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Halle Berry Makes A Difference

Halle Berry Makes A Difference

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry look rejuvenated as they leave a West Hollywood spa on Friday (November 13).

The 43-year-old actress recently sat down with NBC’s Natalie Morales to talk about her charity of choice, The Jenesse Center, a shelter that provides support and help for victims of domestic violence.

Halle said she has volunteered at the center, speaking to women one-on-one.

“They don’t often see me as that person in the world, that celebrity side. They have issues that are much more daunting to deal with, and they don’t care about celebrity — they’re just trying to live day to day.

“So I get to come here and just be a woman, a person who cares, someone who they can talk to and confide in.”

FYI: Halle is wearing a “Dauphine” t-shirt by Monrow.

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  • dundies

    hello bone structure

  • dundies

    i love her for speaking one on one with the women. i cant figure out who’s more gorgeous though, him or her HA

  • Whoever

    Two beautiful people!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    She such an amazing woman! Luv her!

  • TJ

    They sure don’t look rejuvenated. Same boring people.

  • tori

    She is beautiful, but something about her that makes her seem so sour. She never is smiling when she’s with Gabrielle..It seems strange to me.

  • gabriel not gabrielle

    @tori: Gabriel not Gabrielle, guy not gal.

  • http://JUSTJARED max

    rejuvenated, that’s a laugh, from what, walking the cat walk. halle looks like that because that apart of her pr stunts. If you want to see a real women, tall,gorgeous,beautiful,talented,educated,not skinny, no plactic surgeon,botox all that stuff they do today, even though she may have gain alittle weight today, but still would beat out all the women in hollywood, check out jayne kennedy on youtube under jayne kennedy “body and soul”,, halle berry would never come close to this. to short, flat,wide,don’t have any hair, that’s all jayne kennedy hair. no wigs, weaves,

  • sarah

    Damn, that is one gorgeous man! Halle is such a lucky bitch!

  • http://JUSTJARED gorgeous
  • ivanka

    halle im jealous of your man

  • http://JUSTJARED gab

    gabrillia looks like shaggy from scooby doo

  • missme

    The bone structures on BOTH of them leave me completely awe struck-so gorgeous!

  • The Populist

    Thanks for posting that video link JJ. Halle looks great and she has been giving to the Jenessee center for many years. Halle had alot of good things to say, and as she noted, she speaks from experience.

  • Vanessa Valentino

    So is she preganant with her second child?

  • #15
  • http://JUSTJARED angie

    who and the hell sits down and talk about their charity working with battered women at this stage in their career unless it is for attention, lame, dumb ass, who cares, that stringe bean she is with has the skinnest forearms on a man, that I have ever seen. hot, not, but he does have a flat ass to match halle’s.

  • the happy couple

    LOLLLLLLLLLL at the happy couple looking rejuvenated. Gaybriel was prolly getting his bodywax wishing he was playing golf instead of chauffering his baby momma around who doesn’t know what to call him according to her interview on Tyra.

  • angie aka multi poster

    @angie: Her interview has nothing with her trying to stay relevant, she was on with other celebrities. She’s supported this cause for years, we’re getting in to the holiday season, not a big deal.

  • max aka multi poster

    @max: at least you’re not talking about Eva Longwhora and other actresses.

  • Bran

    There were five celebrities highlightened for their charity work on NBC Nightly News. Were they all trying if stay relevalant or were they highlighted for the work they do ? If you are going to judge people try using the same standard for everybody. Halle has an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe two Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, NAACP Image Awards. She does not have to prove anything to stay relevant. She is the 1st woman of color to win a best actress award in an industry with a history of institutionalized racism. Black actresses aren’t given opportunities to shine like their white colleagues so they have to take what they can get. Try if you like but you can’t take any of her accomplishments away from her. Regardless of talent if any of the top ten highest earning white actresses were black they wouldn’t be where they are today because they would have never been given the opportunities they have received -and -this is a fact.

