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Victoria Beckham: Full Force Fashion Week!

Victoria Beckham: Full Force Fashion Week!

Victoria Beckham looks fur-tastic as she arrives at JFK International Airport in New York City on Friday (February 13).

She’s been wearing a lot of headbands lately! The 34-year-old former Spice Girl is in town for Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week.

Husband David Beckham was recently asked how soccer has been for the Los Angeles Galaxy. He said, “Has it been a success? Off the field, yes. On the field? Well, we haven’t even made the play-offs so that’s the tough part. So off the field, it has been a success. I don’t know if I have left any sort of legacy – we’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • boogie

    hope it’s not real fur.

    If so, shame on Bitchtoria

  • over the top

    Victoria Beckham is so try hard, you can tell she has spent hours and
    hours putting together her outfit yet it always looks so contrived and fake, it just makes her look like a slave to fashion rather than naturally stylish!!!

  • me o my

    She is pretty when she has long hair. I don’t understand why she goes out of her way to look as ugly and ridiculous as possible.

  • m

    victoria never wear real fur, so no its not

  • googlie

    wow hottie
    lol its cool that its not real fur
    thank god she not like the olsen twins
    they kill so many animals for a simple wrap
    what dumbos

  • Brenna

    She reminds me of a Stepford wife or a peacock. Always so perfect even after a long haul flight. Other celebrities are normally wearing casuals or comfort clothes when flying but not VB. I wonder how comfortable one can get in those getup in a plane or the amount of time she probably takes preparing herself for her grand entrance before the plane lands.

  • hello

    I feel bad for David for not able to move to Italy. His football career is wasted in LA. He looked so happy during his “loan” there. He should buy himself out of the contract????

  • gerard Vandenberg

    (this is all, folks)
    ……………………………………………………………………..THIS IS NOT FOR SALE!!

  • fur

    People who wear real fur are murderers.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    80s mess

  • Frank Language

    Well, if it’s fake fur, it sure looks real. I don’t feel comfortable wearing fake fur unless it looks fake, but that’s just me.

  • jjeveryday

    she is so outrageous that she can now work whatever she wants to wear.

  • anon

    every part of this outfit is a fashion error…she has no clue…
    and she’s thinner than most models with her starvation diet…the headband is horrible. The Jackie O glasses are a 50′s look not an 80′s one. Leather leggings, out, so out. Fur, so wrong, so wrong…
    Boy’s body, not attractive on a woman and a mother…
    Short hair just doesn’t work when you’re a stick…she looks like a teenaged boy.
    I almost feel sorry for her and the spectacle she has become…

  • el

    Love her and her beautiful family.
    Dont understand her dress.
    She is super woman, great wife and great mom, beautiful and kind.
    Love her.

  • waller

    She looks so fake.
    And I doubt its real fur, she’s a peta activist.

  • Rachel

    Jared, what is so fantastic about fur?
    She is not a Peta activist at all! She was top of their worst dressed celeb list one year for wearing fur, and after that she backed off the fur for a few years – but that is fur in this photos here. I think, just like Jared, she is too weak a person to be anti-fur.

  • gohome~

    Does she spend any time with her children what-so-ever?

    She’s DISGUSTING inside and out!

    I hope that DB is forced to come back to LA with his tail between his legs- if he wanted to play for a big-time football club then he should have signed 2 yrs. back when he had the chance, not now when he is only 2yrs in to a 5yr contract- where’s his loyalty? where’s his were out to change soccer in America? Where’s his drive? Nope- none of that– it is what it’s always been the Greedy Beckhams’ always out for the almighty dollar. The move to America WAS never about “football” but rather $$$, celebrity and fame. Once upon a time he was a very good/talented footballer…I wonder how he feels now that he’s sold out for celebrity, $$$, and fame. They deserve each other- 2 of the most useless, worthless of human beings on the planet~!

  • LolaSvelt

    I don’t like fur, real or fake!

  • indiesr

    It is real fur! She just say its fake so she wont get attacked, just like how she use to claim her fake boobs were real. :)

  • Ceci

    She is ugly

  • G

    That is real fur! I know real from fake! And like she would admit it to being real, she doesnt want abuse most likely!

    I cannot stand this woman-She looks so gawdy and miserable-even with millions in the bank this cow is still a moody witch.

