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Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson: Chili Cookoff!

Jessica Simpson slips the audience some tongue as she performs a multi-song set during the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” on Sunday (January 25) at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Chili Cookoff goers caught the 28-year-old country singer performing, along with Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Little Big Town and other stars of country music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s double leopard-print belt and high-waisted Grey Ant Carpenter jeans — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Chili Cookoff country star Jessica Simpson

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jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 01
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 02
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 03
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 04
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 05
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 06
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 07
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 08
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 09
jessica simpson kiss country chili cookoff 10

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  • allison

    She has no neck. And sticking out her tongue is not attractive. I don’t know why, but these pictures bother me.

  • jessica is fat

    what a cow

  • Susan

    She’s not huge by any means but she has put on a little weight.

  • imelda bootstross

    She has Tuck Shop Lady arms (school cafeteria lady arms?) … and all that booze she’s been drinking hasn’t helped her look at all.

    I wish she’d go away and while she’s at it, unhook her claws from Tony Retard.

  • ………..


  • L

    I just saw her in concert and she has gained weight…but this outfit makes it look way worse!!

  • cabo

    Her Spanx are threatening to boycott. It’s called getting older, the metabolism is slowing down and the copious amounts of booze, mexican food and fried chicken she consumes with Tony is causing her to widen. Either that or she’s a couple months pregnant.

  • ire

    So what if you think she’s fat, being fat isn’t bad. Kids dying on hunger because you decided to buy a new d&g bag is, but why am i even writing this on a vanity filled blog.

  • Lisa #2….

    In the 4th photo she looks normal size, I think it’s just the jeans. I think they have too much going on with all the pockets. She always has had big boobs, I think with the belts and the high waisted jeans, it tends to make her look bigger than she really is. Maybe Jared will have a new picture of her in the next few days?

  • Nancy going to try to be positive here. Hmmm at least she shaved her pitts.

  • ha haaaaa!

    cow tounge, big boobs and flat butt

  • jen

    LOL @ #98!

  • Bella

    Her hair and makeup look nice. Jessica is a beautiful girl. Her outfit is a mess.

    Those who are saying she is fat are crazy. She is not fat. Just because she is not a size 0 does not make her fat.

    Talk about exaggeration. If there were no pics and just going by the comments, youd think Jessica was 400 lbs.

  • 2 much chili

    To #113, but that fat hanging from her arms and those rolls on her sides sure make her fat. Tell her to lay off the chilli and eat more salads.

    Poor Jessica, she gains all this weight and still has a flat ass.

  • Thais

    she has gained maybe 10 pounds…why is that bad she is a healthy 28 year old woman.

  • Vay Nay Nay

    FAT ass country white trash celebrity wannabe.
    Her granny jeans don’t help the flabby arms.
    They make her v ging ging look fat too.
    She’s done.
    It’s over.
    Move ON.

  • jill
  • Denise

    She has a lot more body fat then she used to – not overweight, just not toned at all.

    She looks happy.

  • blueangel

    Wow, she’s gained a lot of weight since she hooked up with Tony Romo!

  • 77

    She’s gained maybe 10 pounds…in each arm, in each thigh, and her middle.

  • j. craig

    Now we know what she’s been hiding under those big tops, tent dresses, and ponchos that she’s been wearing the last 6 months. She really should put one of her tent dresses back on.

  • w

    Is her lingerie line going to include granny pants to wear under those horrific mom jeans she’s wearing.

  • Florida Girl

    SHE NEEDS TO DIET ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • cassi

    Like the belt ; hate the tragic waist high jeans.

  • debbie

    she like she’s grown up and not that barbie princess anymore..
    i still prefer the old her..

  • Alisha

    My first thought was, “Wynona Judd”. Not a good thing, that.

  • missme

    I think she has a lovely figure…she is by no means FAT! She might not be a size 00 but that does not constitute her as being overweight!

  • Sherlock

    Morons, the pics are stretched.

  • perpetua

    Not a flattering outfit! I think some “chicken of the sea” is in order !

