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Michelle Obama is a London Lady

Michelle Obama is a London Lady

Michelle Obama continues to display her fashion flair while out and about London, England on Monday (June 8).

The 45-year-old First Lady ate at The Audley Pub in Mayfair along with her mother, Michelle Robinson, and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

While in town, Michelle had a with meeting with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife, Sarah Brown.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama, the London lady…

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Flynetonline
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  • kathy

    I love her! i saw the documentary on nbc ..inside Obamas white house,,,michelle is so classy and beautiful.

  • deraj tsuj

    president’s beard on jj seems like content for cnn, not a celebrity related at all, jared i can send you picture’s of my uncle sal if you need some more posts



  • mertz

    lol. campbell brown at the end of the show after erica hill’s reports sounded so interested in what michelle and the girls are doing in london, because the staff didn’t classify the information and because it wasn’t on the official schdule.

    strong and real people. she’s wearing a cardy yeaaa but she belted her belt over her cardi and the dress…nooooooo. hahha. i like her. i like both of them actually. don’t mind them much.

  • Anna

    As much as I admire her, I don’t think this whole dress with a belt- look suits her. It makes her waist look like she had none (aka really big). She has great arms, shoulders and legs, she should work that. But I always love her choice of colors.

  • tiffany

    Michelle looks great! Nice to see that London loves her too. Love them!

  • mertz

    yeah. i love colour…even if black, grays and navy are my mo’s so i agree with you #5. i think she is definately colour concious. i like people who like colour, and a little colour in people’s life makes them much happier.

  • lassie

    Michelle………..belts are a no no for you.

  • disgusted.

    What’s with the belts, every outfit she adds a huge belt over it. I can’t believe people think she has any fashion sense, and ani’t it just peachy that she decided to have another European vacation on the tax payers back, especially when they just toured Europe last month for the G20. The Obama’s remind me of those African dictators that live the high life while their people starve. Obama been President for 6 months and more then 3.5 MILLION Americans have become unemployed in that time, but the Obama’s can’t stop traveling around the world for dinner, shopping ,a play, sightseeing, having parties at the White-House, pathetic.

  • DittoDisgusted

    Time for Michelle (aka ‘Jackie-O-I-don’t think so’) to CHANGE the wardrobe. She doesn’t have the class to be Jackie ‘O.’ The minute she opens her mouth, hate spews out, which is why the media obsesses about her looks.

    These two are frauds not suitable to run this country. Actually, wait… they’re doing an excellent job ‘running the country’ further in debt. Wake up!

  • paul

    It’s nice that under her husbands watch the unemployment rate hit a 27 high, personal bankruptcies are up 29% from 3 months ago, the American dollars is collapsing, oil is going back up because of the record deficits he is making, 2 trillion dollars and a national debt that’s hit 11 trillion, the Obama administration is borrowing .50 cents for every dollar it spends, and he still hasn’t passed all his big spending plans like Cap and Trade, or Health Care reform, both in the trillions. 6 months in power with a brutal recession this is her second tour of Europe, Who knew we were also getting Beyonce and Jay-Z with the b.s hope and change.

  • plez

    I like the Obama’s but these last two dresses have been the worst. If this is the best of American designers than there is a problem.

  • robin3

    Obama is a Marxist just like his mom and dad. The masses who voted him in can’t admit the mistake they made.

    All they can say is “OOOOOOO how classy!”

  • Me!

    #5 Amen! Totally agree!
    I love Michelle Obama’s choices of color, but this belt thing has to go.
    She has the height to wear almost anything, so why does she keep putting belts on everything?
    Love having a contemporary first lady (hate that term!) compared to frumpy Laura Bush who looked like a Texas hausfrau in her dull ensembles.

  • boo

    You american’s can be so stupid. These people are not marxist nor are they spending taxpayers money on a personal vacation. She is a lawyer and knows that’s illegal!! You forget that the Obama’s haven’t been in the white house that long and it was the guy before who put your economy in the bowl & flushed. Should have been more critical of Bush when you had the chance instead of waiting until it was too late.

    If you want to save yourselves?? STOP spending what you don’t have!! If you can’t afford a new car than don’t buy one!! if you can’t afford university, find another way to educate yourself for free!! It’s that simple. Now get off the computer and find jobs instead of biching about a good person!! there is plenty of work out there needing to be done

  • BooObama

    American’s are stupid “Boo,” you’re right – the 52% of American’s that voted for this modern day Hitler that is!

    Don’t you guys realize that all this media attention directed towards the Obama’s shopping extravaganzas are aimed to distract you from what’s going on behind closed doors?! Obama is bankrupting this country right under our noses. Get out of your Kool-Aid induced hypnosis and turn on some FOX News for a CHANGE. They’re the only station with the FACTS and not throwing celebrities in your faces to inflict their agendas on you.

