LeAnn Rimes: I Feel Like People Are Pointing at Me!

LeAnn Rimes: I Feel Like People Are Pointing at Me!

LeAnn Rimes laughs along with photographers while out and about buying food in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (June 21).

The 26-year-old Mississippi-born country singer recently spoke to Shape magazine and talked about always being in the spotlight. She said, “I’ve been in the public eye since I was 14, so I have a tough skin. It’s fine dragging me through the mud, but don’t drag my loved ones through it. They’re my family, and it hurts them. All I’ll say is, I know what’s in my heart and what’s true. I feel like people are looking and pointing at me like I’m in a fishbowl. I’ve learned to let it roll off my back, but it’s super hard, and it really hurts.”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes feeling like people are pointing towards him…

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Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Me!

    She has the ugliest boobs in Hollywood by far;-(

  • jupi3

    What a voice this young woman has. I really like her energy.

    God bless LeAnn!

  • jupi3

    At least she didn’t get a stand-up boob job like Brandi Glanville Cibrian

  • robin red

    Her arms look good, she’s toned and looks glowingly happy and can she sing!

  • leiif a.

    I’ve always found her intriguing. Love her music and positive spirit.

  • robin red

    She’s on tour and lookin’ good.

    Love her sounds and songs and acting.

  • leiif a.

    Hope she keeps producing for a long time to come. One of the best country voices ever.

  • jupi3

    She’s got a sparkle about her. The tour must be going well.

    I like how natural she is.

  • robin red

    She should ignore what the tabloids say about her and her family. Ignore them like Angelina Jolie ignores them.

    Probably 95% of what they say is falsehood..That’s the figure Angie said was false about her.

  • leiif a.

    I agree she should IGNORE the tabs. And keep giving us those golden tones AND some more acting. She is multi-talented.

  • robin red

    Anybody else here going to catch her on tour?

  • FAN

    Yeah I’m going to catch her on stage…..she puts on a great show! Love her spirit!

  • kelly

    I don’t get why LR is getting all the flack from her fling with EC. They were both married so BOTH were wrong. It’s always the women getting the heat, and the disturbing thing is that it’s the women spreading the hate.

  • FAN

    Eddie denied he had a fling but Eddie has had jillions of flings. Women fling themselves at him all the time. He’s gorgeous.

    His wife is average looking in the face.

    Hopefully both families can move on if it did happen.

    LeAnn probably thought he was serious about her but it was just another notch on his belt. He is TOO good-looking!

  • omg

    to be put simply . . .you are in the public eye . . .don’t have an affair. . .then no fingers will be pointed at you.

  • http://baldouting.blogspot.com baldouting.blogspot.com

    she looks great, except for the fact that she needs a bra.

  • Irish Girl

    @kelly: I agree completely. Why is the woman always vilified? Bizarre. It takes two, right?
    What she says is valid; her family shouldn’t have mud slung at them for her tiny indiscretion. Plus, the whole “affair” was probably a publicity ploy, and, surprise, it worked. We’re talking about her tour, acting, etc.
    Bravo, LeAnn.

  • phil

    Maybe she should have thought about that before she slept with someone else’s husband.

  • Marieme

    Shut up tramp. You made your bed AND lied in it.

  • pat

    Luv ya LeAnn, you go girlllllllllllllll!!

  • aimee

    LeeAnn is a lier and a SL_T!!!!!

  • heather t

    People are pointing at you because you slept with a married man AND you are a sleazy -ho. Get real.
    You can tell Leeann enjoys the attention. LeeAnn could care less if she breaks up a family.

  • Shakirakitten

    Yeah, LeeAnn, whatever. I guess you don’t get it that sleeping with a married man makes for plenty of gossip.

  • misty

    OMG !! LeeAnn wanting to protect her family. Well thats a little too late after sleeping around with Eddie. What a stupid tramp she is. All LeeAnn wants is attention and she is trying SO HARD to be coy. PUKE

  • Janet

    I see Rimes PR people are hard at work posting these glowing comments about her. The reason people are pointing fingers at Rimes is because she tried to steal an innocent woman’s husband. A woman who is only trying to hold her family together against a cold-hearted-obsessive-whacko who can’t get out of her gay marriage because there is no pre-nup. So Brandi wins her family back while Rimes is being serviced by men with “no one better to do”.

  • nashvillegab

    Miss Rimes’ life seems to be one continuous performance where as when the curtain rises, so does her sincere and authentic smile. A smile so constant she wears it when she’s accepting an award, signing autographs, allowing her husband to be savaged by the media, or stalking her lover in adultery. For her, image is everything and that wholesome smile disarms anyone and everyone. She is a marvelous voice but without substance; mere breath passing over vocal tissue. Her affair and conduct thereafter exposed her sham marriage, rendering the relationship of no use to her image but she continues the scam to sustain those admirers at leannrimesworld. Are those zombie-like fans aware that LeAnn has a passage carved boldly and yet elegantly into her headboard that is inlaid with gold leaf? It has become her scripture and each night after she reminds the lord of her deserving place in this world, she rises from her knees and studies the inscription intently. Before long, a glorious angelic expression descends upon her as she becomes lost in a gratified hypnotic state. As if the words hold some divine power, she fondles her necklace cross with one hand and caresses the headboard with the other, as if it were Eddie’s chest hair. That smile is born at the corner of her mouth as she contently nods with the inspiration of the moment. Knowing that all is right in her world, a sigh of perfect pleasure purrs from her lips just before she slips into the night beneath the passage that reads; “THERE’S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE”.

  • Bethann

    I know the lasting pain of having been cheated on and I know the embarrassment of people whispering about you. Now I am a single mother of three raising her children alone. I use to love LeAnn but now I only identify her with my pain. I can no longer buy her music, books, excuses, or anything else she is selling.

  • Liverwurst

    @robin red: Yeah, but even the 5% on Angie is enough.

  • stephanie w

    I have never listened to her music. But SHE is the one hurting her family, not the tabloids. Grow up!

  • FAN

    Eddie denied a fling so why is everyone accusing LeAnn?

    In America “innocent until proven guilty”

    Some of LeAnn’s detractors must be Eddie’s wife, Brandi.

  • robin red

    She has a great voice!

    One of the best in country music. You can hear her at CMT or other online sites.

    I love her sparkle and talent. Bless you LeAnn!

  • humid

    Why all the blame for LeAnn and the letting Eddie off the hook.

    Eddie has a reputation of sleeping around with many of his co-stars.Maybe he seduced her.

    Now ladies ..wouldn’t it be hard to resist Eddie’s advances?

  • jupi3

    She’s got so much talent!

    Her music will live on just like Patsy Clines and Shania Twains.

    She looks healthy and pretty.

  • humid

    She is tourring the US. Anybody seeing her? I’m trying to get tics.

  • http://weightloss-help.info Suppress your appetite

    She is really pretty