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Rachel Bilson, I'm Your Biggest Fan!

Rachel Bilson, I'm Your Biggest Fan!

Rachel Bilson joins fiance Hayden Christensen watch the men’s semifinals at the 2009 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Sunday (September 13) in the Flushing, Queen, New York City.

The 28-year-old actress blocked the sunlight with a hand fan that read, “I’m Your Biggest Fan.”

Earlier in the day, Rachel sat front row next to Nicky Hilton and 90210‘s Shenae Grimes at the Jill Stuart Spring 2010 fashion show held at The New York Public Library. Stuart even met up with Bilson backstage (pictured below)!

FYI: Rachel is wearing shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s biggest fan…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen biggest fan 13

Credit: Justin Campbell/, Juan Soliz, Dave Allocca/Startraksphoto; Photos: Jason Kempin/Julian Finney/Getty, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Leeann

    Jared, the Jill Stuart show was today, not yesterday.

  • pookie

    @ Leeann

    He probably meant earlier today. Which he probably should have made clear. I thought he meant yesterday too until I really thought about it.

  • viv

    they don’t look all that into each other

  • Adrian

    Leigh Lezark is simply DIVINE!!!!!!! Jared step your game up.

  • bob

    biggest attention whore in the world
    thank god the other gossip sites doesnt give a shit about her

  • urk

    He’s so into being there at the event and next to her he’s texting on his blackberry. She’s looking bored except when the cameras are taking her picture then she lights up like a Christmas tree. She looked far more into it when sitting next to Nicky Hilton and the other girl. Next to him she looks mostly like she’s vomiting in her mouth. They SOOOOO are not into each other. What’s with the hats? He wears a hat all the time must be going bald on top. And he’s so skinny you could throw a baseball between his legs when he walks and never hit him. So pasty he could model at the local morgue. A bad enough actor that he might as well be dead too for all the emotion he shows.

    Btw What’s up with Lacoste? Their Spring collection is terrible, clothing for department store mannequins not people, and so amazingly fugly even the models look bad. Since they like the bored/dead look no wonder they hired him.

  • Logic

    I’m sure she has no clue much about the sport she is there to be photographed. Look at Blake Lively and Penn they are very much what one would call into each other at this event. All these to do is ignor or look for the camera perks. If it wasn’t for the fact this was a fashion event and that fact she wants attention i don’t think she would even bother to attend it.

  • tonie

    Yes, JJ we know you’re Rachel’s biggest fan.
    Not much effort into her outfit at the tennis match. Hayden looked nice. They could have been strangers not an engaged couple. Same as usual. I do like her shoes with the pink strap.

  • lexy

    I wonder if that was the 1st time she’d ever been inside of a library? Do you think she knew there were books there that were NOT for sale?? Also is she wearing sunglasses at night and/or indoors?

    She’s such a media whore – interesting she chose this event to attend with him – she’s probably trying to shoot down the “rumors” of their break-up.

  • Jordan

    Princess coldstare isn’t amused.

  • chris 23

    They couldn’t look more annoyed with each other even if they tried, lol.

  • jazmin

    everyone was watching that game lol
    i love rachel, hayden is a nay

  • eve

    Look Jared, Entertainment Lawyer gave you a special mention

    Rachel Bilson Not Married

    Rachel Bilson is fake engaged so the rumors this weekend that she got married only made me laugh and laugh. Apparently Rachel was spotted wearing a wedding band next to her engagement ring and so the gossip sites were all a flutter that she and Hayden Christensen got secretly married. The website Just Jared tracked down Rachel’s publicist who denied the couple got married and released the following statement.

    “They were not married over the weekend. As you know she is known for her fashion forward style. She decided to accessorize the ultimate accessory.”

    I didn’t know she was known for her fashion forward style. Did you? All I ever see her in his shorts and a t-shirt. I think she is more known for her love of publicity which is why she wore the wedding band in the first place.

  • liz

    hayden is soooo cute! *-*
    rachel is so ugly and boring.

  • Daniella

    what are her shoes?? guiseppe zonati?? they are gorgeous!

  • padme

    @lexy #9 -
    ratchel needs those sunglasses to hide her dark circles :D

  • chauncey

    Couple who continues to WHORES out together for nothing still stays together?!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    thats Leigh Lezark!!!

    Nicky Hilton and Rachel Bilson look absolutely gorgeous! I love their wayfarer sunglasses.

  • crapshack

    Lamer = CrapDen
    Lamest = CrapChel
    Perfect match in HOLLOWood.

  • Anonymous

    Her legs are crossed with the leg closest to him angled away from his body, her lips are pursed and she looks uninterested. Their shoulders are tilted away from each other’s body as though afraid of being in contact and their arms angled into their own bodies or fiddling or holding something. There is a goodly sized space between them. There is little to no eye contact. The only flicker of social engagement happens when a third person is present. Body language speaks volumes.

  • tony

    I saw this post in megan fox’s post. kind of true.

    jared doesn’t like adam. He doesn’t want to post his pictures here because it will affect rachel b and her boyfriend. lol Adam’s ex is not famous anymore so stop promoting them jared

  • Calamity Jane

    You just watch. The tweenagers or Crapchel fans will say that Crapaden and Crapchel have been together so long they grown used to each other and don’t need to be affectionate in public. Oh! Plus…They like to keep their relationship private. More like private as peeing in public.

