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Jessica Alba is in Baby Bliss

Jessica Alba is in Baby Bliss

Jessica Alba gets cozy with husband Cash Warren at Urth Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Jess, 27, also was seen shopping with a friend in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The proud mom gave birth to Honor Marie Warren last month and she supposedly looks like Jess, according to brother Josh.

Looking forward to the pics of the cutie – which have been sold for $1.5 million to OK! Can’t wait!

70+ pictures of Jessica Alba in baby bliss…

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jessica alba baby bliss 01
jessica alba baby bliss 02
jessica alba baby bliss 03
jessica alba baby bliss 04
jessica alba baby bliss 05
jessica alba baby bliss 06
jessica alba baby bliss 07
jessica alba baby bliss 08
jessica alba baby bliss 09
jessica alba baby bliss 10
jessica alba baby bliss 11
jessica alba baby bliss 12
jessica alba baby bliss 13
jessica alba baby bliss 14
jessica alba baby bliss 15
jessica alba baby bliss 16
jessica alba baby bliss 17
jessica alba baby bliss 18
jessica alba baby bliss 19
jessica alba baby bliss 20
jessica alba baby bliss 21
jessica alba baby bliss 22
jessica alba baby bliss 23
jessica alba baby bliss 24
jessica alba baby bliss 25
jessica alba baby bliss 26
jessica alba baby bliss 27
jessica alba baby bliss 28
jessica alba baby bliss 29
jessica alba baby bliss 30
jessica alba baby bliss 31
jessica alba baby bliss 32
jessica alba baby bliss 33
jessica alba baby bliss 34
jessica alba baby bliss 35
jessica alba baby bliss 36
jessica alba baby bliss 37
jessica alba baby bliss 38
jessica alba baby bliss 39
jessica alba baby bliss 40
jessica alba baby bliss 41
jessica alba baby bliss 42
jessica alba baby bliss 43
jessica alba baby bliss 44
jessica alba baby bliss 45
jessica alba baby bliss 46
jessica alba baby bliss 47
jessica alba baby bliss 48
jessica alba baby bliss 49
jessica alba baby bliss 50
jessica alba baby bliss 51
jessica alba baby bliss 52
jessica alba baby bliss 53
jessica alba baby bliss 54
jessica alba baby bliss 55
jessica alba baby bliss 56
jessica alba baby bliss 57
jessica alba baby bliss 58
jessica alba baby bliss 59
jessica alba baby bliss 60
jessica alba baby bliss 61
jessica alba baby bliss 62
jessica alba baby bliss 63
jessica alba baby bliss 64
jessica alba baby bliss 65
jessica alba baby bliss 66
jessica alba baby bliss 67
jessica alba baby bliss 68
jessica alba baby bliss 69
jessica alba baby bliss 70
jessica alba baby bliss 71
jessica alba baby bliss 72
jessica alba baby bliss 73

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • Jammy Sod

    She’s never actually with her kid. Unfit mother.

  • Love2readandwrite

    People can’t judge a person on a fraction of their day. Base it on something of substance

  • Suzanne

    $1.5 million for a picture of a child. What has this world come to? Do people realize how many people we could help with that money.

  • Omg girl!

    i agree with #3!
    at least brangelina’s going to donate the money for charity!

  • ra

    Crap. That’s about 65 photos too many of the same person doing nothing of interest. What a waste of space.

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Boy, those are some unflattering pictures of Jessica!
    Never thought she was the cat’s meow anyway.

  • [~I n F a m o u s~]

    Alba’s a douche.

  • hmm

    I think it’s important for her and her husband to be out of the house for a little while. Being a parent is so time consuming and exhausting that it’s good to take a break and to reconnect as a couple. She seems really happy being a mother and it’s not like she’s Nicole Kidman out at a restaurant 3 days after giving birth (who does that?)

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    What I don’t understand is why she is wearing a scarf in this weather. I was in Beverly Hills yesterday and it was hot, hot, hot.

