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Wentworth Miller is Big in Japan

Wentworth Miller is Big in Japan

Wentworth Miller waves to fans and photographers at the Prison Break press conference at Park Hyatt Tokyo on Wednesday (December 17) in Tokyo, Japan. The new series of the TV drama will be released in summer 2009 in Japan.

Back in the states, a new episode (“The Sunshine State”) of PB will air this Monday. Lincoln and his new partners arrive in Miami to recover Scylla from its shocking new owner, and Sarah searches for a missing Michael who learns some surprising info about his past. Meanwhile, a double-crossing leads to a death and an arrest.

25+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller in Japan…

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wentworth miller japan 01
wentworth miller japan 02
wentworth miller japan 03
wentworth miller japan 04
wentworth miller japan 05
wentworth miller japan 06
wentworth miller japan 07
wentworth miller japan 08
wentworth miller japan 09
wentworth miller japan 10
wentworth miller japan 11
wentworth miller japan 12
wentworth miller japan 13
wentworth miller japan 14
wentworth miller japan 15
wentworth miller japan 16
wentworth miller japan 17
wentworth miller japan 18
wentworth miller japan 19
wentworth miller japan 20
wentworth miller japan 21
wentworth miller japan 22
wentworth miller japan 23
wentworth miller japan 24
wentworth miller japan 25

Photos: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty
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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …` hey! it’s the coolest d-list undercover-gay around. hey, went.. we missed you! hahahaha

  • helen lawson

    he looks bloated. it’s not a good look.

  • bitsey

    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucy

    I think he looks gorgeous as always!

    He may have gained weight but so what? He still looks hot!
    Plus, he seems to be the nicest person! I hope this never changes!

    Love you, Went!

  • Caroline

    Nothing can change the fact that Wentworth’s a very good-looking man! And I love his warm smile.

  • I see beautiful people

    They put too much foundation on him.
    Please let his interviews be interesting not the same old questions with the same old answers
    He’s probably bloated because of the plane travel and too much coffee. He needs to drink more water

  • Paulina

    he did gain weight , and he is wearing a lot of makeup .

  • Winsome Audrey

    Woah. He has gained quite a bit in the face.

  • tess malloy

    i love wentworth. prison break is soooo good this season. he has put on a little weight though. i mean, he’s not fat, but his head is shaved, which makes it seem worse than it is.

  • tess malloy

    sorry for double-posting but did anyone see prison break last night? he looked soo cute at the end with his bandaged head and he was so excited about getting out of there. i don’t know what i’m going to do if this is the last season.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    PLEASE…………………………………….stay there!!

  • PrimulaBlue

    Went is simply gorgeous and nice and lovely. Here`s hoping he has a great Japanese trip!

  • cutiepie

    He is soooo YUM. Love him.

  • Huge fan!

    Simply gorgeous! Love Prison Break and hope it’ll never end. Thanks JJ for posting Went’s new pics, much appreciated.

  • elise

    love him and not care much about the weight gained but what’s up with all the make up? He sure doesn’t need it.

  • Alyssa B

    Awesome pics as always. Hope you’ll end up with a new gig soon…

  • Valerie

    GOTTA LUV HIM!!! Beautiful smile

  • deka

    he did put on a few pounds
    prison break is getting annoying with its endlessness
    but he’s still dreamy!

  • sherry

    He looks cute,not fat just fatter than previous seasons and in these pictures he looks thinner than the last episodes in S4.I don’t notice the make up but even if he has,all the actors wear make up when they come to interviews….nothing wrong with him

  • tsu

    OMG!!! Is he still here in tokyo? I gotta go to Starbucks to find him…

  • salmaj

    love you went always.

  • sonia

    I love very much wentworth miller but he looks very sad (and fat ) this pics. God bless you wenty

  • Jean

    I love Went. Will be very sad when PB ends this season : (

  • Sarah

    Love him, yes he is a little bigger but still really sexy.

  • jesswent

    he’s tired
    poor went

  • Raichill

    He has gained a little weight but looking back on Season 1, he was painfully thin then. It’s normal for men in his age group to fill out. Even Brad Pitt has a fuller face now he is middle-aged.

