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Jennifer Aniston: My Body & Me!

Jennifer Aniston: My Body & Me!

Jennifer Aniston shows off her legs for days in a Valentino LBD at the premiere of her new film, Marley & Me, held at the Mann Village Theater Westwood, Calif., on Thursday night.

The 39-year-old actress, who carried around a red Ferragamo clutch, has everyone talking about her smokin’ body after her revealing GQ photoshoot. Neckties anyone?

Boyfriend John Meyer and co-star Owen Wilson were on-hand for the festivities. And of course, Marley!

30+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of Marley & Me

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jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 01
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 02
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 03
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 04
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 05
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 06
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 07
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 08
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 09
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 10
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 11
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 12
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 13
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 14
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 15
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 16
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 17
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 18
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 19
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 20
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 21
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 22
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 23
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 24
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 25
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 26
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 27
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 28
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 29
jennifer aniston marley and me premiere 30

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • hmm

    Ummm… what’s wrong with her knees? Are these bad pictures or do her legs look f’d up?

  • Chuck

    shut up, her knees look nice
    and she was soo hot on that cover
    she is gorgeous

  • katy

    I can’t believe this woman is 40yo. She looks fabulous!!!!!!

  • janey

    I watched a bit of the dog premiere:

    The “crowd” seems very controlled; no screaming for the hag or owen.
    Sort of lukewarm yelling of “yays” from a few fat women.
    There are lots of FAT, HOMELY MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN on the bleachers… Also OLD people… what’s up with that?

    The crowd is only 1 line deep standing along the street. Most of them are wearing Santa hats – WTF ?
    (Can you say, “paid” to be there? lol).
    On the bleachers, yes, people were standing and taking photos of her, but again, they seem very well-behaved.

    The dog with the ugly bow is shown on screen ALL the freakin’ time. The dog is ill-behaved too, barking and tongue-lashing :-)
    One of the announcers said: That’s the true star of the movie, folks.

    She signed a few autographs, but you don’t see people trampling over each other to get to her, or screaming her name.
    She waves a lot and smiles and touches her hair a lot.

    When a fan brings up a camera to take a photo of her or WITH her, she kind of turns away (hmm, not too confident about her FACE :-)

    They didn’t cross a street to get to other fans; it’s just these 2 sides of the red carpet.
    So I don’t know where the “1500 lining the street” figure is from… I mean, it looked pretty deserted!

    She is flanked by huvane and owen.. Weird, she and owen are doing interviews together, not separately. They tag-team all the questions. Huvane doesn’t leave her side at all.

    She is wearing a short black strapless dress. She looks slim. They never showed the rest of her (from waist down).

    She flaps her hands a lot; widens her eyes, doesn’t look straight at the camera (shows only her profile, you know?)… weird.
    She does this thing (a la Rachel Green) where she takes her hands and grabs her forehead, covering her face.
    She seems nervous and uneasy.
    When owen disappears and doesn’t join her in one interview, she says: Uh oh, this is hard!

    And her face, uhhh, how do I say this delicately, it looks exactly as we think it does… LONG chin, wide nose, beady eyes.
    She makes faces a lot, scrunching her lips and moving her eyebrows and widening her eyes.
    It is unflattering.
    I detect the signs of botox on the upper lip – you can tell, you know? It just doesn’t look natural when the lip curls.
    Her lips are indeed VERY thin.

    OK, her much vaunted hair?
    Dude, you can see the black roots, and it is not smooth and silky like you see in the photos.
    In the light, her hair looks stringy and towards the top of her head, some hairs are standing up, if ya know what I mean…
    Ugh, I’m actually disappointed with the hair – I mean her fans are going on and on about her hair!
    Crap, the hype is never as good as reality.

    The only 2 “celebrities” I saw posing looked like Katherine Heigl and that famewh*re from The Hills TV show watzhername.
    There’s probably others, I didn’t catch them?
    The kids in the movie were there, as was Alan Arkin, who plays owen’s boss in the movie.
    Ah, and her Peeboy was there. HE cannot stop talking; boy, he’s a motormouth!

    Overall, it looked pretty dead.
    More like a funeral than a movie premiere.

  • julianne

    nothing glam about rachel, i mean, maniston….

    i can’t stand this whack job

  • AMA

    WOW she looks wonderful. John is a nice looking guy too

  • oh jen…



  • kinda dull

    Where are all the A-Listers? More pixs of the dog than anyone else.

