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Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli has a swinging good time on a trapeze-like bar on the Terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday (May 6).

The 23-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl tried out a one-hour exercise routine called Jukari Fit to Fly, which was created by Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. This flying sensation during the work-out is made possible by FlySet, a trapeze-like bar that hangs from above.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli at trapeze school…

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bar refaeli trapeze school 01
bar refaeli trapeze school 02
bar refaeli trapeze school 03
bar refaeli trapeze school 04
bar refaeli trapeze school 05
bar refaeli trapeze school 06
bar refaeli trapeze school 07
bar refaeli trapeze school 08
bar refaeli trapeze school 09
bar refaeli trapeze school 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • ferdis

    Well…if the Leo’s thing dont work, she can try pole dancer. But she is a bit discoordinated. *Sight* I cant find another proper job for her

  • jennifer

    she’s beautiful and healthy

  • ellie

    JJ you are so boring , can you speak about real models or stars?

    ugly, ugly, ugly , ugly

  • lol

    @1 Funny!
    I don`t think I ever owned anything from Reebok in my life ( Go Nike ) and after seeing those hideous shoes and socks I doubt I ever will.
    Bar is not athletic at all so this whole campaign feels just as fake as Bar herself.

  • Abbie

    She represents Health, Beauty, Feminity and Glamour! Way to go Bar! She is “the” sensation. She sure will influence women to try the Trapeze bar….. with such a smile and attitude.

    Thanks Jared for another great set of pictures from Leo’s lady!

  • robins 3


    Not pretty just so-so!

  • robins 3

    Enough with this two-bit person!

    Please Jared spare us from her. Ad nauseum !!!

  • inbars14

    @ellie: no, because your the pretty pretty pretty jealousy jealousy jealous

  • ellie


    she is not Leo’s lady

  • M

    This chick’s adorable, just cute as a button.

  • ellie


    jealous of this stupid,ugly,pathetic,hopeless,… girl (that many persons hate especially Leo ) !!!!!! i can’t stop laughing

  • ferdis

    JJ why dont have a thread of Leo at Lakers Game? So more interesting! He was soo happy

  • Llk

    ‘the sensation’? LOL! That’s funny! Her sensational part was in LA last night at the Lakers game.
    These photos were posted everywhere yesterday only Jared managed to make two boring posts out of nothing.

  • linda

    yes Ferdis,,, I hear you girl LOL
    , that is what i keep waiting for, some LEO pics… and only reason i even come to bar’s threads is to hopefully see something on LEO..sad to say LOL

    where is the lakers pics, can someone post a link? thanks :)

  • ellie


    Bar was in Spain so it’s sure that Leo is happy when she leaves USA because there could be not false rumours on them that Bar’s mother or any one else send on some sites

  • ellie
  • bobbi

    Anyone know how short she is?

  • what happen

    #5 is Tzipi again (Bar’s mom)
    Hi Tzipi, Back on your bff’s (JJ) site again to post more BS about your daughter. I can’t believe she goes to Spain for this stupid job. I hope she gets big $$ for this bs job. They don’t even want her for a model they choose the Gossip Girl actress. Ok good luck with the bs – nobody believes – but keep trying. Don’t forget to send another check to JJ to make more stupid posts. He can probably stretch this Reebok thing out for a week with these ugly shoes.

  • sahar

    Good god, Jared how many posts can you make out of ONE STUPID appearance?? Is there nothing worth writing about happening today???

  • Abbie

    ellie: So school is over? You need to spend your precious time again on a matter that does not interest you?? Go and play outdoor or ask your mommy to take an apointment with the schrink for ya…. It might take long sessions but at least you could be cured from your insane jealousy. And YES, BAR IS LEO’S LADY! He was with her in NY last weekend. He didn’t tell you….??? LOL LOL LOL!!!

  • enrico
  • !!!

    Love you Bar! you’re so hot and successful!!

  • ferdis

    @Abbie: Abbie, your mum called and told me to tell you leave the internet now!

  • just me

    How come Leo and his `lady` only look happy when they are not together?

  • @22

    Successful, right. Too bad that not on her on merit.

