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Miranda Kerr Adores Australia

Miranda Kerr Adores Australia

Miranda Kerr is all smiles as she arrives in Sydney, Australia for Vogue Magazine’s 50th birthday party on Friday (July 31).

Boyfriend Orlando Bloom reportedly turned down a part in the fourth Pirates movie to slow down and spend more time with Aussie supermodel. “Orlando loved the films but thinks it’s time to bow out because they tied up nicely for his character Will Turner,” a source told News of the World.

“The producers are OK with that because they want to concentrate on the new adventures of Johnny Depp‘s Captain Jack Sparrow,” the source continued.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr adoring Australia…

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  • Moooooon

    She is lucky with Orlando Bloooom. =)

  • nik

    Sb tells her she fails as a blonde.

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    miranda got a Vogue cover already????????

  • Pokerface

    No Vogue cover…never forget Anne Wintoour is disappointed with nowadays models, as she said before the Met…infact she didn’t invite many models there…
    BTW, I prefer her with her natural hair, blonde does not suit her.

  • Pokerface

    P.S. Bloom declined POTC4 long before he met Miranda…He already said he was done with Pirates after the third episode and so did Keira Knightley. He’s an actor, he can’t be affectioned by personal relationships in the choice of films and infact he never let himself affectione by that in the last few years!

  • nik

    I also wouldn’t say Miranda is so important in fashion industry. In fact, she has never been invited to MET gala herself, she has just been bought the invitation by VS probably.

    But I hope she puts on something nice, it’s always interesting to see what she has on.

    Just please Miranda, stop pretending to be blonde. You don’t have the type of face to be blonde. As a brunette you are marvellous.

  • mailey

    i think she’s ugly.

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    Wonder if Bar Refaeli will be there too, if Miranda is there.

  • lora

    actually she has been in the australian Vogue, here -

    And for the hair – it’s not exactly blond and it’s not that bad ..

  • strange…

    Stay in Australia FOREVER MK!

  • goddess

    I’ve read that Miranda is shooting for OZ Grazia upon arrival, not for Vogue OZ, but who knows.

  • goddess


    it’s Anna Wintour aka The Devil Wears Prada not Victoria’s Secret lol

  • lola

    Said it once say it again, buy a bra! She works for VS seriously couldnt they just give her one!

  • raven


    I also noticed that Miranda is the VS model who always doesn’t wear a bra on so many diferrent occassions. Maybe she has some allergies to bra, or is very comfortable with less clothes, or being naked at all!

  • lol

    Why should she wear a bra on a 16 hour flight if she doesn’t need one? That’s just stupid.
    She’s there for a Vogue celebration, not a Vogue shoot. But as someone already stated, she has been on the cover of Vogue Australia before.
    And again, as someone stated…..Orlando turned down Pirates 4 TWO YEARS AGO!!! Did everyone hear that this time?
    IMO, she’s gorgeous!

  • melissa

    Jack sparrow is a more interesting character

  • sandra

    Orlando was never OFFERED a part on Pirates 4. His story is over, thank goodness. It just convenient for him to say he “turned it down.”

  • cris


    To save face maybe….. oh i don’t know

  • dundies

    His story is over, thank goodness


    LOL im more pissed off about keira not being in it. screw orlando

  • @17

    FTR, Orlando said that he wouldn’t do another POTC during the press interviews for POTC 3. The movie wasn’t even a reality. The press is saying that he “turned it down”, not Orlando.
    Will was my favorite part of POTC. His character actually developed. Jack became really boring after the first movie after we were all in on his one joke.
    A movie with nothing but Jack, without a ‘straight man’ to balance him out will be horrible. He and Barbosa will just take turns chewing the scenery. But at least Barbosa is interesting.
    This franchise should be allowed to die while people still like it. Another movie would just be beating a dead horse.

  • yay!

    Love her!
    She is my favorite model!

  • lora

    # 15 I agree !

    I mean she is stuck in an airplane for about 16 hours .. she doesn’t need to look like a beauty queen. If you think about it her latest pics are at the airport (except the ESPY arounds where the dress wasn’t really made for a bra .. )

  • @22

    I disagree…
    Very little make up, hair pulled back, comfy dress, no bra, etc. and she STILL looks like a beauty queen. ;-)
    She has the most beautiful skin.

  • naomi

    mmm JJ you forgot the part when his rep told everybody, you included, that THERE’S NO SCRIPT FOR POTC 4!

  • so beautiful…..

    Miranda looks amazing after an 18 flight, just a natural beauty, no wonder Orlando is so in love with her!!!

  • debbie

    Johnny is the man !

  • Double Dragon

    She looks really comfortable. She’s got the body to do it if she wants to. She’s sooooo lucky to have Orlando. Such a cute couple. Where can I order mine?

  • Double Dragon

    @debbie: You can have Jonhny Depp. I will take John Mayer. I love that guy. I think he’s obsessed with me too :) In my dreams right?

  • silly story

    found this on OLove under Orlando Mentions….…w-Friends.aspx

    As Jaime Winstone was making her way into Ian Rankin’s photography exhibition in East London last night she was suddenly surprised by the spectre of Orlando Bloom running wildly through the streets in his underwear.