  • the Other Liz

    @Bran: Great segment/s.

    clips can be found on The Huffington Post and at

  • Heather

    Big two thumbs up for Halle talking about her charity

  • http://JUSTJARED MAX


  • http://JUSTJARED jennifer

    @bran: why are you trying to sale her so hard. give it a brake, dame, her PR made all that happen, over doing it, the industry need people to think they where changing, only for their image. Halle just was there for them to use her. She has no talent what so ever. WE all know how she won the oscar, hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Maybe they should have given it to Billy Bob, in showing her how to f……k. Please she is a mental patient, Most people do charity work and you never know it, these people to day need to be validated to look good. Need attention. We can see through all that BS. Let’s see if she can sale that rotten movie she made, frankie and alice. another boring dame mindless picture. F that halle berry, phony b… Now she is trying to hang around some of the black elite in hollywood, but they can see through her s…t.

  • http://JUSTJARED hammer

    what the f is everybody talking about, f halle berry, no acting b…ch. and her white boyfriend, punk b bitch

  • jennifer

    I like to stalk Halle Berry.

  • Meela

    Oh look it’s Madam Sour Puss Face herself!!!!

    She needs to be stripped of her celebrity status because the pressure fame is too much for her to handle!!!! She is miserable and unhappy!!

    Run Gabriel, Run Gabriel!!!!!!! How can a woman be around such a handsome fellow and never have a smile on her old hag face!!!!


    i did not know she wes a star, wow, we thought she was a slut, because of all the men in hollywood she slept with, to get the oscar, o well i guess anyone today can be a star, if you buy one. even that look she has is fake,

  • Bran

    @jennifer “You” are the mental patient and full of BS. Why are trying to sale your ignoranance/hatred ? That is the million dollar question you need to ask yourself ? You can hate Halle Berry until hell freezes over (and that is your perogative) however that’s still is NOTgoing to change your life and make YOU a better person.

  • http://JUSTJARED kate

    who in the hell are these people on here, anyway, I think true talent is someone that can hold your attention for more than a minute, like most of the celeberities, so here is someone with much talent,more then one talent,looks,more than one kid, and interesting. check it out, if we are talking about talent, because looks can fad.

  • http://JUSTJARED kate
  • http://JUSTJARED kate


  • Lena

    She looks like a more and more like a boy. Not a good look at all.

  • http://JUSTJARED wonder

    phony fake, what movie career, that a joke, i agree with the other comments on her, I never cared for her, she talk to much about the pass, putting down her passed boyfriends, she is still talking about David Justic, I glad he moved on, because he would have been miserable. I saw her on Trya Banks show, she looked to desperate and over done, she just don’t have a girly girl face, to much makeup, caked on, no lips, wide nose, no hair, man chin, big shoulders, no ass, no personality,

  • Stone

    Rejuvenated?? She looks like my 80 year old father for Christ’s sake.

  • Andrea


  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    especially compared to what she used to look like.

  • theOtherLiz

    Seen on JJ’s source site for info, GG w/her manager Vincent Cirrincione in NYC. Must be working on one of her many projects.

  • http://JUSTJARED harry

    working on one of her many projects, that a gut laugh, this person don’t have no idea work acting is, she thinks acting is showing her ass and those prunes for breast, and if Vincent Cirrincione is her manager, she may want to look into him for taking her money, i agree with the other comments on dizzy bitch. the reason she looks like that is because she want you to talk about it. one of her ex’s said she very needed, need attention 24/7, she needs a shrink


    halle let’s see if you can get over 1,000.00 comments like angie and brad, I don’t think so , your not that important, only in your head, how soft is your boyfriend hands


    and i do agree with other comment on your sperm doner, he does have a flat ass, or shell we say, no ass

  • Serious questions for mp

    Serious question for our Halle multi poster, why are you posting multiple postings on a lot of the JJ Halle threads? Okay, we get you don’t like her for the number of reasons you repeatedly post. But what are you really trying to accomplish? Has the woman ever done anything personally to you? Just curious. Thanks.

  • Max JK is now fat

    @max: Max Jayne is now fat. Here’s one of the many pix of her on the internet. LOL at your comment.

  • NYC for JCtr/Trevor project

    In NYC for a fundraiser for the Jenesse Center and Trevor Project. Photos of Gossip Girl, Getty Images etc.

  • http://JUSTJARED candy

    i think jayne kennedy still look better than halle berry even if she gain weight, she has a healthy face, halle looks sick, evil

  • Laura

    Halle Berry don’t care about Black People.
    If she know how the Canadian Quebecois was racist with black in Quebec.Ignorent and stupide that woman!!
    Dating a Quebecois

  • om

    Flat ass phoney, no lips lazy, just man made fake.