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Megan Fox Blames Middle America

Megan Fox Blames Middle America

Megan Fox stops by the Coffee Bean cafe to grab some much needed caffeine on Saturday (November 14) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old Jennifer’s Body hottie recently shared why she thinks her latest horror movie tanked at the box office.

“People expected Jennifer’s Body to make so much money,” Megan told the NY Times. “But I was doubtful. The movie is about a man-eating, cannibalistic lesbian cheerleader, and that pretty much eliminates middle America.”

Back in June, the Transformers actress also wished the robot-alien Megatron destroyed middle America.

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  • hannahh

    No dear, people don’t want to see a poorly acted, poorly written, lame horror movie starring a terrible actress who constantly makes generalizations about America/women/men/people in general.

  • snicker

    I love it when celebs. when glasses when they want to look intelligent. Shout out to Megan: it’s NOT working, honey!

  • Nay

    Love her jeans.

  • snicker correction

    That would be ‘wear’ glasses, not when glasses. LOL

  • missme

    Wow, she really loves to alienate people while dissing her own movies.

  • alex

    i feel like megan fox is the most misunderstood actress our day.
    she looks very beautiful even here.
    people just love to tear her down cuz of jealousy.
    and won’t admit it.
    megan, stay strong, and refined.

  • ivanka

    ew she is ugly

  • monkeydo

    dud? not only is she a lousy actress…..she is a bimbo as well.

    Some people think she is “beautiful” as if nothing else matters……

    now, that is stupid!

    no one is jealous of this bimbo

  • Shell

    Ok, Alex…I don’t think anyone is jealous of her. It’s because she spews the stupidest shit out for no reason. What was the purpose of slamming an entire portion of the country because her movie didn’t make shit at the box office. She has no one to blame but herself for getting into a crap movie to begin with.

  • coco

    I like you Megan!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    She looks hot in her glasses, and smart!

  • Storm

    Anyone know where to find her jeans and shoes?

  • CJ

    “People expected Jennifer’s Body to make so much money.” Really? Who? People as in yo mama and yo man? Megan Fox is totally delusional.

  • hanna

    @snicker: maybe she just needs to wear glasses because she was to lazy to put on contacts and can’t see properly without them

  • shakira

    I am definitely NOT middle America, but that story is so not what I want to watch.

  • Jasmine

    I think that Megan is very beautiful and I really wanted to like her, but she makes it hard. The things that come out of her mouth are just so rude. There’s a difference between being outspoken and being disrespectful.

  • Jen

    Why does she have to keep saying these stupid things?

    She is not the best actress out there and no offence, but the reviews for the movie and her acting were pretty poor. Maybe that is what turned people away from going to see her movie?

    I am trying to like her, but honestly she makes it extremely difficult when she keeps blaming others, Michael Bay, women, Middle America, for her poor acting and lack at box office success in her first non-Transformers movie. It makes it even harder when she keeps saying ridiculous things in her interviews. I like outspoken celebrities, but not when they’re talking absolute nonsense!

  • Children

    You gotta admit, she’s right. I feel bad though, her ideas to boost her image got her to stardom, but she lost real “affection” for who she really is. Megan, hope you figure things out :)

  • http://yahoo lil d

    it funny me n my friends are 100 % stright we luv boys but when we saw megan in trasformers we were like damn… for shia n megan…we would turn bio for her cuz we think shes hot lol but alot girlz do too hahaha but ya i luv watchin tht movie cuz u get to see two hotties (shia n megan)

  • jenny

    i think she’s actually right.
    she looks pretty without any makeup.

  • dickhead

    who cares if she is pretty or not?

    still a bimbo

    the point is…….does she have a brain? NOPE

  • laughalot

    A better response would have been ”The marketing was off and the rating made it difficult for teens to watch”. She did say the rating was off though. Blogs tend to cherry-pick the most negative which makes her look like a total witch. She got screwed with a banana. l say she’s right. I love her very much. Keep it up Megan! Don’t ever change.

