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Daniel Craig is a Broken Bond

Daniel Craig is a Broken Bond


Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as James Bond this Fall in Quantum of Solace, is seen with his right arm in a sling while out in London on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old British actor was accompanied by longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

Back in June, Daniel also was injured on the set of Quantum. He was rushed to hospital after hurting himself.

Quantum of Solance opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, November 14.

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • pr

    I think we have already been over this in the last post.

    JJ you’re getting slow!

  • pr
  • The Ring

    is that man not capable of going anywhere without her though?

  • kate

    If you’re going to pay writers, HIRE WRITERS!

    “after hurting himself”. Craig didn’t “hurt himself”. He was injured.

    English, it’s not JUST a second language!

  • gina

    He still looks good. Wonder how he get that black eye this time though?

  • The Ring

    to kate;

    injured doing what?

  • The Ring

    to gina:
    are there pics on that link of him..cant see them.

  • tolpachita

    He looks old. Look at Matthew Fox, he´s 42 & he´s hot!!

  • mery

    Yes, he looks very older and very thin.

  • coop

    he looks so old an tired!!!! and I even say that he seems sick…… what is going on with him??? he is not the same daniel that we know from times ago……. maybe he is with a depression….. it’s normal, seing that he has such a busy life, and all the fame, paparazzi and all that things….. I feel sorry for him, he doesn’t look ok….

  • ewww

    Geez, could the gf be uglier?? Yeah, he does look old and ill. Find a new companion, this gf looks like a pickup from a bar after a long nite.


    What happened to to that chisled man..Now he looks so thin.. It is great that she is there to support him..They have been dating for a
    long time.. PR what do you mean that we have already been through
    this already..

  • kate


    The faux “journalist” in question didn’t state that fact.

  • http://ANALAURA@NETUNO.COM.BR nana;}

    hsuashaushaushaush, coitadinhooo!!

  • real world

    Hope his arm gets better.Can’t wait to see his new movie!

  • ???

    He must be into Fugly asian women with the hair glued to the head. I’m shocked. What happened to good taste???

  • pr

    to Betsy;

    These pictures were posted in the the link under the Pineapple Express on the last two pages.

    I posted the link to them:

    I was stating that JJ was very slow on printing them considering they were all over the press and internet for more than 24 hours.

  • ?

    LOL, this comment was made on the P Express last page:

    # 686 n @ 09/18/2008 at 2:06 pm

    “The gf looks like she has been rode hard and hung out to dry. Can’t she do something with her face. H e looks old as if he has aged 10 years.”

    I agree and he looks totally sick and unhappy. This couple look like they are totally done with each other.

  • to 18

    you say she looks hung out to dry; well you spend hours waiting in er and see how you look. we dont know how they waited for daniel to get looked at. in er they follow the triage protocol. the most serioulsy ill get seen first. as for daniel looking sick and unhappy; well his arm may hurt, he may be on pain killers and to top it off he has to deal with some eager over achiever of a photographer. being tired and cranky does not mean that these two are totally done with each other.

  • ?

    to 19:

    I didn’t say it if you read correctly….I quoted someone from a previous thread..and agreed.

    You know for certain he went to a regular ER? Come on. people like that DONT wait in ER rooms, they have PRIVATE doctors for pete’s sake. lol.

  • get real

    they seem to be “tired and cranky” a lot of the time then..even when they know the paps aren’t there they look fed up.

    What’s the excuse then?

  • lou lover

    I have something to say but no doubt will have Tiger and Kitty flexing their claws at me :)

    He does look near exhaustion point. I guess the glamorous life he leads has it’s downsides like the constant public and press intrusion. That has to be a pain in the neck on a day to day basis. Yes I know he “signed” up for that but it’s hard to tell how a person will cope with it and he looks as he is isn’t.

    I would ask him one thing “Was taking Bond on worth it mate?”.

    That’s my prate. ;)

  • coop

    until now, she has the only one looking bad and ugly, now are the both of them looking awful…….

  • !


  • to !


  • anne

    ok so he has a private doctor, that still doesn’t take away the pain. as for looking cranky, yeah if i had a group of photographers taking pictures of me and/or strangers bothering me i’d downright irriated.
    nowhere in the contract he signed with the bond franchise does it say daniel craig has to smile and be happy to his life invaded by strangers all the time. as for satsuki; i think i know exactly what her attitude is towards the press and/or fans who keep bothering them. her whole expression is saying “go away and stop bothering us”.

