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Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson and kid sister Hattie Bilson brave the rain to go on a shopping spree at Toys R Us in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (February 5).

Hattie seemed to be big on the My Little Ponies — perhaps the influence of big sister Rachel‘s own 80′s childhood?

Rachel, 27, and Hattie also made a stop at Burbank’s Island Fine Burgers and Drinks to refuel.

More pictures of Hattie and Rachel Bilson‘s sisterly shopping spree inside…

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  • sharon

    on imdb both rachel and hayden’s star meter is down her’s is down 17% and his is 24% so all that publicity she has been doing ,the clothing line and so on karma is a bitch.

  • miss zanessa

    awww so adorable
    nothig like siters bonding time ^^
    i wish i had a big sister like her

  • Gasol_fan16
    OMG! These brother’s are more intertianing then Batsh*t and kid sister whom, is looking just like Rachy! And..I’m a Laker’s girl! :D

  • Gasol_fan16

    This should be the person in the media spotlight!

  • Gasol_fan16

    This is not entertaining! Damn! What a dirty a$$ Lexus inside!!

  • Smilehexe

    @#105 – Gasol_fan16
    Thanks for taking the effort and searching out these links. As to the one concerning RB I can only say: This girl is even MORE simplistic in her mind than I had expected. I generally don’t like people who feel the need to giggle about their own (not funny) jokes or the constant need to giggle/talk nonsense all the time. She appears like an insecure naive child, just that her age does not fit to that behavior at all.
    And the Lexus is a mess indeed, guess it was hers and not Zach Braff’s as Thurmen Murmen seemed to be there? Whatever… one can tell she’s not a person who likes to tidy up. Right another reason making her fitting to HC perfectly beside being stupid. :lol:

    I wish you good luck and much fun with being a follower of Pau Gasol, Gasol_fan16, and I mean this in a positive way. As to me personally: HC has “taught” me that no celebrity is worth it to be a faithful fan of him/her at all. This lesson took me six long years (2002 – 2008), silly me. I’ll go on watching (all) actor’s movies if the subject interests me, but I will never give my full support to one “special” person ever again.
    Have a great Sunday everyone! Here we got snow after many weeks without it, everything was white again this morning. :-)

  • drewlard

    Little sister with another little sister are…… dwarves?!

  • !!

    not funny . all the more reason for her to disappear.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Hi Smilehexe!
    Good Sunday to you too! It did not take too much effort to find the videos on youtube. Nothing or no good movies really to watch last night. Oh yes! I learned my lesson from Hayden. I was a supportive fan myself from (2002-2008) too. I will never put that much heart and effort in a celebrity like that ever again! I admire Gasol b/c he put’s in so much effort in what he does and Kevin Garnett too. Even though I’m not a Celtic’s fan I, do admire Kevin Garnett and how hard he has worked. KG and Pau Gasol I’m sure and clean and bath and keep a tidy car! LOL! :lol:

    That video just showed what a simpleton Rachel is. She is trying so hard to be funny and getting upset a bit, b/c her jokes were not funny! New’s flash Rachel! Your not FUNNY! To me she acted like she was a bit drunk or high on something?? Could someone be that much of an airhead? You think? I guess so. Yes. That is Rachel’s black or dark gray Lexus and an expensive car like that you, would think she could tidy up a bit driving someone around. She was not even embarassed how messy her car was inside. I mean. I drive my Toyota or Dodge Magnum back and forth to work depending on which car is first in line in our carport at our house. I try to keep both car’s tidy inside and get upset when, hubby leaves his empty coffee cup in the drinking holder. I hate a mess left behind.

    I guess it shows Hayden and Rachel are both un-clean and un-tidy. It could be why Hayden likes her?? Both seem scatter brained now. :lol:

    Well. I know Gasol is very smart and very mature for his 28 years of age. When, he does find the right girl it, will be a someone with good qualities and not some dingbat like Rachel.

  • atlqueen

    Totally missed my point. Why be a hater was my question? I don’t care about the whole RB and HC thing anymore. I like who I like and it’s obvious that isn’t going to change anytime soon. I don’t mind what they do on their free time and I never accuse anyone of using diferent screen names. I wouldn’t care if you did. It’s not my business. I was simply saying is that the same people come here day after day whether you post once a day or four times a day create an alliance like it’s actualy going to do something and hate. It’s rediculous. It’s so bad you’ve got actual fans in here defending their loyality to the ends of the earth. Everyone isn’t going to look at her (or them) the way you do. It’s just so bad now I hate coming in here. And I’m a fan.

