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Kate Bosworth Goes Global Green

Kate Bosworth Goes Global Green

Kate Bosworth (in Loewe) smiles for the Global Green USA’s 6th Annual Pre-Oscar Party held at Avalon Hollwood on Thursday (Februray 19) in Hollywood, Calif.

Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar party featured performances by Sheryl Crow and Gavin Rossdale. Other celebrities in attendance were Kate Walsh, Heather Graham, Zachary Quinto, Benjamin McKenzie, Tyrese Gibson, and Chris Pine.

Kate, 26, had been in New York for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and was also seen with boyfriend James Rousseau.

30+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth going Global Green…

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kate bosworth global green usa 21
kate bosworth global green usa 22
kate bosworth global green usa 23
kate bosworth global green usa 24
kate bosworth global green usa 25
kate bosworth global green usa 26
kate bosworth global green usa 27
kate bosworth global green usa 28
kate bosworth global green usa 29
kate bosworth global green usa 30
kate bosworth global green usa 31
kate bosworth global green usa 32

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • Frankie

    Where is Ben?, I want Ben pics! – I love him.
    Oh, that’s right you only post about former OC member’s who aren’t working!!.

  • marie

    so an event with c-listers. Interesting, yet not……

  • dianel

    I’m sorry but i just don’t like her dress but that’s just me

  • Custom T

    She could of atleast done something with her hair don’t ya think??

  • Betina


  • lorraine

    WOW! I think she looks beautiful! She has the best smile and the picture of her looking over her shoulder is gorgeous! The dress is a work of art!

  • Paula

    Any pics of the better Kate Jared ?

  • Lily

    Not her best look, but beautiful girl, beautiful smile!

  • oh dear

    Kate sweetie. Who let you go out looking like that? I know, the dress is “fashion”, but couldn’t you have at least combed your hair?
    But it is nice to see that she is still friendy with Orlando’s friend (Dom), and cousin (Sebastian).

  • http://justjared tan

    Again, she looks terrible. not ageing well.

  • Blah girls!

    Love the dress, love the bod, not too crazy about the hobo chic hair and au natural face tho…


    She and Miranda are slowly morphing into one another. (Runs Away screaming)

  • lana

    love the dress…!

  • amy

    I’d like some pics of the other Kate in attendance!!! Give us some Walsh pics JJ..c’mon!!

  • Lillianne

    It looks like she’s wearing one of those car wash things.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    damn she ugly.

  • http://justjared hmmmmmmm

    Desperate if I was James I would dump her she clearly is not over Orlando 2 and a half years latter why go to an event where there is his cousin and one of his best friends ?Poor Kate she was hoping to meet him but he is milesssssssssss away with HIS WAY HOTTER GIRLFRIEND just to avoid this scary looking chick

  • http://justjared ugly

    Dear god what happened to this girl? Yeah she was never an actress but at least managed to look good what happened?

  • jam

    What happened to her face? It seems like too much botox is stumped on her cheeks..

  • model or actress

    does she even act in films anymore? i only ever see or hear about her if she is at some event opening or sitting front row at a runway…

  • @21

    IMO her goal now is to become a top model, as you can see, orlando has a topmodel gf now, and kate isn’t really over him, so she is trying to be a model now, and impress him LOL

    She’s not aging well, and that’s what happens if you abuse your body for trying to be so thin and have a model figure! where clearly, some of those models are genetically blessed!

  • imaginaque

    Got a comb? A brush, maybe?

  • rose

    What is she been up to lately?

    I’ve never heard any new movie projects for her, except for parties/events she attends to left and right!

    IMO, those rumors about their break up is true, that kate is getting more high maintenance and so eager for perfection in each of the fashion shows she attends to, not to mention her anorexia and pill popping problems!

    Take care of yourself kate, you surely isn’t aging well!

  • abc’s

    Hahahahaa at those people saying she’s not over Orlando!! I think those people are still not over the fact that they broke up over 4yrs ago!!! 4years!!!! And her career has been doing a whole lot better over the last few years then Orlando’s.


    Oh and why is it always that Miranda Kerrs fans have to show up to other celebrities threads bashing them in order to make Miranduh seem better in comparison???