    Ok, so it wasn’t actually Orlando Bloom, in fact it was just a random man in his pants, running through Brick Lane with a camera in his hands, while wearing an Orlando Bloom mask over his face. Actually there were two of them, but who’s counting, eh?

    What were they doing there? We don’t know. Why were they? We have no idea. All we know for sure is that they were the most exciting thing to happen at the event all night long.

    Well the guest list certainly didn’t keep us entertained that’s for sure. Aside from Jaime Winstone, other celebs at the bash included Melanie Blatt, Little Boots, Nick Grimshaw, Matthew Williamson, Sharleen Spiteri and Marc Warren. See what we mean?

  • silly story
  • lakers fan in boston

    cant believe he would turn something down like that, especially 2 spend more time with her
    i never figured him 2 be serious with her, i pictured him as leo
    who has a 2 yr relationship and then is asked if they can move in with him and says f off
    dont like her dress, 2 long
    she should wear a bra, they’re already sagging a big
    saggy boobs arent good miranda

  • @31

    First of all, they aren’t “saggy”, they are as perky as they can be. You can tell that from the uncensored side picks that have been all over the net. They are just natural, and not sitting under her chin like fake ones do.
    Second…Orlando did NOT turn down POTC to spend time with ANYONE! I don’t know how many times this will have to be repeated to get people to understand that this was a LIE! I guess people just always want to believe the rumor, no matter how stupid, over the truth.


    are such a cute couple, I hope he pops up in Australia. I wish they would have a photo spead in Vouge!

  • where’s randa

    The post said that Randa is attending the 50th year anniversary of Vogue Australia, but she was nowhere to be found on the said event! The other models present were Kershaw, Hawkins, and Gale.

    And what’s the meaning of this?

    “Chatter from the Vogue offices has it that Miranda Kerr did not have enough gravitas for the anniversary cover, and at 26 she is about half the magazine’s age.”

    I don’t think it has something to do wiith age for a model to score a Vogue cover!

  • @34

    It means that she is a VS model.
    The Devil that wears Prada does not approve.

  • Boo

    Eugh, is it just me or does Miranda look skinnier and skinnier in every picture? Oh, and Blonde FAIL.

  • shimmy@35


    Are you serious?

    The Devil that Wears Prada only handles US Vogue, and there are other VS models that can score Vogue covers.

    Get you facts straight! It doesn’t mean that if you’re a VS model, you can’t have Vogue or other fashion magz covers or editorials.

  • huh?

    I thought that she was there for David Jones, not Vogue.
    When was the party?
    And are there pics? I want to see what everyone was wearing.

  • goddess


    I agree……. Maybe the other contributing factor is that Miranda is a very commercial model from the start, and we all know that Vogue rarely features commercial models.

  • goddess


    For the pictures, you can check Getty or WireImage. The attendees are mostly OZs!

  • huh?

    True. Miranda doesn’t have much of a high fashion background. She’s really not Vogue’s ‘type’ of model. But there isn’t anything wrong with that. Not at all. A lot of models would kill to have Miranda’s career. She may not be Gisele. But she has a very successful career.

  • @35


    Why don’t you first check out the profiles of VS models and count the Vogue covers they have and still have before commenting that?

    It shows that you have no knowledge at all about the models working for VS for you to belittle them!

  • huh?

    Just went over to Getty. I love Cate Blanchete’s (sp?) dress.
    But if the party was on the 31st, I doubt that Miranda would be up to going to a party after just arriving that day. She was also in the Grazia studios that same afternoon. She was probably dead on her feet by tea time. Jet lag is a killer. I’ve done that flight, and I didn’t feel normal for days.

  • @42

    Wow, aren’t you nasty.

  • @42

    Why are you so defensive? Is it because your dear Douchen is one of the VS models? It’s her fault that she joined VS, and now she must pay the label and anonimity that it entails.

    The Devil that Wears Prada and Valentino will be really mad at your Douchenbag!

  • OMG


    Why do you keep on insulting Doutzen? On some of Gisele’s threads here at JJ, she’s also being insulted!

    I don’t get it! Fans of other models keeps on bringing her name even if it’s not called upon. Doutzen doesn’t deserve your insults. She is not perfect, but she’s really a good and honest person.

    Leave Doutzen alone!

  • @46

    It’s backlash, because Doutzen’s fans bring her up in every model’s post. They always mention her by saying things like “so-and-so isn’t nearly as pretty as Doutzen”, “Doutzen is perfection, much better than so-and-so”, “Doutzen is the bestest model in the world”, “Doutzen is a really good and honest person”, etc. (sory about that last one, I couldn’t resist). That’s why people started with the ‘fat-Doutzen insults. I think Doutzen is gorgeous, but she isn’t perfect. A I’m sick of seeing her name brought into every fashion related post.

  • OMG


    I don’t think it’s her fans that bring her name on other models’ posts, but rather Miranda or Gisele’s haters! And i don’t know why, there are a lot of models they can come up to, but they chose Doutzen most of the time!

    But whether you’re sick of this statement or not, it’s TRUE! Doutzen is really a good and honest person. You can hardly find someone like that in the industry which is full of lies like fashion.

  • @48

    Keep talking about her and the insults will begin to flow. Is that what you want?

  • OMG


    I’m just telling you the truth, and the truth sometimes hurts!