    Some of yous are suppose to be adults. GROWN @$$ PEOPLE! That’s what alarms me the most. I expect that from young kids and teens but not people who are mature enough go to work everyday pay their bills raise children (aka smaller versions of adults) and love husbands (or whoever). I mean who goes around doing research on someone they can’t stand just to find things on them to laugh and point. I know some of you got hurt by HC because you couldn’t see him for what he REALLY was but you can’t say I didn’t warn you because I did. But please don’t try to ruin it for the rest of us. go create an anti RB and HC website or something. Put your hatred to use. That way you can talk all the crap you want don’t have to worry about arguing with anyone and take Shanda, Wish and Real World along with you.

  • nina

    Still RB and HC do have fans for whatever reason, it is not of hater`s business.

  • Hater at rest

    @atlqueen There are many ways to entertain oneself and bashing a character is one of them, nothing esle. Hayden and Rachel are the characters of this game.

    @nina They still have fans?? Why? (no joke, just curious)

  • nina

    @Hater at rest

    I think they have really something I can`t explain why they draw fans and haters alike such obsession for them. Maybe because it is fun?

  • Hater at rest

    @nina Yes, maybe, I understand, but fans and haters probably have more interest in the game than in Hayden and Rachel. Finally, they manage to entertain us with Jared and their privacy, in absence of their artistic qualities (no attack, JMO).
    See you later from the other camp, I have other games in my timetable.

  • atlqueen

    Speak for yourself. I actually am a fan of HC’s. I accept whoever comes along with him. I don’t think he’s stupid. I don’t even see things the way you guys do. I accept some of the things he does. Not all but some. But if I weren’t gonna be a fan anymore you guys would not see or hear from anymore.

  • nina

    I am on the fan side.

  • diamonds are forever

    Bilson is a low-rent rhymes-with-punt, a plaguerising stupid little wh**e who thinks she’s doing a diseased closeted queer boy a favor by being his unacknowledged public gf (while the SOB calls her a braindead f**k puppet behind her back). They are both contemptible. She looks like she’s over 30 and dresses like a teenager. He looks like a wino Missing Link who’s been living in a gutter for a few months. I heard he smells like that too because he never bathes. Jake Gyllenhall complained of the stench working with him and make up people from the last two films said he always came to work filthy.

  • atlqueen

    Did you do your reseach girl. He did that for the role he played with him. Jake said that himself. Get your crap together before you go bashing someone. I’d prefer you make up total and complete $hit than turn the truth into something completely false. Why am I even responding to you. Carry on dumb@ss.

  • alex

    Well you people seem to know what’s best for everybody except yourselves. Some of you are so obsessed you can’t see how obsessed you are.

    It’s fun to hate people?????? Geez, some of these people would probably pull the whiskers off of kittens too.

    @hater at rest
    You think you are bashing characters in a game but they are real people just like you. My kids learned the difference between fantasy and reality long before pre-k. I know you’ll say you did’t mean it that way but I seriously wonder just how delusional you and others really are.

    People here state what they believe in their tiny little minds as fact when they don’t have any facts at all.

    Maybe, just maybe some celebs, like Rachel and others, are determined to try to live a normal life doing normal everyday stuff in spite of the paparazzi being everywhere they go.

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    It’s amusing that some ppl are still quite naive & believe that papparazzi are coincidentally following RB around, hoping to get a pic of her. FICTION. Make no mistake, RB’s management team coordinates these photo op’s. And this one in partic, wz TOTALLY orchestrated. WHY would there b papzz at some random Toys R Us store??? WHY???

    What I find SO incredibly offensive is this gurl’s rank fashion sense. I’m used to the fact that she’s a shameless fameho, but can she at least stop looking like a bag of crap when she is snapped?? F7ck. Like, Rachel, paint that fug mug of yours, & throw on a fashionable pair of jeans that FIT YOU PROPERLY. You’re supposedly a fashion icon, start dressing like one!

