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Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow: Smelly Cat Revival

Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow: Smelly Cat Revival

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow perform at the Rock A Little, Feed A lot benefit concert at Club Nokia on Tuesday (September 29) in Los Angeles.

Courteney, 45, and Lisa, 46, were on stage to introduce musical guest Sheryl Crow for the charity concert that raised money for Feeding America, when someone from the audience called out ‘Smelly Cat’ from their show, Friends.

Lisa was hesitant at first but then Courteney yelled out “Get her a guitar people!”

Lisa responded, “Is this a setup?” before picking up the guitar and singing the song. Check out the video of the performance!

Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox Sings ‘Smelly Cat’

10+ pictures inside…

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courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 01
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 02
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 03
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 04
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 05
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 06
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 07
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 08
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 09
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 10
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 11
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 12
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 13
courteney cox kudrow smelly cat 14

Credit: Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • anonymous.

    Hmm, guess Jennifer was telling the truth when she once stated “charity is not her thing”. Here are 3 of her friends, Courteney, Lisa and Sheryl, doing charity in LA, her hometurf, yet no sign of Jennifer?!! Guess she needed to to wash her same-ol’e hairdo that night.

    And don’t even say it…there’s no way Jennifer’s busy filiming one of her lame movies, we get play-by-plays each day when she’s on a film!! Yet now she is nowhere to be seen. Guess after her 2nd BIG BOMB movie, she’s in hiding LOL.

  • rachel ;)

    hahaha… the whole cast of friends is the best ! i love them !!

  • jujube.

    Love Courteney on Cougar Town!! She’s got great comic timing. Always thought she was the prettiest and most talented from the Friends gals but she doesnt’ gets any attention cuz she did not marry Brad Pitt. Jennfier is overated in looks and talent, CC is the real deal., btu Jennifer has the Pitt-factor to keep her in the news.

  • Autumn

    That was so cute!

  • -

    For the haters can you just for once talk about the subject instead about jennifer tjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Jennifer this, jennifer that can’t you think about something else LMAO

    Nice to see Courtney and Lisa !!!

  • Mary

    Threy are both great!

  • Andrea

    CC’s dress is great! What is it? where can I get it?

  • chin can’t act

    wow! they both look great. i think they are more beautiful and talented than what’s her face. i agree with you jujube. these two didn’t get as much attention as what’s her face because they didn’t marry brad pitt. i can’t believe lisa is 46. she is naturally beautiful.

  • Mike Miller

    Love it! I needed a Friends fix real bad.

  • katerocks

    Miss them!!!

  • Anita

    Hahaha!!! :D

  • Cristobal

    -hahahahaha- I loved when she use to sing that song and when she did the video to it.

  • missy

    courtney and lisa are so sweet and beautiful, i agree i always liked them much better than jen, she is an attention seeker and her face is weird. way too overrated. courtney and lisa are much more real.

  • All Women Stalker

    That was the cutest thing! Miss FRIENDS. Hope they make a movie.


  • fan

    Lisa was always my favorite Friend’s member. I remember she played the waitress on “Mad About You”. But all the Friend’s casts are good as well.

  • kim

    Its lovely that the 6 of them had and have such a great relationship. They were a pretty unique team.

  • Ona

    Friends may be top 5 of all comedy sitcoms ever! Love the entire cast of Friends. And for the Haters, Jennifer Anniston was the most popular Friends actress long before she married Brad Pitt. As a matter of fact when she married Brad Pitt he was only known for his pretty looks certainly not any acting noteriety.

  • SI



  • SI

    Abou the movie… there is a paper here in Rio that says Gunther is confirming it!!!

    I haven´t seen this news anywhere else… Anyone has news??


  • Jen’s doa career


    WHERE’S JEN??? Let’s see, Court and Sheryl are her two “besties” AND she has a movie to promote. Seems like an opportune time for her to be out and about *he he*. But wait, her movie tanked and everyone is talking about her career being over. While Couirt’s new show is a hit. Guess she is a “friend” only when her own career is doing well.

  • Mark and Jen

    I love smelly cat!!! Classic!

  • SI

    Can you imagine it…

    Ross and Rachel getting married again….Emma about 8
    Pheobe and Mike and the Sound Of Music…LOL
    Monica and Chandler living outside the city with the twins

    and Joey married with a kid!!! LOLOLOL


  • SI

    Ohhh I forgot Ben going to College!!!

  • Ivana

    I miss tham soooooo much!! :’((((((

  • b.


  • b.

    Friends is going to be a movie? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT
    loooooooooooooooooooooove them so much

  • team_jen

    i love courtney and lisa not as much as jen but their awesome poor lisa seemed really nervous at 1st lol

  • Kuvamagh

    Ona #17
    JA certainly wasn’t the most popular on that show she was set apart and granted a huge amount of fame for marrying the biggest heart throb of the time. If Courteney or Lisa had married him JA would be in the same position as LK or CC because she certainly isn’t talented that much is obvious from her movies. It is sad because CC & LK are more talented than the tabloid queen who makes the same old movie each and every time. BA was a heart throb from various movies including Legends of the Fall when JA started on her tv soap/ sitcom .

