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Rachel Bilson: Africa for InStyle!

Rachel Bilson: Africa for InStyle!

Rachel Bilson visits an office building on Wednesday afternoon (December 16) in Santa Monica, Calif. can exclusively reveal that the 26-year-old How I Met Your Mother actress went to Africa earlier this month for her monthly InStyle column, Ask Rachel. (It was right before her trip to New York City.) No word on which issue will include her travels but it’s not the January 2010 issue with Whitney Houston on the cover!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson back from Africa…

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  • lexy

    Gotta love JJ – you’ve got a HUGE star like Charlize Theron going to Africa to help the poor and then this loser going to Africa to show them how to dress better while your country is at war and your family and friends are dying everyday!!

  • @50

    Never, Hayden is a loser, he will never dump her bc he is too stupid to understand what an embarrassing disaster she is. Hayden is no A. Rod or Brad Pitt or even Adam Brody who BTW never gave Rachel an engagement ring. Has anyone ever seen one from him?

  • Jean

    Invisible Children
    October 23, 2009

    Our favorite human in Hollywood, Kristen Bell, hosted a party for Invisible Children last night in Beverly Hills. Along with co-hosts Rachel Bilson and the amazing Pete Wentz, the trio launched a new line of Guess t-shirts that support Invisible Children. Vanity Fair magazine also co-hosted the party, and has become a great supporter of ours. We are so insanely honored by these people!

    Not to mention, now Rachel is totally on board to go to Uganda. She has the fire in her eyes to do something big, and we love to see our supporters get that crazy look in their eye… where nothing seems impossible, not even getting Obama. When Kristen and Rachel invade northern Uganda it’s going to be an amazing trip… those girls will leave with thousands of new friends and a new understanding for the impact Invisible Children is having on the ground in Uganda. We know it happened with Pete when he and the rest of Fallout Boy went over. We will keep you posted on the trip if/when it finally happens.

  • ?

    fire in her eyes? same lobotomised expression she always has! where’s the fire?

  • @jean

    She will be made welcome but she will be resented. People there, as in other countries in Africa, dislike rich american celebrities swanning into their countries and making speeches for their latest fad charities so they can look good. The people are polite and will treat her with manners but their deepest respect is reserved for charity workers who live and work alongside them, who share their hopes, their suffering and dig the wells and build the schools. They have little time for some celebrity american girl who only wants publicity. If she wants to make a big change she should stay and work not make speeches.

  • jessica

    I’m not sure but she looks so strange lately, why she would not wear the ring when she leaves the house of her friends? Or when she puts the garbage out? I thought she not wearing the ring only at parties and reunions. After Jake e Reese split, I started to believe in miracles. I hope they split, but I’m not sure.

  • brightside

    The Independent

    Angelina Jolie now has a full-time advisor on international affairs. “Celebrities have a responsibility to know what they are talking about and be in it for the long run,” she said recently at Davos. She has done field visits to refugees in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Pakistan, Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Chad, Lebanon, Haiti, Costa Rica and India, donating millions of dollars – as well as her time – to helping refugees.

    More controversially she has visited refugees in Iraq. And in Arisona, she has sought out detained asylum-seekers from Mexico, paying $m from her own pocket to set up a National Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Children to provide free legal for asylum-seeking children. “She’s not just a pretty face,” said Professor Cooper, “She’s moved into this in a highly professional way. She knows she’s not formally educated and acknowledges that she needs advice. She didn’t speak for six months, she researched silently and took professional advice.”

    Angelina is a courageous and passionate worker for charity, using her own time and money to help people.

    Jean, your pet, Rachel is just a phoney using charity for publicity purposes. That is the truth.

  • @56

    May be Hayden has gotten older and learned to be confident and now understands what a ditz is going to be the mother of his children, but I have no hope.

  • brightside

    Rachel is such a big fake and hypocrite – you must stop with this nonsense of her being a caring individual simply because you chose to promote her fanbase. There are far, far better, nicer, and more important individuals for you to promote this way.

  • hobbitmania

    Bilbo Baggage has lost her precious, haha!

  • Jax

    @53, “fire in her eyes,” seriously? Pffftt. She had fire in her eyes because of the thought of there being cameras there to take her picture. That is the single and only thing she really cares about.

  • ?

    why invade? why that choice of word? what idiot wrote this? ‘when kristen and rachel invade northern uganda it’s going to be an amazing trip…’ seriously someone should’ve hired a writer. rachel has a hard enough time invading a decent movie!

  • Jean is an Idiot

    Fire on those totally glazed looking eyes? Pleeeeeeeze. She is only trying to make herself look good, she has never done anything for anyone out of charity without press coverage and very very little of that. Charlize Theron, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, many many others have gone to Africa and actually done something for the people there. Stupid Bilson goes to write a fashion column. Even if she gives Invisible Children a one-line message, does that make her Mother Theresa for going there for a fully-paid press junket where she stayed in 5 star hotels and hardly went outside? You know that’s what happened.

    Bilson is an IDIOT and so are YOU, STUPID JEAN!

    Thank God she’s marrying Trashden Selloutsen because the two of these worthless untalented people are totally perfect for each other in every way. I can’t imagine a better match. Trashden has the screen present of a Yule Log but without the fire. Bilson has the screen presence of Skipper with the voice of whiney spoiled teenaged brat. Perfection. And I see she’s playing games again with the ring. I’m sure that her Press Agent will shortly issue a statement that despite rumors to the contrary the two of them are very much in love and the wedding in summer 2010. Great. Why don’t they elope tomorrow? Bilson who accessories the ultimate accessory (i.e. engagement ring) at posh parties but leaves it off altogether half the time in her well-choreographed papparazzi appearances says she wants a no-fuss elopement. Neither of them are working. She has to get her screenwriter daddy get her work because she can’t get any from her resume. Daddy got her the job at InStyle also.

    Bulging Bilgeson the Bimbo rides again. JJ how much does she pay you to run endless pics of her doing NOTHING?

  • lexy

    Wow Jean we know RB pays JJ to post this gibberish about her but I can’t believe her PR team has resorted to posting here and trying to convince of how great she is. Really stop trying to sell us on RB and try and sell your client on taking some acting lessons. The idea of her showing up to Africa in her expensive clothes with her valley girl talk sounds more like a straight to DVD movie than an actual charity event. LOL! Maybe Obama willl sit down with Rachel and discuss the situation with her b/c she’s such an expert! I swear this moron is probably going to try and adopt a kid from Africa for the publicity!!
    Also clearly you don’t watch HIMYM – any more than her 30 second spot on the show will just highlight RB’s lack of talent. Alison Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal are completely out of RB’s league. This is a cast of TALENTED actors – not just media whores. Also viewers don’t like stunts casting on the show. They were very upset when Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian were on – and Brit was actually funny and Kim is gorgeous so at least that helped them. Rachel’s more in the league of Heidi and Spencer!
    Hayden’s whipped. He’s not going anywhere unless RB finds a better meal ticket. I bet she’s pissed she’s stuck with Hayden – if she was single she’d probably claim to have slept with Tiger too!!

  • Stone

    Is there climate cooling going on in LA? What’s with the fur boots?

  • MMA

    @@50: You got it!

  • How to suppress appetite

    she looks lovely