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Sienna Miller Reunites With George Barker

Sienna Miller Reunites With George Barker

Sienna Miller takes Bess out for a walk, hiding behind a scaffolding and a bus stop on Thursday (November 4) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress has reportedly reunited with on-and-off boyfriend DJ Slinky Wizard. The couple is said to have reconciled after they were spotted walking together in New York’s SoHo on Tuesday.

“They seemed very much a couple,” a source told NY Post . “George was talking about how he was excited about their plans for the night.”

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller taking her dog for a walk…

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sienna miller reunites with george barker 01
sienna miller reunites with george barker 02
sienna miller reunites with george barker 03
sienna miller reunites with george barker 04
sienna miller reunites with george barker 05
sienna miller reunites with george barker 06
sienna miller reunites with george barker 07
sienna miller reunites with george barker 08
sienna miller reunites with george barker 09
sienna miller reunites with george barker 10

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  • Leann

    The only way the photographer know that’s Sienna is that he stocking her.

  • lizzie

    Awwww the old dog’s cute

  • sunseeker

    Sienna was never with Slinky, she has and always will be with Getty this Slinky has been a red herring, if you look at the body language on her photo’s with him you will see no connection at all, Sienna could not even pull that acting job off. Even when she went to Madrid earlier in the year she met Getty at a hotel. There are photo’s of her on the 5th I think when she met Getty and went to an apartment with him and when asked about her boyfriends she said ” I HAVE NO BOYFRIENDS “, one lie after another.

  • Nora

    Sienna used to have two dogs. What happened to the other one?

  • Nora

    Sienna used to have two dogs. What happened to the other one?
    Does anyone Know?

  • susan

    The other dog probably died.

  • lies

    sienna and balthazar had a spa day together

    this slinky is propably sitting home in london- just used as a excuse..

  • belinda

    Yes, bad liar, full of rubbish and a home wrecking piece of crap. That is what this woman is all about. To think of her trying to be a serious actess is so ridiculous. Can’t wait for her next interview where she will whine about it all being misinterpreted and then she will try and sell herself as the poor innocent and hard-done-by victim who could not even hurt a fly. Sickening idiot!!!!

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    OMG, George Barker is a Dog???????

  • Ruth

    JJ, Sienna is still in an affair with her married lover who is presumably waiting to inherit his share of the family fortune before divorcing his beautiful wife. This ridiculous story about the DJ was created by her PR team who were (and still are) desperately trying to stop the almost total destruction of her so-called acting career since the affair went public. I must say that Getty looks just awful in the link posted by “lies” #8.

    They truly deserve each other.

  • mick

    @chef de Vestes de Cuisine: You are soooooooo funny!

  • cc

    sienna, leave the bag at home next time and tie your hair back under your hood and noone will recognise you ..unless of course this creepy photographer sleeps outside your apt stalking your every move then I’d call the police cause there should be a law against that sort of thing. Maybe it’s time for a revolution. good luck

  • jj

    Hope this slinky wizard dude is getting some payola for his part in this coverup. There were “conflicting” reports that it was Getty shopping with her not Mr. Wizard. Don’t know how they could be mixed up, Getty is short, dirty, grey hair and totally an addict. Mr.Wizard is tall, clean shaven and looks years younger. Both of their careers are over, and his inheritance is questionable. Karma will not be deferred, and all the cocaine and alcohol will eventually destroy souless Balty.

  • Dink

    She is still totally and completely with her married peen. DJ Slip and Slide or whatever is a cover. so much for all that “I’ve found God and can’t have sex with married men no more” crap she was laying out earlier in the year. What a rabid ho.

  • Jen

    She was spotted with her married lover Balthazar the day before she “reunited” with DJ Slinky, though she had broken up with Slinky the day before she reunited with Balthazar. Isn’t that a funny series of events?

    When her and Balthazar were spotted together at the manicure and pedicure parlor, where Balthazar was getting a manicure, she ran out of the parlor so fast she nearly choked her dog (I don’t mean Balthazar).

    So the reunion is a farce. She was never with this DJ Slinky guy who is her sister’s old boyfriend.

  • Alexis

    What a pathetic ho-bag. The dog is cute though. She was just seen with Getty so the DJ guy must of been a smoke screen. Sunseeker, you called it long ago and you were right!

  • Ben jammin

    good for her, she deserves a good man!

  • Stone

    I didn’t know George was such a little dog.

  • one dog right

    The dog’s name is Porgy. if you cant even get her dog’s name right. that’s pretty pathetic.

  • A
  • A

    watch carefully if you can stomach it. turn down the sound and watch her face. this is clearly a tormented woman with daemons close to the surface

  • fiona

    I love Bess!

  • fiona

    I watched that video on X17, that’s terrible the way the paparrazzi hassle her like that…”Do you think I’m sexy?” My answer to that would be F off you a****hole!!

  • H.

    The ho is still sneaking around.

  • A

    yeah those molesters are so awfully disgusting. why can’t they just ask more polite questions, kinda: Where is your sailor’s cap?, or Hey Mommy, I’m hungwy! or “Something’s wrong with my right ear, could you help me?”

  • belladonna

    where is that jacket from?!

  • Ashley Griffith

    Bess is probably at home resting and porgy just wants some atteintion with sienna

  • LA

    Amazing that she is still slutting around with Getty. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

  • teri

    My god this woman lies so much. What a trashy classless strumpet

  • jennifer

    does anyone know where this jacket is from??

  • coffeeholic

    Where did she get her hoodie? I like it a lot. I want one.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ill admit, she’s getting a bit boring now
    she can never live without a guy, and usually those type of chicks r kinda crazy
    and ive heard she’s gotten manicures with balthy….
    pick some1 sienna, it’s getting a bit old

  • James

    haha it’s getting a bit old? Well you guys are the ones who have an obsession with her lovelife. Just let her be, it’s her life. You guys cause the problem! You are the ones bringing light to her affairs and adding fuel to the fire, you guys are the bystanders. You judge and judge and judge all the time. Maybe if you stopped caring, or you made the choice to ignore it, that would be one less problem for you!

  • teri

    or maybe she could quit being a total trashy homewrecking ho bag and treat people like everyone else does.

    She has no value or worth at all.

  • buburuza

    Can someone tell her to change her bag? Im tired to see her using the same bag for months. I understand its a brand bag and expensive but even so…. IM SICK OF THE SAME BAG.

  • Kelsey Kreme

    Is she pregnant with Jude Law’s child?

  • A

    the blast from the past. the naked truth, the real Sisi

  • natalie smith

    …I mean….. what is this??………….. it looks like soft porn!!!!

    Way to go Sienna!

  • Kelly Love

    She is such a seductress. She can get any man she wants, plus she likes nudity.

  • blu ray rippere for mac

    the dog seem lovely

  • blu ray ripper for mac

    Maybe the other is ill.