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Atiqueen,
    If you now hate coming on here to post then, why bother then? No! You totally missed my point indeed. I don’t hate. It is more disapointed in Hayden preaching in 2005 how he liked his privacy and hated the Hollywood type of style. There are interview’s on that on Jen’s website you can view and I’m sure you already have been this huge fan. Okay: 2009 is here and Hayden is a totally differant man from 2005. No person is that drastic in change unless, it is drugs or a certian girl?? Rachel does not seem like she would have that power. I think both are using each other for purposes we cannot understand right now but, will know soon down the road. I really don’t care at this point anymore. It was in 2005 that I saw Hayden having true budding talent and was going to be the next Al Pacino. I don’t see that no more and it is sad b/c Hayden did have that potiential.

    If, your a fan of Rachy fine. Enjoy b/c she is not going places. The only thing that pisses me off is, she uses people to be in the media, shopping, dining, getting gas in her car or walking her dog and people saying how cute that is. These are things all of us do on a day to day basis and we never get awarded for that sh*t! Why the heck should she? That is not a true job!

    This is a true job and Pau does deserve his salery his is getting for being in the NBA! The Laker’s won again today! I rather give a person doing actual work in life the LOVE!

  • Gasol_fan16
  • reedley

    In this deteriorating economy, the only reason that the paps, gossip sites and rag mags haven’t fully tanked is all the businesses, which the OC relic is hiring them for.

  • nina


    Like i posted before, i am on the fan side. I don`t bash, i appreciate.

    Maybe you should ask the haters why they do it`?

  • reality

    if you look at their pictures in Sherman Oaks, ratchel is simply ugly, in regular clothes she is simply ugly, i am sorry to say, hc at least is a tall good looking guy, what does he see in her, unless he likes that she is his devoted tail

  • bb

    He is lost without her.

  • reality


    she is so fn stupid that hc is only better off without her, actually adam is better off without her, she drags every one down, empty headed no talent midget

  • olivia

    Yes She got lot of fans deal with it people

  • reality

    no, she does not have a lot of fans, that is why waiting for forever will tank

  • uhhuh

    just like the song “money cant buy you love”

  • uhhuh

    just like the song “money cant buy you love”

  • Hater at rest

    @alex And these “real” people are surely extremely shocked about what is written about them on JJ, lol!
    1st degree fan! Of course they are real people, but not on JJ. Nothing here is serious excepted you. This site is a GOSSIP site, made for entertainment, we’re not journalists, all what we write about RATchel and AIDSen (yep, not at rest, but I’ve promise to Nina, not you) is just for fun.

    Don’t take this site more seriously than Haydumb and BilHo themselves, you are ridiculous.

    @ Nina, you’re a honest fan and deserve respect.

  • sharon

    yea she has alot of fans ,then why on imbd her star meter is down 17% and i think hayden can hold his own he did very well before her i think she would be lost without him…. she is sneaky and a plan out blood sucker as said as many times she was a 2 yr relationship with adam as well and all of sudden they call it off and yes it was stated that adam felt threatened from zach thats bull$hit the oc was being cancelled and she saw no media in the relationship and then who popped up hayden what media seeking worm wouldn’t take that bait but whats so funny is that every little media stunt has fallen apart her clothing line her movies and know she is really grasping at straws a cooking show ,basically she has turned hayden into a zombie he had everything going for him .He don’t do the things he use to love like the bull run and you never see him with tove because he is too busy being her lap dog.

  • Chaz

    Bravo, #133, every bit true

  • atlqueen

    @gasol whatever
    You gave yourself a reason to give love to someone who you claims deserves it. You actually like that person. Go stalk them. You’re still in here trippin’. I can’t believe you brought up something from 2005. Are you stuck in that year (which by the way was four years ago)? People can change that much in four years. I believe him when he says that he isn’t the Hollywood type. If he was we would’nt have been wondering where the guy was for so long just recently. Think about it. A true Hollywood rag hangs around and hardly goes a day without being seen.

