Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!

Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin affectionately cradles a female friend’s baby while waiting to catch a ferry at Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Thursday (June 4).

The 33-year-old reality TV mom was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neilds and her three 5-year-old sons, Aaden, Collin and Joel. Yesterday, Kate took her three youngest daughters on their own ferry ride. It looks like she got in time with the boys and girls separately!

Kate and the sextuplets have been vacationing in North Carolina without papa Jon Gosselin, who has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

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Credit: Macca; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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93 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!”

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  1. 26
    angeal g Says:

    I will never watch this show again. Kate is the worst mom/person ever. Cannot believe Jon lasted this long with her horrible and humiliating putdowns. Who does she think she is anyways?

  2. 27
    Cathey Says:

    I think it is time to stop watching, reading or anything else concerning these sad, stupid people. Hey Jon – get a real job and stop living off your children!!! Hey Kate – please just go away and take care of your children OFF CAMERA.

  3. 28
    tracy Says:

    The problem is Kate is not “fit” enough to take care of her own children. Kate dosen’t even seem to like her kids. Have you ever watched her? She has been miserable and horrible for years and now is blaming Jon for checking out. I believe it is the other way around. Kate checked out because the pull of being famous and getting free stuff is what she is about. Nothing more to this fame-hog.

  4. 29
    jc Says:

    I agree and highly suspect this was a classic publicity move to improve (and soften) her image. Politicians use it all the time.

  5. 30
    Dianne Says:

    What they didn’t show you is Kate using the baby as bait for sharks ; )

  6. 31
    !Kate Go$$elin! Says:

    I want more babies people!

  7. 32
    bianca Says:

    I loved the show when it was about the family. Not the vacations and free whatevers. Now that fame has gone to their heads, the “charm” is gone. GONE!!!! In fact I noticed Kates change of personality a while ago. She has always been harsh, now she just a hugeass BI_CH!!!
    For all of Jon’s mistakes he has remained true to himself.

  8. 33
    faith & hope Says:

    Are you kidding me! Some idiot is letting Kate hold their innocent baby. Why oh why would anyone allow that? Kate is the biggest BEEOCH ever. This is a total publicity stunt for Kate to look all happy and soft and cuddling. Yeah right, You know Kate would eat that baby for breakfast if it gets her more money!!!

  9. 34
    Annie Says:

    Probably Steve and Kate’s newest edition…er…I mean Jon.

  10. 35
    Carrie C Says:

    Sorry but Kate WILL NEVER be thought of as “soft “. However the term “blood sucking vampire ” comes to mind!!

  11. 36
    disney girl Says:

    Unfortunately, all the kids will ever be to Kate is $$$$$$$$$$ signs!!!!
    I see zero love between Kate and the kids.

  12. 37
    KJ Says:

    This is a temporary seasonal position. Person needed to fill a role on a TV show called J & K + 8. Must be shorter than Kate, slightly older and not as good looking, Brunettes preferred. Nanny, cooking and laundry skills a plus. No friendship experience needed. On-call position.Nights and weekends. No benefits (other than saying you know the Gosselins) Must have thick skin. Provide your own ear protection. Contact my people at #666-666x

  13. 38
    anna mae Says:

    I feel so bad for these children. First their parents put them all on 24/7 camera watch. And now the mom brazenly ******* and whines about her marriage and husband to the rags just for more money and attention and tries to play the pit card. This after she courts the public with her life. What is wrong with this picture? Kate is a whack-job.

  14. 39
    sharon Says:

    I would say both parents have lost it. However Jon seems to have realized this tv show thing may not be so good after all. Kate is still going for the big bucks using her kids and she shows no signs of slowing down!!!

  15. 40
    Barbara Says:

    I agree put up some shots of the boys plus the baby is some stranger’s baby that she met on the dock and since the crew is filming we have to show her in a good way holding the baby. Kate doesn’t have any friends except Steve. TLC has been behind all the bikini pictures, ferry pictures, golf cart pictures just a big PR campaign that the network should be ashamed of. Bring Back Trading Spaces!!!!!!

  16. 41
    mirranda Says:

    Seriously” Friends”. Believe me Kate has NO FRIENDS. Unless of course you count her staff who is paid to be nice to her and “act” like they like her. Friends, NEVER. Kate is way to self centered and selfish. Ask Jon or Kates brother or Dad or any tossed out ex-family member. Friends, I think not!!

  17. 42
    Linda H Says:

    I think TLC stinks. What a shameless way to exploit these children. Trying to pump up viewership and money by shamelessly parading these kids around. Granted the dad is not too bright, but basically harmless. But the mom is SO HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I will not ever watch this show again.

  18. 43
    Dianew Says:

    publicity. pure and simple. make these people go away!!!! she doesn’t even hold, hug or respect her own children and now we have pictures of her holding someone else’s child… oh please!

  19. 44
    sasha Says:

    No one can tell me that woman would spend that much time on vacation with that man( the bodyguard) and not be romanticly involved with him. All that time she has spent frolicing around on the beach practically naked without Jon there. Let’s face it people we are all being lied too and played for fools by all of them…TLC, Kate, Jon, the bodyguard, etc…. Everytime I write a comment someone replies and says “Well if you don’t like her your just jealous” I’m sick of that too. I’ve never liked this woman but now I’ve seen her ugly mug so much to the point that I just can’t stand her. This woman, with her nature and the way she treats everyone gives a bad name to woman everywhere. All you women out there who take up for her must be single because no man in his right mind would put up with her for 2 seconds. So if you want to lose your man try being like Kate!!!

  20. 45
    t Says:

    if all the haters wouldent watch Kates little show we would get rid of her for good but no even the haters tune in to watch her. Stop watching this stupid ass show.Lets get rid of her oh shes thinking of a spin off show on BRAVO.

  21. 46
    Laura Says:

    REAL celebrities don’t act like fame whores to get attention from the media.

    Kate’s hair sucks and it’s not even cut well. She also has three colors in her hair. The back section which is her base color does not match the base color on the front swoop section. It’s just sloppy hair coloring. I’m suprised with all the money they make that Kate doesn’t pay for a “real” colorist. I don’t “do” hair and even I can see it.

    I hope Kate gets her “just deserts”!

  22. 47
    Laura Says:

    Kate’s PR people search the blogs to see what people are saying about Kate. Then they stage something (like this baby photo op) to try to sway people’s opinions of Kate. It’s all fackery!!!

  23. 48
    Roxanne Says:

    she has the ugliest facial expressions…makes her look like she should have horns and a pitch fork

  24. 49
    sasha Says:

    If it is all PR and they read our blogs then they stage stuff then hopefully they will read this…THE WOMAN NEEDS TO BE ***** SLAPPED!!

  25. 50
    sasha Says:

    Her hairdo from the back looks like my dogs butt…

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