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Madonna's Divorce: Official!

Madonna's Divorce: Official!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing after almost eight years of marriage.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after 7 1/2 years of marriage,” her rep Liz Rosenberg said in a statement to The Associated Press. “They have both requested that the media maintain respect for their family at this difficult time. A final settlement has not been agreed upon yet.”

According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, the couple decided to go public with the split now because they “can’t bear to live with the pretense any longer… A series of rows around Guy‘s 40th birthday last month were so bad that Madge ended up storming out of the house and Guy‘s had enough.”

Pictured: The last pictures of Madonna returning to her NYC apartment last night prior to the official announcement of her divorce.

UPDATE: It’s being reported that the couple don’t have a pre-nup and Guy could walk away with $250 million, one of the biggest divorce payouts in history.

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  • first

    Sorry to both of them, I hope they will find happiness in their descision

  • jemma


    sorry for both of them

  • cdn

    Sad, but likely better for the kids.

  • notbusy

    I like Guy. To bad for the kids.

  • Mary

    This is absolutely no shocker…I am not sure Madonna is capable of remaining in a solid-proof marriage/relationship…I really have no respect for her as a person, but I hope the children are spared any pain…

    And maybe Madonna will finally admit that her and A-Rod were having an affair months ago and move on…but that won’t last either…

  • Julie


  • jenny

    Wow, she sure pulled the wool over our eyes….I didn’t see that one coming!!!! lol.
    no suprise, they both are hot heads, and two hot heads are gonna stir the fire.
    In a month or two, it will be “breaking news” that she and A Rod are dating….
    My sister is a dancer in LA, and tried out for one of Madonna’s videos. She said she a real bitch, and she only is nice to the gay guys.
    Guy Ritchie probably got tired of competing.

  • Pff

    haha, i think guy ritchie is jokes.

  • indiesr

    Its really sad. I hope the children will be able to coupe as well as the parents involved. Marriages end, its a sad reality, but it happens. :(

  • dialectic

    marriage ends,its a waste of time man… cant expect two people to be in love forever..thats just a creation of writers and poets…

  • Susan

    I feel for their children.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..they look like idiots now for denying it for so long.

  • bonzo

    can’t imagine what he ever saw in her to begin with
    they ALWAYS looked like idiots

  • rfb

    Madonna is GROSS!!!!

  • Single and sad

    Rich, single and sad. Middle class- single and sad. Same thing. Too bad for Madonna. Guy was a decent guy. Money.Talent. He did his own thing in the business nad did and could not compete with her and it seems he did not. All Midge had to do was meet him half way. Turn off Madonna the dictator andentertainer off at home. Be normal at home. Leave the gays and ARod alone which was the final nail in the coffin, no doubt. She seems like a nigthmare to actually try to live with. She will be rich worth hundreds of millions of dollars,with grown kids in ten short years, and no real man ther efor the longhaul. Guy will go off and find someone else, no where near worth Madonna’s hundreds of millions but so what and he will make a life for himself. Madonna is not the end all t o be all.

  • jk

    Does this have anything to do with A-Rod?

  • cain

    It’s really pathetic. Maybe M is just too mighty for men live on earth to take…whatever, wish them both good, and so with their kids.

  • Shakira

    It is always a sad moment when a married couple that shared real love and children decide to break up. I wish both of them well and hope they find true happiness as they move forward in their lives. Best to the children at this trying time as well.

  • long live decency

    Madonna is a loser. I suppose ARod is really in the picture.

    Guy is still young, he will find a great relationship. You watch.

  • amy

    I guess ARod’s wife, Cynthia, was telling the truth, huh.

  • freddy

    Oh please please please let Guy be gay!!!

  • You/Me

    long live decency @ 10/15/2008 at 11:52 am Madonna is a loser. I suppose ARod is really in the picture.

    Guy is still young, he will find a great relationship. You watch.

    Agreed. She is trashy no matter how rich she is or how famous. Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Hopefully Guy will find someone normal…..and take Rocco and David with him!

  • gina

    She has never had luck with relationships. I wonder if this means she will come out publicly about A-Rod now too.

  • You/Me

    Oh, and how funny is it that in the main pic on this thread Madonna actually kinda looks like A-Rod’s wife Cynthia…lmao….

  • LolaSvelt

    I was hoping that this wasn’t true. They have a child together, but I guess it’s better than them fighting.

