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Suri Cruise is a Carlyle Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Carlyle Cutie

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, 2, arrive back at the luxurious Carlyle hotel on New York City’s Upper East Side after a fun-filled evening at Chelsea Piers on Thursday.

The day after news broke of Paula Wagner‘s departure from United Artists, MGM chairman and CEO Harry E. Sloan sent out the below statement about Paula‘s UA partner, Tom Cruise:

“I would like to clarify that we are honored that he will continue as our full partner in control of UA,” Sloan said. “He is in the middle of one of the greatest careers our industry has ever seen and one that will continue at the top of United Artists Entertainment.”

Earlier today, it was announced that Tom‘s WWII Valkyrie will open the day after Christmas.

10+ pictures inside of Carlyle cutie Suri Cruise

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suri cruise carlyle cutie 01
suri cruise carlyle cutie 02
suri cruise carlyle cutie 03
suri cruise carlyle cutie 04
suri cruise carlyle cutie 05
suri cruise carlyle cutie 06
suri cruise carlyle cutie 07
suri cruise carlyle cutie 08
suri cruise carlyle cutie 09
suri cruise carlyle cutie 10
suri cruise carlyle cutie 11
suri cruise carlyle cutie 12
suri cruise carlyle cutie 13

Photos: INFdaily, Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • the shiznack

    its the girl The Shining

    get away

  • the shiznack



  • LuckyL

    Epic fail post

  • mike

    love her!!!

  • wow

    wow The Carlyle is PLUSH and LUXURIOUS. Katie is a totally an upper East Side mom.


    its time to ditch the bottle!

  • Abbyyy


  • hehehe

    get out from thisthreadt. She do this bottle thingie so we talk about her. don’t give her that. Get out from here. sick of the little tommy girl side kick

  • JLS

    Enough with the bottle already. Get that kid a sippee cup!

  • test


  • cute

    Two Princess in Manhattan.

  • Vivir Sin Aire

    Oh no. Suri has her bottle. This thread will go insane in 5…4….3…2…1

  • Suzie

    No matter what people say about them, there’s no denying that Katie loves her daughter and likes to spend time with her. She could have easily left her in California with her father while she prepares for the play.

  • Rayan

    I honestly don’t mind her with a bottle. Who cares she is 2 years old. As long as she doesn’t have a bottle at 4 years old.

    HOWEVER, that bottle that she is using is for infants (with the bag in it).
    She should switch bottles if Suri continues to use one.

  • Rayan

    I honestly don’t mind her with a bottle. Who cares she is 2 years old. As long as she doesn’t have a bottle at 4 years old.

    HOWEVER, that bottle that she is using is for infants (with the bag in it).
    She should switch bottles if Suri continues to use one.

  • saying

    Would you leave your daughter with that nut job?

  • Yamile

    does anyone care about suri cruise? i mean other than the fact that shes part alien?

  • felix

    Oh here we go again! Enough with the bottle discussion.
    Katie is the mother. She raises Suri the way she wants. What right do you have to say anything about it? You don’t know the girl, you are not relative. You are just strangers who should mind your own business.
    As far as we know, Suri is a happy, very healthy and beautiful 2 year old kid.

  • felix

    Wow. How old are you Yamile? 2?
    I can’t believe there are people ridiculous enough to make an “alien” comment.

  • aww

    Suri is growing so fast. Her eyes are beautiful.

  • gina

    yes i was going to say i think she has an infant bottle! lol.

  • tia

    b4 she knows it that kids gunna be 16 and STILL sucking a bottle…

  • Jackson

    Yes, #17. Considering that he’s NOT a nut job.

    Don’t say such things about a little girl, #18.

    Agreed, #19.

  • LL

    Why Suri Cruise Should Drop the Bottle
    Extended Bottle-Feeding May Lead to Speech, Dental Problems, Pediatricians Say
    ABC News Medical Unit
    Aug. 8, 2008 —

    In an era when young celebrity mothers are coming under increasing public scrutiny for how they are treating their kids, Katie Holmes’ decision to let 2½-year-old Suri Cruise suck away on her bottle may seem like a minor infraction.

    But pediatricians say kids who continue to feed from a bottle past the recommended age may be at higher risk of a number of ills including speech problems, tooth erosion and deformation, and, not surprisingly, trouble letting the bottle go.

    Although breast-feeding for 12 months is the gold standard in infant nutrition, pediatricians say introducing a sippy cup between 6 months and 12 months is fine and can be followed by drinking from a regular cup.

    “You use different muscles in the mouth” using a cup, compared with a bottle, said Dr. Jennifer Kaplan, a pediatrician in private practice in Washington, D.C. “It helps with speech development.”