  • Donzey

    I don’t know where you reside, but you have no right to criticize if you don’t live here. Whatever the last administration did, this administration will spend our children out of their money. They are corrupt and are heading us to socialization.

  • What a joke!

    FOX news? What a moron you are! FAUX news is the most biased extremist right wing propaganda channel there is. Anyone who would watch Faux is clearly demented and evil. Obama is doing a good job cleaning up the MESS Faux news and friends – ala Bush, created. Faux news for faux people!

  • bunnyfish

    With all due respect to Mrs. Obama, who I have seen in some very lovely and classy outfits, please please please stop wearing the big belts. They do nothing for you. And please, less cardigans. I think she looks fabulous when she doesn’t try to dress too “young”. I’m her age and there are a number of things she wears that I just wouldn’t at least when I know I’m going to be photographed by the world. Save those “fun” casual clothes for her private time.

  • carol

    I don’t get the whole belt over the cardigan look, isn’t a cardigan worn so that if you get cool, you can button it up? Plus she wears so many full, a-line type of skirts which make her look hippy, she would be better with straight skirts. Her style is not that great (unless she’s showing her arms in sleeveless things, which I often think is inappropriate for the type of events she goes to). And her chin/mouth/teeth, poor woman, she has the most unfortunate lower part of her face, she has s but as soon as you see her baboon mouth (sorry, but true), it kind of takes away from that. I’m not American, I like her because she seems like she has a friendly personality though despite her awful mouth and chin and her weird circa 1950s throwback style.

  • boo

    booobama & donzey just proved my point.
    aren’t you tired of being ill-informed?? the rest of the world laughs at our lack of knowledge of everything and everyone around you!! that’s right, I said our because i’m half american but thank god i wasn’t raised in a country that has spent most of its history terrorizing people and then expecting them to clean up their mess.
    don’t speak of hitler and marxism like you understand what you’re speaking about. you talk to any russian or german that remember living in those times and they will say obama is not on that path.
    fox news is a comedy show. we watch it for a good laugh.

  • Donzey


    Truthfully I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. I am blessed to be an AMERICAN. If America is so bad why are people clamoring to get here? I have two cousins who are half American/other half German because their parents believed that they have a better chance here than Germany. One of them works here.

    Do you watch FOX news? Pretty funny that they have the highest ratings in USA. CNN is biased, MSNBC in the tank with OBAMA. Be informed instead of drinking the media Kool-aid.

    I am not a hater, just VERY WORRIED about the country and finances that my children will grow up in. AND I have paid for my 3 University degrees — I am a WORKING public education teacher and I am paying for my children’s university degrees. So don’t lump everyone in the same boat. Wherever you are living, good for you, but don’t criticize if you are not LIVING the day to day here.

  • DittoDonzey

    Donzey is right on, most of you just don’t want to hear the truth.


    Michelle looks like a dude and Fox News rocks.

    …….and Boo, your ignorance is showing.

  • robin3

    Thanks Obama!

    USA to the USSA

  • penny

    The belt has to go!

    It makes her waist look really thick and it does nothing for her.

    If she has a personal dresser….that person needs to be fired!

  • robin3

    Boo… made a mistake backing Obama and now you can’t admit it.

    Your guy over country, eh?

  • robin3

    Either JJ isn’t working too well or it suppresses free speech.

    Many people have told me they select which comments to let through.

    Well they’ll probably be under water soon like so many other organizations.

  • Roxanne

    For those of you critizing President Obama. Don’t you think it’s gonna take more than six months to clean up what the Bush administration has spent the last years screwing up. I agree FOX news is nothing but foolish entertainment, and the reason why they have the “highest ratings” in the US is because most people are drawn to mindless, sensationalized entertainment…(Jon & Kate + 8). That being said I have to agree with #5 Anna, Michelle should stop wearing these belted outfits it does nothing for her shape, and that outfit makes her look like she’s going to some backyard BBQ. Actually because she has a high waist I think she should probably wear two-piece outfits. I’m so fashion expert so I might be wrong.

  • Jen

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. This was written by Abraham Lincoln.
    Obama, who likes to compare himself to President Lincoln, apparently cannot read.

  • robin3

    to Roxanne

    So far Obama is off to an abysmal start.

    And he has broken promises. He is adding to the war efforts, he has increased the national debt to levels we can never get out from under.

    Obama is not a free agent to implement what he may like to see happen but he is a puppet of his handlers who put the words in his mouth and the policy papers to sign

    Most people I know who voted for him are either embarrassed for having been suckered in by his smooth-talk or raging mad over his lies.

  • RetardRoxanne

    Roxanne, the unemployment rate was not 9.4% when the Bush administration was in office. The blame game is over. Go get your unemployment check and get off the internet.

