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Michelle Obama: Kennedy Center Honors!

Michelle Obama: Kennedy Center Honors!

First Lady Michelle Obama places her hand over her heart as she sings the national anthem with President Barack Obama during the 32nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday (December 6) at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

At the ceremony, Glee star Matthew Morrison took part in a salute to legend Mel Brooks.

Other pics include Michelle speaking during the media preview of the White House holiday decorations on December 2. The theme for the 2009 White House holiday decorations is “Reflect Rejoice Renew.”

15+ pictures inside of the Obamas — including daughters Sasha and Malia — and their new Christmas tree…

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Photos: Mandel Ngan/Jewel Samad/Tim Sloan/Saul Loev/Nicholas Kamm/AFP, Alex Wong/Brendan Hoffman/Mark Wilson/Getty
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  • Pinkrose

    The first family is beautiful, stylish and and a favourite of many, but I still do not think they belong on a gossip blog. JMO

  • katie n

    I like the blue dress. I agree they do not belong on this site.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    best dressed first lady ever.

  • mrsb

    Lovely colors to brighten up the day. She must be growing her hair out, hence the same hairdo for quite a while.

  • susanist

    Jacqueline Kennedy was the ‘Best Dressed First Lady Ever’ Its a very short list though so Michelle is the 2nd.

  • Shelly_2

    Awww, look how happy she and BO look while the National Anthem is playing. See that sense of pride in being an American shining through! Gag.

  • MMA

    Who dressed her, her mother???

  • Erin

    Shelly, your white hood is showing.

  • Shelly_2


    No white hood, Erin. Is your Kool Aid stache faded yet? I don’t care if they were purple with green polka dots, they look pretty put out in that picture. When you have something intelligent to post, I’ll reply again. Thanks for showing YOUR true colors, though.

  • Erin

    Shelly – I actually wanted HRC to win, so no Kool Aid here. You merely sound like an uneducated moron standing in line to have your Sarah Palin book signed, that’s all. The hallmark of someone who has a problem with the Obama’s skin color is when they say, “I don’t care if they are purple with green polka dots!” Riiight. Call me when you find someone that color. Until then, a simple “Don’t like the Obama’s” will do. No need to question their patriotism. Unless you think his presidency is an evil plot of a foreigner trying to get into the White House so he can unravel the democracy. Seriously, it’s right up there with UFOs and the Loch Ness monster.

  • Shelly_2


    If he was doing the job he was elected to do, his skin color doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter to anyone but YOU know that’s not the case. Here – I don’t like the Obamas. And FYI – I don’t like Sarah Palin either. I love how you call me uneducated because of my comment but your comment was 100% racist. I bet I’m not the only person to question their patriotism…….. but because people who don’t agree with his policies are attacked when they post their opinion, some are hesitant to do so anymore because it’s not worth the time it takes to try to explain their stance, and how for the years prior, they were expected to take whatever was dished at them and keep quiet. Doesn’t matter – I’m done. To each their own. Practice what you preach though.

  • Anthony Stark

    She is such a strong woman

  • Pandora

    Erin why do you purport someone is “an uneducated moron” or racist because they are not a rabid fans of this woman/the President/the family as a whole? Extrapolating from your “logic” those who dislike Palin hate white people? It’s not always a race issue and that’s really, really old. It’s true, if they are politicians they should not be featured on this site. If you like your politicians w/ a dose of celebrity rather than have them doing the job they were elected to do, then watch them go about their days engaged in frivolity and comment on them and their wives crappy wardrobe choices.

    And yeah — she’s all of a sudden free to feel patriotic because she and her hubby occupy the whitehouse. That’s lame. So very lame.

  • g!na

    why is Michelle & Malia wearing those belts up on their belly area? i don’t like that look!

  • to shelly_2

    president obama is doing exactly what i, an american who voted for him, expect him to do. he is a vast improvement on the previous president.

  • to shelly_2

    president obama is doing exactly what i, an american who voted for him, expect him to do.


    They look quite uncomfortable singing the national anthem as would be expected from a bunch of communists.

    The “Commander in Speech’s” approval rating is at an all time low: 46%. That’s among democrats, independents, and republicans.

    Wonder why?

  • Erin

    Pandora, darling. Really? Can’t even use your real name? Okay. Whatever. Anywho, I agree with you. No reason at all to feature the Obamas on this site. I probably was too casual with the race comment toward Shelly, and for that I apologize to her. (Sorry, Shelly.) However, with the President’s positions/policies, the opposition never seems to come up with a coherent narrative about why they oppose him. It’s boiled down to – he’s a Communist, he’s not a citizen, he’s not patriotic, he’s not “one of us”. Wink wink. That’s why I suspect a healthy dose of anti-Obama types are racist. I thought Bush going into Iraq was the most unpatriotic thing this nation has seen in a generation – sending Americans into an unnecessary war. But I didn’t think he hated the country or our values. So I just wish if you didn’t like the President, you’d give a reason (of which there may be many) instead of going to the lowest common denominator. And I didn’t say that Shelly was uneducated or a moron because she doesn’t like Obama. I said she SOUNDED like an uneducated moron in her first post because she cracked wise instead of using her brain – which after reading her second post she probably actually has facility over.

  • adrianna

    the big sister is so tall for her age

  • British Latin American

    @Pandora: Go back to stormfront.

  • Inaru

    I like her fashion sense, especially her use of color. I think she looks lovely..except for the horrible, horrible posture, always looks like she’s pushing a wheelbarrow!! Stand tall and proud Michelle, at 5’11″you look GORGEOUS.

