean, I don’t dislike him… So it’s no big deal.”

Dating can be tough in the public eye admits Carrie: “It’s difficult while you’re dating because people always make a lot bigger deal of things than they actually are… And then when you break up with somebody and then like two months later it comes out and it’s like you’re rehashing old stuff… I don’t know why that’s all out now.”

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    I didn’t know they were together?!

  • Jynn

    Oh come on… That’s lame :)

  • Jennifer W

    i wish carrie and chace all the best

  • super sasha

    I LOVE YOU CHACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you’re the most handsome guy i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • super sasha

    CHACE should get with LEIGHTON MEESTER!!! the guy is handsome and the girl is pretty. plus they could be a very nice couple. i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    perfect couple

  • LOL

    How is that lame… I even thought it was weird them together. They are two very different ppl.

    But whateves.. texts is the way to go if you could careless about the other…LOL

  • just me…

    It is very class…. and say that they both are 25 years old!!!

    They are pathetic!!!




    Its because he is gay baby… woooo

  • cutie

    Did you people read the US magazine ?

    It states, “Carrie was Needy and she wanted Chace to be with her at all her concerts, and called him a thousand times a day BUT Chace didnt give her enough any of that”

    She begged him so much that one day he decided to go for her concert, sometime in february, (vday) stayed with her for a week, came back home and DUMPED her via phone!! hahahaha

    Yes he spent one week with her and ….DUMP!!!! hahaha He dumped her Feb last week!!


    Apparently Chace is not talking to her after DUMPING her, so carrie is now HOUNDING Chace’s FAMILY!!!!

    OMG!! Sleazy!!!!!! ewwwww!!!!

    Leave him alone BI*CH

  • mossy

    uhh ‘coz he’s a man who re


    The article says she WANTS to getback together, and she is trying hard. She often calls chace’s parents! ewwww.

  • Jo

    BURN!!! Poor guy I’m sure JC will comfort him.

  • loulou

    she sounds very immature

  • joss

    shes one of those needy girlfriends…

    i didn’t think they looked great together, chace should date leighton =P

  • lol

    So SAD!!! He DUMPED her via TEXT message..

  • grb

    It looks like Carrie was the one who dumped Chace… Too bad, i loved them both

  • rolling eyes

    What’s ewwww is that people (who surprisingly have brains) believe everyword trashy magazines have to say.

    Why no use those brains people and practice discernment… logically thinking is not that hard if you do enough times


  • rolling eyes

    What’s ewwww is that people (who surprisingly have brains) believe everyword trashy magazines have to say.

    Why not use those brains people and practice discernment… logically thinking is not that hard if you do enough times


  • anonymous

    US magazines states very clearly that it was chace’s decision to end the relationship.
    According to the US article, it was chace’s decision to end the relationship. chace spent some time with carrie in late february and decided to quit. he reached NYC on the 29th feb or maybe before feb and made a phone call to end the relationship.

    It says carrie hounded chace, she would call him 1000 times a day, she was very needy and wanted chace around her all the time.
    According to the US article, carrie is now hounding chace’s parents. omg!! pathetic!!

  • anonymous1

    she would call him a t housand times a day, she wanted him with her on her tours.
    I told you guys, the valentines day visit was not a surprise. she obviously begged him to come, and then leaks out the news. ewwww sleazy!!
    she begged him to stay with her, but look what happened, he spent one week with her…and OVER!! one week, not more than that!
    she brought this on herself! he spent one week with her, and he was sick of her ugly face. he dumped her. look at the way he dumped her, he reaches home and makes a call. hahaha

  • anonymous1

    omg! she’s hounding his parents now!! *puking* *puking*

  • anonymous2

    If chace didnt want to spend time with her, its pretty clear, he didnt love her. He didnt even like her company. He had plenty of time to spend with her..he was offwork.

    He broke up on feb 29th after spending one week with her, and of course he spent that time with her b’cause she was hounding him, and he had nothing better to do.(he was off work)
    If he was working, this dating thing wouldnt have lasted this long. carrie ugly hick is lucky, she should thank her stars..that she even got to date him this long. he was off work for four months b’cause of writers strike, and he managed to spend only 1 week with her. LMAO

  • grb

    pfffff ok, i’ll pretend i belive in you… but don’t forget some pics that were posted here before, with a upset looking Chace almost crying while talking on the phone… Carrie was the one that ended the relationship

  • anonymous3

    We were so right when we said “she is begging him to come visit her”
    we were so right!
    quote from us mag” She was very Needy, she called him a thousand times a day, and wanted him to be at every one of her shows”
    and her source says “he wasnt there for her the way he could have been. he could have been on the road more with her or called more. it was hard on her not having the guy she liked there”
    So we were so right! she was begging him. Chace is a decent guy. I love him, he did visit her, although he didnt want to, just to make her happy and of course he didnt have anything better to do at that time since he was offwork.
    I also agree with her sources, chace could have been with her more or called her more. Well, he didnt cause he didnt like her as much as she liked him.
    Poor carrie!! hahahha
    ‘We were also right about her trying to save face by talking to the media first . lmao

  • Cheyanne

    he’s a nobody….She’s to good for him!

