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Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

Also pictured: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

If you haven’t seem Slumdog Millionaire yet, why not?????

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  • M

    And how does #248 know that Kristi was supposedly in New Dehli?. Proof is needed to 100% believe this.

  • StinkyLouise

    #244- So you know for a fact the blind item is made up ,just like you know for a fact the blog is the absolute truth. OK then. LOLOL!
    Except the blog clearly implies Cheryl Burke. So it ain’t Kristi who’s the girlfriend.

  • Sugar

    People Cheryle Burke never happened, Kristi did.

  • StinkyLouise

    #M- Kristi has to be in New Delhi or the delusional fantasy doesn’t work.LOLO! So where do the Norweigan blondes fit into this fantasy?Or were the photos on JJ a mirage?


    Just because Kristi may have been in New Delhi still does not mean that she was there with Gerry or even met up with Gerry while there. As far as I am aware, they have not been seen with each other or reported as being with each other since the Pier encounter, so all of this is nothing but speculation on the part of whomever writes it, and there is nothing substantial to any of it. Gerry’s manager, Alan, reported to that Gerry was in India on vacation with friends, there was nothing to the moive location/Tom Cruise reporting, and as it turned out, all the reporting of his encounters with Piryanka Chopra all turned out to be PR for her. He did attend the parties, met with the Slumdog Kids with her, and may or may not have done the tour with her as was initially reported by the Indian press. But as we all have seen, most of what the Indian press has reported has been extremely exaggerated, most all to benefit Priyanka, at Gerry’s expense. The only thing that we have proof of is his attendance at Shah Ruhk Khan’s party, as we do have pictures of him arriving and leaving there. And of course, his meeting the Slumdog Kids. But outside of that, there has been no other proof of anything we have read from the Indian media.

    As far as the DWTS choreographer girlfriend (Cheryl Burke???) how can anyone believe that as she has come out on the show talking about her new boyfriend, who is a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as magazine articles about them. Also, when would she have time to fly to India with her in rehearsals 6 out of 7 days with her partner, Gilles Marini? That was, perhaps, the dumbest and most stupid thing to come out of India to date.

    All of this speculation about Gerry’s love life, who he is dating, is pointless, really. He has many friends all over the world, both male and female, and I’m sure there are lady friends of his everywhere he goes. He enjoys being with his male friends and this does NOT make him gay. As a STRAIGHT woman, I enjoy going out with my girl buddies, and that does not make me a lesbian. Why is it when men have men friends and hang out with them, people automatically brand them as gay? I don’t understand that way of thinking. Men need male bonding from time to time, just as we women need bonding with our female friends from time to time. That is double standard at it’s most worst.

    I think people need to give Gerry a break, and quit trying to dissect every single thing he says or does. He’s single, seemingly not attached to the point of not being able to play the field a bit, and he’s not doing a thing differently than any other single man would do or doesn’t do. He’s popular and friendly and he’s having a good time while he can. He will settle down eventually, when he’s ready to, and that will be at his decision, not ours, and he deserves a lot better from everyone than he gets. He has done nothing to anyone to warrant the kind of treatment he gets from both the media, who tear him apart at every turn, or from the general public, even his non-fans.

  • crazy

    How would anyone here know that Kristi was in New Delhi? She’s not a public figure, and I doubt her real friends who might know about her whereabouts would come here of all places to fuel the fire.

    It’s amazing how some people claim to know all sorts of things about his personal life while he tries to keep it under wraps. He’s obviously not doing a very good job, LOL. Why would he show up with a girlfriend in public (allegedly Philly and now India) and at the same time deny he’s with anyone and hit on other women? He can never know when someone might take his picture with any woman while he’s out and about. So what if pictures of him and this alleged woman in Philly had been published? If he really wanted to hide and deny a GF, he certainly wouldn’t hang out with her again and again at the same hotspots.

  • Sugar aka zICO

    is nuts……really. ignore her or him or whatever it is.

  • Alexxxx

    To #247

    Regarding his comment about wanting to date Priyanka: I am sure that is the least of the crap that Kristi has to put up with from him if she is indeed with him. I believe alot of what is written about him is BS, but when there is that much smoke there has to be some fire.

  • Alexxxx

    Remember when he was supposedly dating someone last summer he said he wanted to do Halle Barry at a press conference? Seriously, Kristi has to have some thick skin to put up with it. (if she is with him, which at this point is still conjecture). The dude seriously is lacking tact and an ability to filter what he says before he says it. LOL

  • omg

    people, people people. He is too much of an asshole to be with anyone. Who would put up with his shit. He has the emotional maturity of a 13 yr old.

  • Alexxxx

    You got that right. It can be funny for a bit but then it has to get annoying after a while. Especially if you are dating it.

  • omg

    the only person he “is with” is himself. end of story. if you believe he has a gf you’re all crazy and delusional. Kristi? LOL!

