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Sienna Miller Premieres The September Issue

Sienna Miller Premieres The September Issue

Sienna Miller rubs shoulders with Vogue‘s high priestess Anna Wintour at the screening of The September Issue at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday (August 19).

The movie gives viewers unprecedented access to the inner workings of Vogue. At the eye of this annual fashion hurricane is the two-decade relationship between Wintour and Grace Coddington, Creative Director and fashion genius. The September Issue opens in NY on August 28 and on September 11 in Los Angeles and select cities.

FYI: Anna wore Prada while Sienna wore a Thakoon dress, gold Jimmy Choos, Bottega Veneta clutch and Erickson Beamon earrings. (Designer Thakoon Panichgul stars in The September Issue.)

20+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller premiering The September Issue

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Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • dhihfdis

    hate sienna miller
    no tits no ass
    over it



  • mw

    she looks fabulous

  • rahoul

    the skankkkkk got ahead by blowing everyone!

  • Jennifer

    Anna Wintour SUCKS.

  • liberty

    cokehead thinks she is talented. but her skill is in the whorrrrring dept.


    anna sucks sienna, that’s how this slutbag miller gets invitations to anything!

  • deraj tsuj

    hotter than your average bear

  • Dellina

    cutest little nose in Hollywood.

  • Mandy

    Ugh, Sienna makes me ill! What, she’s taking a break from wreaking marriages? I have absolutely no respect for this chick. Wintour probably hangs around her because they’re both Brits, that’s about it.

  • lauren


  • cool breeze

    what happened to the married actor balthazar getty she screwed with the 5 kids??? i guess he left his wife and then it wasn’t a challenge anymore for this dirtbagggg. onto other MARRIED MEN FOR THIS TALENTED HOOOOKER!!!!

  • Wendy

    Sienna is in no way shpae or form Vogue worthy!!! Sorry Wintour,, but she isnt, i am sick of you trying to shove her down our thorats, enough!

    She looks nice in some shots though, very thin like all of Hollywood chicks, but some nice shots there.Want to see this docu!

  • Ckayed

    Actually, I think Sienna looks pretty. I think we all need to ease up on her a little bit. I often wonder how badly I might have acted out if my gorgeous finace (Jude Law) would have betrayed me with a nanny. I’m surprised Sienna hasn’t done much worse. She is young and wild and rich and hopefully she will settle down a bit one of these days — I made plenty of mistakes when I was in my twenties – seriously bad mistakes…

  • jamie




  • woweeee

    STD poster girl…………….check her out at the nearest hotel.

  • riri

    I really love Sienna’s style, sort of like Kate Moss’. I guess The Devil that Wears Prada really like her.

    I still can’t get enough of Baroness lol

  • fashionista

    Oh i really want to see that documentary, and Sienna looks really good. I bet she’s one of the fave cover girls of Wintour having 3 US Vogue covers already.

  • c

    SM isn’t “acting out” because JL betrayed her with the nanny. She had a very public affair with a married man because she doesn’t respect boundaries/other women or their relationships, is self-centered, selfish, and immature. What she did isn’t considered a mistake because she knew that it was wrong and she kept doing it anyway. For example, vacationing with the married man in Italy not oncem not twice, but three times knowing full well that there would be photos of them together all over the internet. She knew that what she was doing was wrong and that’s why she tried to deflect from her bad behavior by playing the victim, spreading lies about the married man’s wife/marriage, blaming the media/public, and sugarcoating the affair to make it appear as if being in love justified the means to the end.

    Here’s the problem, she keeps whining about how she doesn’t have any privacy, yet she keeps courting attention and tipping off the paps(ie-within a day or two of a certain tabloid releasing stories about how she was vacationing with her “new man” in Ibizia, she shows up with her pr stunt in Ibzia the next day).

    People will ease up on SM when she starts taking responsibility for her actions. Being single, rich, or “young” doesn’t mean that she is exempt from the consequences of her actions, especially since she is imposing standards on others that she herself has no intentions of following. If she wants privacy, then she needs to stop courting attention. If she isn’t going to stop courting attention, then she needs to accept the consequences of her actions and stop whining when her pr stuns backfire.