  • trish.

    thats true. i mean. their babies are lil and being usefulalready. wow. lol.

  • lola

    #8-where did you see Nicole at a restaurant three days after having her baby? I have not seen that anywhere and surely more sites would have reported on it if it were true.

    Anyways, I can’t believe they paid that much for her baby pictures. She is not even an actress of any substance and she treats regular people like shit. It is so frustrating to see egomaniacs getting richer and richer when they don’t do any thing that matters professionally or personally.

  • trish.

    stop hatin on jalba. shes doing her best. shes a human being too.

  • lola

    #8 Okay I just looked it up and I guess Nicole did go for lunch with friends on June 11 which is about three days after giving birth. You are right that does not seem that normal. I really like Nicole but she certainly isn’t doing much to dispel the rumours that it was a fake pregnancy. I don’t really know what mom would go out three days after giving birth.

    But I’ll shut up about that now since this is the a thread on the Alba Bitch

  • juju

    marshmellow woman. yikes.

  • Dana

    Nicole Kidman was out at a restaurant three days after giving birth, lunch with her girlfriends. I see nothing wrong with slipping out for a few hours when the baby is sleeping. Same with Alba. A couple of hours away is only beneficial. Also, why would Alba be out in public with her baby when the pics haven’t been out in OK yet.? Duh….grow a brain.

  • gossipgirl


  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Well 1.5 mil is a reasonable price since OK! makes way more if they can sell 1 mil copies (that’s a value of 3-5 mil). I do agree with #3 that money should be used for a better cause though.

  • bored


  • sincerely

    Look at the size of her thighs hahahaha Miseralba needs to stay away from donuts

  • LUV

    1.5 millions is way too much for her baby. She’s like a B-list maybe C.

    BYW, she looks fat!

  • Gal

    Pregnancy has not been good to her. Oh well, there goes her sex appeal.

  • Leo

    I went out with my daughter 4 days after birth. Giving birth doesnt cripple you :) you can go out. Yeah you’re still tired, but you can walk around. So I say Nicole K really was pregnant.

  • oh snap!



  • lolly

    shameshes lost it she was so pretty hopefully she’ll go back to her old self

  • andrea

    in response to vicki, pasadena ca (comment number 9)

    Maybe she meant to cover something up because she was wearing such a low-cut garment. I don’t know, but it is too friggin-hot to be even thinking about scarves. My first thought was perhaps stretch-marks that she decided to hide(???) Who knows.

  • Megan fox rocks

    OMG what happend to ur face Jessica

  • castaway

    This woman needs to get off the screen!!!!!!!!! she has no talent, she’s not pretty, and she has an IDENTITY CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!! clearly, you can see she has the Mexican flag stamped on her forehead, yet she tries to assimilate with the white folks!!!! I wish she would a least try to acknowledge she’s Hispanic. as much as I hate Perez Hilton, he’s right when he calls her Jessica “don’t call me Latina” Alba. this girl needs a reality check!!! cockeyed bitch!!!!

  • melissa

    Boy they weren’t kidding when they said they would be laid back parents. It takes pretty laid back parents to contantly leave such a young baby with others. Wow… so much for bonding…lol

  • Classy

    xxxxxxxxx Just a couple of girls out to lunch; on today’s menu was probably grilled talentless served on whole wheat overrated with future has-been on the side, and a refreshing dessert of Dancing With the Stars.

  • H

    You people are idiots wait until you have kids. I doubt you’ll be in the house in lockdown 24/7 with the baby. You act like no one else in the world will go out after having a kid.

  • Otter Pop

    It’s over 90 degrees and humid in L.A. and she’s wearing a scarf. I guess they don’t call her a frigid b**ch for nothing.

