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Nicole Kidman's Golden Phone Call

Nicole Kidman's Golden Phone Call

Keith Urban takes his wife Nicole Kidman out to the Busshari Japanese restaurant in Sydney on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Nicole Kidman made a phone call to Australia’s men’s 470 sailing team, Nathan Wilmot and Malcolm Page, who then brought home gold in Qingdao, reports The Australian.

“We were nice and relaxed and it ended up all right,” Page said. “I think I got about nine hours sleep, my best sleep of the week.”

They named their boat Australia after Kidman‘s soon-to-be released film and have named previous boats after her other films including Bangkok Hilton, Dead Calm, and Days of Thunder.

“She was very surprised that we do have a tradition of naming our boats after her movies and she’s just really stoked to be part of a team,” Wilmot said.

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  • me…

    aww luv her 1st

  • me…

    she is so talented

  • daisy

    Thanks, Jared. They both look great!

  • hostas

    So did he order a Big Mac, and did she order some gourmet cuisine – talk about complete opposites. It appears she is trying to do the Donald Trump combover!

  • Sue

    He looks like her bodyguard or escort. He never looks up, while she smiles and waves to the fans.

  • Kayla

    this is just crazy. who would name their sailing boats Dead Calm and Days of Thunder?
    if someone give me a boat called Dead Calm, i don’t know if i’d take it.

  • dido

    botox quenn is back oh what a happy day!!!!!!! and of course her midget hubby)))))))))))))

  • mike


  • Paige

    #4′s comment made me laugh.. so true.
    She looks great.. even tho I don’t really care for curly hair on her.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    nicole looks soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! look her lips!!! omg !! she looks like before botox (or whatever she made to her face) !!!! SHE REALLY LOOKS SO MUCH like the old Nicole!!!! she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful!!! perfect!!!!!!

  • nda

    she’s soooo gorgeous!!!
    luv her and keith!!

    btw seemed that the Urbans have visited them and met Sunday Rose.
    Pic # 4 and # 6, the lady behind them is actually Keith’s mom, Marienne……

  • daisy

    For peoples information, Keith loves Sushi. He says it is one of his favorite foods. They got out for Sushi a lot. I bet he loved being in Japan in February for the first time. Not so complete opposites.

    These men can name their boats after anything they want to. They are World champions & gold medalists it is their choice.

  • Helena

    Wow, the botox has worn off. She used to have bee-stung lips!

  • Jessica

    she looks gorgeous! I’m happy she is back to Australia!

  • Jessica

    she looks gorgeous! I’m happy she is back to Australia!

  • Penn

    She looks really beautiful! her happy face says everything!

  • Chen

    They are a lovely couple! very natutal and relaxed, not posing and acting like robot katie and crazy Tom!

  • mandy

    Not a fan of urban, i don’t think he is the right choice for Nicole. she should be with beautiful and gentleman men as Jude Law or Sean Penn!
    Nic you deserve better darling!

  • Sandy

    She looks terrific! They are so happy and enjoyng the baby, that’s for sure…I wish the best for both.

  • dancer

    She looks happier than ever! Thanks for the pics. Loved the bit about the team naming their boats after her!

  • ^

    She’s always overdressed…a three piece suit and someone did her hair (when it’s “natural” and she does it, it’s obvious and looks a mess) and she’s always looking at the camera, acknowledging it and being “on” = gross! (how can she pretend to want a “private” life, give me a brake!)
    and then there’s Keith and his mom, completely down to earth, in jeans no one doing them up…it must be weird for his mom that he’s with someone so high maintainance…his parents are totally low key and humble people.

  • were

    better than seeing tom cruise and his wife tom cruise

  • Sylvie

    I love them too much. I think they are such a down to earth couple. I’m tired of those silly Hollywwod stars like Tom Katie, Posh and Becks, Longoria and Parker…we need people with talent, not postars!

  • Josh

    Kidman looks so happy! I miss her smile and gorgeous curly hair like that. i just don’t like to see her in black…Keith is always good.

  • sarah

    They are truly happy and charming. I wish best for little Sunday as for the couple. I don’t mind if Keith is ugly, bad dresses, ex addicted or whatever…Nicole loves him, that’s what matter!