  • http://justjared @25

    No those are the only two fans Kate has who have even created a blog to hate on Orlando and his new girlfriend they can’t get over the fact that she lost her meal ticket and he is not coming back this time he found better and that she buys cars to her boyfriend and pays for everything when they are together I guess karma is a bitch after years of Kate using Orlando for publicity and him paying for everything she is now in a relationship where she is being used .Her carer is doing better than Orlando’s ? hahahahaha you Delphi loons are delusional she z-list at best . As for her not being over Orlando well look at the pictures above look how she is clinging to Sebastian and how she is looking at him lololol she went to an even where THE ORGANIZER IS ORLANDO’S COUSIN AND ONE OF HIS BEST FRIENDS WAS THERE TOO AND GUESS WHAT ORLANDO WAS LISTED TO ATTEND TOO THIS PATHETIC WOMAN PROBABLY THOUGHT THEY WOULD RUN INTO EACH OTHER AND HE WOULD TAKE HER BACK BUT ORLANDO AVOIDED HER LIKE THE FLU AND IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET WITH THE WOMAN WHO HAS HIS HEART .You people are so delusional that thought that Orlando would leave Miranda to run to A.l to take Kate back hahahaha because like Kate her fans yeah both of them miss the favors and publicity that comes from being his girlfriend But sorry to break it to you Orlando is looking happier than he ever looked while with Kate and AGAIN IS NOT GOING BACK NOT WITH KATE LOOKING LIKE IN THE ABOVE PICTURES GET OVER IT

  • http://justjared @25

    I meant L..A

  • deja vu2

    Personally, I don’t care for her appearance in these shots. Not crazy about the dress. Her hair could do with some real styling. Her make-up is bland.

    Having said that, I give her credit for fulfilling her professional obligation to attend this event. Her name was listed as being one of the celebrity hosts or guests, and she showed up. That’s the PROFESSIONAL thing to do! Bloom, on the other hand, was listed and failed to appear – again. He was listed back in spring ’06 as a host (and should have walked the Green Carpet with his then-girlfriend Kate) but managed to fly off to Italy to appear on some Italian TV show at the last minute instead. He was probably offered a lot of money for the Italian TV show gig and opted for the big bucks instead of personal and professional honor. Not a smart PR move on his part, IMO. He lost some respect from some of his fans and supporters when he did that.

    I also give Kate (and James) credit for purchasing a Prius last year or the year before, and Kate recently purchased a Hybrid Saab, if I remember reading correctly. She at least makes an effort to be consistent with the Global Green message, unlike some other celebrities who shall remain unnamed.

    The fact that she was able to set aside any personal or professional issues that she may or may not have with Bloom, and chose to rise above all of that to attend this event and hold her head up with dignity, impresses me personally. If she hadn’t showed up, I would be more inclined to think she wasn’t over him. Bloom could have attended with Miranda, and he could have made a request months ago to do so, if he really wanted to.

    Props to Kate! Good girl! You did the right thing, Kate. Glad Dominic and Sebastian were there. Sebastian seems to really care about the environment. I get the impression that his heart is really into that issue and movement, and that he’s not in this for personal attention or PR.

    As for her career, she seems better suited to paparazzi fashion shots and PR for designers than she does for acting. She seems to like current fashion, attending fashion shows, getting free garments in exchange for working with the paps to get her publicity shots and getting featured in magazines. I think her future lies somewhere in the fashion industry, not in the acting industry.

  • @dejavu2

    Can you please make it clear who initiated the break up between kate and orlando? Cause based on reports/rumors, one of the causes of their split was due to kate’s addiction to fashion, and being high maintenance!

    If that so, why is orlando now dating a model? who obviously doesn”t want a simple life and is also high maintenance!

    Now, i’m realizing that bloom only wants girlfriends who can also be used for the sake of his pr! THANKS

  • @26

    Kate looks beautiful. I love her smile.
    If you are so obbsessed with Miranda go post on one of her stupid fan sites, Anyways Kate is so much better off without Orlando. He is treating Miranda like crap and you say Miranda is the lucky one. Well guess again