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Zac Efron has a Fresh Face

Zac Efron has a Fresh Face

Now that we have the answer to boxers vs. briefs, Zac Efron shows his face in his classic black t-shirt as he heads to his lawyer’s office in Century City on Thursday.

Zac, 20, reportedly has been looking to land a role on the West End (London) stage to showcase his acting skills. With his High School Musical background of singing and dancing, Zac hopes to proves his triple-threat ability.

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  • helen


  • nett

    First! Zac is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • helen

    he looks hot

  • narf

    Soooo handsome.

  • nett

    Zac is a hardworking young man who knows what he wants. He is amazing! Love Zac and Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lisa


  • emma

    he is so effing sexy god CRAP

  • Zloverbrianna

    Aaah. I love this guy! :D

  • haley

    ahh he is gorgeous.

  • haley

    ahh he is gorgeous.

  • Daniela

    ah hes hot.

  • Daniela

    ah hes hot.

  • nett

    Zac is adorable and maturing into a very handsome young man.

  • Boji

    Well, if that is what Zac wants what better way than broadway to showcase his talents even though we are going to miss the Zanessa sightings. Anyway, London is not that far away. It is only a flight or should I say 2 fiights away from homebase.

  • sdfg


  • Angeline

    Love him =]

  • steph

    oh he is just so gorgeous. if he goes to london, i have to go with him.

  • Boji

    Hot, hot, hot, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. How about some other adjectives ? In a good mood today, perhaps he has some good news career wise.

  • nett

    Maybe that’s where they will settle down. Next chapter in our ZANESSA story might become a reality in London. LOVE ZANESSA !!! Thanks JJ for Zac’s 2 views. Maybe you can find ZANESSA this time ………………..

  • y

    He looks really hot. But please zac just act, you’re good at it. The singing & dancing is ok and all but just move on from that.

  • julia


    his smile is totally amazing.. i just still think that he can do much better than Vanessa Hudgens.

    I dont like her, AT ALL.. but i looove him!

  • y

    oh that is in regards to the rumors of sequels & footloose. point being not everyone needs to be a double/triple etc. threat

  • roryy

    he’s so beautiful =)
    and his smile is ADORABLE!

  • robin

    Smart career move. I think that’s great training and since he grew
    up in musical theater it’s like going back to his roots, but as an adult.

  • midnightwonder

    “Zac, 20, reportedly has been looking to land a role on the West End (London) stage to showcase his acting skills.”

    Jared, care to elaborate? Who reported it? When? Where? Why don’t you name your sources anymore? By the way, I personally find the word “reportedly” too gossip-ish because surely you have never posted about Zac’s new role. You just wanted to write something “newsworthy” to post the new set of pictures, didn’t you?

  • Sophie_c

    Absolutely gorgeous
    Come back to Australia!!~

  • ZanessaFan

    What a cutie =)

  • troy

    #20 I would just like to point out that doing Broadway or London’s West End does not necessarily mean Zac is hoping to land a musical. There are plenty of plays that are not musicals.

    #21 *sigh* Then why bring Vanessa up at all? This is a post just about Zac so why even bring her into it.

  • oprah

    man, he wears so much makeup he looks like a transgender woman

  • oprah

    man, he wears so much makeup he looks like a transgender woman

  • mima

    FIRST PAGE – see he’s full of talent!!

  • Shannon

    good on him improve his acting abltiy to prove that he is more than his looks!

  • Jen



    This is excellent news for credibility, Zac! I have been thinking he needs to do some stage work! I hope it works out!

    *ponders the cost of a flight to London* ;)

  • Malia

    Zac, 20, reportedly has been looking to land a role on the West End (London) stage to showcase his acting skills. With his High School Musical background of singing and dancing, Zac hopes to proves his triple-threat ability.

    This sounds a bit fishy to me. Full of holes. Especially since we don’t know who reported it.

    If he’s going to his lawyer’s office could mean he’s considering filing a law suit against a certain magazine. Besides, his lawyer doesn’t handle what roles he gets. That’s done my his agency Creative Artists or his agent.

  • amy

    Zac is an AMAZING actor but if he leaves to London…the U.S won’t be the same =( I adore Zac but he can’t leave Vanessa and all his fans! there’s no doubt in my mind that he has a great future ahead of him, I just wish that he would stay! :D
    lovee zanessa!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • kgg

    Oprah – I don’t see any makeup on Zac. He rarely, if ever, wears it. Maybe for publicity pics, but then only a tiny bit of concealer, like most actors/actresses wear. He has a great complexion….it’s genetics. So get over it.

  • Malia

    Wonder what the five-your photo session was for? A certain magazine cover? Hmmmm . . . hope it’s GQ maybe? :)

  • Kelly

    He doesn’t wear makeup.


    cutest man on earth.

  • jaqueline

    My vote is that the photoshot was for GQ. He said in an interview somewhere that he likes GQ. So it makes sense to me.. Here’s hoping!

  • Malia

    This may be where the story is coming from. It has Zac’s picture but absolutely nothing to do with Zac:

  • Man

    Zac is so hot!!!

  • midnightwonder,2933,390464,00.html

    >Zac Efron may be the “High School Musical” lovely, but I hear he is keen to land a stint on the West End stage to “prove what a real actor he is.” No singing or dancing roles — his team is looking at a meaty role that will “show off his full range of talents.“ Thought we saw those in that tight T-shirt.<

  • misty11

    he,s great and i don,t buy everything the ritten about him i just wait and see it

  • marie

    he isnt wearing any makeup
    if you’re just lookin at the pic trying to come up with something bad about zac, back off ¬¬

  • Lí brasil

    ok, no coments
    i love u so much!

  • Diane s

    oooooooo I so WISH he were straight! What a guy!

  • Tina

    I hope that he is looking for a role in a Broadway play. I’m sure he realizes that it’s time for him to break out of the Genre he is typecast in.
    I love that he doesn’t endorse stupid brands/ beauty products/ COFFEE for an easy dollar… He’s about his craft.

  • Karen

    Going back and reading Jared’s information it sounds like a red herring. The first paragraph is stating facts about where the pictures are taken—Zac going to his lawyer’s office. This could be for several reasons—but I doubt any of them have to do with an acting.job.

    Then the second paragraph talks seems thrown in there like “By the way, Zac may be thinking about going to London to do some stage work—at least that’s what I hear”. I don’t think the two are really meant to go together. It was like an afterthought. OR maybe it was thrown in there to get everyone all worked up OR to deter us from wondering why Zac needed to go to see his lawyer. But then again, I think actors spend a lot more times with their lawyers than normal people do and it is just the norm.

  • nobody

    i wanna fuck him