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Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their twins Vivienne and Knox along with the rest of their family as they arrive back home at the Nice airport in the south of France on Wednesday.

Maddox, 7, Pax, 4 1/2, Shiloh, 2, and Zahara, 3 1/2, all joined their almost-three-month-old twin siblings on the trip back to France.

Just on Tuesday afternoon, Brad and Angie were seen in New Orleans snuggling up together. Looks like there’s still romance after six kids!

10+ pictures inside of Brad and Angelina taking the twins out…

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brad angelina take twins out 01
brad angelina take twins out 02
brad angelina take twins out 03
brad angelina take twins out 04
brad angelina take twins out 05
brad angelina take twins out 06
brad angelina take twins out 07
brad angelina take twins out 08
brad angelina take twins out 09
brad angelina take twins out 10
brad angelina take twins out 11

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  • LOL!

    Too cute.. its a PJ fashion show.

  • katie n

    quite a handful right there. But it is nice. these kids are already expert travelers.

  • katie n

    And Princess Zee, leading the family again :) what a cutie!

  • http://yahoo paige

    i can’t believe i’m second

  • jenny

    I absolutely loves this family

  • marina

    I love this family!
    It is great to see them always together. I bet their family and friends got to meet the twins :)

  • Shar

    As usual, Zahara shows us all who’s really the boss!! She’s so cute when she stares down the paps.

  • paige

    they’re all so adorable Shiloh is so tall now. She’s tall as Pax. She looks cranky and tired and wants her mommy’s attention. She is a mama’s girl

  • sHEILA

    Love this family. Cute how the kids are in their PJs travelling, like regular families do (although not by plane!), how these kids are always dressed to the nines, looking for a photo opp. Little Shiloh’s bedhead, so cute, she looks sleepy. Seems like Brad and Angelina are a good tag team the way they are handling the twins and everything, nothing bonds a couple more than sharing the care and love of children.

  • sHEILA

    Meant to say above how these kids are NOT always dressed to the nines for a photo opp (looking at you TomKat).

  • Shar

    And Shi is getting so big and so adorable!!!

  • Helena

    They’re not very eco-friendly people flying in and out to places with their private jets.

  • mm

    they are all cute

    love how angie is helping brad with the twins and getting the others in to the plane as well.

    wonder who maddox managed to escape the paps? think he ran stright on to the plane?

  • cherry sky

    The kids are so cute. Pax looks sleepy but still cute. Zahara and Shiloh are looking cute as ever.

  • angel

    jared the cuteness is too much,thanks for the new pics

  • AndrĂ³meda

    I adore the kids!!. Zee, Pax and Shi look so big.
    Thanks JJ.

  • Passing Through

    Wow, that was quick. They must have left the MIR site and headed directly to the airport! LOL.

  • Passing Through

    Oh well…that was a fun 5 days for us. Now it’s back to fake stories and few sightings until the CCOBB premiere.

  • please

    Thank God they are back home. I hope they find peace from the paps once again. Until the award season, do take care.

  • Helen

    Shiloh looks soo cute, she looks like she just woke up…her chubby cheeks are the cutest. Princess Z is gorgeous and I love Pax PJ’s. I wish we could have gotten a picture of Maddox too..

    Glad that the family has a safe trip. Does anyone know if Angie and Brad are the ones the fly the planes when the family travels?

  • angel

    am still swooning over the other pics

  • Sheri

    Why is angie always wearing black. She is always plain. If she has a stylist she needs to fire her. Get some color in life.

  • Phoebe

    its the most loving family in Hollywood. its great to see them that happy and intact. the kids are just the cutest.

  • Phoebe

    i think Angelina looks beautiful in black! why should she be wearing colors?black is classy! it looks gorgeous!

  • Heavenly

    mm (#13) and Helen (#20) – are you looking at different pictures than I am? The 3rd picture is Maddox.


    Awww, look at them — so adorable. Shi is a little imp, hilarious that AJ has to keep a firm hand on her – she looks like she’s pretty impulsive, and Zee is gonna be a tall, slender girl – supermodel Z. She’s the one taller than Pax, and she’s still 3. I think that’s sweet too, how Brad & Angie are a team, look at them with the twins — so swoony.

  • Shar

    Sheri @ 10/08/2008 at 1:30 pm

    Angie’s wearing black because she wants to, and last I checked, she can do anything she damn well please!!!!!!