  • team_jen

    @Kuvamagh: yes jen
    was the most popular and maybe marrying brad helped a bit but she was a star in her own right and also made more movies than the rest of the cast so leave her alone i still love courtney and lisa though

  • hihi

    I love Lisa Kudrow.. She is so pretty and funny… But Courtney is full of botox… I think she is better than Jennifer Aniston.. I mean personality… I don´t like Courtney husband… He is like little boy… He would grow up.

  • laura2

    anonymous. @ 10/01/2009 at 10:27 am
    “Hmm, guess Jennifer was telling the truth when she once stated “charity is not her thing”.”
    First of all, check your informations, buddy… JA never said that.
    Second, she’s been on a LOT of events like this one… and i’m pretty sure that if she went on this one you loons would have said it’s for PR or something, like you always do… spare me…

    Now, on topic… how cool was this??
    I missed smelly cat!!

  • lexy

    It’s so great to see CC and LK together. They are awesome!!

    No need for Jen Aniston to be there. She’s on a break and she does PLENTY of charity events – some of you must have her confused with Rachel Bilson.

    Jen said she was on a break – she should enjoy her time off – she deserves it!!

  • Zara

    omg stop comparing jen and courtney.. they’re friends.. they’re different people, they’re doing both their own thing…
    miss friends, love lisa and courtney and love courtneys new show!


  • Not a MOvie star

    team_jen @ 10/01/2009 at 3:32 pm

    you are correct. jen was a big star in her own right before brad. a big T.V star not a movie star. thanks to brad she got more movie roles.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn i f’ing h8 that smelly cat song
    always have and always will
    lisa looks bad but courtney still looks pretty decent
    always had a crush on her watching the tv show as a kid =]

  • LenLT

    laura2 @ 10/01/2009 at 5:39 pm anonymous. @ 10/01/2009 at 10:27 am
    “Hmm, guess Jennifer was telling the truth when she once stated “charity is not her thing”.”
    First of all, check your informations, buddy… JA never said that.
    Second, she’s been on a LOT of events like this one… and i’m pretty sure that if she went on this one you loons would have said it’s for PR or something, like you always do… spare me…

    Oh, laura2 or shall I say Sally/ellie/bet/etc. I fu(king double dare you to bring this to the Angie’s thread. Let the fans over there see how you try to twist the truth. LOLOLOLOL… “she’s been on a LOT of events like this one” Thanks for the laugh. Delusional much????? Just like your hag who thinks she’s done charities while she’s probably sleepwalking, holding a comb as a mircophone and talking to a drawer as if it’s an MC. LOLOLOL

  • illuminatea

    Ahh, love it! It’s great to see them. And with smelly cat? That’s just amazing!

  • queenkimba

    omg jen is such a selfish non true friend. when they asked if she wanted to gueststar in courtney’s new show she just said that wasn’t her type of role to play, that they aren’t cougars yet, buahahah, if anyone is a cougar it’s jen but whatever, 40 year old, dating younger men (john mayer) the word Cougar is written all over her. she thinks she is all that, well i have a lot more respect for court that is for sure, go babe! if she doesn’t want to star in your tv show then it’s her loss, because it is great and besides we only want to see you, not jen!

  • the best of Friends

    It’s good to see Lisa out and about.

    Pheobe was the funniest of the Friends cast along with Ross, Joey, Monica and then Chandler.

    I never thought Rachel was funny. If you watch any of the reruns she is just either too snobbish, self-centered, mean or plays just dumb. Too me that is not funny. The others brought true comedy to the show and were the backbone of the show, not JA. I agree with the person above who said Aniston would not be where she is, if she had not married up (no one was paying to go see Aniston in a movie until pit, all of her movies bomb prior to him and still are after him. The only success she had was because of Carey, Stiller & Vaughn+her divorce from PITT). Because Cox & Kudrow are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more talented than the one trick pony Aniston.

  • asdf


  • friendsfan

    LOVED IT! they look great! “get her a guitar, people!” :)

    and for all of you talking about jennifer: look, is she there? no. then dont talk about her! when the news are about jennifer i dont see ANYONE talking about courteney or lisa! so FOCUS! no offense.. i love jennifer too but this isnt about her…

    love them both so much<3 good luck with cougar town, courteney! :)

  • queenkimba

    uh we don’t talk about her because we love her, because we don’t actually^^

  • Aliz

    my goood they’re pretty fantastic!!! I missss all friends so much!

  • the prophet

    Is is possible that Courteney, Sheryl and Laura (mature women
    in the 40′s have finally gotten their fill of dealing with 40 year old
    Jennifer Aniston who is stuck at age 25 emotionally and