  • ellie




  • ellie

    @just me:

    Because Leo is like almost all people : he hates her
    Bar is happy because she has the attention on her and she has job ( that’s rare)

  • linda
  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh not really interested in these pics
    she just looks plain, which she is suppose 2 since she’s working out so i wont really say anything
    but like i said before, she’s kinda growing on me

  • lieo

    I don’t know if she’s cleaver but come on people you can not say that she is ugly. She’s absolutely lovely in those pics. And I wish that fashion industry could take her as an example, I mean look at her shape! Sh’es insanely gorgeous. And I don’t care whether she’s with Leo or not.
    PS : Sorry about my english, I’m french.

  • @28

    Thanks for the pics. Interesting that Leo shows more interest and affection towards the Lakers and his friends in general than towards Bar…
    Bar as an example for fashion industry? Maybe her shape but not the lack of talent or wow factor.

  • linda
  • jennifer

    I don’t have nothing against Bar, but jared could put more posts about Leo here, how many times Leo was in the lakers games at this last weeks, a lot of times and jared don’t post anyone, they prefer to put zac efron and his girlfriend, justin timberlake and his girlfriend. so they will just put leo here in lakers game when bar’s is with him. come on jared, leo it’s important too, so put more posts of him here! and jennifer86 look how FAT AND UGLY leo is in this pics of lakers game, hahahahahahahahaha , he’s handsome baby, get a glass, because you have problems in your eyes!

  • what happen

    These pics are not looking good. Seriously, c’mon.
    She has no makeup on – who does modeling like this?
    Also, this workout looks stupid and not practical -where we’re gonna find trapeze to swing from? Who joins Cirque du Soleil? This is very difficult stuff. She does not look like she knows how to do this and these ugly shoes are not helping much. I doubt she loses 1/2 a pound from this stupid workout.
    I think stick with the bikini.

  • vivien

    wow i don’t get all these hateful comments. she probably looks a hell of a lot better than any hypocrites saying shes ugly. and i think she is pretty and has a fantastic body.

  • LuckyL

    Plain plain plain.

  • Lisa

    She is ugly

  • Leo is fat and ugly

    I’m gone for several days and still the same psychobabble rants from people who never leave their house. Talk about losers! Leo is still fat and ugly. I’m not jennifer86 either. Well Vivien most of the hate comments are done by one pyschotic female/male by the name of French. This sicko is psychotic and uses dozens of names. The rest of the haters are overweight middle-aged women who fantasize about being Leo’s girlfriend. It’s pathetic. That is why these women hate Bar so much. They wish Leo could be screwing them instead of her.

    I don’t like Bar but the vicious comments are really ridicoulous. it’s pathetic how all these losers are calling her ugly when in reality they’re fat dogs. Webcams should be required for everyone who comments on the internet because then all these butt ugly people would never dare to call others ugly.

    Bar is having the last laugh against the haters because she’s traveling the world, making tons of money and sleeping with Leo. (Yuck he probalby has tons of STD’s.) Even though I don’t like the girl I’m not envious because I actually travel, have friends, a boyfriend and money. The loser Leo stalkers are lonely, miserable people and that is why they have so much hate.

  • slightly Retarded???

    38 included!

  • french

    #38 : i post only with one name , please stop saying that all bad comments it’s me who posted them

  • Lain

    Why this site never post Leos’ photo ??

    The girls is really cutie, beautiful

    How you can say she is ugly is just a mistery then

  • me

    her body is wayyyyyyyyyy better than skinny gisele…

  • @42

    Why can’t you finally get over Gisele? The continuous comparison is getting really boring. They are different types of woman and different types of models. Gisele dated Bar’s boyfriend and I think it’s time to move on!
    Bar fans keep mentioning her all the time which is pretty pointless.

  • :))))))))))))

    she`s so hot !

  • #38

    is poor, fat, extremely ugly, has no friends, no boyfriend, no job. The only place he/she travels is to JJ to make idiotic posts about strangers. Oh we all wish we had such an amazing life!! Too funny.
    - Signed, not french

  • @38

    Go back to boyfriends, friends, mansion, millions of $, travel, and stay off here with your bit@hy comments about Leo. AZZH*LE!

  • what happen

    JJ hates Leo that’s why no Leo posts.
    He only likes Bar and Tzipi – that’s why you only get Bar posts.
    Soon another Bar post comes – Bar pees in the Madrid airport. JJ has the scoop!!!

  • jennifer

    38, your comments are ridiculous and disrespectful! don’t talk so bad of someone you didn’t know and never will

  • lola

    bar, you’ll never be the next gisele, ever, little tart!

  • Lain


    i agree.