  • lol!
  • lol!

    oh lookey – this seems to be the one he has eyes for.

  • Alexxxx

    Yes, Markasite, I am sure it was just a coincidence that Kristi was in India the same time as Gerry. Oye vay.

  • @markasite madame

    I hope you meant your post to be joke…..cause I’m laughing pretty hard.

  • Alexxxx

    Not shit 267 LOL

    Markasite,: This just in: Turns out Kristi is not in New Delhi as stated earlier, but rather at a new deli that opened up not too far from her. See that splains everthing. You can see how things get misconstrued on the web. I think you had things covered pretty well already for the DWS chick – whatever her name is.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I love Gerard! We will be married someday I believe.

  • I agree with sugar too

    we were both right!

  • jayenne

    I see this discussion hasn’t died yet. Who the hell cares who he’s dating anyway? You’re all acting like you’ve some kind of personal stake in it.

    Markasite, I’m afraid no matter what GB or his defenders say, those who are convinced he’s gay or a womanizer, etc., won’t change their minds. Not even if he settled down and had a dozen kids. People will believe what they want to believe.

  • pfft

    obviously you do or you wouldnt be reading this thread….

  • pfft

    some people……

  • pafan

    Did you see they filed misdemeanor battery charges against GB for punching that sleezy pap last fall? How absurd. Everyone said the guy was way out of line, following Gerry all over LA and endangering pedestrians.

  • ??

    I wonder if G was really angry that night because there were other people in the car with him that he didn’t want to be pictured with? Couple of club chicks?

  • anon annoy

    aahhh, how sweet. GB was protecting his herd. What’a guy. LOL

  • jayenne

    Funny, I thought this thread was about the Slumdog kids.

    Some people, indeed…

  • StinkyLouise

    OK. Here’s a post that is on topic. The youngest kid, Ismail, had his home, such as it is, razed by authorities yesterday. He and his family slept on the ground surrounded by the rubble. What are Gerry , Piggy and the rest of their Bollywood friends going to do to help?Since Gerry is so philanthropic and caring perhaps he sould stick a crowbar in his wallet and do something to help. He can even use the PR to counteract any negative publicity from the battery chatges.

  • @274

    he probably had a couple of guys in the car with him.

    The only thing I think Gerry did was buy them pizza.

  • cubedweller

    IMO – pappers who chase and antagonize celebs are opportunistic, bottomfeeding scum. But Gerry could have walked away from this fight and didn’t. Then, after the initial charges were supposedly dropped, he went on a NY radio show and bragged and joked about the incident. And this guy supposedly has a brain and a law degree? I would be surprised if he gets much in the way of punishment. In the real world, he might be deported. But L.A. justice is a joke – the rich and famous get away with murder – literally. I’m saddened and disgusted that someone who’s work I have admired is lining up in a lawyer’s waiting room with the likes of Lohan and Hilton.

  • zzzzzzzz

    cubedweller I agree with you to a certain point. I think it works both ways..stars can use the paps to their benefit at promote, if you will etc…The NY radio show was a bad move on Gerry’s part and yes, LA justice is a joke. He’ll get off with a misdeameaner charge or pay the fine…I do not agree with what he did..but I can see it happening..people lose their cool..especially if the pap was following too close or speeding up to the car…as well as possibly injuring pedestrians..His mistake was getting out of the car and handling it himself..and hopefully his so called “friends” weren’t egging him on..If that is the case, I wonder about them..He should of had the driver pull over and call 911..Let the LA cops handle it…if witnesses were there and they saw the pap running redlights etc and possibly injuring would of been reported…


    PA FAN

    Why wouldn’t he be charged? What ever we think of the paparazzi, he’s no different to any one of us and therefore is not above the law. It’s no good saying the ‘pap’ deserve what he got, or how absurd that they’re charging GB, because I think I’m correct in thinking I remember you in a previous thread eagerly asking JJ for some new pictures. The media is partially fuelled by what we want, so be careful what you wish for!

    I’m not sure how easy entry these days is between the USA and the UK for those convicted of a crime of this sort. Therefore should he spend any of the time in jail, whether that would have any effect on his re-entry back into the USA after visiting the UK? Mind you, should this pose a threat to his livelihood, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get married to an American very soon to safe-guard his career in the USA. Pay-offs do happen, and if he got married in India, how easy would it be to get it annulled at a later date? I wonder which one of his ‘easy’ dates would become a willing partner?

  • Ha Ha

    I would laugh my socks off if the PR trip to India was a ruse for him to get married. Richard and other were part of the best-man’s party. Would this site and others would explode or what!!!!!!

  • Lulu

    That’s the two things I look forward to most:- him getting married, and/or him letting it be known he’s had or having a child. The fan-base would…would…would…well, it would be very, very, scary!!! I would take a day off work just to monitor the melt down!

    Of course the third option could be that he’s gay. And please don’t say he has told reporters on more than one occasion that he is NOT. I’m sure if he was he would NEVER, EVER, admit to being gay while his mother is alive, with her being a strict Catholic. He loves and respects her and his family too much.