  • to get real

    you’re pointing of that daniel and satsuki look tired and cranky all the time. they don’t react well to photographers taking pictures of them during their private time. just be grateful that looking unhappy and fed up is all daniel does. my cousin works for a major public relations firm here in los angeles. they have one celebrity as a client who is to put it bluntly a nightmare for the press to deal with.
    this celebritiy; who is more than very well known, is photographed from the time he leaves his home until the time he goes home. he has a group of body guards like everyone else. but here’s the deal; one of those body guards job is not to protect the celebrity from the press but to protect the press from this celebrity. physically knocking an offending photographer to the ground is not unknown for this person. he has done it several times. start worrying when daniel become physical towards the press and/or fans who annoy him.

  • clara

    poor baby, he looks like sh#’t
    i think he’s paranoid about his fame, the attention around him and the type of reception the Bond film going to receive
    all that pressure is getting to him

  • Pinky

    I still think he looks gorgeous. I would lick him up in a minute! YUM

  • get real

    if Daniel starts becoming physical with the press or the public then that’s time for him to get help, if not before.

    If he sustained these injuries in a fight then maybe he’s beginning to lose it? Who knows. I hope he isn’t.

    The irritation of fans and press shouldn’t justify violence and vice versa.

    I knew one person who was told to ‘get lost” when he asked for an autograph by someone who shall remain nameless.

    These famous people should realize who put them there in the first place. And no, my friend was not “irritating” this person. In fact this famous person laughed after saying it and walked off.

    As for the gf, I don’t feel that sorry for her. She isn’t stupid, she knows the score of his life.

  • ?

    when she wins the most elegant woman of the year by hello magazine, she’ll like the attention then.

  • coop

    please don´t say that 31! she can´t win that! if that happens anyone can with her, she is gonna to be with that look that im the greatest and the hottest girl in the world…..wich it’s not true at all….. maybe that clothes that she is wearing on this pictures make her more feminin, but still not that special….

  • cold shoulder

    It was sarcasm I think No 32.

    Shouldn’t she be helping him in the street or something rather than walking ahead of him..when my ex had his arm broken, I walked with him to make sure he didn’t trip up.

  • cold shoulder

    I meant holding his other arm by the elbow, making sure. Just a nice thing to do really. Not walking in front of him. Don’t understand her actions here sorry to say.

  • oh dear

    He looks really sorry for himself and sad. Bad arm or not.

  • oreo

    I’ve always thought that she was there for her own benefir and all she can get. I can’t imagine what on earth he supposedly sees in her. In these pictures , I see no evidence of caring really between the two. I agree that he looks ill in some regard. Certainly not content and robust.

  • oh dear

    I don’t care whether there was one or a thousand photographers around me, I wouldnt walk ahead of someone who is in a sling. Your balance is off when you are like that and sick…no person would want someone they love not to help them. no wonder he looks sad. she looks like she couldnt care less.

    I agree with Oreo: no caring between the two is evident.

  • moo moo

    she cares about wearing her 3 carat diamond though.

  • moo moo

    she cares about wearing her 3 carat diamond though.

  • moo moo

    she cares about wearing her 3 carat diamond though.

  • Daniel lover

    To Oreo, I agree with you. He looks ill and not happy. Understandably so. But she does not look like she is supportive of him at all. Show a little love and affection for goodness sake. There are lots of gals out there who would love to nurse him well. Poor baby. By the way my cat is called Oreo.

  • to Daniel lover

    maybe she isn’t being supportive because of the way he got the injuries? If he got into a fight then maybe she is pissed at him..i remember reading that she told him to calm down on a few occasions when he’s been bothered by reporters and a fan who took a picture of him shopping.

    She looks like as if she is thinking “well thats your own fault you got hurt” maybe?? I don’t know.

  • to 41

    You’re right about there being many people who would love to take care of him.
    I’d spoon feed him some home made chicken soup, that would put the color back in his Oh yeah!


    Daniel is always rugid and hot! His girlfriend has to be the moist unattractive woman with a rich man.

    She has aged horrible and she insist on not wearing make up which makes her look worst. She has an Adam’s apple and is terribly thin.

    I am sorry but she is borderling FUG!!

  • Broken Bond

    Broken Bond is a good headline..he looks totally washed out.

    He looks like he could do with a good nights sleep and and a nice hot meal.

  • athena

    Oooh, what a sexy beast…even with a baseball cap and arm sling…I LOVE THIS MAN!!! I can’t wait to see Quantum of Solace either!!! The previews are OUTSTANDING!!!!

  • lucy

    Go back to 2nd grade and learn how to spell.


  • jazz

    To me, Sats looks like a man. No makeup and flatchested. She doesn’t seem to be nurturing at all.

  • lee

    I agree and her hair is unbecoming and unkempt. YUCK

  • tigerlily

    Lou lover if i am flexing my claws at you it’s only because i’m in a playful mood….grrrrr!!! lol
    Actually i agreed with every word you said. : )