    But some doctors are more concerned with how bottles can promote a dangerously dirty mouth. Dr. Miriam Labbok, director of the Center for Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, points out that a child with a bottle will often hang on to the nipple and hold milk longer in the mouth where the sugars can cause tooth and gum damage. Sucking on the nipple can, over time, cause the position of teeth to shift in the gums.

    In addition, long, slender bottles can be more difficult to clean than cups, causing bacteria to build up in crevices.

    “Bottles are not innocuous,” Labbok said. “I don’t think it’s a healthy habit to continue for a long period of time… as early as a child can handle a cup the better.”

    Experts also recommend dispensing with bottles early, around age 1, because of attachment. The longer a child uses a bottle and incorporates it into their routine, the more difficult it can be to finally give it up.

    Hitting the Bottle
    Holmes isn’t the first mom to be slow to wean her kid off the bottle, however. Lynette Ciervo, a 46-year-old mother of two daughters living in Rockville, Md., said she let both of her children continue to drink from bottles until they were age 3.

    Ciervo notes, though, that she had practical reasons to allow her kids to keep using a bottle. She initially breast-fed her eldest child — also her only biological child — but medication that she required for an unrelated health condition forced her to stop after a month. Ciervo bottle-fed her second girl, who was adopted, from infancy.

    When she tried to wean them off bottles, Ciervo found her girls rejected milk completely. Her pediatrician concluded that it was more important that the kids get milk than go off their bottles and told Ciervo to keep up the bottle-feeding until age 3.

    “Both my girls loved bottles,” Ciervo said. “It was a soothing part of the routine, a way to transition into the mornings and before bedtime. … It’s like me with my morning coffee.”

    But even though her kids are off the bottle now, they are still averse to milk. Her eldest, now 10, won’t touch the stuff — and the youngest, at age 5, only drinks flavored milk.

    Breaking the Bottle Habit
    As some kids may need to twirl their hair, carry around a blanket or cuddle with a favorite toy, sucking on a bottle or pacifier is a soothing behavior for many kids. Breaking the bottle habit can be made easier for children with strong sucking needs when parents recognize and are sensitive to those.

    “It’s important that parents tune in to their individual child and what the bottle means to them,” said Claire Lerner, director of Parenting Resources at Zero to Three, a parenting resource Web site. “It’s not a monolithic response.”

    Transitioning a child from a bottle to a sippy cup or a regular cup using goodbye rituals or stories of a “bottle fairy” that took it away might be a way for a parent to honor and respect a child’s needs.

    Lerner pointed out that, if sucking on a bottle was the primary soothing thing a child did, that it was a parent’s responsibility to meet that need in another way or the transition will be more difficult.

    But not all are convinced of the cons of bottle-feeding. Ciervo said she never noticed any speech problems in her girls, despite her younger daughter only giving up her pacifier one week ago.

    “It was really hard,” Ciervo said. “But you know, when it’s time, they do give it up eventually.”

  • rob

    Must be a scientology thing!!!!She should have been off a bottle at the latest 1 year old. She should also be using a regular cup by 2 1/2 years old not a sippee cup. My quess is she has an over bite like her dad and they will blame it on the bottle in the future.

  • pr person

    “As far as we know, Suri is a happy, very healthy and beautiful 2 year old kid.” Whose teeth are going to rot out of her head… Just ask any dentist or any pediatrician.

    These pictures have to be from different times…. One set has Katie carrying Suri’s shoes, with Suri semi playing to the paps; then the next set shows the shoes on Suri with her trying to hide her face…… Ugggghhhhhh….. It is almost painful to view these pictures… and it is really getting disgusting that Katie has purposely placed her daughter in a situation that she is obviously uncomfortable with, time and time again. There has to be a back entrance or a side entrance that could have been taken to avoid the paps. Poor Suri.

  • sue

    McLovin is going by Jackson now, I see.

    Psst, McLovin/Jackson: If you’re going to change your name, don’t use the same posting style (calling people out by the numbered post).

    As to the pictures, who cares? I’m tired of Zombie Katie and Photo-Op Suri.

  • Jackson

    Don’t people like you and those doctors have better things to do than concern themselves with the lives of celebrities, #25?

    No, #26. Its not a Scientology thing at all. Its a ‘We’re parents who’ll raise our child as we see fit’ thing.

  • Jackson

    How do you know she’s purposely using her daughter, #27? And what are these situations anyway? Taking her outside at all and risking exposure because they’re famous and may be photographed?

    ,#28, I changed my name simply because other people were using it. If I wanted to hide, which would have been really stupid, I’d do a better job.

  • tom c

    What’s with the blanket all the time?? Why not give the poor girl a raincoat since it’s raining??

    Hasn’t Katie heard of the SIPPY CUP??? Yes, they were invented some time ago !!