  • Linzee

    MiserAlba has a commercial for Cover girl. such a snob in it . “if u want my color get your own”. I was like wtf b*tch.. I wanna vomit every time it comes one.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    We’ll give this talentless skank a break..she just popped out her beautiful “brown” baby (Her words..Rumpleskanskton thinks ALL babies are beautiful…and edible). Why do we even talk about this ungrateful non smiling hag? She should be grinnning and skinning every second of the day to US…THE ones who “made” her a third rate “star.”

  • letinstar

    alba’s smiley because she finally got what she wanted…she got cash to marry her and all she had to do was pop a baby for the nanny to raise…


    Alba admitted she was unhappy with the outcome of her latest movie Good Luck Chuck, which was critically panned upon its release late last year.

    She said: “It’s p*rn… It wasn’t supposed to be like that.”

    Despite being cast in a string of sexy roles, including stripper Nancy Callaghan in Sin City, Alba wants to be remembered for her acting and business skills, instead of her body.

    She said: “I think there are ambitious girls who will do anything to be famous.

    “Contrary to how people may feel, I’ve never used my sexuality. That’s not part of it for me.

    ========I HATE THIS TALENTLESS TWAT!+++++++

  • jay

    I’ve worked with her on the Love Guru, and Honey, she has always been very rude and a complete diva on set, i can’t say i hang out with her personally, but if your not close with her and your not a major actor on set, i had minor roles, or worse, if your some extra, she is rude, gives dirty looks and carries her head high, always looking like “don’t look at me, i’m too good for you to even be checking me out” Definetely not my cup of tea… her personality ruins it for me

  • Barbo

    Why would stars…who complain about the paparazzis being in their faces…go and sell photos to mags of their newborns? I mean they are your children ppl….why put pics out their for every pervert and kidnapper to see??? Hollywood ppl are very strange….

  • LUV

    Who cares about her? She hasn’t even make a single sucessful movie. EVER!

  • kaliaa

    I agree with Lola’s comment (#11). There are many ppl or organizations out there who deserve the money much more than she does. And what does she do? Nothing. The most recent movie she was in is Love Guru, an that was a complete failure. All she has is a face, and that itself isn’t that remarkable.

  • geekazoid chick

    she’s not a looker naturally, without all the make upm eyebrow liner ect. and highlights she really sin’t appealing at all. So it’s safe top say she isnt a natural beauty.

  • just me

    I can’t believe how MEAN people are! I love Jessica Alba. I think she and Cash make a cute couple and I’m sure the baby is adorable! Of course she still has ‘baby weight’ to lose-what new mother doesn’t? I’m glad she is not starving herself to do it just so fools don’t talk about her. I wish her all the health and happiness. Love her–and if you don’t, just skip over her and go on to someone you DO like.

  • Jose

    I used to think she was sexy… but wow, she looks terrible now. So big, and don’t get me started on her face.


    Anyone who calls her ugly is CLEARLY HAting as she is far from that! She looks great and is still one of the most beautiful woman in hollywood…prettier than Angelina Jolie!

  • Marisleysis

    why does she have all those brown spots on her face?

  • ME

    She is still the hottest chick in the white guys’s eyes!

  • Banana

    yeah but they dont know she aint white


    The caked on makeup is covering some ugly skin.. yuck!! she’s ugly…

  • hahaha!!

    She is not prettier than Angelina Jolie or any of the following actresses:-

    Charlize Theron
    Catherin Zeta Jones
    Salma Hayek
    Halle Berry
    Scarlett Johanneson

    the list is endless but I still think she had a fantastic body though and was very pretty with make up on.

    She looks average at present and but I think that’s only coz she’s just had a baby. I’m sure she will look her gorgeous self in a couple of months.

    Oh dear! the pictures are not flattering and her face looks bloated.

  • bo

    so much hate!! if you don’t even like her why do you check her pics??? Watch out coz hatred, that you’re so full of, will get on you eventually! Live and let others live! I wonder how you’d look post-pregnancy and without make up! Get a life!

  • pauline

    totally agree with you #41!!! I love her!!!