    Hayden does not look content. He looks more constipated so bad sitting next to her. He needs a enema so badly to get rid of the pain in the a$$ that is perpetually stuck up is a$$ho7e!

  • sharon This isn’t the same ring (THE ENGAGEMENT) she was wearing the other night at the cocktail party .

  • juniper

    It would be better for them if they remain in their “sitting” position for most of the time or more like all the time during their pap photo-ops. Coz seeing them standing w/ each other is like seeing a “lamp post besides a garbage can” w/c is such a horribly-amusing sight to see.

  • Smilehexe

    Blah… bring us some REAL news, please.

  • Save The OC

    Rachel’s so CUTE! :)

  • Voice of reason

    See certain people have seen the light and don’t post numerous times about nothing with fake names, or maybe the computer crashed LOL

  • emmaa

    Now this outfit is more her style. She looks great. But seriously Jared. Stop posting about her every single day

  • us

    No, everything is working, just completely lost interest in a guy who fell for a midget ditz.

  • Anonymous

    @Calamity Jane: People who have been married many years display more affection to each other than these two. These two don’t smile at each, they don’t lean into, or angle their bodies closer to each other. There’s no sign of a shared rapport. While it’s true that there are people are not overtly affectionate, it’s signalled subconsciously rather than blatantly. There are no subconscious signals of affection here. There is space and disinterest. If they marry eventually it will not be a sucessful or long marriage. Some marriages have divorce written all over them from the start and this, if it happens, is one of them.

  • whizbang

    @ Stop posting about her every single day…
    It’s accurately & widely-known that Just Jared is her “officially-hired” gossip blog site. JJ is just dutifully & religiously doing what he had been “paid” for. But nevertheless that its is been long & highly recommended that BilPooo should or more like must be “”locked in and forced to live in a dog-house even for a year”".
    And just so what if its been less post lately, its still is a 99% “scornful” blog/thread isnt it.?!

  • @26

    I like her too, she’s such a dimbulb, & I like dimbulb

  • anonymous
  • lexy

    voice of reason – get real – no one is posting negative stuff under different names.

    If anything it’s these “fans” who use other names to post these comments about her. Most people probably wouldn’t recogonize Rachel in if she was standing next to them in the public bathroom. Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck are more famous than her yet Rachel has all these “fans” – the woman is virtually unknown unless she’s standing next to Hayden. Yet we’re supposed to believe she’s got “fans”. She did a show over 5 years ago, her film career consists of girlfriend & straight to DVD?? She’s done nothing that would make people even know who she is. Jon and Kate have more “fans”.

  • great!

    Rachel looks really pretty in that dress, better than some she has worn, and her shoes are great! Nice pics of Hayden and Rachel at the tennis matches, they make such a cute couple!

  • me

    Why is she doing the same thing she did last week? Its nothing new she don’t have a job.Also why didn’t come to the lacosta fashion show.? And jj why you didn’t show him and Mischa together there? He took two pictures with her.Need to get rid are the married rumors that’s over. Rachel wears differents ring on her finger all the time. She only there now to try and get something out of hayden before she go home. she already mess herself up last week why keep doing it. She can change people’s when she do things like that. If its over then it is. When didn’t see Hayden in two months I would left him alone, She already was seeing somebody else. Like someone said here this is a fake engagement and she need to let it go.Rachel can’t be Mischa she need to stop trying to copying her hair style.And he could be calling someone for a job. Didn’t he say he don’t twitter.Rachel just there for attention nothing else.If hayden wasn’t in new york the same time as the fashion week you would seem her face there. she would wanted to stay hidden. Don’t need no new pictures when she’s not getting no job.Like i said Hayden just one are her guy friends she just be around when she want attention for herself. This must been a slow day.The excitemnet was when his trailer came out and when he was with Mischa.Its over and jj you stop saying that’s her fiance’ we all know its an act and her rep put you up to it like last week.

  • shanda

    Look Rachel is a fake and everyone here won’t admit she is.That is the same ring. She borrowed people’s ring to wear.Also why is with hayden when he took picures with mischa over the weekend? That’s odd you would have known rachel wouldn’t missed the fashion show.And why she haven’t gotten a job. Hanging around him haven’t gotten her anywhere.Rachel honey you need to wasting your did the damage last week.. Does that mean Hayden and her are over?Just wearing the for show now. And JJ i would have thought you would stop saying that’s her fiance’ , After not showing at the fashion and the marriage thing.She still jealous are mischa that’s tell you she’s not a good person.Why blog her she has nothing left.There is no realationship anymore to discuss about. Its done.Just for the appearance only.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she looks pretty good
    super cute as always, im starting to like her again
    she had gotten on my nerves for a while but she’s not that bad anymore
    cute outfits =]

  • Voice of reason

    @lexy what was that about people not using multiple names here? Cough cough post 36/37……….
    Some are just not posting as much as normal otherwise this thread would be 100 by now.

    @29 US–that post was funny, thanks for the laugh.

  • Jokergurl

    If you’re wondering what’s with Hayden and the hats, ever since Star Wars, he doesn’t like being hounded and chased around by women, which is what happened when Star Wars came out. They do make a cute couple though. Christensen lives in Canada in a house that he practically constructed, he’s basically a Mountain man.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    she looks like mila kunis