  • pr person

    Jackson, are you an idiot? I didn’t say she was “purposely using her daughter”… I said that she is purposely placing her daughter in situations that are obviously uncomfortable for her. Plus nobody is saying that she should NEVER take Suri out.. don’t be dense… New York is a big city and there are ways to not be photographed. Also, Katie had to have seen the pap’s hanging out. Why not direct her driver to bring them to a different entrance?

  • Jill

    I’m less concerned about Suri being on the bottle at two years old than I am about the fact that Katie lets that child stay up until all hours of the night. Suri seems to set her own bedtime and that is ridiculous for a two year old. At her age she should be in bed by 8 p.m. at the latest. What does she do, sleep all day long and stay up all night?

    I’m getting the impression that Tom and Katie never discipline Suri and let her do pretty much whatever she wants to. Parenting is about setting limits. If Katie doesn’t know how to do that with Suri, she’d better learn how before Suri turns into another Paris Hilton.

  • siobhan

    It breaks my heart when I see that little girl cover her eyes from the glaring flashbulbs. I’ve seen several photos of her where she looks terrified, and covers her baby eyes from the light.

    This poor baby. Raised by Scientologists, and dragged through banks of photographers every single day of her life.

  • Jackson

    Leave me alone. I will be beamed up to Xenu to be L. Ron Hubbard’s chief concubine for my mad skills as the defender of this family.

    Take that.

  • ///

    suri, you’re truly adorable but please, you’ve gotta throw that bottle away.

  • whatyasay

    #26 I didnt realize that Tim Klein had an over bite. Also, does anyone think it is funny that when Katie is with her shorter husband Tom she always wears stiletto heels, but, when she is not beside him she rocks her flats?

  • saying

    If Katie doesn’t set limits now, it’ll only become more difficult to do so as Suri grows. Parents have a tendency to think that things will take care of themselves, but it doesn’t work that way.

  • to #33

    Suri stay up past a toddler’s bedtime. “She goes to sleep pretty late because we go to sleep late,” In the Cruise household, that means heading to bed at 11 pm and waking at 9 am. Katie told David Letterman.

    The reason could lie in the couple’s Scientology beliefs that children should be treated as adults. – yikes. lol.

  • Jackson

    It’s just a blanket, #31. Kids have blankets. I get the whining about the bottle but a blanket?

    I get that, #32. She’s purposely putting her daughter in uncomfortable situations. How do you know she’s purposely doing anything unless she told you or you’re a mind reader? What uncomfortable situations? She’s being harrassed by the paparazzi but it’s not her fault. Just because she’s famous it doesn’t mean she should be denied going outside.

    Yes. There are ways not to be photographed but you accuse her of of photo ops every single time she’s seen outside which is crazy. She is famous and will be seen and photographed no matter how much she wants to.

    Maybe there is no different entrance? Maybe this is faster entrance? Do you even know the hotel layout to complain? Quit nit-picking.

    Quit making groundless assumptions on how they discipline their daughter, #33.

    Thanks alot, #5. I’m gonna have to change my name again later.

    Who says they DON’T set limits, #38? You’re one of those gullible people that read that they let Suri Cruise do whatever she wants and tells her that whenever she does soemthing wrong they just say it’s ‘the wrong action’?

    No, #39. The reason is that they want to raise their daughter as they see fit. Quit blaming Scientology for every idiosyncrasy that you see when it comes to TomKat.

  • LuckyL

    Jackson, why the f*** are you always verbally jerking off to this family?

  • just saying

    I don’t get it. Her parents waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on her wardrobe and they refuse to get her a sippy cup. I’m starting to wonder if Katie is tipping off the paps? Tom’s security team is with them at all times. Strange how Tom isn’t ever photographed doing menial day-to-day tasks. Her career is at a standstill. Nowadays she’s more famous for being in the tabloids.

  • just saying

    Even in all those expensive clothes she’s still not as cute as Shiloh.

  • mya

    I knew a little girl… hum…she was 8 years old, and she was still using a feddbottle before going to bed at night. She had to dropped it when she enter school ’cause eveybody was laughing at her.
    I believe in the fact that Katie might drop the bottle pretty soon.

  • saying

    Jackson – you’re trying too hard.

  • Yoby

    I heard that they use the blanket because in scientology thats a way to protect you’re child for bad spirits and that kind of stuff!!
    so, there u have it!
    Correct me if im wrong’

  • Nicole

    Man Jackson you have a problem. And the “it’s their kid” excuse doesn’t fly – some people lock their kids in closets, but that should be okay because “it’s their kid”?

  • Giselle


  • !

    God bless the Cruises!

    God bless JJ!

  • dina

    Katie is one pretty mom along with Suri that is so precious.