  • anonymous

    GRB, You are an IDIOT. read the comments, before you speak.

    chace has dumped carrie before february 29th.
    and carrie herself has said that chace hasnt spoken to her since over a month.

    why will chace talk to her. he didnt feel the need to talk to her to break up with her..he sent her a text, why would he call her now???

    that picture of him looking upset or whatever is recent. he could be talking to his new girlfriend.

  • anonymous

    I knew it, i knew it , i knew it!!
    The moment chace dumped her, she was paranoid that chace might tell the media that he dumped her, so she told her fans that she broke up and made some stupid story(vegas lol)and then she also reached out to the media about the break up.
    I told you guys, she doesn’t have to worry, chace is a gentleman he wont say he dumped her and humiliate her. Instead, he will allow her to talk and make it look like she broke up with him. Look he didnt speak at all, he’s allowing her to save face. aww chace!! adore him!!

  • lisa

    She is still hounding him. chace is not talking to her so she is hounding his parents!!!
    she can go to any extent to be with chace. she’s a sl*t.

  • cute

    Anonymous 1, 2 joss, lol, cutie, we all know your the same poster posting under different names. Just quit it you make all Chace fans look like pathetic little girls.

    It’s ok your man got dumped he’ll move on I’m sure. You should do the same. Maybe he’ll finally come out of his closet and announce his love for JC.

  • lmao

    so sad!! she is trying so hard to save face. she is talking to all the magazines about the break up. she wants to make it look like she broke up with chace.

    so sad!! i think chace feels sorry for her, so he’s allowing her to save face!!

  • Helena

    But did she get to shag him, though? You don’t date THAT and not end up shagging him!

  • chace is so cruel

    chace is so cruel! hahahha

    he had plenty of time, yet he made her beg him to spend time with her.

    and then he dumps her via text message! hahahah

    you are cruel chace!! you are cruel!!

  • crisp

    good job carrie!!! she deserved better anywase.

  • chace is NOT cruel

    no, chace is NOT cruel!

    he did spend time with her out of pity!!! thats not cruel!!

    well breaking up through text message is cruel, but, do you think carrie would let him break up with her in person, she would cry, beg, attempt suicide…

    he did the best thing. dumped her via text message. LOL

  • Don’t be cruel

    Bwahaha!! Text message?

    I like the quotes from People Magazine and Us Weekly that basically said she broke his heart and he was all depressed and tried to make it work out but she said no thanks!

    Chace fans why don’t you post those quotes?

  • mikayla

    what?? where are you getting your info “p-l-l-l-e-a-s-e”. carrie doesn’t seem like that kind of girl who is needy and especially a begger the girl seems very confident…and not insecure she broke up with him there cool with each other it was probably because they didn’t see each other at all so they grew distant with ther busy schedules and all it was like whats the point of this relationship ?? plus i think carrie should start dating guys who are serious…let the boys play who needs that anyway? carrie stay single for now boys are trouble!!

  • woohoohoo

    I am not going to believe its over till chace starts dating someone else.
    carrie is not going to leave him. she is trying to get in touch with him through his family. leach!!l

    she can go to any extent, she is a LEACH!!


    Chace is a true hearthrob!! lol

    poor carrie, did he break you heart?!?! aww!!!

    Carrie,you should of known better, you are UGLY HICK, he is HOT and HIP.

    He was only having some FUN!!


    some poster on jareds site, saw carrie the other day. he said he saw carrie, she looked devastated!!! so sad!!!

  • jo

    Damn who knew Chace had so many fans? Oh wait it’s all this same person posting under different names.
    His fans are just as pathetic as he is or hey maybe its Chace posting under all the same comments. Chace is that you?

  • haha

    Like carrie, all her fans were also very EXCITED when chace was dating carrie. hahaha

    After he DUMPED her, carrie and her fans are devastated!!

    Now they are wishing chace is gay. “SOUR GRAPES”


    OMG!! Did you read!! It seems carrie thinks that tony romo with jessica is a JOKE!!

    She needs to look at herself first! Chace with carrie is..oh, no.. was a JOKE!!

  • Annika

    How classy.

  • anonymous

    Carrie also cries that she is the only one in her family who hasn’t gotten married till age 25! LOL

    What?!?!? Did she imagine chace will marry her???? Now thats a JOKE!!

  • the oc fansite


  • anonymous

    @ Jo, a.k.a cute, a.k.a carriefans:

    You prolly think everyone is like you.
    We all know that YOU make a hundred posts under different names.
    Carrie fans are lowlife agressive country hicks. They are lurking around the internet attacking everyone who is happy for chace

    i feel sorry for you, cuz i know that all the carrie fans are lowlife country hicks, and carrie is one lowlife hick who got some fame and money-thanks to some reality show.
    She is living your dreams, and you people live your dreams through her. Her repeated failures in relationships is heart breaking for both Her and you.

    You can hate chace as much as you want, you can wish him badluck in career and other things-..if it gives you some consolation/happiness.

    sour grapes!!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    damn, chace is a cool dude. dumping that lame fug-bish by text?!? lmaooo hi·lar·i·ous. that’s the coolest way to dead someone! he’s gained point in my book.

  • yay

    Yayyyyyy Chace!!

    Love Love Love You!!