  • glamazon

    Quite disappointed with Sienna’s dress on this one! Common girl it’s VOGUE’s biggest event of the year.

  • funderpants

    Those are some damn scrawny chicken legs.

  • glamazon


    I quite agree with you, and i sometimes don’t like her choices when it comes to dating men. But why do i get the feeling that Sienna had been really hurt by Jude’s betrayal, that her self steem stoop that low after that incident. As a result, why not date a married man.

    Also, i think it’s not Sienna’s fault entirely, it takes two to tango. Hope she gets her acts straight cause i think she’s a good actress with very good sense of style.

  • Erica

    The funny thing is she said there was no sisterhood because women wouldn’t support her betraying another woman. Talk about out of touch with reality! She is the one disrespecting other women. Thatswhy she disgusts me, she expects support no matter how much she hurts other people. I can’t respect someone who takes part in an affair. This is not just bad judgement, it’s selfishness and callousness.

  • crazygen

    Sienna has that cute petit slim body with curves at the right places. I lurve her fashion style! Anna Wintour sees that too i think

  • A

    this PR stunt ‘we are really really friends’ is soooooo funny
    but what Anna really said about SM in this video:
    “As she closes her biggest fashion issue of the year, Wintour says Jennifer Garner “looks pregnant,” tells Oscar de la Renta that one of his designs isn’t interesting enough for a fashion show, and calls Sienna Miller “lackluster.” Ouch!
    in addition to “Sienna Miller’s Wig Issues”

  • A

    but then again, what can be more exciting than getting fingered with 3 males on a boat

  • c


    SM self esteem was low before she met JL. She wasn’t in love with JL, in her eyes he was just a means to an end. That’s why she keeps bringing up his name when she needs that extra boost. SM career/image are in bad shape because she(not JL) decided that she was entitled to prance around with a married man, so what does she do? She does the Vogue interview and reminds everyone of the time when she was the victim. This backfired because people saw just how poorly she, NOT JL, conducted herself with a married man. Even after whining about how JL hurt her she still had the audacity to show up with the married man. Why? Because she has an exagerrated sense of entitlement and no respect for other women.

    It does take two to tango, so why do people keep making excuses for SM bad behavior? The fact of the matter is that her affair with BG has everything to do with her lack respect for other woman; and nothing to do with being hurt by JL . Attributing her affair with Getty to JL affair is just another means to pass the buck. SM is responsible for her affair with a married man not JL. If she was truly hurt by JL affair, then there is no way that she would have inflicted the same pain/humilation on another woman.

    What JL did to SM doesn’t even compare to what she put BG’s wife through. SM didn’t have to see photos of JL sucking/grabbing another woman’s breast. SM didn’t have to hear the other woman trying to justify ther actions by claiming that she didn’t do anything wrong because “they were separated, already having problems, or have an open relationship”. SM didn’t have to see photos of JL publicly engaging in pda/sexual acts with the nanny over and over again. So why is she complaining about what JL did to her, when she has done/is doing far worse to a woman who has done nothing to her? Being cheated on doesn’t give her the right to inflict the same pain onto someone else, especially when she is being “morally superior” by juding JL and the married man’s wife.

  • Nancy

    Sienna needs to stop all that sun tanning because her skin is going to start looking like orange leather.

    Wintour is great. Can’t really say anything bad about her because she’s arguably fashion’s queen. Her fashion sense is ironically off when it comes to dressing herself. I think a lot of the Vogue EICs outside the U.S. have better personal style.

  • Elvie

    She is so much older all of a sudden!!

  • Gma

    All of the nasty comments can now be treated as a crime and all of your indentities will soon be public info. Hope you saw good morning America today.

  • observer

    Am I the only one who does not like Anna Wintour’s dress choice? I think she could do better for a “fashion matriarch” she set up herself as. Those laces on her dress look awkward.

  • Sally

    Sienna is gorgeous, as always. She has a great sense of style.

  • justbecause

    SIenna did very wrong by dating a married man, yes but BG hadn’t a gun over his head right? He is not that hot anyway to be with two women. Both of them should have dropped his sorry a$$, specially the wife. Stupid Sienna, she could do better. She made a fierce Baroness though

  • ; )

    BG could have said No, very simple word, no. If he loved and respected his wife as much as he led the world to believe then it’s a word he would have used. He knew what he was doing, he knew what he wanted and he didn’t care how much he hurt his wife. It was his decision to do what he did. It’s not the first time either, only the most high profile.