  • @283

    “I’m sure if he was he would NEVER, EVER, admit to being gay while his mother is alive, with her being a strict Catholic. He loves and respects her and his family too much.

    you’re joking right? About being Catholic and not telling his mother? If he is gay, I would bet his mum knows. Don’t insult all Catholics by saying something stupid like that. I would bet his family would love him unconditionally regardless if he is straight or gay. Geez.

  • Lulu

    # 284

    I’m a Catholic…and it happens! Frequently. Get your head out of your a$$ and smell the coffee!

  • @285

    Lulu – you have no class.

    I’m Catholic too, and I didn’t say it didn’t happen. If he is gay, the only reason he will never admit it publicly, is because of his career not because of his family. He seems too close to his family to hide something like that.

  • Tiny

    Now that he has been charged do ya think we will find out who was in the car with him? My money is on some PYT.

  • Lulu

    # 286

    Whoa! Did I say his mother and family wouldn’t know? Just that he wouldn’t admit to it PUBLICALLY while she is alive. Would you like some help with your head? We’ll both pull on 3.

  • StinkyLouise

    @Tiny- I think he had a small herd in the limo. Their honor and integrity must be protected at all times.

  • zzzzzzzzzzz

    Yeah, afterall, this is ….


  • @lulu

    wow….you are nasty.. I don’t think the poster was saying anything wrong. What difference would it make if he admitted it publicly while his mother was alive.?

  • ha ha

    TONIGHT WE DINE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zzzzzzzz

    Well, I truly hope that it works out for all parties involved.

    I don’t know Gerry but I have empathy for him. How many times have any of us snapped and just didn’t think. I bet if you think back there were incidents that you probably regretted…Hopefully this will be cleared up soon….

    I wish the best for Gerry and his upcoming movies. :)

  • anon annoy

    @Louise- “Their honor and integrity must be protected at all times” LOL

    Bet it was his own honor and integrity he was trying to protect. Not that G has much of either left. God forbid he be pictured with the starf*ckers he typically shags.

  • Sugar

    Maybe it was Kristi in the car. Or maybe there was no one in the car and he just got upset. Of all the celebreties out there Gerry is the friendlist to the paps. He’s nice, he poses for photos and even talks to them, and is this what he gets for being nice?

    The man lost his temper because they pushed him too far. Why don’t you people who are defending the paps, have someone trailing after you every minute of the day and then we’ll say what you have to say about them then!

  • just saying

    I agree with you. He may have done something wrong and will have to bear the consequences whatever they might be. But I also think it must be really difficult to stay calm all the time especially if you have so many people stalking you day and night. Besides, this is the first time I see Gerry losing control with a papparazzo. I believe he has proven to be quite patient with them all (and he has to because it is part of being a celebrity) I just hope he never does that again. Too much trouble for nothing.

  • curious

    Have there ever been other cases in the past where celebrities who retaliated against obnoxious photogs were put behind bars? I don’t know of any. Perhaps some of you do? Just curious, that’s all. Coz if GB does get convicted, and he’s the first such celebrity to be jailed for that, don’t you guys think it will set a dangerous precedent? Who knows what the paps will be emboldened to do the next time?

  • @ curious

    Years ago Alec Baldwin went whoop*ss on a papper who ambushed him and his then wife Kim Basinger. They were leaving a hospital with their newborn daughter. I don’t remember the specifics of the outcome, but I don’t think he did any time. I do remember that both celebs and common folk were totally on Baldwin’s side for that one – he was protecting his wife and baby.


  • hangglider

    Hey, there are insightful comments here. #259, so right about inability to filter. GB opens his mouth and spills garbage. For ages I have heard how smart he is. the law degree etc. and never see that smart soul. #262, the only person he’s with his himself, sure looks like it. Cubedweller #279, right on,and StinkyLouise #289, you are always a hoot, sharp and on the money. In the past couple of years, the balance has sure turned from the yumyum sayers and worshipers to critics. Seems as if GB must have alienated half of H-wood by now. As for his doing time, I guess not, unless it’s a wrist slap 3 days, like Paris Hilton. The paps only make a living because the mobs of fans greedily sop up celebrity news, gossip, pix. But GB in jail? Living on pubic money? No, he should pay a hefty fine for some good cause for his indiscretion. This man seems to have changed very little since the youthful days he talks about. He’s just the class clown on a different level, self-destructing to entertain the masses and get attention.

  • hangglider

    Oops! I meant living on PUBLIC money, not pubic. This isn’t the first time someone made THAT misspelling. Don’t even GO THERE, people. It was a goof. Really, seriously, does it make sense to put a rich, celebrity guy in jail for assault? What purpose is served? Better to bleed his deep pockets to help protect other victims of assault, like battered women for instance. Now that would be some kind of justice. :) :)