  • Regina

    “Not a fan of urban, i don’t think he is the right choice for Nicole. she should be with beautiful and gentleman men as Jude Law or Sean Penn!”


    Who are you to say who Nicole should be with? Jude Law? The same gentlemen who cheated on Sienna Miller with a nanny? Sean Penn? The same gentlemen who always spews out pathetic comments? Nicole appears to be very happy with Keith. It’s not always about looks.

    You can’t just plan out someone’s life like that. It’s not that easy!

  • morgan

    I think they are a beautiful couple. Best wishes to them and their new baby girl.

  • Hopefully

    She looks great. Happy. Hopefully, she will leave that botox alone and darken her hair some back to its natural color or some hue of auburn/brown mix because white blond hair on white skin is too washed out for her. Hopefully she and Keith will stay together. He is so rigth for her. They look much more real and happy, normal than Tom/RobotKate . Hopefully her oher kids will return to her when they turn 18. BTW, Keith was inHouston ,TX in concert on Sat ,8/16 ,Kenny Chesney’s tour. There is a break now in the tour until the 8/21. I do not know if Urban is the other shows. He made it back to Nicole and their baby in one day .Good man.

  • gina

    She is one of those classic beauties!

  • jim


  • diane

    Is’nt keth a little old to still wax his chest and when kidman has’nt got that big chessy cat grin on her face she still looks like she has earthworm lips

  • Jobi

    I love them and they seemed to be truly in love. I’ m a huge fan of Keith’s and he is definitely a gentleman! Don’t understand where some of you think he is not! Also he is a gorgeous man. He’s made People’s Most Beautiful list several times. Keith is nothing fake and he is home and being normal!

  • jujuelen

    They both look great, thanks JJ

  • Penny clarck

    Nicole is so beautiful.i miss her hair like that, reminds me her golden days of Cold Mountain! lovely couple they are.

  • Vania

    Finally a photo of them ago. After Subday’s birth Nic and keith didn’t appear almost.i was missing them.
    they look relaxed and happy, thta’s what i hope for them, because they are truly wonderful persons.after the noght mare of Tom Cruise, Nicole found a gentleman.a true man for her!

  • Dani

    she has one of the most perfect faces in Hollywood.
    I want to see Sunday Rose please!

  • mya

    She really looks great and happy!

  • Supernetuser

    The question is why on earth did Nicole even try a relationship with Tom Cruise? That doesn’t make any sense considering she’s probably smarter now than she was about that guy.

  • sunty

    She lokks a old and boring, seem good talkers and conversators both, been expectant and loving. Lady y blue dressed blak, with AA ROSE IN HER CHEEK. HIS NEED OF SOamething to grasp, and grip. is manifested in the golves hiden in the pocket.

  • squeezymcfeel

    She looks great!

  • sunty

    on the othe hand, there is a joy a misterious joy, the is elegant and contented, in the view no snapers, and no brown, humoroustic and trembling, following the track odf snoopy.

  • daisy

    LOLing at people telling Nicole who she should be with. Especially on a message board she will never see. I think that is pretty much her decision & their families seem to love their in laws.

  • sunty

    Tod pasa y todo queda, pero lo nuestro es pasar. hay un pajaro pequeño, chapoteando en el mar. Si los angeles supieran lo que el sabio sabe ya. Cnatarían las canciones de las alas ala pasar. por tanto entre las velas, hay un cauto caminar. Prolijo entre azuzenas. Pretendido de la paz.

  • jim

    #18 – They are a lovely couple! very natutal and relaxed, not posing and acting like robot katie and crazy Tom!

    I AGREE 300%

    #30 – She is one of those classic beauties!


  • jim


  • Caroline

    Yeah, no more botox and the lip filler is slowly dissolving too.

    Nic hasnb’t looked this good in years

  • justme

    Looks like The Lady and the Tramp. Keith may be a gentleman but he certainly doesn’t look it. They do look odd together but if they love each other it doesn’t matter. I’m sure many people would prefer it if Hugh Jackman and Nicole were a couple. Two elegant people. I think Keith would look good with Hugh’s wife.

  • Chensy

    Nicole is so beautiful, she is amazing woman and actress!

  • nic

    Nicole looks lovely!