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Nicole Richie & Joel Madden: Coffee Couple

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden: Coffee Couple

Expectant mother Nicole Richie and Joel Madden grab drinks from Starbucks in Hollywood on Thursday (April 23).

The 27-year-old The Simple Life star recently returned from Toronto promoting her own jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960.

Featuring art-deco style earrings, cuffs, rings and headbands, the jewelry line was named after Nicole and Joel‘s daughter, Harlow.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole and Joel grabbing some coffee…

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nicole richie joel madden coffee 01
nicole richie joel madden coffee 02
nicole richie joel madden coffee 03
nicole richie joel madden coffee 04
nicole richie joel madden coffee 05
nicole richie joel madden coffee 06
nicole richie joel madden coffee 07
nicole richie joel madden coffee 08
nicole richie joel madden coffee 09
nicole richie joel madden coffee 10

Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Caly

    noooooo caffeine when you are preggers nicole!

  • nice

    They have a cute baby girl.

  • hey 3

    #3 Did JJ make you the patrol blog?

  • Rose

    Did i miss something?? Harlow is adorable though…and Joel actually looks better with the bleach blonde hair …

  • hey 3

    Who would want to tell you .

  • hey 3

    Oh now your name rose.Yeah you have missed out on a good life.

  • snowy

    he’s cute with the bleach blonde hair.

  • JB

    hmm I think I prefer the darker hair. Though it’s a fun look for spring-summer.

  • Laura

    I quite like Joel with blonde locks. They are a cute couple and Harlow is gorgeous, can’t wait to see their new addition!

  • laura

    oh and #2, hot chocolate comes in the same type of cup.

  • beccasaurus

    hope nicole didn’t get coffee or tea – you’re not supposed to drink those things when you’re expecting.

    they look great though and they have an adorable kid.

  • sue

    coffee when u’r pregnant is a big NO NO!

  • Milk only

    Pregnant women should not drink caffeine. Your baby will be born with learning disabilities and has a greater risk of being cross-eyed. It’s true, so stay away from coffee, tea and cola.

  • Milk only

    That’s why Harlow is so tiny and is not growing like normal babies because stupid Nicole drank too much coffee when she was carrying her. Nicole only wants to stay skinny at any cost even when she’s expecting for fear of gaining weight. Damn the consequences to her midget offspring.

  • me

    They´re so cute and down-to-earth! It´s nice to see a normal familie without any drama!!!

    And for the coffee…Oh Please guys, U can drink a hot chocolate etc.!
    Nicole seems to be a very responsible mother and I´m sure she knows and cares about what´s good for her childreen/ unborn!

  • chris

    @ Milk only #13 & #14 – WOW U´re really talking BS! That´s such a bunch of evil LIES!!!
    U def have some deep problems! No heart, No brain and no character! I´m so sorry for U! Hope U get help ASAP!
    Nicole & Joel are a great familie and Harlow is an happy & healthy lil girl! This familie is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    (they like fake-american-blondes)

  • Annabel

    My goodness, you all sure are judgmental considering you don’t even know what you’re talking about. You can drink caffeine when you’re pregnant, but only a limited amount. I think the rule is “one cup a day”. You can also dye your hair, in case anyone wanted to know…

  • dddjjj333

    #14 – so it never occurred to you that the fact that Nicole is 5’1″ and maybe 100 lbs and that may be why Harlow is so small? Jeez!!

  • dem

    They´re my fav celeb couple! I LOVE NICOLE`S LITTLE FAMILY!!!!!

  • Shawna

    How many of you dispensing the pregnancy advice have actually BEEN pregnant? Hmm? Anyone? I have had 3 children and YES, you are allowed to drink caffeine while pregnant. They recommend not more than one 1 cup a day and it won’t cause any issues. For all you know this is her first coffee all week, or there is hot chocolate in there, or it is herbal tea. It is seriously humorous that you are all assuming you know more about pregnancy than someone who has already had a child. (and Harlow is just fine)

  • Blah girls!

    Love them, not lovin the bleached do!

  • Nahla x3

    Nicole glows. I love beanies a lot and I just love her style here. Beanies is an accessory that just make you stylish. Harlow is really cute so I guess the next upcoming addition is about to be adorable aswell. WOW Joel as a blonde, that’s wow. It actually suits him :D They make a cute couple but then again, why is she famous???

  • ha

    why isn’t he bald? just a few years ago he had less hair

  • shawna the bad mother

    Even chocolate is bad for the unborn because chocolate has caffeine in it. And if you guzzled coffee when you were pregnant, shame on you! Your children will have neurological problems and you are just trying to mitigate the harm you did to them. You are a bad mother!!You are a child abuser in my books!

  • angie

    love them!!! and joel is hot with dark hair or blond hair…. he always looks good!

  • Whoa

    I’m usually the first person who gets tired of hearing people being OVERLY cautious about pregnancy and babies, but it blows my mind that no one even thinks twice about guzzling Starbucks coffee that has 2 to 3 times the normal amount of caffeine as the coffee you have at home. Can you even imagine what that strength would do to a fetus/small child? Seriously gives me the sads.

  • hi

    anyone have any idea of who makes her shoes? they are cute.

  • lakers fan in boston

    her belly grew really fast =p
    did he dye his hair btw?

  • Green Is Good

    Now that Bitchie is preggo again, there will no escape from her.

  • Shoes


    They look like Minnetonka Moccasin boots, i have a pair they fab.

  • cas

    they have the same hair color

  • just me

    You people are unbelievable! You are all over her about caffeine and have no idea what she’s drinking! Starbucks has decaf coffee and tea and herbals also! And a cup of coffe a day is fine! Get a life!

  • soraya rachel fannnnnn

    Wooow she’s gorgeouuus
    i love her and joel! they are such a cuuuute couple! i love how they twitter a lot! i love reading their posts!

    And look at her STYLE


  • uggs

    love them, always support them. hope they’ll stick together for ever not like others.


    Wa wa wee wa !!

  • callitadream

    Does anyone know the brand of Nicole’s sunnies?

  • Ivy

    what? don’t tell me she bought coffee? A bad mother she is.

  • Nina

    i bet the next one is going to be cute tooo…..i hope she’s having a boy.


    #25 – LOL! You are such a joke! I really hope you don’t have children, you are obviously mentally unstable.

  • ice

    30: Exactly. and this is evident by JJ’s two posts a day on a woman who does not work at all and frankly has no reason to be considered a celeb

  • Jem

    I knew some idiot would automatically judge “Don’t have coffee when pregnant!” Um, she could be drinking hot chocolate.

  • Aunt flo

    Super! More ugly, untalented kids from ugly untalented parents.

  • Anthea

    I like the bleached hair – he is cute.

    What’s your problem with drinking coffee on being pregnant? There are really badder things you can do.

    I don’t get the whole thing you americans always make up about coffee, alcoholics and cigarettes – good heavens.

  • eb

    decaf morons

  • ryan



  • SFGal

    The blonde hair makes him look a lot younger and way better! I like it! Plus, they just make a good couple. :-) (To #25 “shawna the bad mother” .. you are a moron. They do sell decaf beverages at Starbux .. and even mixed juice drinks. So stop accusing someone of something as serious as child abuse. As much public attention as this couple gets, if child abuse was even thought to be a problem, the press/paparazzi would be all over it. So knock it off and stop posting unsubstantiated lies!)

  • jj

    So they are both fake blonde’s now?!

  • custom T

    He looks ICK with that hair. Natural beauty is sooo much better!

  • good charlotte