  • Patrick


  • sunseeker

    I agree BG should have said “NO ” but that does not excuse SM, she is 28 years old, not some 16 year old teenager. Also I have to admit she acts like one most of the time. If we woman had more respect for each other this would not happen. SM talks about the SISTERHOOD, she did not think about the SISTERHOOD when she humiliated, with help from BG his wife, who has acted with dignity and has kept her mouth shut, not like SM.

  • natalie smith

    ..Jusus Anna Wintour is so ugly…surely always has been but I mean really an ugly woman…I have seen her up close in NY and she is her smile, her teeth, her nose…everything and all together UGLY!!

    and a horrible person just no interest there vain vain vain and empty!!

    look at her hand here…hide it up no one wants to see it!!

    and imagine she is the boss of the American Vogue!!!

  • snappy pappy

    ms. miller is nothing but a high paid call girl. she just thinks she is an actress. she phucks all those men for the presents.

  • eww

    OMG i never thought that i will like Sienna after watching GI Joe lol

    I don’t like much her dress on this particular occasion, i’m expecting something more!

  • lana

    i want siennas legs!!!! sienna looks amazing…. as she always does!

  • judai

    Yeah i think Sienna’s best asset is her legs. They look toned, shapely, and natural. Bring it on baby yeah

  • angie

    Her body is puny and sick looking. Is magazine covers all this tramp can do? Like Lindsey Lohan. Magazine covers, and why exactly? Is she going to give yet another gut-wrenching, mind-blowing interview, too? (sarcasm)

  • eka

    Anna has some problems with her thyroid gland…

  • Dee

    Sienna looks like the evil ho bag she is. It’s great to see her career finally fading away.

  • cris

    I lurve Sienna. I would kill to have a petite, slender with curves of a body like that.

    So excited to see her on broadway. I’m just a fan of Sienna as an actress and a fashionista….. nothing more nothing less!

  • Kendall

    Enough of this piece of trash already!

  • c

    So now SM didn’t do anything wrong because the married man was already having affairs before she stepped in the picture? So where is SM accountability? Just because the married man might have been having affairs prior to SM, doesn’t make her blameless in this affair.
    Why do you think that this affair was the most high profile? Because of SM, a 27 yo ADULT who is responsible for HER OWN ACTIONS. She couldn’t make the married man leave his wife so she allowed the affair to play out in the public’s eye to force his wife to leave him.

    Getty could have said no, but by that same logic so could SM. She knew that he was married( NOT SEPARATED), and she didn’t care. She wanted another woman’s husband and she threw the married man’s wife and kids under the bus to achieve this goal. You are correct Getty has no respect or love for his wife and kids, so then by that same logic that means SM doesn’t have any respect for women and children because she continued to associate with the married man time after time even though he was disrespecting his wife.
    Despite what she wants everyone to believe it wasn’t love or being naive/hurt by JL affair that caused her to take up with a married man.

    SM is in this position because she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. Let’s not forget that people are also holding SM to the standard that she imposed on JL nanny, so why should things be different for her now that she is the other woman? She spent several years juding JL, so why should things be different now that she is the one having an affair? It was SM who whined that there wasn’t any sisterhood. Well why shouldn’t she be held by this same standard when she is spotted sticking her tongue in another sister’s husband ear? Wasn’t it SM who declared that she cares about the plight of women and childre, so why shouldn’t people question her when she is spotted with another woman’s husband?

    It was SM decision to do what she did and now she is experiencing the consequences of her actions. The question: After all the whining she did in the GQ interview and promotions of GI Joe, will she be stupid enough to stage yet another photo-op with the married man?Yes, because she has no respect for anyone.

  • blah blah blah

    Anna Wintour, the “queen” of fashion, wears a dress that looks like puke to a major event for Vogue Magazine.

  • susan

    this is the next ‘ut’ girl in hollywood.
    Sienna has everything, beauty, style, talent and charisma.
    I want her to be more success.