  • Just me…

    OMG!!! What a man!!
    Today it’s my 25th birthday and having some beautiful pictures of Wentworth whom prove that he’s happy and healthy is a very beautiful gift!! :D

    Wentworth thank you for your giving me this gift today!…I love you!!

    JJ thank you for posting about him on your blog!! ;)

  • Ellen

    I thought it was just me, but it seems like he gained a few pounds again, oh well, still a hottie!! :D
    Now in Japan, WHEN IN HOLLAND BRO?!?!?!?

  • addicted2went

    He looks like he needs a holiday. He is always working hard and flying around the world to all his fans. You are still the hottest guy in Hollywood and maybe the world.

  • addicted2went

    He doesn’t look his usual happy smiley Went, like he is faking his happiness. He is so private about his life. Hey Went if you need a shoulder to cry on I am here.

  • http://hot Heba

    He looks gorgeous with or without extra weight

  • wish

    Really is handsome guy to look at every week.Hate the show is going to end realy miss all the people on the show.Specially wentworth he willtruly be miss. Talented handsome guy.

  • kiki


  • Constance

    OMG he looks so FAT and OBESEEEEEE ! He used to be so hot …

  • faith

    Wentworth got fat. Cut down Starbucks, Went.

  • Constance

    that’s the reason why the show lost his success …

  • palvasha



  • sam

    @ 34

    you have to check the definition of obese.

  • Dina

    He looks so cute and so shy

  • Lic merRy

    WeNtwort ♥


    lo Amo!
    pero q No solo vaya allà VEN a Mèxico xfavoR! u.u
    amo las fotos es 1guapisimo!
    ademas siempre sonRieNt y saludado eres un amoR MilleR!

  • Samantha Fox

    They said 400 people waited for him at the airport how much did FOX pay the Japs.To get people to the airport and stand there and scream when he arrived just like in China please.Britney Spears who’s a mega famous celebrity arrived in Japan and one fan was waiting for her at the airport and this random tv actor who’s not even famous here gets all that haaha.If you can’t see the lie and all this PR stunt you are way stupid.And why is he even promoting PB since he’s been saying recently how he wants this show to end already and he wants out.Now wait for his boring answers only about Michael and food and nothing interesting about him.No matter how he spins it this season 4 of his show is horrible.He also looks bloated and horrid wow he doesn’t even looks sexy anymore.

  • ocean

    that is not went he looks awful what happened to him.????
    sam he has to promote that piece of garbage he works on this year but as you can see from the pics he truly doesn’t look like he wants to be there promoting that show to bad dominic wasn’t there too hes the coolest. :) :)

  • marie

    he is gorgeous!

  • Samantha Fox

    What’s wrong Just Jared nobody is allowed to write the word Jaops or Ja-ps.

  • Marla

    I can’t stop laughing when he arrived in Japan wearing that long vivid blue coat he looked like a chubby Gay Broadway actor.Now he looks like he’s wearing more makeup than a woman and is that lip gloss on his lips or are his lips naturally shiny, baby. LOL
    Maybe he’s coming out slowly that now his show is on the rocks and he’ll be free from his contract from it and could be himself and not play up the “STRAIGHT” nice guy” to his female fans more.

  • Shana

    I love PB and Went….he is gorgeous.

  • wmFatty

    Love the title Went Big in Japan Big is right!!!!.He really should lay off the sugar pronto quickly fatness and his double chin does NOT look good on him.

    As for his show I agree with a lot of you people said this 4# season is the worst of all.SWC really has ruined the show and the writers have made it into a bad soap opera instead of good show they messed the whole season up that’s for sure! Even #3 season was better than this trash!!! Pure dummies.

  • sunny

    please stop about his weight, it fits you very well.
    I am wondering how you could be and feel if after work you take a plane et after 20 hours you have to meet people et fans in one day

    surely bloated and very tired

    I never heard coffee makes you gain weight

    If you don’t like him, pass away, it only seems to be jealousy

  • Zack

    YAY! Hope he buys something from the Pokemon company. Chicken Teriyaki is very tasty and plus their it’s the real deal. More foriegn policy experience for Wentworth. :)

  • Zack

    YAY! Hope he buys something from the Pokemon company. Chicken Teriyaki is very tasty and plus their it’s the real deal. More foriegn policy experience for Wentworth. :)