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Rachel Bilson is a Hollywood Hottie

Rachel Bilson is a Hollywood Hottie

Dear Rachel Bilson,

Hi, again! Why you gotta dress so perfect all the time?

I eagerly await your reply.


Just Jared

Pictured: Bilson out and about with a female friend in Hollywood on Thursday.

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Credit: Most Wanted; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • odierox

    yeah. i mean, she looks amazing candid or no candid. she’s gorgeous.


    nobody important and CAN’T ACT!

  • Russian Girl

    Rachel is Perfect. Just perfect)))




    she is so cute i like her alot!


  • michelle

    I think that’s her stylist, Nicole Chavez.

  • Ally

    Nice nightdress!

  • the oc fansite

    Love Rachel Bilson.

    And Im glad you do to jared, so that we get new pics of her almost daily! =)

  • Irishdreams

    SHIT woman hasn’t she ever heard of wearing a slip with see through clothing..God that is uncool..

  • joss

    i love her shoes!!

  • LM

    If she’s not important, why is there so many posts about her on JJ and other celebrity sites and why does she get so many comments with strong opinions, positive or negative?

    She did a bad job in Jumper, but she CAN act as shown in her other roles and hence why she carries on getting roles in big movies (Jumper, New York, I Love You. The Last Kiss was fairly big too.)

    I’m sure her stylist doesn’t tell what to wear every day she goes out. Maybe to events and stuff, but I’m pretty sure the majority of candid photos is her own style with her own clothes.

    And her dress is pretty. If you wear something like that to bed, then you’re a tad weird imo lol.

  • 007

    Why is she everywhere nowadays? I don’t remember her doing anything big since the O.C….

  • Kara

    She used to have a great sense of fashion and what suits her body. Recently she’s been wearing okay or ugly outfits. But she’s a cute girl and she looks really sweet and nice.
    This dress really looks like a (nice and fancy) nightgown!! Not her best look, but recently, her candids outfits are weird, she’s trying to much.
    She gets comments because of her relationship with HC, I guess, his fanclub is pretty strong and the girls can be really aggressive!
    She’s not a good actress, she was okay in The OC because she was Summer basically. When she has to play a dramatic scene, she totally sucked. In The Last Kiss, she was Summer in college. She can’t act but she can improve, so I hope she’s gonna take acting classes and learn how to be an actress. A good actress who doesn’t need her friends to have a role (as in Jumper, or Chuck or NY, I love you…)

  • Jude

    She is an average actress but a really cute girl. That’s why she gets so much coverage.

  • michelle

    She’s so cool!

  • //Bean//


  • Marta

    adorable dress

  • Ally

    @Bean : yeah, we know, she’s pregnant…she’s been two months pregnant since november, so stop reminding us she’s pregnant, we know, now that she is!!
    In a couple of years, she’s gonna deliver a three year old baby

  • //Bean//

    No Ally.

    2 1/2 months pregnant.
    She has been f**king Hayden since November which leads to her pregnacy.

  • Helena

    Dear Rachel Bilson,

    Hi! Why do always get photographed for doing nothing other than dress good? Why are you still riding off from the success of The OC?

    I eagerly await your reply.



  • @#16

    Pregnant? I hope The Filthy is not the father!


    I mean you had her pregnant since November idiot! Don’t you think she would have had the baby by now? You are the same troll who started the dumb rumors since Novemeber. You were, She’s Pregger’s. You only changed your name.

    Duh! See a baby bump in that see through white dress?! 21/2 months pregnant and she would be showing a tiny bump. Her stomach is flat.

    You know the girl? Has she told you? You are spreading rumors without actually knowing if it is really fact or fiction. You wish it was true. I guess you would love to believe Hayden and Rachel are pig’s with no morals and will have a baby before getting married. How trashy is that?! :roll:

  • fer

    She is SO pretty :)
    i love her !

  • tessa

    Love her

  • iris

    I ove her style

  • @ Bean & #22

    She doesn’t live in the same spacetime than us. She’s Anakin’s girlfriend or not?

  • iris

    She is so cute
    ¿2 months pregnant?

