Beyonce - "Diva" Music Video Preview

Beyonce -

Beyonce steps out in a pair of Jimmy Choo “Piccolo” shoes as she films the music video for her new single, “Diva”, in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

Her cyborg hand is back, ya’ll!

In one scene, Beyonce lit a cigar and then threw the lighter onto a car, which exploded just 20 feet away from her.

Listen to “Diva” on YouTube. Diva is a female version of a hustler, of a hustler, of a of a hustler

ON A SCALE FROM 1-10… How hot are Beyonce’s silver-tasseled sunglasses?

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce shooting her “Diva” music video

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Credit: VT/SJ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mike

    LOVE HER!!! <3

  • dani

    This woman needs to retire.

  • Ouch!

    Let me rephrase that:

    ON A SCALE FROM 1-10… How *retarded* are Beyonce’s silver-tasseled sunglasses?

  • the real jc.

    YUCK. What a horrible track. A real shame too considering how good her last two were. And the shades….definitely Diva worthy but totally wasted on this ghastly song. Rewind.

  • Beetle

    well, she looks amazing.. but the song @#$%@$!

  • fabi

    1-10? i have to say 0
    i like her songs
    but i hope she never use those
    sunglasses again

  • michelle depp

    The tassled sunglasses look SOOOO tacky. It just goes to show you that even A LOT of money can not buy taste!!

  • sofia

    What is going on with this girl? But at least Solange isn’t there.

  • maja

    Meh! I wanted her to have Halo as the next single! Or is she doing 2 singles at the same time again?
    Anyway, Diva is whack and those glasses are fugly!

  • julie


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    michelle depp,

    …when you’ve been around as long as beyonce, and have made as much money… you can do ;whatever the fcuk you want. LOL

    jay-z & beyonce = #1 money-making couple in celeb-world.

  • JGP


  • gossipgirl

    rihanna wannabe

  • stella

    beyonce annoys me, especially her song SINGLE LADIES, ughhh



    this bitch is despererate!

    rihanna WANNABE!

  • Ashley

    10 all the way!!! go beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    copycat bee
    look at this pic everyone

  • daysa

    hi haters.
    lmao. i c beyonce gettin more n more everyday.
    lemme jus say dhat i dink dha glasses r cute not tacky.
    n she looks beautiful. i reeli dink if yall gonn ahate u mine as well hate on sum1 who iznt all dha way at dha top.
    love beyonce(:

  • Summer 08

    She is sooooo hot !! and the song is fire love QUEEN BEYONCE!!

  • kYRA


  • sasha

    Song is pure ***** Britney FOREVER!

  • sweet

    b is hot
    love her

  • reny

    Hm… not really feeling the shades but she is a 10, and so is the song. and those black heels! <3

  • yaya

    i cannot wait! Bey is the queen

  • nissy

    beyonce is fukin hot. wats with those glasses?

  • lois

    whoever is comparing beyonce to rihanna need to get shot. are u ppl serious? wow

  • .

    thats what im saying #26 wtf is wrong with u ppl if anything(even tho i love her) rihanna is a wannabe beyonce stupid ppl this site’s comments r always hating on rih&bey

  • love

    Those glasses dont work day to day life but in the video its goin to be hot!! I hope she delivers a good video.

  • Badu

    She’s BIG FAT woman! Very BIG & very FAT!!!!!!!!
    She scared me………………MOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faiz

    how many music vidz is she doin??

    Rihanna is better!

  • lalalove

    #15 and #30 are two immature kids. Beyonce is the initiator…PERIOD.
    I’m not even a fan.

  • alllthegossip
  • missus

    LOL those sunglasses are retarded. all her music sounds the same to me

  • Ciaralil

    You are f***ing crazy!! This is Beyonce guys, and she is beautiful no matter what she is wearing. And diva rocks! I love the song!

  • avid

    Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams > I Am… Sasha Fierce

  • Kerry

    Love this song DIVA! Its hot!TCANT WAIT FOR THE VID!

  • milli

    i guess those awful fringed shades symbolize how beyonce is delusional to the point of being blind

  • josh

    copycat beyonce
    look at this pic everyone

  • josh

    jennifer the best

  • blackberry

    beyonce is getting corny

  • Claudia

    You guys can compare Beyonce and Rihanna, but give it a few years when they age and so do their fans. When they can’t dance or perform like they do now, and when we want less ‘club/dancing’ songs. Who is going to have a career?

    Beyonce has the better voice. You may think Rihanna is pretty/hotter a better fashion icon. But at the end of the day, they are singers not models. Rihanna maybe a fashion icon [which Beyonce is as well and a bigger one if I may add] but Beyonce is the real and powerhouse singer.

    Beyonce is the queen, end of story.

  • wtf

    I’ve bought her first album, but honestly i think she is taking that diva sh!t way tooooo seriously i think she is crossing the lines with this diva sh!t here ,she is simply ridiclous and she is annoying the hell out of me right now, someone has to tell this disorder Sasha Freak to calm down a bit, im starting to regret bying her old album now, cuz i see that she is only desperated for attentions and extravagances.

    Michelle deep , you stole the words out of my mouth i was about to say this also .”It just goes to show you that even A LOT of money can not buy taste!! ” this dress is so awful , as for the sunglasses i don’t even want to start with this.

  • diva

    Why is she so full of herself like this ??? i mean there is much more beautiful and talented artists than her who are down to earth, why is she always full of herself on interviews, im a queen im wonderwoman im this im that..bitch should stf already, i see that now that she is seeing other singers coming having success she is scared so she is playing her attention ho desperatedly.

  • Deb

    She needs to go away for a while, she is smothering me.

  • josh


  • josh

    copycat bee


  • Marieme

    She just really cannot get enough attention, can she?

    I saw her yesterday in a commercial for Direct TV, and it’s like are you kidding me? Direct TV…? Because you’re really hurting for money, huh, Beyonce? Or was if for the artistic expression? If anything at all it sure is easy to tell who the money whores are. This chick sure is one.

    Hey Beyonce, you CAN say no sometimes…Or if it’s money that concerns you you can spend less to keep costs down. Do you really need another piece of jewelry or $10,000 purse made out of slaughtered animals? I think not.


    I believe they mean that she is trying to be like rihanna fashion wise…

    cause rihanna is the one that tried different and edgy things…

    and beyonce really wasnt… yes beyonce dressed beautiful… more on the safe side..

    and now she is trying things that really fit rihanna more, cause rihanna dresses more like this…

    I think that thats what everybody means.

  • ashley

    beyonce and rihanna r two very different women, with very different tastes. however, i desperately miss the old Beyonce’:(

  • liza

    jennifer lopez wore the same dress in cannes 1998