  • Bella

    i am overjoyed watching the terrain of the Jolie-Pitt!! the kids are sooo adorable.!!!

  • samantha

    love the whole family <3

  • fan

    That was fun having them here that is. I hope Angie will be back to do some interviews and promotig her upcoming movie. They are beautiful family but Brad seems upset in x17 vedio from yesterday in NO.Shiloh looks cute inher PJ. here.

  • Helen

    Thanks for pointing out Maddox…Love him!

  • dancer

    What great pictures. Looks like Ms. Shiloh is giving Angie some grief! Such a cute family!

  • richard peterson

    Angie like black colour.Giorgio Armani lke black too .Which the problem?

    I love Angie.Shiloh is cute ,Zahara,Maddox and pax

  • Chloe

    I Can’t believe Shiloh is almost as tall as Pax ! Beautiful family.

  • faye88

    Wow Jared!!!! You’re the man! Thanks for all the new JP threads. This family is just too cute for words. LOL! I especially love the previous thread photos. Beautiful.

    Got to rush off to work. Take care all!!! :) :)

  • hearts a flutter

    Why is it their kids always look like orphans? Always unkempt and messy hair. You would think with their money these children would be dressed nicely and hair combed. Shame on Brangelina.

  • angel

    36,get new materials you have repeated your lies on every thread, get a life

  • Prue Halliwell

    Report Abuse
    # 36 hearts a flutter @ 10/08/2008 at 1:50 pm Why is it their kids always look like orphans? Always unkempt and messy hair. You would think with their money these children would be dressed nicely and hair combed. Shame on Brangelina.
    Please go to TomKat’s thread if you want to see designer clothes on children.

  • creativegirl

    i love Shiloh’s crocs – so cute on her.

    So cute seeing Brad manage two of those horrible car seats!
    Way to go Daddy Brad!

  • what

    The video is pretty funny. at one point it looks like Pax is doing karate

  • gina

    Back to work for them. It was nice seeing them States side for a bit.

  • hearts a flutter

    #37, what lies are you talking about? The way their children always look is terrible. I have never commented on their kids before so I am confused by you saying I always post the same lies.

  • Jack

    The children just flew 10 hrs across an ocean at night, they were sleeping in their jammies.

    No nanny or help, Angelina in flats to better be able to manage her children. Basic black doesn’t show all the mess they spilled on her, lol.

    The only problem is that these photos were taken at all, stalking children for monetary gain should be illegal.

  • no gimmicks

    For the people who are wondering how Angie lost all that pregnancy weight so quickly, just look at these pictures..She lost it by chasing four active kids and breastfeeding three month old twins.

  • Life is the Pitts

    Helen @ 10/08/2008 at 1:28 pm ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………there is a pic of mad on popsugar

  • sharon

    Thanks jj for the new thread. Jolie-Pitts family is the cutest. Shiloh is very tall.

  • Life is the Pitts

    oh on here to.sorry

  • marina

    yeah, flutter, sure. They should have an stylist and a hair dresser so when they arrive afther hours and hours sleeping on a plane they get up and get their hair done, change and put maybe some make up to look good for photographs on 6 kids under 8 years old.
    Oh, do not forget that these are intruders taking photos of them , not a photo shoot. Some trolls need to make up better lies and excuses for their negativity. Most people (including little children) no not really care how they look after a international trasatlantic flight, they just want to get home or the hotel to rest a bit.

    The kids look comfortable in their pjs and are well behaved for being so little (and quite a handfull) after traveling all night. Their parents always keep an eye on them.

  • moi

    Crap, these people fly a lot. They must have a staff specifically for booking trips, packing bags and bottles, and unloading it all again…and they must do it in less than 4 minutes flat! Ha.

  • soopx1

    Thanks Jared! I love seeing the Jolie-Pitt Family,Thanks for posting the threads.Now they can go Home while Dad works,and mom can be with the kids.Wishing a safe trip for this Family.Loved seeing the
    Children they are so cute.
    Want to wish Angel a very Happy Birthday.Wishing you many more.
    Also Thanks , Neleh for your hello’s you are so sweet,also Vickifromtexas, I still think of you and your mom,wishing for nothing but good things for the both of you.
    Guli I’m so Happy you are doing Good.
    Hermana Chiquita MF and Senior talk to you Later.
    Anoble keep up the Reports on T-Boy,Some College is going to pay for this Boy.He is a good football player.
    Jolie-Pitt Fans you all are the Best of People,Bye All have a Beautiful Day.