  • Funkey

    Old saying you fly with eagles you soar when you hang with crows you sink. RB hasn’t shown anyone that she has good choices in anything she has done. not in acting, not in fashion and not in friends. As for the comment about Jake G..HC doesn’t reseach characters he himself said that when he did SG so why believe that he would back then, Jamie Bell also stated in an interview that HC lies. This was not the first time it was mentioned he LIES. Then add to it RB copies all things including peoples comments in interviews guess we know where she learned to lie. I would not take anything HC says with any validity he has a very jaded lifestyle which he keeps concealed. Also seems he chooses to take movie roles where the acting is poor, the scripts are bad and most of the cast is either in or out of jail. And for a man who is supposed to be doing 3 movies for SG he would be set to start his next one right away. My guess is SG is rethinking his creditablity. that or HC best get his head out of his ass and start worring if he will work again seems he takes what he can get and when he was able to get the good parts he passed on them. Yea a real bright boy.

    As for why bother posting if we hate Bilson Gee RB puts herself out here to get the reviews be it good or bad and from i read the supporters are few and far between. Like any critic people have a right to come and go from any celeb board and post what you we think LIKE IT OR NOT. As long as she keeps calling the press she will have to deal with what reviews come her way. So support her if people like but, it’s a freedom of speech if many don’t like the woman.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Atiqueen,
    You once again missed my point! I swear. I think your as dense as day old bread! I’m trying to say. Rachel is not doing actual work to have all this attention. All she is doing is shopping, dining out, walking her dog and putting gas in her car. She is not recieving an award or on an actual movie set or modeling set. What the hell?? It is not work. It is mundane tasks we do every single day and she is getting threads on this garbage? Stupid is as stupid does. If, you like that kind of talent then enjoy. But, as Funkey said, “Rachel put’s her dumba$$ self out their to be ridiculed. DUH???!!! HELLOO?? Anyone in there?!

    2005 Hayden was on top and the world was his oyster. He looked clean, well dressed and had so much going for him. Now. He looks like crud and I don’t see him doing anything besides, being seen with Rachel for his popularity. Otherwise, he is not doing nadda. A Jumper 2 rumors?? Yeah.. We will see. Unless, Liman wants to go for broke b/c the film will be a bomb and worse then the first installement. Especially, if Rachy is in it. Unless, Liman want’s to go for being broke. I don’t see Jumper 2 happening.

    I think NBA player’s that work their but’s off on the floor should get threads on them. A thought jj? Really!! Instead of having cr&p threads about Batsh*t and her running her usual mundane task’s??! :shock: Words for thought? ;)

  • toni

    This ‘candid’ backfired. Most people were not impressed. Maybe it’s time to drag Hayden back to the grocery store. She hasn’t done that in a while. Or maybe they should go back to the farm and pose, oops, I mean hide out.

  • LOL

    What`s Cooking with Rachel? Hayden`s attempt to lock down
    a hottie in the kitchen without her realizing what`s really happening.

    souce: celebrity milkshake

  • reality

    not to worry, she does not realize what is happening and it is that he is not all that into her, she is trying too hard to get him for years now

  • s

    They have each other, get over it.

  • reality

    i am over it, and no, they don’t have each other, she wants him but he does not care, he will wait until he realizes that he can’t have who he wants, so he will settle for devoted bilson, but he has been dragging her for several years now without proposing, he is just not that into her, she is talking kids, he does not rush at all

  • s

    Why the rush? They are building a house together, slowly but surely,
    they are going to settle down.

  • reality

    that is what i said, they may settle down unless he gets someone he really wants, but he is in no rush like she is, bc he was with better women and bilson is a downgrade and that is why he is not that much in a hurry for almost 3 years now, he is not into her period, she is just a girl who will do anything for him and as any man he likes that, especially, when he can’t get who he wants
    i am convinced that she is not the ONE to him

  • s

    Okey, to each his opinion. But i thought they are together for only two years now?

  • reality

    2 going on 3, definitely more than 2 and no proposal as of yet

  • s

    Rachel said in an interview for a couple of years ago, she has to be with a guy at least five years before she is ready to marry him. She needs to be sure that he really is the one.

  • reality

    she also said in the interview that she wants to have a baby but she needs a guy first, while dating hc, she does not have an intellect to be taken seriously when she says something, but it is obvious that she is after hayden and he is taking it slow, he seems not sure about this whole rachel thing, and after being with every girl who is superior to rachel in every way, it is understandable
    it even seems that he does not like her, just nice to her for her devotion

  • s

    Then, he must be a really nice man.

  • reality

    just does not want to be alone, and does not want to lose someone who is so much devoted to him, nothing new