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Justin and Jessica Visit A Delicious Deli

Justin and Jessica Visit A Delicious Deli

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are spotted leaving Jerry’s Deli in Studio City after grabbing a bite to eat for dinner on Friday evening.

Jessica recently revealed that while she and Justin are not planning on marriage anytime soon, they do share one secret of relationship success. “We both love a round of golf,” she told Fox News. “It’s addictive, and I do think it helps if you both have the same hobby. Plus Justin is a great guy.”

And what of the ring on her married finger? “Oh that. It was a gift … yes, from the man I love.”

10+ more pics inside of Justin and Jessica visiting a delicious deli…

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jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 01
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 02
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 03
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 04
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 05
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 06
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 07
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 08
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 09
jessica biel justin timberlake jerrys deli 10

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  • R0xy

    they’re cute 2gether…

  • Amber


    Go Jess and JT

  • jk

    She so manly. What a downgrade from Cameron Diaz.

  • dani

    i dont like jessica…she is a bad actress too

  • Elina

    you can say whatever you want but jessica is beautiful. veeery beautiful.. if you looked like that ,you would be very happy…and you know it

  • dani

    she soooo need a stylist..always wearing ugly clothes

  • hank

    she’s so hot, what does she see in him? i think it’s a definite upgrade from cameron diaz. jessica is a good actress, she’s very pretty, and most importantly, she’s so cool.

    diaz may be a good actress with lotsa money but she’s not good looking at all and she’s mean.

  • Nanea

    What has she done to her lips now? They look even more inflated than just a few days ago when she was in Europe promoting “Easy Virtue”:


  • gina

    Nice to see Jerry’s Deli mentioned. Great place.

  • Mr. d

    I think Jessica is relatively attractive, not a head-turner by any means, but cute in her own way. Nice body, passable face. Justin on the other hand is average looking at best. I can walk down the hall at my college and see many people who are better looking than he is. I don’t get why some people think he can do better than her, maybe because he is more famous? It certainly isn’t his looks, that is obvious. Nothing special there!

  • jennifer

    they’re cute together…

  • Amber

    Jessica is ugly and overrated!
    I feel bad for JT because hse is using him!

  • Amber

    Jessica is ugly and overrated!
    I feel bad for JT because she is using him!

  • Rose

    That info she gave is BS!
    She doing it for publicity!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    wtf? they are engaged?


    i feel bad for him.

  • Lisa

    Jessica isn’t special. All of his girlfriends have had rings!

  • MEany01

    Uggggh, justin needs to wake up. It should be a huge clue that he the bigger star has not been photographed at all, while she has, and as soon as she gets back they both get photographed!!! Like come on. Maybe he does know and thats why he looks so miserable in the pictures. And her blabbing in that interview is sickening, since when has justin ever been comfortable talking or having his girlfriend talk openly about their relationship? Maybe cause this is his first time dating a “lesser” star ( and I use that term losely) he doesn’t realize it, but all these pap pics of her suddenly smiling, and her and her publicist being so candid (in other words exploiting) her relatioship with justin, just reek of desperate attempts to promote a shit movie, and an even worse career.
    Sorry for my rant she just annoys the hell outta me

  • Thebestever

    umm Elina, sorry to tell you I’m not a vain person, but if I woke up looking like that I’d kill my self. Since when did pale dead skin, fake collegan lips, stringy borderline nappy hair, and horrible fashion sense become attractive? Face it not everyone thinks she is pretty.

    Oh and I left out the carved up micheal jackson nose, can’t forget to leave that out.


    no offense, but i think jessica biel looks like a dude. justin what happend???

  • Kelly

    Cameron and Britney had rings from Justin too!

  • Kelly

    Cameron and Britney had rings from Justin too so no big deal.

  • dani

    fist of all sorry for my english!

    i hate jessica, if they weren´t together she would be nobody!!

    she thinks she´s the most beautiful women on earth, cameron and brit are so much hotter than her! besides she has no career, she´s not important in this bussines, britney is a number one and cameron is a great actress. learn jessica learn!

  • MiMi

    it seems like every woman who’s dated justin doesn’t seem happy doing it….just an observation.

  • Penn Vadgely

    DId Jessica call the pappys to let them know about the dinner? Oh yes she did!

  • Catherine

    Her upper lip is growing by the day and let’s admit it, she’s a bad actress

  • Mili

    Jt seems annoyed and surprised that the papz are there. Funny how we don’t get a lot of JUSTIN candids when he’s alone, but when he’s with jessica, we got them.

    Jessica and her publicist are calling the papz. They are using him.

  • brett

    i think jessica looks like a normal woman, it’s obvious that she doesn’t have a stylist, and no one does her hair everyday, i think that’s why justin loves her, she’s so down to earth normal! why choose just another hollywood fake, when you can have a natural (okay, maybe not completely natural) woman…

  • Anne

    Jessica is just as fake as the other hollywood girls. She tips of the paps and acts like she hates them. She has fake lips and nose too. She tries to come off as the girl next door but she isn’t – I have heard about her being b i t c h y and conceited.

  • pinkydoo

    You know, Jessica is naturally pretty I think . Also, why does everyone seem to think that Justin is a hot catch? Just because he has money and an okay voice? I think he is pretty ugly actually.

  • abby

    I agree her publicist is working over time and she never was into golf and she probable doesn,t even play like she claims just watches everyone else a least you know Cameron does play there are photos of her playing with Justin and some other guys
    Jessica is getting caught in so many Lies it isn,t even funny

  • abby

    what happen to the ring Justin supposedly gave Jessica ?
    she was wearing while promoting her film now she isn,t wearing any jewelry not even her favirote necklace

  • Heather

    You know, Jessica is naturally pretty I think .

    Bullsh*t! She injects her lips and she has work done on her nose!

  • lisa

    i think they look cute 2gether!!
    in both very casual..JT looks hot luv his sweater
    but jessica not rally feeling the outfit lol but i like her purse

  • Suzi

    I love Jessica and Justin together. She is pretty and he is hot.

  • shame

    He’s hott!! She looks like a dry fish carcus shamelessly whoring itself to the media!!!!

  • Mr. d

    He’s one ugly mofo with his neck beard and spindly body. She can do better!

  • joe the plumber

    i usually like how she looks but ehhh she’s looking pretty bland here
    i do like her outfit tho
    i cant sta
    nd justin

  • Chaucee

    I LOVE Jessica’s outfit here.

  • yuck

    what the hell is wrong with her lips????! WTF? When she was on 7th heaven, the looked normal. too much work done! She’s going to look like those people with plastic surgery gone wrong.

  • lisa

    She can’t even keep her story right even Justin had said that she’s not into golf and she just plays around with it.

  • Lauren

    she looks like a hoe.
    oh wait, she is a hoe ><
    poor justin, he’s blind from her uglyness and cant see that she’a totally using him.
    that whole “the man i love” thing?
    LIES .

  • justina

    Can’t we just be happy 4 them? I’d really like to know how those who say jessica’s ugly look in the morning.