    Jenn and Robin, ya’ll are a breath of fresh air. Keep speaking the truth!

  • Roxanne

    #32 Sweety I have never collected unemployment in my life. I have a proper job. In fact I was born in another country and came here when I was 12 years old and served proudly in the United States Army for eight years. I have stood on the wall protecting this country, missing birthdays and christmas with my kids and family while your ass was probably curled up in bed enjoying the freedom I help provided, so before you call people names check your a$$ in the mirror. My simple argument is things will not be fixed overnight no matter who we have in office because it took over eight years to screW it up, and it will take longer to fix it, and maybe things will get worst before it gets better. So you get your a$$ off the internet.

  • RowdyRoxanne

    If you want to talk about years of screwing things up, let’s start with the Clinton administration…

    Every administration, for that matter, inherits a certain amount of problems from the previous one. Stop blaming Bush for Obama’s inadequacies and poor judgement. Obama doesn’t have to keep spending, he chooses to.

    Just because you served in the military (supposedly), doesn’t make you any more of a citizen than the rest of us. Most people join the military not thinking they’ll actually have to go to war. It’s part of the job description. Without war, there cannot be peace.

  • robin3

    It was the Clinton Administration that pushed Congress to do away with the Glass-Stegall Act from the 1930s that would have prevented the shady dealings of the banks that got us into this mes.

    In fact, it was Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin, Clinton’s economic people, who were behind the undoing of the Glass-Stegall Act.

    Obama put Lawrence Summers into a key position on his economic team. If that doesn’t reek to high heavens, what does?

    Putting the architects of our economic debacle into positions of power.

    So where is the “change”?


    Roxanne gets on this site everyday, there’s no way she has a job. FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robin3

    Roxanne may be in an office with a computer at her fingertips like many of us.

  • robin3

    Roxanne may be in an office with a computer at her fingertips like many of us.

    Whether her past is what she says….who knows?

  • voe


    Do you pay tax to America? If not, stay the hell out of our politic. It is because the likes of you that Obama is touring the world apologizing for us Americans. There is not a darn thing for us Americans to apologize for as we haven’t done any thing worse than the Egyptian, the Roman, the Greek, the Mongolian, Chinese, i.e. all powerful countries historically. In fact as the most powerful country America has been rather compassionate, hence your lot keep whining and whining while coveting our spending dollars.

  • voe


    Do you pay tax to America? If not, stay the hell out of our politic. It is because the likes of you that Obama is touring the world apologizing for us Americans. There is not a darn thing for us Americans to apologize for as we haven’t done any thing worse than the Egyptian, the Roman, the Greek, the Mongolian, Chinese, i.e. all powerful countries historically. In fact as the most powerful country America has been rather compassionate, hence your lot keep whining and whining while coveting our spending dollars.

  • the obamas on jj – yes!!!

    The Obama’s need to be on JJ, they’re public figures, of interest to the world, more powerful than any other world leader and have become more than celebrities…I’m sure that qualifies them to be on JJ & any other media outlets, plus they’re fierce and relatable.

  • ann

    Oh my gosh they named her on the best dressed person. Ummm they need to check there list again. She dresses like an old person. She is not very attractive. But I bet those old granny clothes are a lot of money I guess my money paid for that and her makeup team. She not a very good speaker and does not do a lot except spend the American peoples money just like her husband.

  • robin3

    to #41

    reading from teleprompters makes one fierce and relatable? Turning the US into the USSA. I hope you’re a young person………if not, my condolences.

    What planet do you hail from?

  • Daisy

    GET THIS WOMAN A STYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A HOT MESS!!!!!!!!!

  • Joan

    Someone better teach that woman how to dress! Tell her to loose that belt she wears everywhere she goes, it just does not match all outfits.

  • coxoxi

    am sick of these f****** reptiles

  • Rhonda

    I’ve seen better looking people at the mall, than Michelle Obama. Did anyone see the picture on the huff post had of her giving the evil eye to Carla Bruni? She just looks mean. Surely she can look better than this, I wish they would learn how to act.

  • Christopher

    Nothing like a Michelle Obama post to bring out the same two or three wackos who just keep repeating the same stupid stuff.

    While Obama has a 65% approval rating and the First Lady is at 77% approval ratings, these psychotic posters are like mental patients who keep repeating the same lies to themselves over and over and over again so that the more they repeat it, the more it must be true to them.

    Quite sad.

  • Eva

    IDK why people think she has a great sense of fashion. she’s pretty but she dresses like someone 10 years older than she is

  • Denise

    Someone needs to tell “Jaws” that the big belt looks terrible on her.

    Can’t stand these people; they will destroy our country. Why does anyone find her attractive???