  • ashley

    i agree with #28

  • melissa

    I still think she looks great… if not better… her body represents the average american woman! finally

  • joe

    She’s getting ready for her next job…..doing commercials for Jenny Craig!
    She’s not happy at all….

  • Ruta

    She looks bigger than before but maybe those jeans just makes her look bigger, THEY ARE HORRIBLE ! She looks still pretty like always.
    I love the picture of her ass, LOL. Nice..

  • Hazel

    Can anyone tell me who designed the belt ? I was thinking dolce and gabbana ?

  • Tina

    Miss Piggy! She definitely is the new Anna Nicole, fat, busty, self absorbed and pathetic.

  • bejeebus

    hey jessica….niiiiice bingo arms.
    i think the double belt is there to cover up her girdle lines. hope she didn’t eat any of that chili…we all know she’s notorious for having a farting problem….poor tony….shudder.

  • Katie

    She has definitely gained some weight; which in itself isn’t bad – she still has a great bod. But the double belt makes her waist look about 8 feet wide.

  • Katie

    You know – the more I look at this the more I think it can’t possibly be her. It’s got to be an impersonator or something. I mean, there’s no way she’s gained that much in a short period of time. Seriously – that would have to be 30 pounds in a month or two! She’s got chunky thighs and back fat!

    There’s no way this is really her.

  • bECCA

    I agree that she looks healthy! Not just a bunch of bones! She looks beaufiul! :)

  • cc

    That belt is designed to suck in and conceal that gut. She should not be opening for Rascal Flatts….way out of her league. She’s not that great a performer and still is riding on the coattails of that reality show which seems like 10 years ago. Isn’t she flatulent? I’m sure chili was just what she needed for her gas problem. Pity the poor fools who had to share the car with her back to the hotel.

  • kay

    lol bejeebus! I am imangining those hefty arms shoveling ladles of chili into her mouth between songs. Poor Tony indeed, having to put up with the sounds, sight, and smells of Jessica Simpson.

  • Gail

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  • Gail

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  • Gail

    I think she has a very pretty face. If she could keep her singing and personality shut down she would make a good model, like you say, if she lost weight.

  • Gail

    Seems like she fell out of the spotlight after ruining her own songs that she’d sing. Her dad probably told her to stay home for awhile. So, now state fairs???/

  • christina

    no she is fat all of you saying she is not fat are in denial i dont think its healthy to be rail thin but i dont think its healthy to be fat either…she is not at a normal size she’s fat…she’s 5’3 she should be at 125 pounds thats normal for her height she has to be like 145 pounds now…she is 20 pounds over weight…if she’s happy beign fat then more power to her but she is over weight and it does not look nice….she looks like a pudgy fat troll…

  • leslie

    only certain people can pull off an outfit like that…like a tall lean model jessica looks really bad here she looks so fat and sure the outfit isnt flattering but dont blame the outfit…look at those arms so much flab…her shoulders are thick…her and her waistline is huge…those jeans are so tight not hot not hot at all…im not a supporter for anorexia chicks…or fat chicks both are not attractive….now is it curves or is it fat??….if tony wanted a beautiful blond, and a country girl, who has talent ….he should have at least went for one that was successful and nice body…oh wait he did that was carrie underwood….but he was a fool that let her go…jessica looks ugly now she was pretty and so cute back in her nick lachey days…so being stupid was forgivable but now she is a oinker…and her face is ugly what happened to her

  • AureaB

    Umm yeah this is not her best look. She did gain weight, but she is NOT fat!. All the fat people in here are calling her fat. Anyhow, I think she should fire her dad, her career is going down hill…FAST.

  • leslie

    she doesn’t have to be a 00 like some have commented but she is not average weight either if this is the average women like some of you say then that the tradmill isn’t such a bad idea…

    jessica is fat and if she’s proud in which im assuming she is by this hideous outfit she chose then thats really great that she’s happy being fat, but i dont by that as a women i cant understand anyone being happy that way…

    the normal would be sandra bullock, julia roberts, ashley judd, kellie pickler

    kellie pickler is a curvie girl but she looks very nice that way jessica is not curvy jessica is fat.

  • Katelyn Perkins

    she looks really fat.
    and she can’t handle it.