  • Chuck

    “oh jen” must be another jolie lover
    that woman is so perfect
    donating, adopting 4 kids, so surreal
    it’s so obvious that she does that to get a better image

    i prefer jeniffer aniston mucho more

  • http://deleted aeon

    sorry jen after trying so hard still a d-lister.

    Now Halle looks hot for 40 years old. Jen not so much..sorry teenage girl.

  • debra77

    I did not know there was a premier. All the talk has been about the naked cover, and Brad and Angie. Why was no one talking about the movie. This premier looks kind of boring. I am not hating just making an observation. Where are her loyal fans. Where are her supporters. I am just asking. But this was not an A list event.. So what was I thinking.

  • renny

    she really needs a make over. she has had the same hair, same makeup, same boring black dress since 95..she needs to switch it up. but at least she is glowing and looks happy.

  • amaya

    ebmo @ 12/11/2008 at 11:22 pm

    E! just covered X’s n*de shoot in the same segment as Carmen Electra’s Playboy centerfold and Kloe Kardashian’s fur ad!

    Right down there with the D-listers where she belongs!

    That is hilarious.
    No more Brad, so she’s back to the D-list crowd.

  • pokeman
  • jess

    JENNIFER= nice athletic figure, cute face..but limited in what she can look good in…does not ever look classy…just healthy and simple pretty, foul-mouth, note-worthy only as an actress in romantic comedies…type-cast for sure, seems insecure and bitter…

    ANGELINA= used to have sexy body…but now.., gorgeous beautiful face..has more versatility in looks……, amazing actress…although has never been in comedy…don’t think she could pull that off, seems insecure at times, very honest and open

  • aida

    Jen seems affectionate with Owens, while Mayer stands looking lonely. How long before the next breakup? Will Mayer disclose all about what Jen really looks like without her clothes?

  • pokeman

    nice body yes but the face. one ugly motherF@cker

  • mike

    lol i love how people come on here and take the time to criticize someone they don’t even know….

  • Anon

    Bad legs, stringy hair and a dress that a high school girl would wear to the homecoming dance. What’s going to happen when the novelty of the nude cover wears off? There you will be-back to the C-list crowd.

  • chins

    Angelina is a QUEEN. Very Regal. She,on the other hand is a plain jane,a commoner. Nothing great about her.

  • Janie

    I Love Jen! I hope her film does well because she’s a great actress! She looks so pretty and I am glad she is happy. Why don’t you haters listen to her rather than the tabloids! :)

  • Ashley Banks

    Those are supposed to be nice legs? yeah, more like nice botox Stalker Jenmaniston. She looks better photoshopped on the cover because here it’s obvious she has some chunk and funk all mixed into one big pile of orange goo.


  • Rose

    She look good for almost 40!

    but I must say, why all the diggs at Angie Jolie? Women tend to do that. Why not get mad at her husband at the time. There must have been trouble in the marriage before Angie came along.

    also what is up wiht Oprah supporting a women like her. She normally would tell a women like Jen to stop the back biting at the women and be upset with the man. I mean my goodness she still calls him. She is hoping?

  • Alexanderina

    LMFAO. WTF is she wearing and who said that woman have great legs need a new pair of glasses. Fugly at its best.

    Bye Jenloonies and enjoy your slutty idol lol

  • Jill

    Wow, those are some knobby knees. Why didn’t she cover them up with a long dress rather than wearing that ridiculous mini?

    Just goes to show what I’ve always said — Angelina could put on a burlap sack and make it look like a bajillion-dollar dress. Poor Jenny-poo puts on a bajillion-dollar dress and makes it look like a burlap sack.

    How come there are no photos of her with Mayer? He’s just standing there like a bump on a stump.

  • bah

    is it just me or does john mayer look really really apathetic and distant?
    i never thought much of him ..but he is in such a totally unenviable position now ..hope he has a bunch of rich material to write music about when he is done putting up this charade after the movie is released …least he deserves for trying to put on a chivalrous show through all the embarrassment he is being put thro by his supposed muse..

  • Ashley Banks

    She’s not white, she’s not brown, she’s not black, she’s a bad shade of orange.

  • cecilia

    Janie @ 12/11/2008 at 11:51 pm
    Why don’t you haters listen to her rather than the tabloids! :)


    Actually I did and I must say she is not intelligent.

