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Leona Lewis is Much On Demand

Leona Lewis is Much On Demand

Leona Lewis chats up a storm with Much VJ Devon Soltendieck (not pictured) while visiting MuchOnDemand at the MuchMusic HQ on Thursday (November 26) in Toronto, Canada.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old soulful sweetheart performed a two-song set on Jimmy Kimmel Live — “Happy” and “Outta My Head” (two songs off her latest album, Echo) . You can check out both of Leona‘s stunning performances below!

Leona Lewis – “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 11/25

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Credit: MuchMusic; Photos: George Pimentel/WireImage, I.Kavanaugh/WENN
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  • Naomi

    Leona sucks !!!

  • Pining for Chris

    She’s lost some weight; she looks good.

  • Spark


    She is mind blowing amazing artist

  • sasha

    Someone should tell her that bustier does not go with everything. Every pic of her lately, she’s wearing that thing. Give it a rest!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    that’s a very unkind face.

  • Naomi


    She is so ugly !
    Of course she can sing, but that’s it !
    She can’t do anything else.

    …and kiss my ass assole

  • Mia May

    Great singer and song. I’ll buy the album.

  • pup

    Huh. Her face is manish.

  • JJ

    To quote another poster who commented on Heidi Klum’s and Alessandra Ambrosio’s children, she is “very unfortunate in the face”. Going blonde to compete with Beyonce, Lady Gaga and the hundreds of other bottle blonde celebrities does absolutely nothing for her. I do give her credit though because she can sing but the songs suck.

    I swear there is a checklist that all the Svengali’s go through to put these people in the spotlight.

    Find White/fair-skinned/biracial female singer – check

    Prey on women’s thirst for attention and fame, promise them the world while giving them a contract that locks them in for 7-10 years on a 90/10% financial situation (whereas the labels, of course, get 90% and the artist, if they’re not a mega star like Beyonce or Madonna, make about $15K a year) – check

    Test market her with a single produced by Rodney Jerkins or Pharrell; if she gains fame via radio payola, marketing and PR people, she’s wisked off to plastic surgeons who change their features to look more Caucasion (nose jobs, implants, skin bleaching, etc) – check



  • xxxxx

    i agree with naomi…i dont think shes ugly but she is not an artist…her performances are boring her songs are boring and she has no personality to make up for it. im sure shes a nice person but without that voice she would be pointless.
    and i dont like the way she warbles all the time….shes always screaming and screeching

  • lexy

    She needs to hire a stylist FAST. Yes she can sing but she’s very unattractive and she needs someone to help her make the most with what she’s got. I mean Streisand isn’t gorgeous but she works with what she’s got and looks good. Same with Lady Gaga – she’s very talented but unattractive so she wears get-ups to take away from her face. For goodness sake that old woman who won the British Idol hired a stylist and she looks much better when she does the PR rounds. I can’t believe Simon doesn’t realize this girl is in need of help ASAP!!! As vain as he is he should see how much help she needs.

  • colin



    Leonas new album is stunning xoxo

  • kklkl

    Love Leona Lewis


  • nmarcus

    #9: Waooh! Impressive analysis! U must work in PR! lol
    The reason y “White/fair-skinned/biracial female singer ” is a prototype, is because this nation is made of 90% of racist slobs, and that nappy hair/ dark skin and broad noses do not sell that well.
    ( Read the racist comments posted here about interracial couples, bi-racial babies with “big hair” or black couples getting a divorce)
    America is racist and buys Caucasian. Check. Rinse. Repeat.

  • KK

    #9, That is exactly what they did to JLO, how did you know? Nose job, skin bleached, implants, but they should have done more because all of that cosmetic surgery didn’t help her much. of course the silicone in her butt provided just the amount of springiness she needed when she bounced back up after falling on her big ass.

  • jennie

    uhm she wears the same dress/top (whatever), as she wore on the AMAs.

  • jennie

    i just noticed that she wore it on the MTV EMAs too, lol.

  • lexy

    This girl can actually sing so they can’t give her a nose job b/c it might effect her voice. I admire her for NOT letting them cut her up like did J-Lo however turning her into a blond and the bad make-up and clothing needs to go!

  • Emily Love

    Really great song!

  • babyt

    I do love leona lewis, I will admit she is a little bit stiff. But I do think she is an attractive woman.Sure, she doesn’t look like a super model, but that is not what she is trying to be. She is a singer. Her performances are dull, and they do need work. But I do not find her hideous at all. Seeing pictures of her or videos does not make me cringe or anything like that. I actually think that he nose suits her, especially from some of the profile shots of here that JJ put up. I do agree that the blonde hair washes her out a little bit though, it’s took sloppy, the color is all over the place and not in a good way, but then again it may look way better when it is curled or actually styled, other than being straight. So who knows, everyone shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  • babyt

    looks sloppy**

  • babyt

    looks sloppy**

  • Stone