    And what the hell is up with her and her big ass shoes?, she never has shoes that fit her. Oh and she has a spam head! and no i aint jealous! I admire the likes of Jolie and Aniston, cruz, but this? give me a break.

  • G

    Yes it is real fur, you dimwits!!! Do you really think this cow cares about animals and whether fur is wrong? i dont think so, she loves her fur! Oh and she is NOT peta activist!! get your facts straight.

  • Joanne

    You are SOO late these pictures are from 13th!

    She looks AMAZING yet again, i would sooo love to have that jacket, the hwole outfit is rocking!

  • Cammie

    Someone with a purse-mouth and lifeless empty shell who lives in a parallel universe of narcissism. Without the wealth to spend on couture clothing and live on private jets, she would be a nobody on the streets. She’s an example of an ego personality, who believes she is the (things) and the (money) she possesses. Do not support anything that has either of their names on the product.

    Unfortunately, Katie Holmes–without a true identity of her own once she married a much older man–has used this pathetic woman as her role model.

  • zxc

    Poor woman she is nothing without her expensive clothes.

  • lizzie

    that woman doesnt deserve any attention, and when she’s old and ugly, which is close to happen, i think she will have a nervous breakdown!

  • Laura

    Victoria looks FAB-U-LOUS as usual. :)

  • Rachel

    Zxc – your comment is so true!! Well said!

  • palvasha

    is this the latest post? i swear this has been up for the whole day today as the earliest post

  • Juice

    She looks silly.

  • lakers fan in boston

    haha david
    it’s pretty obvious milan didnt want u that bad since they didnt put up a big offer
    her actual outfit looks stupid 2 me
    the accessories actually look much better
    that headband looks really nice on her =]

  • Kiri

    Oh, my, it looks like she’s getting thunder thighs in those leather pants. Don’t ever kid yourselves, down deep most of these fame hounds cannot stand themselves and their children simply become possessions to keep artificial relationships together. Why would anybody support products marketed under their names?

  • uglysexy

    she needs a peta meeter wearing crimey furs like that around
    poacher/trapper :(

  • natasha

    she looks amazing and super hot
    i love her

  • to 33

    you should go here and read about how poeple love fur and laugh at the fur industry, they are nutters over there

  • Sara

    Managing to look amazingly elegant and very sexy . Victoria looks simply divine in fur. Very posh!

  • Becca

    luv the headband, not too hot on the fur tho !

  • Joe

    THAT is real fur!!!!
    stupid famewhore..that is fox :(

  • babe

    Sara..r u serious w/that silly talk?

    she looks horrid & hardly elegant.

  • Ella

    Not her best outfit.
    But we all miss in fashion from time to time.
    I still think she’s a role model anda great person.
    You lot say she’s nasty, bitch, blah, blah…have you actually met her to be saying this?
    Something that I’ve learned from a very young age is never judge a book by it’s cover.
    So what if she looks miserable??? Why should she be smiling at the horrible paparazzi that do everything to bring every celebrity down. When she’s on tv shows or whatever she seems like a lovely person. But you lot have fallen on the paps trap–and the concept they’ve made of her.

    I’ll be in NY Fashion week and I hope to see her. :D

  • elanenergy

    I have this weird feeling that she and Dita are the same person.

  • adriana


  • jenny

    The fur looks very real to me. Which is a shame, because she was pretty vocal at one point about not wearing real fur. And I’m pretty sure the constant headbands are because she’s letting her hair grow back in and it’s at that in her face and too long to be bangs stage.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Be careful that fur doesn’t stick to your lollypop head………………….

  • Peach

    Victoria only wears faux fur. Please know what you’re talking about before you post.

    ‘Over the top’, you should really learn to speak English before you comment.


    Peach sweetie, you are a fool.


    Remember when she used to say her boobs were “real”? LOL, some of you are so gullible, OF COURSE she will say her fur is fake.

  • davidbeckham

    eh, not so great. she tried to hard.

  • say what

    #1. So what if it is real fur. It’s none of your damn business. You didn’t pay for it.

    I am sick of you crazy-ass extremist trying to terrorize people.

  • Jamie

    I don’t like fur, BUT if I did, I would buy it and wear it with pride, and if one of you nutcase anti-fur crazies got up in my face, you would be on the ground looking up at the stars with your front teeth scattered on the ground.

    You can’t eff with people because they choose to wear fur.

  • Jennifer

    Vix looks gorgeous. I love her fur.