    She is merely an actress, not very good-looking and not compelling to watch.
    Many other actresses are better but don’t seem to have her PR machine.
    Perhaps she is a product of successful marketing.

    I am neither fan nor hater.
    I loved the book but don’t know if I’ll watch the movie (the script did not stay true to the book).

    Her choice of words and phrases, her

  • Natchy

    The makeup made her look naturally pretty! Her face looks amazing!
    But, i don’t know… I really don’t like her with John Meyer, maybe is the way he show himself at the media, but that’s something that doesn’t feel right about them… I wish that she would find a better man and be completely happy…

    Has much as I hate the way that she handled her break up, and even teaming Jolie all the way, I do wish her happiness and deep down, she seams to be a nice girl (even trying so hard to be in the media lately). But I quite unsure about her relationship…

    But probably I’m wrong, her fans (and herself) says that she’s happy, so be it!
    Nice premiere, not as big as the TCCOBB, but it looks quite *cozy* and she looks so adorable…

  • faith

    It’s Dec and Maniston is still tanned.

  • justin

    She look like Kim Catrall of SATC . are they the same age ?

  • siska

    hey jen haters..go away! go to your bradengelina site if you can not stand Jen!..its so funny how contradict yourself by following her story..

    Jen look happy and John look so cute..its show how they are secure about they relation.. Owen looks very happy and healthy..

  • cecilia


    Her choice of words and phrases, her statements and perspectives are very juvenile.
    She does not give the impression of an intelligent, informed woman.

  • loud whispers

    Jen looks amazing. She is glowing, the best shes looked. I am glad John Mayer was there to support his woman. This was Jennifer’s premeire and instead of making it all about them, John stepped aside and let his woman shine.

  • lourdes

    Ugh knobby knees, maybe plastic surgery on this next? She still looks like Jay Leno’s sister. John Mayer acts like he’s being forced to be at this boring premiere. I’m sorry Jen you can’t pull in a crowd or the cheers that Hollywood royalty like the Jolie Pitt gets. You no longer have Brad Pitt just a sleazy John Mayer, you are such a desperate and obessive has-been. Now you’re posing au natural to get attention? Get a life.

  • Jill

    # 34 loud whispers @ 12/12/2008 at 12:06 am
    This was Jennifer’s premeire and instead of making it all about them, John stepped aside and let his woman shine.

    Or maybe she just paid him to be there. How come there are no photos of them together? He looks like he’d rather be somewhere else.

  • jade

    loud whispers @ 12/12/2008 at 12:06 am
    I like your comments,pretty close to what I was going to say. I think she
    looks beautiful and glowing. John looks handsome,everyone looks so nice. I hope the movie is a hit!

  • Jill

    Jesus, who’s that ugly-looking thing in the 21st photo? Is that Huvane??

  • well…

    Most botox the forehead. Aniston botox her chin. Well it is the biggest part of her face. Very waxy chin. Look at the knees. Another example of how much her GQ pics were photoshopped

  • beatrice

    no longer a lurker @ 12/12/2008 at 12:01 am

    Angelina Is Still Hotter
    By fitsnews • on December 12, 2008

    Well, there’s Jennifer Aniston, b-b-buck nekkid with the exception of a poorly-placed necktie.

    And no, you can’t get rid of the necktie by rubbing your thumb over your monitor … cause we tried that already. Many, many times, in fact.

    Anyway, let’s start with the obvious … she looks good.

    In fact, she looks “real good” as a friend of a friend from Inman, S.C. would say.

    And not that we’ve ever been inordinately focused on Jennifer Aniston’s boobs, but we definitely like this shapeage better than what we saw on that totally topless – and thus NSFW – video of her walking down some Mexican beach a few years back.

    She’s put some meat on them bones, which is a good thing …

    But the question still stands – does she even hold a candle to Angelina? The woman she loathes? The woman about whom she vented a bit more of her spleen in this GQ exclusive?

    Short answer? No.

    And not to get all fortune cookie on y’all, but green isn’t a good color on anybody … especially when the green is jealousy.

    We’re not sure how long it’s been since Brad Pitt broke Jen’s heart, but we’re pretty sure Nixon was in the White House and “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man” was on Top 40 radio.

    Which is to say get over it, Jen … and not via loveless rebounds with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer.

    Learning to love yourself? That’s right. It’s still the greatest love of all.