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I think the movie tanked because it was a horror movie.

  • Michelle

    Not that she grew up “middle america” or anything. smh.

  • shenanyginz

    megan fox should be seen not heard.

  • paul from toronto,canada

    Intelligent and attractive! Very nice.

  • deadpool

    God she’s such a tard. HER ACTING SUCKS, she’s a hack, not much of a looker and a bootlegged beauty. People are sick of her. Disappear again Megan, we were all happy when you were gone.

  • deadpool

    Im also finding it hilarious that she delludes herself into thinking she’s a genius. that SHE knew while no one else did, even though her interviews prove otherwise.

    Sorry Megan Fox but you’ve run out of excuses, there were no giant robot in your crappy movie. It was all you, and you sucked.

  • hello1

    always looking like a whore. Compared to Angelina Jolie??? Just look at Angelina in JJ’s latest post. NO CONTEST…Megan take notes



  • Liv

    Yeah, Jennifer’s Body failed because Middle America didn’t like it. It couldn’t be that the film was a colossal piece of FAIL. Homegirl needs to stop blaming farmers for all her issues.

  • poppy07

    bitch please…….thinks shes the shit sniz

  • whatever

    No dumb-ass…nobody went to see it because 1. you are a horrible actress and 2. you are a delusional sl*t.

  • dundies

    megan looks more like a model here. angelina looks more like a beauty pageant beautiful. an obvious beauty…if that makes any sense

  • kellirc

    This “middle America” that she keeps talking about doesn’t exist. Middle America is made up of many, many different types of people. I think most of us would like to not waste the better part of ten dollars on a bad movie. A good movie about any subject would more than likely do well. Word of mouth is what usually kills a movie. So if this one didn’t do well it is probably because the movie is bad, not because of the subject matter.

  • Jacob

    How is it Middle America’s fault that Jennifer’s Body was a crappy movie?
    Megan Fox can’t act and she’s only had success with the Transformers movies. You can’t blame people for not wanting to watch a crappy movie.

  • You/Me

    Megan may very well be the biggest female d*uchebag in Hollywood..lmao…

  • llll

    this chick is so weird. i think she has some serrrrious insecurity issues. she should concentrate on getting more acting roles instead of debating how she is percieved in the public.

  • URLame

    She’s cool. Either way, who cares about the white, fat, suicidal middle America? Hahaha

  • Krissy

    @snicker: lol your comment doesn’t make sense!! I love how you’re trying to make it seem like she is dumb when your comment says “I love it when celebs. (a period, really? That wasn’t even a complete sentence!!) when glasses when they want to look intelligent. lol maybe you need to put a pair of glasses on!!

    On a different note, I love how Megan Fox doesn’t give a crap what people think of her!! She is so pretty, and any girl that says otherwise is just jealous of how gorgeous she is!! Also, I’m pretty sure that no man thinks she is ugly!!

  • plez

    Honey the movie only made 16 mill. Trust me more than middle america did not like the movie.

    She needs to STFU

  • Red Mask

    F-you very much, Megan! It’s always a pleasure watching you run your mouth off. BTW, I did love Jennifer’s Body. So whomever didn’t watch it has nothing to do with me!

  • oy

    Maybe she hopes the glasses will win over the middle American Sarah Palin fans.

    Please make the nerd glass trend stop. It’s gone on too long.

  • donna

    hahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she actually think she is clever!!!

  • donna

    megan, i rather watch a movie about rat than watch you trying to hard to look sexy in jennifer body! You are nothing and pale comparion to Amanda Seyfried, now thats what I call a talented actress!

  • cutme

    awesome pics

  • TRey

    F#$K MIDDLE AMERICA!! bunch of christian hillbillies

  • She’s CRUDE

    She talks about taking a sh*t in interviews. Yeah ok thats class.

  • LadyB

    Is statements like that, that makes people not want to watch your movies. Keep it up, and you will soon find yourself in “I’m a Celebrity, get me outta here.”

  • Ouch!

    Who doesn’t want middle America eliminated?!