  • mike

    I wish them the best…he seems like a great father…

  • richard

    I love madonna . Marriage is not easy

    Good luck your life,next cd and next tour


    It’s a curse.

  • Meredith

    Madonna is self centered Bi#$&. I am surprised he stayed with her for that long…

  • Ace

    She can’t be an easy person to live with. I find her very interesting, definitely entertaining in music/dance/shows, but as a person, extremely abrasive and not very likeable. For a while there she began dressing like an older, fabulously stylish and sophisticated woman, took to the English lifestyle, toned herself down a little and even wrote children’s books. Back then she had “Mrs. Ritchie” on her jacket.

    Now she’s in sleazy leotard outfits with a show steeped in disco culture and she is out making foul remarks and being “controversial” again.

    Madonna changed briefly for Guy, but she reverted back to type. I don’t think Madonna being herself is much of a tolerable partner.

  • sue

    Congratulations Guy – madonna is an old hag. You can do much better than her. I love how she wants respect – I hope she gets the same respect that she gave Sarah Palin at her concert – NONE!

  • Ava

    He probably is looking for a woman to act her age. Madonna is a sad person, yes she will be remembered in music history forever, but the woman is freakin fifty. Seriously, she needs to grow up! The thought of her in those stupid leo’s she seems to think she can still pull off makes me sick. I hope Guy finds love and someone to appreciate him.

  • K

    Good for Guy. Maybe he can find someone who cares more about family than her career and AROD !

  • sue

    madonna is a prize – a boobie prize. Congratulations Guy! Try and find someone MUCH younger this time. She is waaaayyy too old for you.

  • sue

    She wants respect, what a joke. She is the most disrespectful person on the planet. You get what you give.

  • mary

    I think she needs some more botox.

  • M

    Madonna is a skank and Guy is so much better off without her.

  • joneblaze

    This proves that there is truth to every rumor

  • http://WWW.JUSTJARED.COM lita canruna



  • Rebekka

    It’s just awful hoe the divorce has been splashed everywhere, I hope the media really do leave them alone, this is an awful time for Madonna, Guy and the kids. They deserve respect and privacy.

  • in a pigsty

    He was very courageous to marry someone like her.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Well it’s about bloody time! Now the man can get to making good movies again now that the ‘picture jinx’ will no longer be around. For someone who’s supposed to be so ‘money savy’, not having a prenup was really dumb!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Guy will most probably find a woman that looks like a woman and not like some ‘muscle woman’ looking to win ‘Ms. Muscle Universe’. She was soft and sexy once — and that’s alot coming from me.

  • Naima

    At least her husband whose career and dignity she destroyed had enough balls to finally leave her. This woman has no SOUL.
    The only person Madonna can be married to is Madonna, I have no respect for this greedy bitch.

  • georgette

    even the stars aren’t doing well.
    it’s gotta be crisis up in the skyes! The end of an era, the end of a system. Hope there’s gonna be a good global change… (d.amn what am i saying?)

  • l

    i am so happy for guy, this crazy rude, mean, ho needs to be by herself, old hag, good luck guy. she is one of the worst personality in show business, people who have worked with her have never had anything nice to say about her.

  • NancI Black

    I think M gave it her best Shot. I mean she is MADONNA . It did last as long as it could . M should really not marry again. She does not need marriage. End of story. So what if theres no pre nup . M is a cash Cow and can make up any money she loses. Come on how much $$ do people really Need .

  • Padma

    I agree with # 31 – 35: she seems like such an unlikeable person, her hyped career put aside. The only one she really seems to love is herself and the funny part is, she is so obsessed with pretending to be 20-something when she is not, that she acutally seems to damage herself.

    Seriously, I feel bad for her children, for having to put up with a mother that has a permanent midlife-crisis and demonstrates that infront of the whole word.

    Besides: how is anybody supposed to respect her when she doesn’t even respect herself? If she would, she surely wouldn’t be acting the way she does.

  • eddie jones

    aww another dirty liberal girl can’t keep a man, he deserves every nickle he gets for having to live with this woman, she never had a pre-nup because nobody would agree to one, the whole reason people flock to her is because of her money, it sure isn’t her looks or attitude.

  • madonna is a rude person

    i hope Guy takes that b y o t c h for 250 million dollars ! i can’t stand that whore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!