  • jade

    Hi Jill,
    I’m pretty sure that is Alan Arkin,but I could be wrong!

  • Norman & dolly

    i’m shock .. the world is shock .. she is wearing a dress!! why didn’t she came to the premier naked ? this will get all the attention the movie needed..

  • carla

    What the heck, Angelina Jolie’s leg (when she’s wearing those black miniskirt dress with flesh colored heels) looks way better than that of Jennifer Aniston.

  • beatrice

    Her lips are enhanced.

    Whose lips is she trying to imitate?


  • Jill

    Hi Jade, maybe… but lord, if that’s Alan Arkin, what happened to him??

    Somebody said she was flanked by Huvane and Wilson all night. Now I realize a woman only has two sides and therefore can only be flanked by two men, but don’t you think one of them should have been her “boyfriend”? That is, if Mayer really is her boyfriend… which I am having more and more doubts about. Something about that setup doesn’t smell right.

  • Anon

    Wow, the photos of her unphotoshopped are frightening. How scary is she and what a butterball. There was a lot of retouching going on for this cover.

  • tom

    Team Aniston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Aniston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Aniston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Aniston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Aniston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cc

    sholly @ 12/11/2008 at 4:50 pm

    Thanks for the great pix. Love it!

  • camille b.

    passing Through @ 12/11/2008 at 11:35 pm
    BTW – When I commented earlier that X had worn the same style of strapless black dress as Angie I meant the one for the NYFF premiere of Changeling, not the CCOBB dress. As a matter of fact…If my stomach can stand it…I feel a little Photoshop urge coming on…

    # 265 amaya @ 12/11/2008 at 11:38 pm
    YES! You are correct.
    Angie’s length though, is classy and elegant whilst Hagiston’s was short and s kanky.

    Please PT, post another side by side comparison … hehehehe

    passing Through @ 12/12/2008 at 12:16 am
    I just posted it…but it bears repeating…

  • camille b.

    QQQQ @ 12/12/2008 at 12:35 am

    Jennifer Aniston just can’t button up over Brad Pitt


    Jennifer Aniston is stark, raving n*de.
    Ever since Brad Pitt jettisoned the former “Friend” for fertility goddess Angelina Jolie, Aniston just can’t keep her clothes on.
    Aniston’s latest striptease is next month’s GQ cover, where the almost 40-year-old wears nothin’ but a necktie, shielding naughty bits with her wrists and a well-positioned knee.
    Inside, she frolics footloose and frock-free with two men and sits spread-eagle in men’s skivvies, an open shirt and nothing else. She’s supposed to be promoting the family-friendly “Marley & Me” but, for some reason, can’t stop talking about what she calls the “insane Bermuda Triangle” that is Jen, Jolie and Pitt.
    Cue the awkward:
    “The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends,” she jokes to GQ. “Can you imagine? That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip and Knox . . .”
    Oh, honey. Build a bridge.
    Yes, Aniston’s hysterical – and not in a ha-ha way. Think Glenn “I-won’t-be-ignored-Dan” Close in “Fatal Attraction.”
    She could give lessons in loony. Aniston sues magazines and Web sites for publishing topless shots of her but shows skin on the cover of Rolling Stone and in “The Breakup” and “The Good Girl,” to name a few naked truths.
    In fact, this isn’t the first time Aniston’s graced the cover of GQ sans attire. She was shirtless in 2005, when she was anointed Woman of the Year.
    And she gets annoyed when people ask about her personal life – most recently griping at a USA Today reporter – but can’t stop yapping about Brangelina and how “uncool” it all was and how extraordinary her musician boyfriend John Mayer is. All while demonstrating that her boobs are perkier than ever.
    What is it with this relentless notion that if a middle-aged celebrity can somehow defy gravity, it’s a crime not to prove it? Who said in order to be OK with yourself, you’ve got to pose with nothing but a spray tan?
    You know what I’d like to see? Men acting this way when they’re dumped – like ex-Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie on the cover of Vogue wearing nothing but a cone bra, complaining about how uncool A-Rod is.
    “I feel more comfortable today than I ever did in my 20s or early 30s.” Aniston told GQ. “I’m healthier. I’m more at peace in my mind and with my body.”
    Good for you, Jen. Now get thee to H & M. And here, borrow my coat.


    Luvs it!
    Calling out the Fraudiston/Hagiston/Maniston for her fakery.