  • Ally

    Rachel and Hayden have pigs, they’re not pigs (I’ve got an amazing sense of humor, I know…).
    BTW, what’s wrong with having kids before/without being married? There’s no rule in love.
    Whatever, she’s not pregnant (yet), come on, her stomach is flat as a pancake. She’s in the 90/95 lbs range, if she was pregnant, she definitely would be showing a bump, even a teeny one. When she was with her dog a few days ago, she was wearing tight clothes and her stomach is totally flat.
    Is there a point to tell that she’s pregnant even if it’s obvious that she’s not?
    BTW, she’s been in a relationship with Hayden since march 2007, maybe since december 2006 when she and Adam broke up, so I think…I think that a girl who claimed she had lost her virginity at 14 years old had sex with her boyfriend before november 2007!!!

  • sweetauntie

    omg looks like jared has a crush on her thats the only reason you see her plastered all over this sight , hayden look out someone is after your bff !!!!

  • Gwen

    she looks gorgeous. Love her too

  • lissa

    she’s always lookin good

  • suri

    I like that outfit

  • Peter

    More pics!!! Thanx Jared

  • SomeRachel’sFans

    @ Ally
    Trashden is not a pig? So…What is it?

  • jenny

    love her dress and sandals

  • Ally

    @somerachel’s fan
    Well, he’s…a really bad actor who can’t dress/take a shower/shave
    Rachel’s sandals are Coach Rhea in brown python

  • trish.

    GOSH, you people are SUCH haters.

    If you have nothing positive to say. Why comment at all?
    OBVIOUSLY she has something going for her because even the people who think she cant act have SOMETHING TO SAY.
    She’s amazing, i think.
    How she acts, seems like she isnt even acting. like it’s SHE IS period.

    I hate when people say negative shxt to make themselves feel special.
    I doubt Rachel bilson really care what you say though. I mean, she’s known. SHe’s getting paid, even if she wasnt she’s still rich. She has hayden, he’s a great actor. If you dont think so. watch “life as a house”
    if you still think he’s a scrub/whatever. then something’s def wrong with you peoples ability to see true talent.

    Rachel just started. If youre comparing her to Angelina or Hilary Swank then yes, but she just started.

    Just saying.

  • Marley

    cute dress.

  • Laura

    i agree w/ kara. she used to dress sooo cute. lately i haven’t been liking her clothes. however, she always has on a unique pair of shoes or a scarf or a piece of jewelry or just a certain combo of things that no one would think of that saves the outfit. she thinks out of the box w/ her outfits & i think she has a great sense of style. again i haven’t been digging her clothes lately but her overall look never dissapoints. i hope that makes sense.

  • umm

    Get over it she is not pregnant and sources say she isn’t even really dating Hayden and the pigs are his and his families not rachels get your facts straight

    Btw if it wasn’t for me pointing out to Jared that these pics were done you wouldn’t have been able to post your silly false rumors get over it!

    She is a has been!

  • Diana

    I never run into her in Los Angeles, why? why?

  • kara

    Take a week off and stay near Gelson’s 7 days straight, you should see her!

  • Jo

    Hey Jared! Great letter to Rachel Luv it!!!!!!

  • voice of reason

    Better than a soap opera on TV–keep the hate coming, most here are pathetic. JJ is laughing to the the bank.

  • Insanity Central

    Lord, all of you are a hoot and a half. I haven’t laughed this hard over nonsense BS in a long time. It’s great to prove all the social commentary correct in their assessment that people who keep up with this srt of thing so closely are mental patients. LOL

  • Insanity Central

    Lord, all of you are a hoot and a half. I haven’t laughed this hard over nonsense BS in a long time. It’s great to prove all the social commentary correct in their assessment that people who keep up with this sort of thing so closely are mental patients. LOL

  • guy

    I’m a paparazzi. She sells well for fashion, that’s why we shoot her.

  • iloveny

    she looks adorable in anything. it’s not the dress, it’s the girl. do you think britney spears would look cute in that dress?

  • izzie

    i lover her shoes

  • larkine

    Alone by herself (as usual as it is) or alone again naturally..,.