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Nicole Kidman: Say No To Violence Against Women!

Nicole Kidman: Say No To Violence Against Women!

UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman announces that more than five million people have signed a internet-based petition for the “Say No to Violence against Women” campaign on Tuesday at United Nations headquarters in New York.

“We thought that the more names we collected, the stronger our case to make ending violence against women a top priority for governments everywhere,” the 41-year-old Aussie actress said. “Well, the results are in. We’ve tallied the numbers from Bangkok and Tanzania, from Ecuador to Fiji, from Jordan to India. I am so delighted to announce that they have far, far, surpassed our goal.”

United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) is the women’s fund at the United Nations, promoting women’s human rights and gender equality in over 100 countries.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman saying no to violence against women…

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  • Brad

    THE most beautiful woman in the world! She’s god, she’s pretty. All the envy here just proves that she’s outstandingly gorgeous. Other women can’t stand her..haha. I’d like to see the fugly pics of the b**s who trash her here. That would be a laugh.

  • dianel

    How could U N i f e m use kidman to speak againts violence when she stood and watched that brute of a bodyguared of hers beat up a older man violence is violence weather it is a man or woman

  • jessica

    Nicole is very elegant here. I like the dress! It’s a good thing trying to help women who are abused. Hopefully she raises awareness.

  • Danielle

    Taco @ 11/26/2008 at 8:33 am

    She has gone to various countries visiting the women and talking with them to get their stories. Some of what UN ambassadors do is not publicized and much of it is. One of the reasons they choose high profile actors, musicians etc to lead the cause is for awareness. Ms. Kidman has been involved in women’s issues for a long time in Australia and Hollywood. This isn’t her first stab at it Taco.
    Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she isn’t doing her job and doing good.
    And she is reminiscent of Grace Kelly. And if you know anything about Grace Kelly you would realize had she been alive today she would be using botox, plastic surgery and anything else to stay good looking. Yes she was beloved as the Princess of Monaco, but she also had vainer aspects to her. Read her bios and other research done on her. She certainly didn’t do well raising her kids did she?

  • Taco

    Yes, I wonder how many of her fans on here watched that lovely video of David Garris, Kidman’s bodyguard, physically attacking a man while he was falsely imprisoned in his own car!

  • Taco

    Oh please Danielle, Kidman hasn’t had any time to go over to other countries in over two years. Where she has been located all this time has been duly noted by her buddies the paps, and UNIFEM does want the work documented and photographed, so please provide me the evidence that says she has been visting countries all of this time.


    Over 30 anti- Kidman posts in one week. Kidamn was overseas, READ NEWSPAPERS!

    Givie it a rest. We’re glad her bodyguard beat the sheet out of you!

    A beaten pap is good for society. Ask Prince William.

    Don’t chase pregant women!

  • KIdman in KOSOVO LINK

    Kidman also visted the Sudan and Idonesian shelters.

    Eat dirt Taco!

  • KIdman in KOSOVO LINK
  • Taco


  • LolaSvelt

    What a great cause.

    Now I think about it, she doesn’t look too bad when she doesn’t smile. When she DOES smile, those lips start to scare me!

  • laura

    I absolutely love Nicole and am soooo happy she has a great life with Keith and her kids. That being said, not so crazy about Nicole’s use of botox. She is looking abit plastic these days. Nicole is a natural beauty and does not need it.


    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • jasper

    Eww she looks like Michael Jackson. It looks like it hurts to make that face. Ugh she is so overrated, overpaid and overexposed. Wish she’d go away already.

  • jasper

    And funny how she makes this appearance right when her film is coming out. The only time I ever see her making a un appearance is for a film. Last year she made an appearance when that huge crappy flop the Invasion came out too. She’s so hollywood and fake. Give me real actresses like Kate WInslet or Cate Blanchett anyday not this stiff, overrated ambitious chick who we only know because she was married to Tom Cruise in the first place.

  • jasper


    THE most beautiful woman in the world! She’s god, she’s pretty. All the envy here just proves that she’s outstandingly gorgeous
    lmao. Really? No maybe we just don’t find freakishly overbotoxed, tight faces attractive. Beautiful woman in the world? Not even the most beautiful woman in hollywood. Charlize Theron alone trumps Nicole’s plastic looking ass.

  • Emma

    Charlize is totally ordinary. That’s why you like her. Ugly women don’t like Nic since she is too beautiful and unique. That’s envy rearing its ugly head. By the way she’s absolutely GORGEOUS in the movie Australia. You could only dream of looking like her, or being in a GREAT film like Australia.

  • steffi

    i signed that petition (the Bangkok listing)!! I think its great shes trying take advantage of her fame for a good cause – she doesnt really seem like the type to famewhore so one can only assume she genuinely cares. I wish people would stop bashing her so superficially – her looks and whatnot – not all celebrities are fame-mongering nutjobs like Speidi.

  • paula

    i’m an advocate for violence against men.

  • Sarah

    good idea. me too. i think the violence is too one-sided. I believe in equality.

  • cricket

    She’s an idiot. Does she really think someone about to beat their wife is going to say Oh Yeah Nicole Kidman thinks I should say no to violence, I’ll just take her out to dinner instead, She totally over estimates her importance. I think al the botox is eating into her brain. And her lips get bigger every time I see her. Hope they explode soon.

  • nicole lover

    nicole is most beautiful woman in the world
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