  • twpumpkin

    Here you go! He is trying to turn this country into a socialized country. He has spent more money while in office then any other President. He is claiming that he is trying to fix health care but all he is doing is trying to make the middle class pay for the poor. It would be alot cheaper if we just gave health care to the poor. He is trying to take over all the big companies in the country. He is bringing the scumbags from 911 over here to be tried so he can say “Hey look what I did” I found them guilty! He calls a white cop stupid for rightfully arresting a black man but never says a word about the two young white college students that were kidnapped, rapped, tortured and then murdered in TN. by five black guys! He kisses every other countries leaders ass and apologies for the USA! He has no clue what he is doing. He acts like he is getting things done that no one else did but how hard is it when you have the house and senate and everyone votes down party lines. He has not done shit since he took office . At least Bush was man enough to stand by what he believed. Obama blames everyone but himself. The guy is a joke. If you say you don’t like him then your called a raciest or told “Well he is better then Bush!”

  • Erin

    twpumpkin – I’d respond but cannot get over your spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors (see: grammar, fourth grade education). Off to a more intellectually stimulating blog (HuffPost, The Atlantic, Politico, etc.) Your grasp of the English language has rendered me speechless. (Starting now.)

  • Pandora

    @Erin — “Darling”? That’s a tad dramatic, yes? Why would I use my real name on a light weight for entertainment only site? Can’t think of a reason. Does it somehow lend legitimacy to one’s posts? No, not at all. I agree w/ you that many who comment about Obama are racist. One doesn’t have to be a Mensa member to figure that out. I’m of the mind that most in politics are full of BS, do a mundane job once they are in office, and have little preference for one over the other. I do, however, have opinions as to what people wear, how they conduct themselves, etc. etc. and honestly I don’t care one way or another what gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation they are because I have nothing against any of the above and no reason I can see to w/hold my opinions. I also don’t come out w/ my “guns blazing” and an air of implied superiority because others don’t get real deep and substantiate their comments. It’s a comment. On a bloody gossip site. Not a fricking university dissertation.

  • jolentini
  • Tom

    that’ these losers do in the White House, party, party, God I am so sick of the Obama’s.

  • Starked

    Barry is a lucky man

  • a realist

    We have a beautiful first family. Love them all.

  • Angel

    The family represents the country with class and dignity. It is a refreshing change of pace to have a President and First Lady who are educated and well-respected….unlike the hicks who prior to them. Bush has all the time in the world now to go possum huntin’.

  • TO

    Ever first lady has 1 assistant.
    Michelle, being the biggest DIVA and fame- whor-e demanded 22 assistants!
    That’s Michelle- Let’s spend taxpayers money as much as possible- Obama!

  • happy girl

    Malia could be a supermodel if she wanted to when she gets to the right age but I bet, given who her parents are, she will probably be a Senator or Ambassador of some sort. What cute lil girls!

  • Halli

    Beautiful healthy happy family.

    Pandora and Shelly, keep trying to pull that “anit-American” card. It only makes you look petty and angry for no reason at all. Letting your irrational anger and imagination and emotions get the best of you. Get a grip losers.

  • Paul

    A great American family!

  • Darla

    Gorgeous looking Christmas tree. Washington D.C. hasn’t been this alive and exciting since…. since ever. Obama’s are making this city so much more fun to be in!

  • Ana

    Michelle has been rocking the sleeveless look and it looks good. She has the arms for it so I’m happy to see her embrace fashion and style!

  • Vic


    Ummm. you are obviously not Swedish so stop trying to make an entire country racist just becuase you are. Freak.

  • Sandra

    Why would you outweigh someone’s opinion with their spelling on a smut website?

  • Sandra

    You have your reasons and they have theirs, Halli

  • Sandra

    I am sick of the Obamas..
    Great photo opportunity here- they look VERY sick to be saying the National Anthem..

  • TO

    @Vic: So people can say that Jen Garner looks like a horse, but if you say that about Michelle Obama you are a racist?
    As for Sweden- if you have Swedish friends, ask them what is said in their country about Michelle Obama. She is the joke of the town.
    Swedish are not racist. Michelle is far from attractive and her behavior is far from what should be respected from a first lady. Look at how she handled the state dinner and how she evaded any responsibility for the chaos caused by her people.

  • dori

    pretty dress, she looks like shes afraid of heights in that second pic.

  • Lauren

    Love ya MIchelle! And wow, there are a bunch of freaking idiots on here. Do you people even know what the term “communist” means? Because throwing it around in inappropriate situations really does not help your cause. Morons.

  • Lauren

    Oh, and commenting on the First Lady’s physical appearance just shows how freaking SHALLOW you are, people. Not to mention racist.

  • Lauren

    Oh, and commenting on the First Lady’s physical appearance just shows how freaking SHALLOW you are, people. Not to mention racist.

  • tina

    Meanest looking lady ever.

  • lee

    Man does she need some help in the dental area.

  • Chef Coa

    What happened to her? She started out so glamorish?

  • Vic


    Once against you are a not a Swede! I am, though I don’t live there, my family is there and in no way does all of Sweden hate Michelle Obama or anyone else as a collective. Its like saying all of Canada hates Rihanna or something stupid like that. Get over yourself, your an idiot and a racist and your not from Sweden so quit trying to make an entire nation and group of people sound as dumb and foolish as you are. You talk about things that are not in her control… she is the First Lady not the Secret Service. Its not her fault some couple crashed the state dinner. You are totally insane its hilarious! Oh and just to let you know, Nordic countries have a high-approval for Barack Obama and his family, go look it up. Once again, your are INSANE.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, she’s ugly
    she does dress up nicely tho
    ill give her that

  • Stone

    Is there a reason she’s wearing summer dresses?